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Capital Allowances Simplified
OK, well its been bought to my attention that tax relief, and more specifically Capital Allowances may be more a complicated subject than first thought and for a lot of people it goes right over their heads - so in lamens terms, the basics here it is:- You can use your property to wipe out your tax bill. There, I said it -- it is as simple as that. Think about these things:- 1. How much tax did you pay last year? -- In January? Big Bill - £20,000? £40,000? £80,000? 2. Do you own a property that isn't a home? An office in Bristol, A pub in Woowich, A holiday flat home in Spain, A shop in Nottingham? 3. Would you like your tax back? 4. What are you going to buy? School fees, new car, investments, new property? 5. Is it legal? Surely Capital Allowances are a scam or loophole? It the law! -- you have a right to claim -- you don't get them automatically -- you have to claim them on your tax return -- go to legislation.gov.uk search Capital Allowances ACT 2001 -- there it is! 6. What is it for? Well when you buy a property there are certain items (assets) within the property which qualify for tax relief. This is what we identify and value for you. So, knowing about ALL of this, means that you will be financially better off claiming Capital Allowances -- or your money back. So contact me and my team now! 0845 467 2765 [email protected]
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DENTAX Claiming Capital Allowances For Dentists
DENTAX Welcome to Dentax, Capital Allowances specialist for YOU the dental practitioner. Being professionals I am sure you have heard of Capital Allowances and some of you may have even been involved in a CA exercise. I am sure you know that as you build and develop your business premises, any monies you spend on Capital improvements can be set-off against your CGT if you sell. Did you know however that you can also use some of these costs against taxable operating profits as well? Your accountant or practice manager will provide you with a Profit & loss account each month, so you can see how well your business is going. This is used as a basis for your tax return as well. One problem is though, depreciation is NOT tax a deductible. Instead HMRC allow you to claim Capital Allowances. This is where we come in. Your accountant will hopefully claim the main costs, autoclaves, chairs, decontamination rooms etc but unless they have sent a surveyor to your property, then some allowances are being missed. It's a very specialist area and we add value by being able to find everything. We undertake a full building survey to identify ALL of your tax relief. After our compliance work is complete we then work with your accountant to ensure your tax relief is maximised. What does it mean in Cash terms though? Let's take a look at these recent lucky people? These guys could recover some of last years income tax to pay for their HTM01-05 compliance! Sound good? Our services = less tax for you, or no charge! Very often large tax refunds are also due. Email me [email protected] or call 0845 467 2765
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Latest Capital Allowances video from Arthur Kemp www.exactbusiness.co.uk
Capital Allowances interview with Arthur Kemp of EXACT Business on Property TV July 2016.
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Arthur Kemp Exact Business MD Talks At The September Hemel Hemp-stead Property Meet
Arthur Talks about the importance of claiming capital allowances. Commercial Property Owners & Holiday Let owners can benefit from claiming Capital Allowances for the Plant & Machinery within their properties. This little known tax relief is relevant for 96% of property owners. Drop us an email for more information [email protected]
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Capital Allowances explained from Arthur Kemp www.exactbusiness.co.uk
Arthur Kemp's presentation explaining Capital Allowances to the Platinum Property Partners, a property investment franchise. At the Oxford Belfry Hotel in January. Information about Tax relief for commercial property owners is available on our website www.exactbusiness.co.uk or via our blog www.exactblog.co.uk. Further items relating to tax refunds, Capital Allowances and property related tax relief are also available on our monthly newsletter. Sign up at our blog page. 0845 467 2765. This video was kindly provided by Platinum Property Partners - http://bit.ly/W6gPcU
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Now Is The Best Time To Claim Capital Allowances
Only 121 days until you need to send in your 11/12 tax return are you ready? More importantly the 31st Jan 2013 is also the last day to amend your 10/11 Return. This means if you owned a commercial or holiday let property in the 10/11 tax year, it's the last chance to get that tax back. That tax year will then be closed for any changes from the 1st Feb With Christmas to eat and drink your way through and all those parties as well, now really is the best time to start your capital allowances claim. Give yourself an early Christmas present, call me and my great team on 08454 672765 or email us [email protected] to get cracking.
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Capital Allowances video from Arthur Kemp www.exactbusiness.co.uk
Intro for Capital Allowances presentations
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Latest Capital Allowances video from Arthur Kemp www.exactbusiness.co.uk
Invitation to see Arthur Kemp talk about Capital Allowances at your local PIN event...
