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How to trade Forex anywhere in the world!
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Welcome to Trading Tips TV!
Click here to grab your FREE Forex report... http://tradingtipssa.co.za Welcome to Trading Tips TV: You're about to discover what no books, no person, no school will ever teach you about making money from the markets! I’m about to turn 11 years of trading experience into a FREE 5 minute lesson for you every week! Trading Tips TV is a completely FREE service. On this channel, I’m going to show you how you can get started and bank a second income trading the markets. I’ll keep you updated with what’s influencing the market. I’ll share strategies, tips, tools, tricks and secrets, that you won’t find on Google! Every week you’ll discover new trading ideas, like • You’ll discover the best profit opportunities from top trading experts from around the world! • How to bullet proof your trading portfolio. • Why rocky marriages and heritage values mean double-digit gains for traders! • What Joan Rivers and Robin Williams can teach you about trading success. You’re going to get all of this trading information, that you’ll never find anywhere else – Right here on Trading Tips TV. If you subscribe today, I’m also going to give you a FREE Trading report where you’ll discover: 1. A trading tool once cost YOU R500,000, but today it’s FREE! 2. How you can start trading on less than a tank of petrol 3. Know how to spot and avoid the mean, slow and cheap broker! To download your free copy of ‘Trading 101: Your kick-start guide to become a master trader’ in the description below you’ll find a link, click it, put in your email address and we’ll send it to you! http://tradingtipssa.co.za/ So once again! Welcome to TRADING TIPS TV I look forward to help guide and motivate you to become the next best trader. Now all you have to do is click on the button right here, and subscribe, this way you’ll never miss one of our Trading Tips videos ever again! Keep in mind, “Wisdom yields wealth”,
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What is the BEST Forex indicator in the world?
Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more WEEKLY tips, lessons, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp "Which is the best technical indicator I can use when trading Forex?" This is a question, I get asked at least once a month! There are a deluge of different technical indicators to choose from, which can help you towards your Forex trading success. You get traders that recommend indicators like the Stochastic, The MACD, Bollinger Bands, the ADX, blah blah! Don't worry about any of these jargon terms, because you don't need them to make money in the Forex market! Many traders try to incorporate over three or four of the above indicators and try to develop the perfect strategy, and I have a HUGE problem with this! Let me explain… Amateur Forex traders are trying to find a sure-fire indicator that will always win! Most Forex traders start-off by learning how to use these indicators. But what they don’t do is, take the necessary time to learn the meaning of each one. They all try to find that sure-fire indicator which will bring them only winning trades and 100% success rate. Well let me tell you this. In a $5 trillion a day industry, I can promise you now, NO ONE can ever predict the market with exact certainty, especially with the Forex market. Every “killer” indicator is history! This is probably the most important factor you must consider, when you choose to develop a Forex strategy. No matter what “killer” indicator you choose, they are all based on historical data. I honestly cannot think of one indicator in this world that has any form of predictive qualities, and if you find one, please let me know… How on earth, can we ever predict where the EUR/USD will be going when millions of traders are buying and selling the currency pair at any one time? Not only that, but there are countless economic, political and socio factors you have to consider, with any one currency pair. Let’s say, that we had a miraculous computer that takes in every factor that causes the currency pair to move. Well even with every factor and strip of data your computer has assimilated, it’s still based on historical data! So if you can’t predict the Forex market with an indicator, what can you do to make money? When I make any Forex trading decision, I solely depend on one thing… The trend. If I see the EUR/USD is going up and has been going up, then I’d rather follow the direction of the trend rather than trying to predict a turn. The probability that the EUR/USD will continue to go up is higher than the probability of it turning down. So why go against it?
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Why ladies make better traders than men!
Men will probably hate me for this, but someone needs to say it. There are two problems that many men have when trading. Testosterone and ego. Men don’t like the idea of being wrong and they generally like to take big risks when it comes to trading and with life in general. But with you ladies, you know when to say no, when to ask for directions and how to stick to a strategy. These are key characteristics you need to profit and bank a second income when trading the markets. And so today I want you to teach those men a lesson and show them how your qualities will make them much better traders. Let’s indulge in why you ladies make better traders.
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Overcome trading anxiety today!
Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more WEEKLY tips, lessons, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp Have you ever had that stomach curdling feeling, knowing you can lose any amount of money trading on the stock market? If your answer is yes then, you're very lucky to read what I'm about to tell you today. You see, it could be because you have this mental trading disorder. Overcome trading anxiety with me today!
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Three actions you can take to be a profitable Forex trader
Picture an executive trader having high definition multiple monitors stacked on each other. You notice these crazy looking charts on the screens as you walk into his office with piles of trading books on his table. Very often we dream of this picture... We believe we need the most luxurious items when trading. We only want to use best technological equipment. But this is not the reality of trading! In this video I'll show you three action it takes to be a Forex trading minimalist.
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Discover how your stock broker can make you money with this awesome trading secret!
Dear Trader, Today, I'm going to introduce you to a secret that very few traders know about. Did you know that there are stock brokers out there that'll trade your account for you, without you ever having to open another chart ever again? And doing so they'll make your trading easier, more profitable and less stressful than ever before... Let me explain exactly how to put this secret to work for you today!
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The most important rule in Forex revealed
Dear Trader Today I want to introduce you to Lucky Skosana. Lucky is one of the countries top Forex traders, and currently writes his own monthly pay cheques trading the Forex market! In fact, a few years ago Lucky was a hot-shot banker making his way through the ranks where he eventually hit management-level! In the time he did this he was also teaching himself how to trade Forex. Lucky inevitably came to an impasse. The Forex market, or his corporate career... Lucky chose the former, and hasn't looked back since! And today, Lucky wants to give you the most important rule he's ever come across in Forex - A rule he uses every day in the Forex markets to bank his monthly pay outs! Watch the video to find out more...
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Fake outs and a powerful 200MA strategy you can use with your trading
For more information about the Red Hot Storm Trader service visit https://redhotstormtrader.fspsecure.co.za
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CFD trades you're in, just got in and how the markets are looking - 15 Nov 2016
To learn more about this Red Hot Storm Trader service go here, https://redhotstormtrader.fspsecure.co.za/ And to find out who Timon Rossolimos is go here http://fspinvest.co.za/articles/tradi...
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Why I trained at gym in my collar shirt!
Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more WEEKLY tips, lessons, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp Why I trained at gym in a collar shirt! Last week, after work, I went to gym to do a bit of cardio. While I was putting on my gym clothes, I realised something! I forgot my t-shirt at home and all I had was my white collar work shirt. And so, I thought about giving gym a miss. But then I realised that I didn't care about what people thought. In fact, I thought about how going to gym, no matter what I was wearing, was better for my health than not going at all! And so, even though I was wearing a formal office shirt, I started to kill those calories. And this got me thinking, “working out in this formal office shirt is very similar to being a successful trader!” Let me explain… Don't let anyone judge the trades you take Do you think I felt embarrassed training in my work shirt at gym? No! I don't care what people think. I know that by exercising, I’ll lose weight, be healthier and live longer. You should have same mentality when you trade. Don't worry about what others think about the trades you take. You need to have tunnel-vision and only focus on your proven strategy. If your trading strategy has a 70% win rate, that’s all you need to be a successful trader. Follow your trading strategy and don’t let others change your mind by judging the trades you take. Don't make excuses to not trade Just like I didn’t make an excuse to not gym, you mustn’t find an excuse to not take a trade. I know your money is on the line and so, it’s normal not to want to take trades in general. But if a trade lines up for an entry, according to your trading strategy, don’t think twice. TAKE THAT TRADE! Sometimes, you'll find the trades that don't look like winners at first are the ones that bring you the most profits.
