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Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent
Pros and Cons of being a real estate agent. Considering a career in real estate? Listen as Susan Milner discussing both pros and cons associated with being a real estate agent. Interesting in joining our real estate brokerage in SW Florida? Visit us at http://www.WhyCapeCoral.com/careers for more information. Or call us at 239.542.8521.
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How to Obtain Your FL Real Estate License
http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.WhyCapeCoral.com (Florida Future Realty) explains what steps you need to take to obtain your Florida Real Estate license. From course to application process. http://www.CapeCoralRealEstateCareer.blogspot.com
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What Real Estate Agents Need to Start Their Career
Real Estate Career, What you need to start a real estate career. Listen as Susan Milner explains the most important items a real estate agent needs to be successful in their real estate business. http://www.WhyCapeCoral.com
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Short sales for buyers
If you are considering purchasing a short sale you should watch this video to learn 1) what a short sale is 2) how the process is different & 3) what you need to know about a short sale. Information provided by Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty, Inc. http://www.The-Extreme-Team.com
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How to Easily Pass Your Real Estate Exam
http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.WhyCapeCoral.com shares tips on passing your state real estate exam. * Update * I'm so glad that this video helped so many of you with your real estate exam. I am working on new real estate exam videos and training for you! Check out other real estate help videos made just for real estate agents or aspiring agents: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9CA0D66A1BB28F9F Enjoy :D and please, leave me a comment if you liked this video! Interested in real estate coaching? I can help! Visit http://www.SuzensCorner.com for more information!
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Choosing A Real Estate Brokerage
http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.WhyCapeCoral.com welcomes Cape Coral real estate agents to reach out for help with their real estate careers and choosing a real estate brokerage. Call (239) 542-8521 for more information.
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Getting Your Real Estate License
Getting Your Real Estate License? What should you consider? Do you think being a real estate agent is a good career choice for you? See what Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty thinks :D http://www.SusanMilner.com or visit our career page: http://www.findcapecoralrealestate.com/careers
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Do single moms make good real estate agents?
Susan Milner answers a common question she receives from people (not just single moms) looking to start their career in real estate. Can it be done? Will you make enough money doing it? Any tips for success? Watch for answers! http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.FindCapeCoralRealEstate.com Call (239) 542-8521
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Short Sale Process Explained
Watch this quick video about short selling your house. Florida Future Realty, Inc's Susan Milner explains the short sale process. http://www.The-Extreme-Team.com
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New Real Estate Agent? What Should You Do First?
New real estate agents watch this video to learn what you should do first in your real estate career for success. Need more help? Coaching is available ~ Check out http://suzenscorner.com/ or message me directly for more information.
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What Real Estate Brokerage Should I work for?
What Real Estate Brokerage Should I work for? New Real Estate Agents, listen to Susan Milner Broker of Florida Future Realty, Inc. as she discusses differences to consider before deciding on which real estate brokerage to work for. Still have questions? Comment below.
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Real Estate Agents - What to buy for your real estate business?
Are you a new real estate agent and wondering what you should spend your money on? Do you need that new technology program or new equipment? Listen as Susan goes over what you may or may not need in your real estate business. http://www.SusanMilner.com http://www.WhyCapeCoral.com
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How much money do REALTORS® make?
How much money do real estate agents really make? Is selling real estate easy? Should I become a real estate agent? Have your real estate license or thinking about becoming a licensed real estate agent? We love hiring motivated agents at our SW Florida real estate brokerage Florida Future Realty. http://www.WhyCapeCoral.com/careers check us out for more information :D
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Know Your Real Estate Market and Area
http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.FloridaFutureAgents.com explains to new real estate agents what they need to know about real estate market areas, real estate prices and real estate buyer options.
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Cape Coral Short Sale Assistance
Cape Coral Short Sale http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.The-Extreme-Team.com short sale site and owner of Florida Future Realty, Inc. explains how to short sale your house.
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Real Estate Sales Associate vs Real Estate Broker vs REALTOR®
Learn the difference between a real estate agent, real estate broker and REALTOR® in this video by Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty, Inc.
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Whats hot Mid 2015 Cape Coral real estate
Whats hot Mid 2015 Cape Coral real estate ~ A short review by Susan Milner, broker/owner of Florida Future Realty, Inc. Search homes now: http://www.whycapecoral.com/cape-coral-communities/
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Cape Coral real estate prices
http://www.SusanMilner.com Cape Coral real estate prices explained by Cape Coral real estate broker, Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty, Inc. Video from August 2010.
