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Hadoop vs. Oracle Exadata
Alex Gorbachev, Oracle ACE Director, Cloudera Champion of Big Data, and Chief Technology Officer at Pythian, has recorded a series comparing the various big data platforms and use cases to help you identify which ones will suit your needs.
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Hadoop Distributions - Cloudera vs Hortonworks vs MapR vs Intel
Hadoop is most often associated with big data. A look at the different Hadoop solutions such as Clouder, Hortonworks, MapR and Intel. Hear Pythian's CTO @alexgorbachev discuss these tools and the overall Hadoop ecosystem. For more information on our Hadoop consulting services, visit: http://www.pythian.com/services/big-data/hadoop/
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How to evaluate the ROI on Big Data projects
Executives are always asking us what is the the ROI on Big Data projects and How do you go about computing it. In this video we share two methods of evaluating ROI. http://www.pythian.com/blog/how-to-measure-the-roi-of-big-data-projects/
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Hadoop vs. Cassandra
Alex Gorbachev, Oracle ACE Director, Cloudera Champion of Big Data, and Chief Technology Officer at Pythian, has recorded a series comparing the various big data platforms and use cases to help you identify which ones will suit your needs.
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NoSQL Overview
A look at the different NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB, CouchBase, Cassandra, Redis, and Riak by Pythian's CTO, Alex Gorbachev
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The Evolution of IT Outsourcing
Pythian founder, Paul Vallée shares his insights on the history and evolution of IT outsourcing. We've developed 5 criteria for choosing a data management outsourcing partner. What are yours? Download the white paper here: http://bit.ly/1s9ja4t
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Hadoop vs MongoDB
Hear Pythian's CTO, Alex Gorbachev share his insights on when you should use Hadoop and MongoDB. For more information visit http://www.pythian.com/services/big-data/
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What We Love at Pythian
Attracting world-class talent is foundational to our business and the outcomes we create for our customers. At the heart of Pythian, our people form the team that grows our business, creates shareholder value, and helps our customers achieve the success they rely on us to deliver. Even more important, our stellar team is itself a magnet, attracting the next generation of outstanding people to join us. Engineering a culture that’s ready for the disruptive digital era ahead of us requires us to attract, retain and develop people that believe in our vision and live our core values: to dream big, take care, take ownership, take chances, and give more than you take. Here is a corporate branding video that has been designed to help attract the best talent to Pythian in this new era.
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The Big Data Ecosystem
Thinking of implementing big data? Many platforms and solutions make up the Big Data ecosystem. Hear Pythian's CTO Alex Gorbachev give an overview of these tools and explain what the different platform are. For more information on our Big Data services, visit: http://www.pythian.com/services/big-data/
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HBase vs. Cassandra
Alex Gorbachev, Oracle ACE Director, Cloudera Champion of Big Data, and Chief Technology Officer at Pythian, has recorded a series comparing the various big data platforms and use cases to help you identify which ones will suit your needs.
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Advanced Hadoop Security Features
Hear Pythian CTO, Alex Gorbachev discuss the advanced security features in Hadoop, and share some of his recommendations.
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SQL On The Edge #12: SQL Failover Cluster with Storage Spaces Direct
Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) is a new feature of Windows Server 2016 that takes the 'software-defined storage' concept to the next level. The value proposition is that instead of deploying expensive SAN hardware, similar results can be achieved by pooling commodity storage and controlling it with commodity Windows Servers. Whereas the 2012 Storage Spaces release required SATA or SAS connected disks or JBOD enclosures, this new 2016 release can work with local-attached SATA, SAS and NVMe drives to each node in the cluster. This means that not only can cheap storage be used but it also means that we can deploy this feature with Virtual Disks in the cloud! The value here is that we have a cluster with non-shared storage that acts like a shared storage one, all using Microsoft software end to end. And with this capability in place, we can then put a cluster-aware application like SQL Server on top of it and have a Failover Cluster Instance in the cloud. Read the blog at https://www.pythian.com/blog/building-sql-server-failover-cluster-instances-cloud-windows-server-2016-storage-spaces-direct/
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Hadoop vs.  HBase
Alex Gorbachev, Oracle ACE Director, Cloudera Champion of Big Data, and Chief Technology Officer at Pythian, has recorded a series comparing the various big data platforms and use cases to help you identify which ones will suit your needs.
