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NSW Police Assault man.
Cop interupts a conversation. And says come over hear and say it to my face. Then wakls up lies, misquotes legislation on purpose. Slaps me in the face pretending to hit the phone away and when he realises everyone is watching runns out of the store.
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NSW Police Punch man in the back of the head.
After being Assaulted in the Foyer by an un known man who later identified himself as a cop. And then 2Sherriffs and 2 cops throwing their weight around outside the Court. Lying and trying to get my details yet i was not under arest and not free to go.
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Police Lie, Penrith Police
After filing an appeal in the Supreme court my disqualification was suspended. I tested this several times infront of Highway patrol,with witnesses. After posting a clip about NSW Police the stay was maliciously removed which is illegal and approx 40 days after the traffic stop and 2 days after the posting an attempt to save face.Simply by turning up to meetings in a pub about studying law was i targeted by associates of the State and Federal Corporate Government and they try to deprive you of your assets and ability to survive by engineering conflict. Using criminal associates and poitical entities using Tax dollars set out for Terrorism being used against Every Day Australians.
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Road Rage
NSW Police get called. Stoned Copper!!!!!! I was road raged by an NSW Police agentur. He tried to kick off my wing mirror, i was watching him try to pop wheelies and got boxed in. Gap appeared went around 500 metres later. He wanted to have a go. I pulled over he swung split my eye the lip, i laughed and said is that it. He headbutted me and tried to tackle me into traffic. I spun out of it. I said take the helmet off. He wouldnt. I tried to take a pic of the liscence plate he punched me again so i headbutted him in the front of the helmet and knocked him over his bike. I think he cried a little. Then he tackled me and tried to get around benind me and i caught him and put him obver my shoulder and mounted him i was about to elbow him in the face as i used his helmet to chke him and i got pulled off by onlookers. I said you just got you ass handed to you by a 43 year old who hasnt been to the Gym in ten years you pussy. No charges laid, for road rage!
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Fire Bugs (Bogans)
Durries getting flicked out in the midddle of summer.
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Police Lie Penrith Police
Police Lie and try to Intimidate talk over the public.
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NSW Police Assault in COURT
NSW Police assault man for saying. NSW Courts trafficking persons and stealing property. Google, Day 1 Part 1 Glossa Channel. And do not identify themselves.
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9 Sherriffs to intimidate one man.
Assaulted in Foyer by speaking your mind and the Cop walks into me creating an incident. No identifying him self and assaulting me. All Because i was saying NSW Courts and NSW Police are engaged in criminal activity. Google Day1 Part 1 Glossa Channel.
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NSW Police Assault man.
NSW Police assault man for pointing in a down ward direction and saying this court is engaged in criminal activity. Google Day 1 Part 1 Glossa Channel. The police walk into your personal space and push you knowing it is a natural reaction to protect your self. The Sherriffs powers of arrest were taken away in 2008. They have no authority to touch you or assault you. I was not asked to move on or told to leave. The police did not identify them selves. I was arguing jurisdiction in court and and 9 Sherrifs attended the court to intimidate me as is the norm. It is a crime to assault anyone in court. You will notice him move into my personal spact and push me. I deflected the arm and not the body. I move towards him in another clip and i do not raise my arm. To tell him if he touches me again, before i could finish my sentence i get assaulted again.
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NSW Police criminal activity
NSW Police get family members to commit crime.This has been organised since the police have been engaged in Criminal activity and False Flags.
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Police, brother of a Female Constable rammed my work van.
Targeted by the Brother of a Police woman from Bankstown Police station. He cut up the inside left turn lane then shot straight across to the middle lane that went straight through and then hit the Brakes 3 times after each time he accelerated of. Each time i thought he was finally moving off. Until he nailed the brakes a third time causing a collision. His sister bragged in court that it was her brother. Asyrian and immigrants are used for gang stalking as they have a lower level of respect for the Men and women of this country and a lower I.Q.
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Asaulted by N.S.W. Police
Assaulted by a Foreign owned entity Listed on U.S.S.E.C. same place McDonalds is listed and the owner Administrators are the B.A.R. The 3 Account holders are United Nations and The World Bank and the Vatican. !8 trillion Dollars held in the State of Delaware. The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA s the Bussiness Trust. Listed on the EDGAR register.
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NSW Police Assault man.
NSW Police Assault man for speaking to the people in the Foyer. Telling them NSW Courts and NSW Police are conducting criminal activity and to Google Glossa Day 1 Part 1. Its on Youtube.
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Police organised crime.
NSW police constables sister organised for my work van to be rammed. Not only that they were getting to my ex at work and trying to break up the family. Saying and i Quote if you stay with Joe your son will become a criminal.
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NSW Police organised ram raid and damage to car.
Organised Gang stalking by the NSW Police.
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NSW Police Organised Gang Stalking
Two lebs decide out of no where to us the car i was driving as a withes hat and mock rammed me/braked checked me 3 times. After the third time i gave chase as the threw a bag out of the window and cracked the windscreen. Every time i came back from the Glossa Channel and later as was this time a meeting with people from the same group. Baiting and trying to get Australians to cross a line through cleverly engineered for a 5 year old.
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Genocide Australias War crimes
Hexa Fluoro Silicic Acid Hexa Flouro Silicic Acetate Sodium Fluoride Lithium Salt And as all the Fluoride is coming out of China it is contaminated with heavy metals and parabens. https://youtu.be/ecC38JxVFFY https://youtu.be/j_737uiecSw https://youtu.be/pmMGYwFcvbw Gee i think Hazmat suits used to handle Fluoride spill are a bit of a Red Flag. https://youtu.be/wC4Ajprx0O4 $7,000 U.S. to bury because its is so toxic.
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