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Brand New Real Estate Agent Tips, lay a foundation to become a top producing agent.
We offer excellent real estate training and coaching for real estate agents! Brand new real estate agent? We have a great program to help new agents get started the right way. https://capecoralrealestatecareer.com/ Become a top producing real estate agent by laying the correct foundation. http://www.SusanMilner.com of Florida Future Realty, Inc. shares tips and tricks for new and even seasoned, real estate agents. http://www.FloridaFutureAgents.com
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Networking in Real Estate
Networking as a Real Estate Agent
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Success in Real Estate - Requires Education
Mindfeed & the importance of learning and growing as often as possible. Real Estate Agents learn more! You don't know what you don't know! http://www.SusanMilner.com
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Cape Coral Real Estate Career with Florida Future Realty, Inc.
Build your real estate business from the ground up. Learn skills & techniques to make your real estate business the best it can be. http://www.whycapecoral.com/careers/ 239-542-8521
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Sphere of Influence
How to keep in contact with your sphere of influence. Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty, Inc. explains tips and tricks for keeping in contact with your sphere of influence. Great for real estate agents. http://www.FloridaFutureAgents.com
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Thinking about buying a Foreclosure?
Foreclosures in Cape Coral and surrounding areas. What should you know first? How to pick the right real estate agent for your foreclosure buying needs. Search foreclosures in Cape Coral & Fort Myers Florida now: https://www.whycapecoral.com/foreclosures/
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Cape Coral Real Estate Market Update
www.SusanMilner.com of www.Florida-Future-Realty.com shares the Cape Coral real estate market statistics. Find out how many short sales, foreclosures and 'regular' sales there are in Cape Coral, Florida. Compares Cape Coral real estate data from 2009 to 2010.
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Cape Coral Florida Lifestyle
Learn all about the Cape Coral Lifestyle from Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty, Inc. If you are considering a move to Cape Coral but want to learn more about the lifestyle check out this video! Ready to search for homes today? Visit our interactive website to begin your search today: http://www.FindCapeCoralRealEstate.com
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Cape Coral freshwater pool home for sale in SE Cape Coral.
THIS CAPE CORAL HOUSE SOLD IN 2018 BUT WE CAN HELP YOU FIND SOMETHING TODAY! http://www.whycapecoral.com/search/advanced_search/ Cape Coral freshwater pool home for sale in SE Cape Coral. Located off Santa Barbara. Featuring 2 stories! Check out more information on my website: http://www.whycapecoral.com/property/218027170/?view&agent_id= 22350 Susan Milner, Florida Future Realty, Inc.
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Gulf Access: 4118 SW 28th Ave. Cape Coral, FL 33914
Cape Coral real estate for sale http://www.FloridaFutureAgents.com Beautiful gulf access pool house in SW Cape Coral, Florida. This home sold in May 2009 for $330,000. To search other homes that are still available please visit our website: http://www.FloridaFutureAgents.com or call us at 239-542-8521. (Commenters, cut me some slack, this was my first attempt at a real estate video tour) Quick search for Gulf Access homes in Cape Coral under $500,000: http://goo.gl/o3cw3
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Meet Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty, Inc.
http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.FloridaFutureAgents.com takes you into her personal world in this short video. Enjoy!
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Riviera Downtown Fort Myers
Ft Myers downtown highrise unit for sale in Riviera. Awesome river views, upgraded unit with garage parking. Located within walking distance of all Ft. Myers has to offer! Nightlife, restaurants, stores, schools, parks & more! Call us at (239) 542-8521 or visit us online for more information on this, or other listings at www.Florida-Future-Realty.com
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Cape Coral Holiday Real Estate Market 2018
Should you list your Cape Coral home during the Holiday Season? - 2018 - Listen as Susan Milner goes over important information about the local Cape Coral real estate market, inventory, values, interest rates & more! https://www.WhyCapeCoral.com 239.542.8521, Florida Future Realty, Inc.
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Choosing a real estate agent correctly...the first time
How to choose the best real estate agent to sell your house or help you buy a house. Listen to Susan Milner explain some points you may not have thought about. http://www.FindCapeCoralRealEstate.com
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Cape Coral Real Estate Career Change
Real Estate agents, looking for a change? Chat with Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty to learn how to be profitable, successful & happy with your real estate career.