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An interview with a wealth builder and a trader
If you'd like to learn how to trade Forex and make a 2nd income comfortably, grab your FREE Forex 101 report right here, http://tradingtipssa.co.za/ If you'd like to get straight into the trading side, then join Red Hot Storm Trader by clicking here, https://midmonthpayday.fspsecure.co.za/?ext_code=102737 Or go here, https://thenextsms.fspsecure.co.za/?ext_code=102737
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A Forex interview with my mentor Igor Marinkovic
Make sure you check out Igor's TradingWisdoms.com today to learn countless lessons to improve your trading... http://tradingwisdoms.com/ If you enjoyed this video, then don't forget to give it the thumbs up and subscribe and join our Trading Tips community on Facebook today https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa/ Here is the transcript for the interview: Today, we are very fortunate to have my trading mentor and personal friend in the building. His name is Igor Marinkovic. You might have seen him present with me at a Forex seminar, at a South African Gala dinner or elsewhere. Well, Igor has been a mentor to not only me but also to hundreds and thousands of readers on his website. And so, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into today’s Forex trading interview with my personal mentor and friend. So Igor, what first got you into trading? I started trading at the end of 2002. The main reason that I got into trading was because one of my colleague’s was trading at the time. We worked in open offices and I overheard him talking to his broker. Before that, I came from an ex-communist country. I didn’t have a clue what trading or investing was. One day I went to his office to ask him a couple of questions. I then went out to buy a book to start reading up on it. And little by little, I gathered knowledge about trading. I started trading warrants on the JSE, then I moved to trading ALSI futures (All Share Top 40 Index) and at a later stage to Forex. What's the most important rule you've ever come across that's helped you succeed in Forex? The most important rule, or rules, are all about risk management. When you start trading the most important thing is to risk as little of your money as possible in any of your trades. I would say less than 1% if most books teach you to risk no more than 2%. The less you risk the more chances you will have to survive long enough to learn how to make money trading. Trading is not about becoming rich quickly. If you think that way, then you can see it as a blow your account quick scheme. If you plan to trade for the next 30-40 years then the first 3 or 4 years are not important at all. Unfortunately there are so many sharks out there ready to take your money as they preach about risking 20-30% on each trade. It is easy for beginners to become their prey. To put it shortly: “Your main job is to protect your capital.” Out of all the financial instruments, why do you choose Forex? I don’t know, it is just one step in my trading life. One morning I woke up and I didn’t like trading the ALSI any more, after trading it for 13 years. And as Steve Jobs said: “I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” To be honest I thought changing from the ALSI to Forex would be much easier. I have to say, it took a good 1 to 2 years to find my feet in the Forex markets. And I haven’t turned back. What is TradingWisdoms.com exactly and what will people get out of going to the website? I really believe that the holy grail in trading is not in a chart or an indicator. And it is not solely in the trading psychology side. The truth, the holy-grail lies somewhere in the middle. For years I was collecting trading wisdoms from books, blogs, tweets and writing them down. One morning I asked myself, why don’t I share all those wisdoms with other traders? That is how TradingWisdoms.com was born. Anyone can browse over 800 trading wisdoms and find something that will make sense to them at the time. Not every TradingWisdom will suit every trader or investor. But you’ll certainly click with the ones that are the most relevant to you. This is a free website that I find as my small contribution to trading and the investing community. Thank you Igor for your time and for your personal trading wisdom, I’m sure our 130,300 subscribers will all learn at least one or two things about trading.
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Red Hot Storm Trader's 100% win/rate for 2017 and a 128.31% gain!
To read more about the Red Hot Storm Trader service that Timon Rossolimos runs click here https://redhotstormtrader.fspsecure.co.za/ Please note the 75% winrate in the video is assuming we take 2 losing trades to make up for the 8 GUARANTEED trades for the quarter. But as things stand we have a 100% win/rate.
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Two lessons I learnt from Joan Rivers!
Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more FREE tips, lessons, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp For the full article click here, http://fspinvest.co.za/articles/trading/i-was-not-a-fan-of-joan-rivers-but-she-taught-me-two-valuable-trading-lessons-4194.html Now I have to be honest! I was never a fan of Joan's harsh, crude, acid-tongue and condescending humour. In fact, I can't remember one of her jokes, where I even giggled. But the day when I heard that she passed away due to a medical procedure, was the day I remembered something special about her. On the 4th of September 2014, the world not only lost another well-known comedian but also an astute business woman. You probably don't know this but in 2009, Joan Rivers was announced the winner on Donald Trump's series, The Celebrity Apprentice. She was competing against 16 celebrities from Dennis Rodman, Clint Black, Tom Green to Jesse James. From day one, Joan Rivers took the limelight as she ordered the other celebrities around with each task they were assigned. And on day one of the Celebrity Apprentice, I knew she was going to win! As much as I HATE her comedy, there'll always be a part of me that actually admires Joan Rivers feistiness and work ethic when it comes to business. That's why today I'm going to share with you two lessons Joan Rivers taught me about success and how you can apply them to your trading. Lesson #1: “You go on stage, and you’ve got to be in command. You have to put down drunks and control the conversation” - 53rd Primetime Emmy Awards 2001 Joan Rivers never got distracted while she was working and neither should you as a successful trader. You need to take charge and follow your winning trading strategy without being distracted by other external influences. And by external influences, I mean all of those news headlines yapping on the TV, all of your emotional buddies that are trying to change your trading decisions and other stuff you read! For example… Let’s say you read an article where I tell you that gold is going down 10%. But your winning trading strategy has lined up and has given you the signal to buy gold. Never go against your trading strategy! Lesson #2: “Take every chance and every opportunity that you can. Don't say 'I can't' or 'I shouldn't' or 'I'm too tired.'" – The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1995 Most beginner traders come into the market with a deluge of excuses! “I can’t follow my own trading rules”, “I’ll miss this trade and take the next one”, and “I’m too tired to trade”. If you say things like this then I’m sorry but you must wake up! You’re not fooling anyone with those excuses. Each day you make an excuse and do nothing, you miss out on is a potential trade that could take you one step forward to your financial fortune. If you’re making these kinds of excuses, then you’re probably going through typical ‘trading doubt syndrome’. This is where you doubt your trading strategy and yourself. No matter how good a trade looks, the only button you’ll press is the off switch on your computer. So what can you do to stop the excuses and start the trading success process? Well, first you have to find the cause of why you’re making these excuses. Maybe you feel that you don’t want to lose a big chunk of your hard-earned money. Well if that’s the case, then simply risk less and you’ll feel more at ease! Or if you don’t think you should trade because you don’t have what it takes, then you might need to go back to reading and asking. You can either read some of the top trading psychology books or you can ask me at InvestorsClub.co.za. I’ll help guide and motivate you until you achieve the success you deserve. Once you find the causes of these excuses, you will overcome them, and speed up your trading success… I’m sure you can see now why Joan was the success she was and why I give credit where credit is due! Until next time, “Wisdom yields Wealth”
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Discover how to be a successful trader without predicting the market
Let's cut straight to the chase! No one in this entire world can predict the market accurately all the time! Whatever information or indicator you do have access to, is already, obsolete! But don't worry because you don't need predictions to make consistent income when trading. In this video, I'm going to reveal three reasons why NO trader can accurately predict the markets and exactly how YOU can profit from trading instead...
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The most important trade of your life!
Are you ready to take the most important trade of your life? It doesn't matter what trading strategy you're using, as long as you have one. It doesn't matter what time period you're using. And, it doesn't matter when you're going to take the most important trade, as long as you do. To help you do this, I'm about to reveal the most important trade you'll ever make. It can be daunting, but it’ll lead you to incredible profits! The first thing you need before you make this important trade, is a robust trading strategy with strict criteria. Your trading strategy should include your entry, stop loss, take profit and risk levels. Once you have your trading strategy in place, you’re ready to take the most important trade OF YOUR LIFE… Your first trade! Put your money where your mouth is and take the trade that lines up according to your strategy. Your first trade will be a stepping stone to a profitable future! Whether your first trade is a winner or a loser trade, don’t let your emotions get the better of you! Keep at it! You see, you need to have the discipline and drive to keep at it and follow every trading signal that comes your way. By taking every trade your strategy yields, you’ll get to the point where you’ll enter into a long-term state of certainty and confidence with your trading. It’ll be a serene stage of your trading career where, with winning and losing trades, you know you’ll grow your portfolio slowly but surely. Note: To have a winning trading strategy, make sure that you ride your winners up twice as much as you let your losers. By this I mean, set your stop loss at 50% of where your take profit is. The first trade you take might be the most exhilarating and frightening experience, but always think of the bigger picture. If you stick to your trading strategy, in a year’s time, you’ll laugh all the way to the bank. So, are you ready to take your first trade and bank a consistent income trading the markets? “Wisdom yields Wealth”
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The rand is in trouble - And I'm worried about you
To read more about Forex Trader go here - https://forextrader.fspsecure.co.za/ Here are our other investment and trader services: Red Hot Storm Trader click here - https://redhotstormtrader.fspsecure.co.za/ Real Wealth - https://realwealth.fspsecure.co.za/ South African Investor - https://ultimatetaxloophole.fspsecure.co.za/ Red Hot Penny Shares - https://fivesharessettorocketin2017.fspsecure.co.za/
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The end of the South African rand is nigh
If you'd like to learn how to trade Forex and make a 2nd income comfortably, Grab your FREE copy of "The Seven Best Forex Indicators - All Yours!" by clicking here, http://tradingtipssa.co.za/ And don't forget to like and subscribe for more Forex tips and Free Forex reports. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtipssa.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp
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Why I expect the South African rand to strengthen to R10.44
If you'd like to read more about what Forex Trader is about click here, https://forextrader.fspsecure.co.za/?ext_code=102811 Join our Trading Tips Facebook page which has recently hit over 16,000 likes for more hot trading tips, tricks and strategies. https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa/
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South African Investor - How to grow rich
Click here to secure your seat - https://howtogrowrich.fspsecure.co.za/
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Trading lessons I learnt from Robin Williams!
