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Tony Yayo SWAT 2
Tony Yayo SWAT 2 + How To Download This Song As MP3 The Details Are At End
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Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci  My Life Screwed n Chopped Texas
Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci My Life Screwed n Chopped Texas DOPEST SCREWED TRACK RIGHT HURRR. GOT BASS? - R.I.P dj Screw
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Treasure Hunters The Mystery of Pitt Lakes Lost Gold Mine
The Mystery of Pitt Lakes Lost Gold Mine also known as Slumachs Lost Mine or Lost Creek Mine in British Columbia, Canada - wikipedia org Pitt Lakes Lost Gold Mine
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Texas Terror
Texas Terror
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Venom Symptoms Russells viper - Daboia russelii
Russells Viper Daboia Russelii Venom
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Shes world's best pole dancer - Anastasia  Sokolova - Ibiza 2014
Pole dance is a form of performance art, traditionally associated with strip clubs, which combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole. This art form has recently gained popularity as a form of fitness and mainstream entertainment, practiced by many enthusiasts in gyms and in dedicated dance studios. A wide range of amateur and professional competitions are held in many countries around the world.
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Dat Kush Ft  Only Lil Wayne
had to remove rick ross the wanna be boss Mr T lookin ma fuka..
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50 Cent - Outlaw - Video clip is from movie (Gun 2010)
50 Cent - Song Outlaw -- Music Video made from clips used from 50 cents roll in the movie Gun
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Cooper the Copperhead mut shedding his skin WHAT A PRETTY BOY
Nothing special but was the first time seeing/catching a shed in the moment normally i just find the skins WHAT A PRETTY BOY would of been cool to have shown him before shed he gets so dark and dull
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Rattlesnake and her babies
Rattlesnake has babies baby Rattlesnakes are very cool
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copperhead feeding time
Young copperhead feeding
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The Russian Mafia
Documentary on the Russian Mafia - Red Mafia - Unstoppable and getting stronger every day
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snowflake eel doing what it does
snowflake eel , true percula clown fish , sand sifting starfish. WATCH as the knuckle crab withholds food from the eel and does a great job everytime ...
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Copperhead Feeding part 1
copperhead Feeding on mice
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Handling Copperhead
Southern Copperhead truth is a bite can be bad and everyone reacts different to venomous bites but this younger guy is super smart and calm i come to realize over time and i could tell he knows he has no threats to worry about so he likes to be able to come out time to time and has no problem with being handled he much rather behave and get out and roam a bit then to be on 24/7 lock down as for his cage mate you couldn't pay me enough to handle him so i do know my limit and im not new to keeping hot snakes................. i had to re upload cause after 3 years youtube decided my audio didn't meet their standards and the only music they provide is crap i don't know why they dont let people upload audio files to blend into their videos 
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Old school video IROCZ limited slip burnouts
Old school video IROCZ good ol days
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Little Buddy Gucci - American Alligator - Eating mouse
Gucci Takes on a mouse
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Rattlesnake Showing Teeth
Rattlesnake Showing Teeth - i slowed the video down at a few spots when she shows her fangs for a good look longer look at her meat hooks
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Copperhead Roaming About
southern copperhead roaming around in a tupperware
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Copperhead luring with tail for first time
A Basic description is in video but here is a full description of what takes place in video Cooper the copperhead my mutant copper x cantil and during this common procedure of tossing a few fake vines on his roof this time became different as he was sure it was something to eat odd thing is i spend all my time around my snakes and never once have i seen him use his tail to lure not once in his whole life anyways about 15 minutes after i tossed a few vines on there i noticed him luring it like come on in here it was very interesting and i luckily got him on video before he stopped, sadly the lighting sucked but i didn't want to turn the light on in case he stopped, then he came to his senses and once he learned i was messing with him and seen me pull my hand away from grabbing these vines he looked over at me with the stare of death as he was like 85% sure i was screwing with him but not convinced haha it was funny snakes don't really act funny but in this whole deal it was hilarious but i stopped bothering him cause it isn't fair AND then i grabbed a pen from beside his cage and for the first time in his life he struck the glass AIMED at me with rage i now keep things off his roof and do not piss him off AND most important he wasn't injured at all from tagging the glass full out... and 2 seconds at the very end is a baby rattler about to eat a FT mouse pink of a heat rock that no longer works TFW Dec 4 2011
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copperhead feeding part 2
copperhead feeding on mice
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Rattlesnake becomes friends with jerry the mouse
Rattlesnake becomes friends with a mouse but in the end snake decides the mouse needs to go
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Crazy Bass In Lone Star Pickup
South Texas Area
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The Sky Is The Limit
Fighter Jets Protecting the sky's - Live to fly
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Rattlesnake Feeding on mice
Rattlesnake eats mice Feeding Rattlesnake
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Copperhead roaming around
Copperhead roaming about well cage cleaning notice the x marking on his mouth ? i have not seen a copperhead with this x marking its almost as if he has some cantil in him. i find the markings odd.