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SQL On The Edge #8 - SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher
The Mobile Report Publisher (in preview currently) is a new report and dashboard editor to publish reports to Reporting Services and it's part of the bigger road map that Microsoft has for their Business Intelligence On-Premises story. Now we all know that in the cloud Power BI has been getting a large amount of investments but on-premises there was a big gap that was getting wider and wider until now. This Reporting Services refactor is the biggest change made to the product since SQL Server 2005 was released over 10 years ago. Leveraging the best parts of the Datazen acquisition, the Microsoft team is targeting to provide a cohesive BI story that integrates Web based and mobile reports, Report Builder reports and Power View style of modern visuals. In the demo I'm going to walk through the new SSRS interface preview in CTP 3.2 and then walk through creating a quick dashboard for both desktop and mobile consumption using the publisher. Let's check it out!
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Hadoop in the Cloud
Hear Pythian CTO, Alex Gorbachev discuss Hadoop in the cloud and share his recommendations.
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Cosmos DB Indexing Fundamentals – SQL On The Edge Episode 15
Cosmos DD is a NoSQL Database as a Service offering on Microsoft Azure for highly scalable global workloads. One of the main design principles of the service was to provide a seamless experience from the beginning that 'just works'. In line with this design principle, indexing in Cosmos DB is automatic and service managed. If you want to micro manage all your indexes and policies you can, but you don't have to. Cosmos DB gives you a few options to change the indexing in your database but they are powerful options that can impact your storage, request units and overall scalability. It's therefore critical for any Cosmos DB solution to fully understand how indexing works and how changing the defaults can impact your application. Now, let’s go to the demo and check out how to change the indexing policy, how it impacts your workload and how easy it is to switch it with the .NET client. Enjoy!
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SQL On The Edge #10 - SQL Server 2016 Columnstore Improvements
SQL Server 2016 hit general availability on June 1st 2016 and comes with a big set of new features and improvements. From built-in JSON support to mobile and tablet friendly Reporting Services, as usual there is a lot of investment done by Microsoft before a major release of the flagship database product. SQL 2016 continues to build on Columnstore indexes and it's one of the best ways for Enterprise license customers to get the most bang for their buck. The high compression ratio and fast batch mode execution make it a perfect feature for Data Warehousing on SQL Server and dealing with the biggest Fact tables. In this new release there are improvements like new batch mode operators, support for PK and FK constraints, real-time analytics and more. In the video we'll demo the new Columnstore support for Primary Key and Foreign Key constraints.
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In-Memory Option for Oracle 12c
Hear Pythian's Advanced Technology Consultant, Christo Kutrovsky discuss Larry Ellison's announcement of the In-Memory option for Oracle 12c. To learn more about Pythian, visit http://www.pythian.com/
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Datafication: Generating Revenue Though Data Innovation
Pythian's CEO, Paul Vallee, discusses the process of generating revenue through data innovation.
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SQL On The Edge #3 - Azure Elastic Database Jobs
Hello and welcome to episode number three of SQL On the Edge! In this episode we're going to cover Azure SQL elastic database jobs. In the last few months, Microsoft has put a lot of effort into augmenting the elastic capabilities of the Azure SQL database service. We're not talking only about the ability to scale UP but in this case about the capability to scale OUT. Elastic database jobs provide capabilities that cover the gaps we had before without an Azure SQL Agent: - You can run a job against an entire database pool, a pre-defined shard set or a custom database list. - Job execution is logged and history can be retrieved per database. - Information can be collected and stored from the results of each job execution. For now, elastic database jobs are provided as a customer hosted web solution and an accompanying SQL database. At the moment, Powershell is also required to access the full functionality as the Portal only exposes a small part of it. Check out this video for more details!