Don't forget to like and subscribe for more FREE trading tips, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp For the full article click here, http://fspinvest.co.za/articles/trading/trading-lessons-i-learnt-from-robin-williams-3951.html Yesterday morning as I was driving to work, I turned on the radio and the first thing I heard was my favourite child hood hero. Robin Williams! He was hilariously impersonating a Scottish man who invented golf. And this had me in absolute stitches! After the comedic skit, my smile turned into sadness, as I heard the tragic news! Robin Williams (63) apparently committed suicide at his home in California. It was so ironic because he was the comedian who made millions of people laugh, and yet was the one had severe depression. After I heard the tragic news, a string of movies that he acted in, passed through my mind. In fact, I remembered some of his most powerful quotes which I still relate to trading. This helped me be a better trader and now it can help you! Trading lesson #1: Film Patch Adams (1998) “You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.” This quote can be applied to your trading as this. When you have a winning trading strategy, you could still have a disease in your trading. And this disease is your trading emotions. When you win a trade you feel like you’re on top of the world, where nothing can break your trading account. This is where your emotions take over, and you feel all high and mighty. But as soon as you take a loss, a disease of melancholy spreads through your entire body where you feel like a complete and utter loser. These emotions can be detrimental to your trading because when you take a loss you’ll: · Second guess your trades · Doubt yourself · Feel worthless as a person · Give up on your trading So, you need to find a way to combat these emotions of diseases so, whether you take a winning or losing trade, you’ll do it with less emotions. If you focus on your trades, you win , you lose – But if you focus on maintaining your emotions you’ll win no matter what the outcome. If you want to trade with less emotions, you must first decide how much of your money you’re looking to risk. The trick is to only risk a tiny portion of your money which you’re comfortable of losing. This way you won’t feel that disease of emotions when you take a losing trade and you won’t feel that ultimate euphoria when you bank a winning trade. Trading lesson #2: From the film “Jumanji” (1995) “Crying never helped anybody do anything, okay? You have a problem you face it like a man” Say you take a loss when you trade. Do you scream, rant and rave or completely ignore it? Well this was a trick question where I hope you answered, none of the above. If you scream, rant and rave or ignore your losing trade, you’re being very childish as a trader. Instead, you should see trading as a business, where you record every trade whether it’s a winner or a loser. This way you can learn from your losing trades and see where you went wrong. And if you record all of your trades you can calculate the win rate of your trading strategy to see if it’s still profitable or not. Just like a business person doesn’t cry after failure, so to should a successful trader. Don’t cry about your losing trades, learn from them and use them to succeed in the future. Trading lesson #3: "You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." I can’t remember where I heard Robin Williams say this, but I do remember this quote like I heard it yesterday. When you have a winning trading strategy no matter how crazy other people think it is, keep it! Always remember, “Wisdom yields Wealth”
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I quit!
Don't forget to like and subscribe for more FREE trading tips, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp Yep, that’s right! The two little words you say when you throw in the towel, say uncle and move on to greater things. Two words which emphasise a whole change to your life and what you pursue in. It may be better for the future or for the worse. You’ll hear it in every business and every industry you work in. It’s been a difficult two months with trading and the market environment is not very conducive for traders.