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Wow Cinematics all 6 of them 2001 - 2013
#1 World of Warcraft: 2001 - #2 The Burning Crusade 2007 - #3 Wrath of the Lich King 2008 - #4 Cataclysm 2010 - #5 Mists of Pandaria 2012 - #6 Warlords of Draenor 2013
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Chance The Furious
Chance being a playful puppy..being a brat at times like when he would attack my steering wheel of car as im trying to turn a corner
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Flipper Being Hand Fed
Flipper Being Hand Fed Mice Pinks
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Buddy The Tigercat
A highly feared tigercat
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David killing a honda accord off road
David killing a honda accord off road
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justins unknown twin
must be Justins unknown twin. i never thought id come across anyone that reminds me of justin . miss ya bro
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Mama Bear and her 2 cubs
well we were camping we came across some bears out and about eating berries. the neat thing is that 1 of the cubs is brown
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copperheads Videoshoot
A pair of southern copperheads roaming around for a video shoot
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Copperheads  Photoshoot
Southern Copperheads Photoshoot
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Cell Phone Stun Gun Test
Mr dick smith tests a Mexican cell phone stun gun on his leg and the results = JUNK ...out of 8 stun guns purchased in mexico 0 of them could stun enough to mess a person up all they would do is make the attacker angry the only 1 i know for fact works the way you would want it to is the taser gun that shoots the wires with barbed ends that embed into the skin but because police use this one its illegal in most country's.. sadly most country's don't allow people to carry self defense items and police they will charge you for carrying a weapon but if your like me id rather be caught with then without ..its a dangerous world out there and life's worth fighting for in my eyes
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Leopard Geckos Eating Meal Worms
breeding pair of leopard geckos eating some worms .i took out bunch of objects/hides to clear cage for a better veiwing to record & left 1 hide for the male - the male is a sketcher and doesnt like human contact but not the female she is very friendly and social i take her out and let her run around on me & sofa & floor all the time. she is the one eating in video .. the male comes out breifly & sketches back to a hideout.
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The little pigeon that couldn't then could
Descriptions in the beginning of the video it couldn't fly 1 wing was just not working hard enough and it ran behind a public mailbox so i carefully picked him up and brought home i knew he would a died from a cat,dog i set him up in a large tupperware with water and a blanket and he went right to sleep he was not mean at all a little spooked but within 2 days he calmed right down and was like a house pet i took him out everyday and made a area for him to walk around and a large 4 foot container with some water to bath it i got him some pigeon food from pet shop and he was right at home eating i couldn't see much for damage to wing only it hanged a little lower then other but not broken cause he could flap wings so i made sure he let his wing rest he would follow me around enjoyed being held and pet and loved being sprayed with water bottle but when night time came he would head to his container and start trying to jump in so id put him in so he didn't use that wing and he would lay down have some water and off to sleep id have to say for a wild bird he was very smart and clean didn't make noise i really wanted him to heal so on day 5-6 i notice he started practicing with his wings by flapping them like crazy just seeing if it was getting better i assume and i could tell he was showing me he thinks he's ready to go outside and give it a try so day6 we went to big field in park and i let him run around and try and he tried and got a little off the ground but not enough and looked like was getting sore again so i grabbed him and brought him back home day or two after he was flapping wings all day in house telling me he's sure now he can do it so next morning i took him back to park and let him try again and sure enough took few tries but 3rd time he lifted off and flew off it was a good feeling to save a life of a animal that's my story may not sound interesting but it was haha
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3' - 4' Gopher snake with some bite
3' - 4' Gopher snake with some bite
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Ride or Die For Just One Day
GSXR Ride or die .... pure freedom
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