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Arthur Kemp Will Be In Northampton To Provide Capital Allowances Advice
Hi, I'm Arthur Kemp founder of Exact Business -- Capital Allowances experts. We specialise in saving money of your tax bills & getting tax refunds for property owners like you. I am going to be with my friend Gary Bees at the Northampton Property Meet on Thursday 7th February to show you how we do this. I'll be talking about the recent changes to Capital Allowances announced by the Chancellor in the Autumn Statement, types of properties you can claim the allowances on, what they are worth, common misconceptions and I'll give some examples of the benefit to some of our clients. You can book your place at http://www.northamptonpropertymeet.co.uk/ for a chance to learn how this 130 year old, legislation based tax relief can save you money. I look forward to seeing you there on 7th February at the Campanile Hotel at J15 of M1 from 18:30. Cheers!
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Exact Business New Year Message
Ladies & Gentleman, 2013 is finally here and what a year it's going to be! There are so many changes within the Capital Allowances Tax relief world. There is the increase of the Annual Investment Allowances to £250,000 from today, and the increasing importance of the mandatory pooling for commercial properties is also more and more relevant. As HMRC enter its 135 year of Capital Allowances, we see the enterprise zones continue to increase in number, and various investment opportunities utilising Building Premises Renovation allowance have also appeared. All of these, plus the standard Plant & Machinery Allowances & ECA's means that even more tax relief can be claimed. It's a complex area which is why in our core values statement one of our points is "To provide free advice for all sectors of the tax market" This means you! This is why, in the new year Exact Business are going to establish monthly webinar's and drop in meetings for those who wish to pose questions about, discuss or work through examples of this type of tax relief. With no obligation and gay abandon, we will provide you all you need to know. As well as this, our CPD events are still available and of course you will see me talking at numerous Property events throughout the year. The first one being at the end of January in Oxford. Whether you are a property owner, investor, solicitor, or busy accountant right now all of us at Exact Business wish you a very prosperous 2013. Hurrah!
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Latest Capital Allowances video from Arthur Kemp www.exactbusiness.co.uk
Exact Business Taxation Services Ltd - Intro to Capital Allowances
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Time is running out to claim FHL capital allowances
Arthur Kemp, Exact Business Taxation Services LTD founder and MD talks about the importance of claiming capital allowances
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Autumn Statement
Just a quick note to say that the chancellor will be issuing his autumn statement in 2 weeks time on the 5th December. It provides an update on the government's plans for the economy. One thing the chancellor is under pressure to do is to increase the annual investment allowance or AIA. By increasing this, it means that property investors can claim more tax relief in the year of acquisition or development The current AIA level is £25,000, but an increase back to £100,000 as it was last year would be preferable. These allowances are utilised against any taxable income by utilising box 40 of your personal tax return. - no 40, no refund! And those who develop or refurb their commercial or holiday let properties can also benefit from writing down allowances. Lets talk about it some more, drop me a line on 0845 467 2765 or [email protected]
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Furnished Holiday Lets
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Introduction Video
Introduction to capital allowances http://www.exactbusiness.co.uk/
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Exact Business ODE Guy Faulks
Remember, remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. You only have 90 Days to get your tax back, And that should ever be forgot. Arthur Kemp, tax refunder, t'was his intent To get your money back from parliament. The fees to be charged are laid below the benefit of yours by loads so overthrow. By HMRC's mercy they will be refund'd With EXACTs bright lantern and burning match. So get your Capital Allowances & Let the bells ring. Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king. And what shall we do with them? Claim them! www.exactbusiness.co.uk 0845 467 2765 [email protected]
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Introduction To Capital Allowances For Dentists By Dentax
A quick video which is short, and to the point regarding tax relief for Dentists. Do you own your dental practice, or have you spent monies on the development of the property? HMRC say that 96% of property owners are not maximising their tax relief. This is where DENTAX comes in. We work with your accountant to do this. We guarantee that using our services will increase your wealth, or there is no charge at all. We offer a no obligation assessment for you and your practice. We find the previously unclaimed property allowances to make sure your tax is mitigated. This is legislation, under CAA2001, we utilise our surveyors to establish which assets need to be claimed for. January Tax bill? Looking for a refund or to reduce your HMRC payment? Drop us a line on 0845 467 2765 or [email protected] .co.uk for more information.
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Claiming An Extra Special Christmas Present
The festive season is in full flow, and many of you finishing work for the fun and frivolity which is Christmas time. I hope Santa brings you all of the Christmas gifts that you deserve. If you have a nasty surprise of a tax bill soon after Xmas, and want to discuss how to use your investment property to reduce this, then drop us a line. These kind of Tax refunds are covered by legislation but have to be claimed, you don't get them automatically. Drop me an email for more information [email protected] Merry Christmas to all!
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