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Three things it takes to be a successful trader
H.M recently asked an interesting question on www.investorsclub.co.za this week which, which I thought I'd tackle. "Hi Timon, what does it take to be a successful trader?" I'm going to answer this question and tell you three traits that I think every successful trader should have.
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The first Forex Trader webinar - what trades are lining up and a Frappe recipe!
How to make a Greek Frappe (Ice-coffee) in one minute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0ieImY8XGc
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Trade yourself to financial freedom with a trading buddy
In the movie Ted, John Bennet had a living Teddy Bear named Ted. They did everything together their whole lives... From partying at different clubs, going out everywhere and learning the ropes of life together. Not to mention, the times they were each other's wing men where they courted some fine ladies... (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink). They achieved a lot more together than without each other... This movie made me think of my trading buddy and how he helped boost my trading success 10 fold! And so today, I'm going to show you why having a trading buddy could be the best thing you ever have for your trading triumph... Let me explain!
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The Three Biggest Trading Opportunities Right Now!
Our top three analysts have put their heads together to uncover the three biggest trading opportunities right now. Simply put, if you want to profit from the markets you NEED to be in them! We want to share these trading opportunities with you, what's driving them, and most importantly hoe you can profit from them!
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The Eurozone Debt Crisis: The next stock market crash (Part 2 of 3)
Don't forget to like and subscribe for more FREE trading tips, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp
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Forget about complex trading charts, all you need are these simple profit patterns!
Dear Trader, Go to any trading platform and you'll be swamped with indicators such as the OBV, MACD, William % R, Kelter bands etc... Forget about this nonsense! Many novice traders believe they need to fill up their charts with these kinds of indicators to be a successful Forex trader. But I found that the more indictors I used to put on my Forex charts, the more money I lost. And so, I'm going to show you why you need to forget about this nonsense and that all you need are a few simple patterns to be a successful Forex trader. Watch the video to find out more!
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The Brexit and why cash is queen - Trading webinar - 1 July 2016
Today's video is purely about the BREXIT why Cash is Queen at these uncertain times! If you'd like to read more about Red Hot Storm Trader go here, https://fromzeroto133in85days.fspsecure.co.za/
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Trumps Presidency in 13 days and what's going on with the Forex market
Today I address Trumps Presidency in 13 days and we look at what is going on with the Forex market and the rand. To read more about Timon's Forex Trader service - click here https://forextrader.fspsecure.co.za
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Where's the rand going next? Find out here!
When the rand weakens it means that you need more rands to buy just one dollar. This isn't exactly ideal as it means things like petrol and food prices will keep going up. And guess what, I'm expecting the rand to weaken even more from here! But that doesn't mean things are going to get worse... Quite the opposite in fact! I want to show you how to use this move to bank a fast profit! Simply watch the video for more...
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The Brexit ahead and where your next profitable trade is lining up! - 23 June 2016
Today's video is purely about the BREXIT and where your next trade is lining up. If you'd like to read more about Red Hot Storm Trader go here, https://fromzeroto133in85days.fspsecure.co.za/
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Discover how to turn politics into Profits
Politics and Profits: How Malema’s loud mouth, the weakening rand, and the South African recession could make the next 3 months your most profitable EVER! Our top three analysts have put their heads together to help you make sense of what’s happening in our country, what it means to you as a trader, and most importantly, how you can cash in on these situations in the weeks and months ahead.
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Two minute noodles are all you need to make quick profits
My friend Brett Correia has lectured over 10,000 like-minded traders, and is now ready to share his quick and powerful trading strategy with you today! He only trades the ALSI, which is the Index that makes up 40 of the largest market cap shares on the JSE. You see, Brett likes to dip in and out of the market numerous times a day for quick profits... And he does this using his 2-Minute Noodle strategy! He recently shared this secret to his trading success with me... And I'd like to give it to you... Let me explain.
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Give me just one day and I'll turn you into a successful Forex Trader
Hands up if you're looking for that sure fire system that banks winners after winners! Hands up if you're looking for that "get rich quick way to grow your wealth"! Hands up if you're looking to find those methods where you can predict exactly where the markets are going! Does this sound familiar? Well this is a classical marketing ploy to try and attract your attention. Today I want to reveal to you the realities of trading, and how if you give me one day I can turn you into a successful Forex trader... To book your copy of the FSP Invest Forex Seminar DVD simply click here: https://forexseminardvd.fspsecure.co.za/
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The Santa Claus Rally is coming to South Africa!
