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Top 6 reasons to choose ACCA
ACCA is the global body for professional accountants. By studying with ACCA, you will have the world’s most progressive and supportive accountancy body driving your career towards amazing opportunities. Join the fastest-growing gateway to the accountancy profession, and build your success story. Want to learn more about ACCA and a career in accountancy? Download our free guide and discover where an ACCA Qualification and take you today: http://po.st/chooseACCA -------------------- Six reasons why you should choose ACCA: 1. You'll discover a world of opportunity 2. Employers trust ACCA 3. Build excellent connections within the profession 4. We are brilliantly flexible with your study and exams 5. Our Approved Learning Partner programme (ALP) is regularly assessed and gives you first-class course tuition and support 6. We are here to support you online and offline, including our 24/7 customer service that operates daily Find out more about ACCA Qualification - the future: http://yourfuture.accaglobal.com/
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How to complete your PER
As part of your journey to become a qualified ACCA member, you will need to demonstrate relevant skills and experience within a real work environment. Complete your PER (at MyACCA) in addition to your ACCA exams and the Ethics and Professional Skills Module, and we will invite you to apply for membership: https://sso.accaglobal.com
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What is Integrated Reporting and why does it matter?
It has become clear that the current corporate reporting framework needs to evolve to reflect the wide range of factors that affect corporate performance. Could Integrated Reporting be the answer? This animation gives a brief introduction to Integrated Reporting and why it's revolutionising the reporting landscape.
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See where the ACCA Qualification could take you
Our students and members span the globe, but ACCA is their home. Find your success story with ACCA at http://yourfuture.accaglobal.com/global/campaign/attract-social.html
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Go Further with ACCA – Chetan Hans, Director at Grant Thornton India
Watch a day in the life of Chetan Hans, Director of Financial Reporting Advisory Services at Grant Thornton India LLP, and discover how becoming a fully qualified ACCA member has helped with his career success. Go further…with ACCA: http://accaglobal.com/gofurther
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The ACCA Story
Join ACCA’s founder Arthur Priddle in 1904 as he tells the story of ACCA’s many achievements and celebrates our 200,000 member milestone. http://200k.accaglobal.com/
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ACCA exam tips - preparing for your upcoming session CBE
This one-sheet includes everything you need to know about session CBE: http://buff.ly/2pTeIgw We're dedicated in giving you full support as you transition from paper to computer-based exams (CBEs). Watch this video for tips on maximising opportunities to earn higher marks, organise your exam answers effectively, and find out exactly what to expect on the day of your upcoming session CBE.
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ACCA | Ethics and Professional Skills Module
Our new Ethics and Professional Skills Module (exclusive to ACCA) will be rolled out on 31 October 2017. In this module, we encourage ACCA students to take the role of professional accountants, and deliver the most effective solutions to real-world scenarios. Learn more about the ACCA Qualification: http://future.accaglobal.com/
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Millions of opportunities. One global qualification
From tourism to technology, the ACCA Qualification can help you build a career in any industry. Visit our website http://po.st/4C3aTr to find out more.
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Effective preparation for Strategic Business Leader
This video gives guidance to students on how best to approach their SBL studies
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ACCA | Strategic Business Leader - Rail Co Case Study
Are you up for the challenge? Watch our case study extract played out in real life, and see if you can complete various tasks in the investigation of Rail Co. Strategic Business Leader Specimen 2: https://goo.gl/KI6BQU Answers to Specimen 1 & 2: https://goo.gl/Zt8sgc All you need to know about the Strategic Business Leader exam: https://goo.gl/Df5zRH Other information on ACCA Global: https://goo.gl/vvcZKt
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Tips for potential ACCA students
Our Approved Learning Partner tutors provide tips on what potential ACCA students should think about before starting their studies
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An introduction to session CBEs (F5-F9)
This video introduces the new CBEs being launched from September 2016 for the F5-F9 ACCA exams.
