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Voluntary National Insurance Contributions
Shortfall on national insurance due to being overseas or not working or paying NI - pay voluntary NI to protect UK State Pension and more
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Limited Company Director National Insurance
Plan correctly to find the balance when paying national insurance.
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Tax on Share Dividends
Ashley Clark explains how tax works on shares and dividends. In this video there is also a couple of calculations to help your work out tax. Want help with tax on your shares speak to us. https://secure.financialadvice.net/contact_us/contact/1397
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Self-Employment National Insurance Contributions
Depending on profits then your national insurance could increase or decrease. If you are unsure on the rate you need to pay see our rates page. http://www.financialadvice.net/national_insurance_rates_2013_14/zone/492 If you need assistance with your national insurance speak to us. https://secure.financialadvice.net/contact_us/contact/1397
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Pros & Cons of Premium Bonds
With changes to premium bonds being introduced in the budget for 2014 we thought we would give you some good and bad points for premium bonds.
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Increase UK State Pension
We explain how to top up your UK state pension.
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Transferring Final Salary Pension
There are risks that come with this type of transfer but as always speak to someone who is authorised to give advice on these matters.
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Limited Company Directors Tax
If you are the director of a limited company then taxation can work a little differently depending on profits.
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Limited Company Explained
What is a limited company?
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Help to Buy Explained
With the growing popularity around Help to Buy mortgages Ashley Clark helps clear a few things up and explains the fundamentals of a Help to Buy mortgage. For help with applying for one contact us at http://www.financialadvice.net/
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Annuity v Flexible Pension Drawdown
Don't forget annuities when looking at retirement options
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7 Year Inheritance Tax Rule
Planning for inheritance tax correctly requires you to know a few rules before. The 7 year rule is essential for making gifts to family and friend.
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Buy To Let Explained
Buy to Let mortgages are given to those looking to get a second investment property. Speak to us today and get the hard work done hassle free. http://www.financialadvice.net/
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Auto Enrolment Pension Single Director Company
Free template letter for exemption from auto-enrolment pension for single director one owner limited company contact www.financialadvice.net
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Savings Capital Limit Means Tested Benefits
Too much money means losing benefits
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SIPPs and Buying Property
This video will help clear up a few things surrounding buying property with your pension fund.
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What Are Insurance Bonds
Insurance bonds are very popular for many reasons just one of which is their very low liability to tax. Speak to us today about insurance bonds and get an investment with low tax. http://www.financialadvice.net/
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Guaranteed Minimum Pension
Get advice on your GMP and learn how to turn your second tier pension scheme into growth. http://www.financialadvice.net/contracting_out_state_earnings_related_pension_scheme/zone/351
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Lifetime Mortgage Equity Release
Lifetime mortgage offers more flexibility when dealing with equity release. Speak to us today about your options. http://www.financialadvice.net/
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Severance of Joint Tenancy Explained
Property protection for you and your partner is important if you wish to pass on your property or protect it from care fees.
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Pension Tax Relief | Tax Planning Tips 2014
End of year tax planning tips 2014 - This video is for making pension contributions if you are a employed or self-employed, you could reduce tax liability if used correctly.
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Bed and ISA Investing
Sell stock, share, equity, investment trust, unit trust, OEIC overnight and buy back in an ISA individual savings account next day
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Is Pension Best For Inheritance Tax
Could a pension payment be the best way to save for retirement and protect from inheritance tax
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Pension Lifetime Allowance
Protecting your pension rights could save you from a very hefty tax bill. Speak to one of our advisers today.
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Pension Annual Allowance
This video explains what and how annual allowance works.
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Inheritance Tax Nil Rate Band
Like it or not we are subject to inheritance tax upon death, but planning correctly and knowing you allowances can save dramatically. http://www.financialadvice.net/
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Mortgages For Expats UK Property
Getting an mortgage when you are an expat for buying property in the UK can be tricky we can reduce the stress and make the process a lot smoother. http://www.financialadvice.net/
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Lifetime Allowance Explained
Lifetime allowance with our finance guru Ashley Clark.
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S32 Buy Out GMP Problem No Cash Drawdown
Problems with Section 32 Buy Out Pensions and GMP for tax free cash and flexible pension drawdown
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Care Fees Deprivation of Assets
Give money away to avoid care fees means test. Care fees planning and deprivation of assets.
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Deed of Variation
Even after a person has passed you can change their will, normally people do this for various reasons. The most common is for inheritance tax planning.
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Directors Pension Contributions
Directors pension contributions can have some added pensions as well as a pension.
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10 Reasons to Pay into a Pension
Why save in a pension
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Find Lost Pension
Details on how to trace or find a lost pension
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Single or Joint Life Annuity
Choosing the right annuity will give you certain benefits, pick the right ones not the wrong. For advice on your annuity choice speak to an adviser. https://secure.financialadvice.net/contact_us/contact/1397
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Give Your Home To The Children
Planning for your childrens future is important, learn the best ways to leave property and money to them today.
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£1 Million For Free Free Millionaire
How to build a million pounds savings pot for your child for free. This is not a game show, it's real, it's free.
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Dying Without a Will, England & Wales
Its always wise to plan for the unfortunate, but for those few who never manage to do so, this is how an estate divided.
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Top Slicing Relief
Ashley Clark explains about top slicing relief.
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Zero Rate Tax and £5000 Savings Allowance
The 0% tax rate explained for savers
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Can I Cash in My Pension Early
We have been getting a lot of questions about this recently.
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Deferring Your State Pension
Deferring your state pension, there are some benefits to postponing your state pension.
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Uniforms Tax Allowance
Tax planning the correct way. This video explains how you could save with tax allowances on uniforms.
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Saving Tax - Saving Inheritance Tax 2
Ashley Clark outlining his second tip on how to save inheritance tax and not to be caught by the taxman by using: Potentially Exempt Transfers (PETs) for more help and advice subscribe to us, contact us or visit our website http://www.needanadviser.com/
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Section 32 Buyout
Ashley Clark explains background and rules behind a section 32 buyout policy. These types of company pension can be very complex, so make you also get professional advice regarding these policies http://www.financialadvice.net/
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Over 50s Life Insurance Pros and Cons
The good, the bad and the ugly of over 50s life insurance schemes
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Index Tracker Funds Negatives
There may be low charges with a index trcker fund but this is because there is no on-going active fund management.
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Rent a Room Tax Free
Need an extra income? Want some company? Or simply have a room you have no plans for? Rent a room relief could see you with an extra income tax free.
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Discounted Gift Trust Changes
As from December there are some new changes coming to the rate for income assumption, this will affect your discounted gift trust.
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