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The Pythia Project Introduction
Pythian Founder & CEO Paul Vallée introduces The Pythia Project.
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Azure SQL Managed Instance – SQL On The Edge Episode 17
Azure SQL Managed Instance is the latest offering in the Azure SQL Database family of services. It is not a service for individual databases or for pooling resources only, it provides the same encapsulation that SQL Server on-premises does that allows resource sharing and tight multi-database integration. The goal of the service is to provide a friction-less migration path for SQL Server workloads that are currently on-premises or running in the cloud as IaaS. It also allows for a larger feature surface area like SQLCLR and SQL Agent that are not present in the individual Azure SQL Database model. As such, this is going to become a very popular service as it integrates the best of both the Azure SQL Db cloud world and the tried-and-tested SQL Server instance model. Now, let’s go to the demo and check out how you can create a managed instance, how to connect from SQL Server Management Studio and how to get the correct configuration values for your cores and RAM. Enjoy!
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Cosmos DB Consistency Models – SQL On The Edge Episode 16
Cosmos DD is a NoSQL Database as a Service offering on Microsoft Azure for highly scalable global workloads. Because it is a NoSQL distributed database that can replicate across large geographic distances, the team wanted to provide developers more consistency options than the usual "Strong" and "Eventual". Cosmos offers also 3 other consistency levels in between: Bounded Staleness, Session, and Consistent Prefix. You can set the default at the account level and then override it at the client and even at the individual query level. Tweaking the consistency level not only allows for lower latency but can even cut your Request Unit consumption significantly. Now, let’s go to the demo and check out how you can change the global consistency default on the Azure Portal, how to change it on the .NET client and the impact it has on Request Units. Enjoy!
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Pythian Billing Model
Hear Pythian's founder, Paul Vallee discuss Pythian's utility-based billing model.
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Expert Insights: "Cloud laaS Migration Roadmap"
Watch "A Guide to the Cloud IaaS Migration Roadmap" with Pythian ATCG Principal Consultant and SQL Server expert, Richard Weiss. Discover more about Richard: http://www.pythian.com/experts/richard-weiss/ Read Richard's blogs:
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From Traditional Data Warehouse to Modern Data Platform | Webinars at Pythian®
Danil Zburivsky, Director of Data Science and Big Data at Pythian, talks about how traditional data warehouse technologies are not meeting the analytics demands of businesses today, and what trends and solutions are emerging with Pythian's customers to help solve these challenges with analytics and big data. Learn more about Pythian's data services: https://pythian.com/data-services/
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5 Best Practices for Launching Your Online Video Game
Warner Chaves, Principal Consultant at Pythian, has had the privilege of working with several companies on their video game launches, and is best known for his work with the highly anticipated release of an action-adventure video game back in 2013. Through his experience, he's developed 5 best practices for launching your online video game. Visit http://www.pythian.com for more information.
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Loading data into Azure Data Warehouse with Data Factory – SQL On The Edge Episode 18
Earlier this year Microsoft released the next generation of it’s data pipeline product Azure Data Factory. Known as V2, it is a more feature-rich version that can now cover a larger percentage of production scenarios and can be a good fit for many projects. With this in mind, I recently had to load about 1TB worth of data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse and thought that this was a perfect opportunity to test Data Factory on higher volume. I ran into an issue trying to load files based on a filename wildcard and thought it would be great to document the workaround and the big difference in performance when Polybase is either ON or OFF. Check it out! Enjoy!