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At the interview: accountancy and finance - Episode 4
How to make a good first impression and other job interview advice. For more information about careers in business, accountancy and finance, and our ACCA qualifications, visit http://yourfuture.accaglobal.com/global/en.html
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University of London MSc in Professional Accountancy
Looking to equip yourself with great skills and stay ahead of the game? As an ACCA student, affiliate, or member, you have the unique opportunity to gain an MSc in Professional Accountancy with the University of London, one of the top ten universities in the world – in addition to your ACCA Qualification. And just as impressively, you can study for the degree locally, wherever you live. Discover how you can achieve a dual qualification: http://www.accaglobal.com/msc
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Go Further with ACCA – Babajide Ibironke, CFO at Mantrac Nigeria
Watch a day in the life of Babajide Ibironke, CFO at Mantrac Nigeria Ltd and discover how becoming a fully qualified ACCA member has helped with his career success. Go further…with ACCA: http://accaglobal.com/gofurther
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Paper F9 - Lease or buy
Chris Walsh from Kaplan Financial outlines some useful ways to answer ACCA Qualification Paper F9 exam questions on lease or buy decisions
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ACCA Students | How to book an exam online
Here's a step-by-step guide on how to book an exam booking online, via your myacca account. Sign in to myacca today: https://sso.accaglobal.com
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Paper F5 exam technique: variances
Jo Ryan is a subject specialist in business papers for BPP. She qualified with KPMG in 2004. Jo has been with BPP for over seven years and teaches Papers F2, F5, F9 and P5. BPP is the only ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner for both tuition (classroom and online) and content (learning materials). BPP's exam-focused learning gives you the practical knowledge you need to pass your exams. With real-life examples, not just theories, BPP's expert tutors will guide you through every stage of your studies. See how successful you can be with BPP at http://www.bpp.com/acca
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ACCA Students | Gain two leading qualifications at the same time
Watch this video for a quick summary on your study pathway to achieve an MSc in Professional Accountancy from the University of London, in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Find out more: http://po.st/msc-student
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Exam day preparation
You've done the study and the revision, now exam day is approaching. Watch our video to plan and prepare for exam day. Find out more at www.accaglobal.com/students
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Paper F4 exam changes
Lucy Moore, learning support manager at ACCA, discusses the important changes being introduced to Paper F4 in November 2014
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Tips for current ACCA Students
Our Approved Learning Partner tutors provide tips on how current ACCA student should approach their exams.
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Go Further with ACCA – Kabeer Naqvi, COO at U Microfinance Bank
Watch a day in the life of Kabeer Naqvi, Chief Operating Officer at U Microfinance Bank Ltd, and discover how becoming a fully qualified ACCA member has helped with his career success. Go further…with ACCA: http://accaglobal.com/gofurther
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5 minutes on the F8 exam
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Go Further with ACCA – Member Stories
Discover how becoming a fully-qualified ACCA has helped our members across the globe succeed in their careers and realise their full potential. Go further…with ACCA: http://accaglobal.com/gofurther
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Paper F8 exam technique: audit evidence
Sally Vernon is a subject specialist in audit and financial reporting for BPP. She qualified with Grant Thornton in 1998 and has been with BPP for over 10 years. Sally teaches Papers F3, F7 and F8.
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5 minutes on the F9 exam
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F2 Accounting for Labour
Andrew Mower from Kaplan looks at tackling an exam question on accounting for labour, focusing on direct and indirect labour, remuneration methods, labour turnover and labour ratios
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F8: assertions and substantive procedures
Steve Whittenbury, BPP tutor, focuses on Question 6 of the June 2015 exam, looking at the role of assertions and substantive procedures
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Strategic Business Leader: exam technique
Tips on how to tackle the Strategic Business Leader exam
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‘Where Would We Be?’