Click here to find out how you have an 83.33% chance to profit on the JSE this Christmas! http://fspinvest.co.za/articles/trading/you-have-an-8333-chance-to-profit-on-the-jse-this-christmas-4781.html Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more WEEKLY tips, lessons, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp
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Watch out - The JSE has entered bear mode and we need to protect our portfolios
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Eurozone Debt Crisis: The next stock market crash (Part 3 of 3)
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Any day now, the JSE could rocket to an all-time high!
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Three things you need to overcome to find trading success
There are so many books on stock market strategies, money management and general knowledge on trading the markets. And funny enough, you could read every single strategy in every trading book and still fail as a trader! Text-books often forget to mention the three vital emotions that can either make you or break you as a trader! Let me show you how to overcome these emotions so you can be an even more successful trader.
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Use these 2500 year old principles to become a better trader
Sun Tzu might not have been a trader, but if he was, I imagine he would have employed incredible trading techniques to probably be one of the greatest traders of all time... Because 90% of what it takes to be a successful trader is discipline and psychology, I'm going to highlight three of the most essential quotes I';ve came across in his writings which you can use to become a successful trader... and let's learn more about these 2500 year old principles!
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Theresa May and Trump rattles the markets yet again!
For more information on Forex Trader go here https://forextrader.fspsecure.co.za/
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How to trade the stock market like a braai master!
Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more WEEKLY tips, lessons, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp Last week Wednesday, as I was researching braai tips on Braai Day, I came across a world class braai'er! You'll never believe this! Braai Boy (Gareth Daniell) broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest continuous braai. He braai'ed for a staggering 62 hours NON STOP! As I was reading about his techniques and tricks, I couldn't help but think how similar it is to the way I trade. In fact, I compared his braai'ing style to one of my most profitable trading strategies I have today. Sounds delicious? Know your timing or you could burn your portfolio! Gareth (Braai Boy) says that timing is crucial when you put your steaks on a braai. He says you should be able to put your hand over the fire, for five seconds, without burning yourself. And the coals must be only grey. And just like timing is important when you braai, so is when you take on a juicy trade! You see, the trick is to be patient and wait for that trade to line up according to your profitable trading strategy. If you time the trade right you have a higher chance of it turning out to be a winner. Too many ingredients can be the WORST thing for your results! Gareth says that you mustn’t feel the need to spice and marinate your meat too much. He says salt and pepper does the trick, every time! And so he only uses few ingredients to flavour the his steaks, and so should you when you trade. Traders think they need many monitors, plenty of financial instruments and tons of trading books on their desks. But this can actually cause you to ruin your trading account. Looking at too many monitors can be stressful by having different charts up at any one time. If you’ve just started out trading, then two monitors are all you need to monitor your charts. And another to put in your prices and check your trading account balances. And second, you must choose between a selection of financial instruments to trade rather than just trade everything… It’s exciting to know that there are countless opportunities to trade from in different markets, but this just leaves you with more work you don’t have to do! Rather, sift through these numerous markets, then work on and sharpen your strategy skills in just a few months that will suit your trading style. For example, I only focus on twenty of the top 40 companies using CFDs, and that’s it… So, next time when you’re out with your mates having a braai, not only will you braai the best meat, but also you’ll also know the way to trade successfully… Always remember, “Wisdom yields Wealth”
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Floyd Mayweather takes punches like a trader!
Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more WEEKLY tips, lessons, tools and secrets! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tradingtipssa Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/tradi... Website - http://tradingtips.co.za Twitter - https://twitter.com/tradingtipsfsp It's in the mainstream! Mayweather running around, hugging Manny and defending throughout the fight of the century. But he still ends up the winner of the night taking home over 100 million dollars. In fact, there's a joke going around: It's not "fly like a butterfly sting like a bee" anymore. Now it's "run like a chicken, hug like a bear". Anyways jokes aside, while I was watching the match early in the morning, I thought about how much I can relate to my own trading.
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Find out where Gold - Brent Crude and the Rand could head next!
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