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MongoDB vs. Couchbase
Thinking of implementing a NoSQL big data project? Pythian's CTO @alexgorbachev compares MongoDB and Couchbase. For more information on our NoSQL services visit: http://www.pythian.com/services/big-data/
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SQL On The Edge #1 - Installing SQL Server 2016
Welcome to SQL On The Edge! These videos provide short, concise demonstrations of the latest and greatest features regarding SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and other Microsoft data platform tools. In this video Warner Chaves demonstrates the installation process for the latest SQL Server 2016 CTP release: 2.3. This release just came out September 2nd, 2015 and is the best way to play around with the upcoming full release of the product. There are many new features coming in 2016 and even though 2014 was released not long ago, this doesn't feel like 2014 R2. Warner will be covering in detail all these new features on new episodes as time goes on. For now, here the first video in the series where we run down the installation process for this new CTP 2.3 and point out some of the best practices and new features on this new installer. Make sure to visit our blog at www.pythian.com/blog Enjoy!
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Migrate Your Database to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 [Webinar Recording]
In this 60-min live webinar Pythian's Microsoft MVP, Warner Chaves, will cover: 1. Migrating your current DBMS to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 2. Challenges faced with migrations and how to overcome them 3. Migrating to cloud or on-premise
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Hadoop vs. Riak
Alex Gorbachev, Oracle ACE Director, Cloudera Champion of Big Data, and Chief Technology Officer at Pythian, has recorded a series comparing the various big data platforms and use cases to help you identify which ones will suit your needs.
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SQL On The Edge #6 -  SQL AlwaysEncrypted
As part of the SQL product family, Microsoft has now released a new feature called AlwaysEncrypted to continue risk mitigation and strengthen the security story of the product. And I mentioned the SQL 'product family' instead of just SQL Server because this feature is also available on Azure SQL Database. With AlwaysEncrypted, the operations to encrypt/decrypt happen on the client NOT on SQL Server. That means that if your SQL Server is compromised, the key pieces to reveal the data are NOT with the server. This means that even if your DBA wants to see the data, if they don't have access to the CLIENT application then they won't be able to see the values. For the demo, check out this video where we'll use the SSMS Wizard to enable AlwaysEncrypted on a column and show the decryption happening in SSIS using the ADO .NET client!
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Cosmos DB Geo-Replication – SQL On The Edge #14
Cosmos DB is a NoSQL Database as a Service offering on Microsoft Azure for highly scalable global workloads. It is a fundamental Azure service that gets deployed on all Azure regions by default. This means that Cosmos is available all around the world and the geo-replication capabilities were designed into the product from the very beginning. This Geo-Replication is all managed by Microsoft and is easily enabled and modified. It is useful not only for Disaster Recovery scenarios but also for serving read queries from a location closest to your users. Now, let’s go to the demo and check out how to enable geo-replication, how to trigger a manual failover, how to setup read queries to use the replica and difference in latency we get from doing so. Enjoy! -- Learn more about Pythian's Azure services at www.pythian.com/microsoft-azure/
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MapR Explained in 3 Minutes or Less
Danil Zburivsky, Big Data Consultant at Pythian, explains MapR, a Hadoop distribution in 3 minutes or less. For more information on our Hadoop services visit, http://www.pythian.com/services/big-data/hadoop/
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Webinar: How To Deliver Faster, Better Software Releases with DevOps
Amy DeMartine, Senior Research Analyst at Forrester Research, and Pythian's Chief Digital Officer, Aaron Lee, discuss how to deliver the best customer experience with better and faster software; and the important role DevOps and service delivery play in making this happen.
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SQL On The Edge #5 - Power Bi Custom Visualizations
Welcome to SQL On The Edge #5: Power Bi Custom Visualizations with Warner Chaves. Microsoft continues to do a big push on the cloud BI space with Power Bi. The Power Bi desktop designer is free. The mobile apps (all major mobile OS'es AND Windows Phone), free as well. The service itself also has a free fully functional tier, it's only limited by the amount of data and the enterprise sharing capabilities. Add the ease of use of the tools and the natural language query capabilities and this is now a strong tool that can finally become a contender to the Tableau and Qlikviews of the world. No, it's not perfect but it is growing and an insane amount of new features are getting added constantly. New vendors are adding content packs and now custom visualizations have made an appearance. Not only do these immediately provide more value to every current user of Power Bi but they also serve as examples for further development of more custom visuals. Check the video for more details!