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Cape Coral Real Estate - Exposure for Your House
Sell your Cape Coral house with your real estate agent by marketing your house online to optimal exposure in this market place. http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.FindCapeCoralRealEstate.com shares advice on marketing your Cape Coral house for top dollar.
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Business Plans in Real Estate Truths Exposed
EXPOSED: Business Plans in Real Estate Truths Exposed. Learn from real estate expert, Susan Milner on why and how to develop your real estate business plan for your best year yet!
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Cape Coral Florida Real Estate
Cape Coral & Fort Myers real estate. Photos taken in & around Cape Coral & Fort Myers. Cape Harbour, Cape Coral Yacht Club, Downtown Ft. Myers areas.
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Working on Mindset in life
Life can get challenging but your mindset dictates so much in your world. Listen as Susan Milner gives today's tip on mindset. Visit Susan's website at http://www.SusanMilner.com & find more interesting articles surrounding happiness: http://www.JoinHappiness.com :D And please, leave a comment below if you have anything to add.
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Cape Coral Yacht Club
Cape Coral Yacht Club | Cape Coral, Florida
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Welcome to Susan Milner's YouTube Page
Susan Milner Broker/Owner of Florida Future Realty, Inc. (http://www.BuyAHouseinCapeCoral.com), a real estate brokerage in Cape Coral, Florida
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Cape Coral home marketing for home sellers
Sell your Cape Coral home with http://www.susanmilner.com of http://www.findcapecoralrealestate.com/form-list-your-home.php The Cape Coral real estate market is changing and so is how we sell homes. Work with a Cape Coral real estate agent who gets it and will get your home sold for top dollar.
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Get People To Do Business With You
http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.FloridaFutureAgents.com offers free help for real estate agents looking for new business. Feel free tocall (239) 542-8521 for more information.
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Short Sale Scams
http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.The-Extreme-Team.com and Florida Future Realty, Inc. shares some advice on what to look out for when considering a short sale for your house. Handling many short sales each month ever since late 2006 Susan Milner has plenty of experience with short sales in and around Cape Coral, Florida.
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Cape Harbour in Cape Coral Florida
Cape Coral real estate brokerage, Florida Future Realty, Inc brings you events in SW Florida. Check out this video of a Tuesday night party at LongBoards / Cape Harbour! (239) 542-8521 for your real estate needs! http://www.FloridaFutureAgents.com
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Ever get in a slump? We ALL do sometimes. What to do? Get out of it! But don't beat yourself up!
Hey there, everyone gets in a slump at times. Don't beat yourself up. Allow yourself a break, a regrouping, whatever you need. Set a new revised goal or refocus your attention. You CAN do this!!!!
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Cape Coral, Florida: Gulf Access Pool Home
THIS CAPE CORAL HOUSE IS PENDING SALE BUT WE HAVE MORE: http://www.whycapecoral.com/search/advanced_search/ Gulf Access, pool home living in Cape Coral, Florida. Florida Future Realty has you covered! http://www.whycapecoral.com/property/218006425/ Florida Future Realty, Inc - Susan Milner
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Cape Coral real estate broker Susan Milner on goal setting
Cape Coral real estate broker http://www.SusanMilner.com of http://www.WhyCapeCoral.com shares her experience with goal setting for the new year.
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Short Sale Outcome
Cape Coral Short Sale Experience. What will the bank ask for? Cash at closing? Promissory note? Or will I receive a full release and satisfaction? Learn more at http://www.The-Extreme-Team.com
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REALTOR® Income - cliff notes from Susan Milner
Statistics from the Florida Association of REALTORS® interpretated by Susan Milner of Florida Future Realty, Inc. How much money do REALTORS® really earn?
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302 SE 27th Ter, Cape Coral, FL Pool Home For Sale
Pool Home in Cape Coral Florida For Sale - asking $170,000!!! 302 SE 27th Ter by Susan Milner with Florida Future Realty, Inc. Call 239.542.8521 for more information or to schedule your own private tour!
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Welcome to my Channel ~ I hope you enjoy it!
Welcome to my youtube channel. I made this video to share a bit about why I am here and what you might expect from my channel. Enjoy!!!
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