Without them, the world simply wouldn’t work properly. Who are they? ACCA professional accountants. For more information about studying ACCA and to apply now go to http://www.accaglobal.com/qualifications
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ACCA Students | How to make an online payment via MyAcca
Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a payment online via your myacca account. Ready to make a payment? Sign in here: https://sso.accaglobal.com
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Oxford Brookes University BSc degree exclusive to ACCA students
Watch ACCA's video and find out for yourself why gaining a BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University while studying for your ACCA Qualification can lead to amazing opportunities and makes perfect sense. It's simply a logical decision to make. Visit the ACCA website for more information http://www.accaglobal.com/bsc
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Paper F8 exam technique: audit risk | ACCA Official
John Glover from Kaplan Financial takes a look at how to approach audit risk questions using past ACCA exam questions to illustrate the key points For more information about ACCA and to apply now go to: http://www.accaglobal.com
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Dr Rob Yeung on emotional resilience
Dr Rob Yeung explains the importance of emotional resilience
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ACCA | How to approach job interviews
Hear advice from talent doctor Rob Yeung on how to effectively communicate your skills and successes during interviews. Read full article here: https://goo.gl/szjv4G
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Paper P5 exam technique
Doug Haste, BPP subject specialist, takes a look at performance measurement (relevant to Syllabus area E of ACCA Qualification Paper P5, Advanced Performance Measurement)
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Options papers
Peter Redfern, ACCA qualification manager, provides some useful advice on helping you make the right choices when selecting which Options papers to study
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Strategic Business Leader professional skills: evaluation
Tips on how to demonstrate effective evaluation skills in the Strategic Business Leader exam
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ACCA's The Journey video from ACCA
ACCA - The Journey - http://www.accaglobal.com - Why work in accountancy? Why choose ACCA? Watch our new video to discover the benefits of studying ACCA and find out where your journey in accounting and finance could take you. For more information about ACCA and to apply now go to: http://www.accaglobal.com Keep updated with ACCA by: Liking us on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/accaofficial Following us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/accanews Subscribing to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/accaofficial
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Bringing organisational values to life every day
Culture has been a much-discussed topic in recent years. While many recognise the value of a good culture or the destructive potential of a negative culture, how to proactively manage it can still be a challenge. The video explains that a sound culture should start from within, by defining and embedding meaningful purpose and values, and that leadership has a crucial role to play. For more information on ACCA’s work in to corporate culture visit http://www.accaglobal.com/africa/en/professional-insights/risk/acca-culture-governance-tool.html
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Strategic Business Leader support series: what are professional skills?
Find out more about the five professional skills examined as part of Strategic Business Leader
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Dr Rob Yeung on the best way to achieve your career and life goals
Dr Rob Yeung talks about how you can double your chances of success when honing your skills.
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Not wearing your P3 head when taking P5
We know that lots of students struggle with P5 because they try to approach it as though it were a P3 exam. This short video works through a past exam question highlighting where the student is going wrong and explaining how better to approach their answer.
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How to choose a research and analysis project - ACCA Applied Accounting BSc
Choosing the right topic for your Research and Analysis Project is an important element to gaining the BSc degree. John Playle, chief moderator and academic conduct officer explains about what you need to think about when selecting your topic. Next, hear Graham Diggle, Module Leader, talk about how to choose a project mentor http://po.st/OBU3 For more information about the degree visit our website http://po.st/BSc
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Strategic Business Leader support series: effective question practice
Tips on how to build question practice into your preparation for Strategic Business Leader
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Prepare for success in Strategic Professional
You can now enter for the new Strategic Professional exams. Watch this video to learn more about why these exams will improve your employability and how you can best prepare for success. Visit our ACCA Qualification – the future pages for more information. http://future.accaglobal.com
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ACCA | How to future-proof your career
Where do you see yourself in one, three or even five years? Talent doctor, Rob Yeung, advises on how to make yourself employable and even promotable in years to come.
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Malaysia Big Four auditor Gajendran Vyapuri FCCA
Gajendran Vyapuri FCCA talks of his career at EY Singapore and the global mobility that his role and the ACCA Qualification afford him
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