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The State of Modern Big Data Solutions: Are There Alternatives to Hadoop? | Webinars at Pythian
As cloud solutions and other open-source technologies continue to mature, it’s important to question and reevaluate the role Hadoop’s core components have in modern environments when solving new challenges in big data. In this video, Danil Zburivsky, Director of Big Data and Data Science at Pythian, talks about the rapidly changing state of building big data systems based on the problems and opportunities he sees first-hand with our big data customers. Learn more about Pythian's Hadoop services: https://www.pythian.com/hadoop-consulting/
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Expert Insights: Learn About Oracle Net Service Name Resolution
Watch "Why It's Time to Get Rid of Your Oracle tnsnames.ora File! " with Pythian Principle Consultant, Simon Pane. Discover more about Simon: http://www.pythian.com/experts/simon-pane/
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SQL On The Edge #4 - SQL 2016 Stretch Database
As the Microsoft SQL Server team continues to build very interesting integrations between the full SQL Server box product we all know and the Azure cloud platform. Stretch database is another integration that will be included as part of SQL Server 2016 and it will help customers solve these issues: - Running out of space in your own data center? - Have long archival requirements for your data? - Users still query data from many years ago on occasion? - You don't want to do code changes to deal with these scenarios? Stretch database attacks those problems by allowing us to "stretch" tables from on-premises (or full VM) SQL Servers into a table living in Azure SQL Database. Your users and applications will not be aware of where the data is coming from, they just have to query and let SQL Server handle the behind the scenes magic to either go to the local data files or go to the cloud to get the records.
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SQL On The Edge #9 - Azure SQL Database Threat Detection
As part of the ongoing security story of SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, Microsoft has now invested in a feature called Database Threat Detection. When enabled, the service will automatically scan the audit records generated from the database and will flag any anomalies that it detects. There are many patterns of injections so it makes sense to have a machine be the one reading all the SQL and flagging them, MS is not disclosing the patterns or the algorithms in an effort to make working around the detection more difficult. In the demo, I'm going to go through enabling Azure SQL threat detection, some basic injection patterns and what the alerts look like. Let's check it out!
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SQL On The Edge #2 - SQL 2016 Temporal Tables
Hello and welcome to Warner's second episode of SQL On The Edge! In this episode we're going to focus on a new feature of SQL Server 2016 called Temporal Tables. Temporal tables allow us to go back in time and see what the data looked like at some point in the past and are also referred to as "system-versioned" tables. This has several different uses: a) Auditing b) Quickly fix mistakes c) Data trending A temporal table is implemented as two different tables by SQL Server and they're displayed transparently as one table to the user. Each one of these tables also has two datetime2 columns to track the START of the validity of a record and the END of the validity. These tables are referred to as the current and the history table. Partitioning is supported for both the current and the history table to make it easier to work with large amounts of archived data.
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Cassandra Explained in 3 Minutes or Less
Danil Zburivsky, Big Data Consultant at Pythian, explains Apache Cassandra in 3 minutes or less. For more information, visit http://www.pythian.com/services/big-data/
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Pythian - Love Your Data
Pythian - Love Your Data
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Expert Insights: "Oracle Net Troubleshooting for DBAs"
Watch "Oracle Net Troubleshooting for DBAs" with Pythian Principal Consultant, Oracle ACE and Oak Table Member, Jared Still. Discover more about Jared: http://www.pythian.com/experts/jared-still/
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SQL On The Edge #13 – Cosmos DB Request Units
Cosmos DB is a NoSQL Database as a Service offering on Microsoft Azure for highly scalable global workloads. The service does not utilize the concept of nodes or any hardware but instead allows provisioning resources through "Request Units". Request Units are deterministic and can be scaled up or down very fast. Having a good understanding of the service will also allow you to tweak and tune the configuration to your advantage and decrease your request unit cost to achieve more throughput at the same price. Now, let’s go to the video with the demo and check out how RUs scale, how fast they can be resized and the effect of different consistency models. Enjoy!
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