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hydrogen andrija puharich water fuel cell  pantone  meyer CARL CELLA
hi here is the design of andrija puharich water fuel hydrogen injector of 1970 stanley meyer tweaked it .it uses radiolysis electrolysis and "SUPER HEATED STEAM"(1600 times normal)under pressure, heavy water (deuterium oxide)snow and hail best . IMPLOSION ENGINE 180 DEGREES OUT OF PHASE (FIRES AT BOTTOM DEAD CENTRE AS HYDROGEN WILL IMPLODE.SUCKS PISTON UP LIKE THE PISTOL SHRIMP IMPLODES ITS PRESSURE BUBBLE TO CAUSE SONIC SHOCK WAVE TO STUN ITS PREY) 12V DC BATTERY THEN AC CURRENT by way of a 1200 watt inverter or a rewound alternator,magnatron (steam resonator) to make processed water (placed in a stainless steel positive charged tank) MAKES NEGATIVELY CHARGED WATER ,(then a 4 bridge diode to transform back to dc but at much high a voltage with a blocking diode) a porous ceramic substance to reduce flow of steam water inside injector to build up pressure of collapsing molecules.. ,make plasma ignition ,and no air filter BUT YOU PLACE A EVAPOURATIVE COOLER IN HERE (quenching circuit) (daniel dingle says this ) redesigned diesel injector or spark plug,tip cut off to earth to outer case of plug(but isolated from engine block). made of palladium/gold..platinum coated titanium better cathode. hit it with a plasma ignitor,will make a steam engine basics BUT HYDROGEN. tesla coil effect/lightning strikes , ,THIS IS A NANO SIZED VERSION OF CARL CELLA DESIGN... in a modified diesel engine. vacuum downstroke of the engine. (resonance will always be exact by placing a switching diode BEFORE THE SECONDARY WOUND COIL ON THE STAINLESS 403F OR FR HT LEAD transformer as voltage will have no where else to go because the secondary goes positive as the electrons flow towards the spark plug and makes a collapsing magnetic field to STOP AMP FLOW ) IN HARMONY with a phased loop resonant sensor.COIL HAS A SWITCHING DIODE TO STOP EMF BACKING BACK TO M.O.T.MAKING VOLTAGE CRITICAL PULSE TO WATER FUEL SOURCE, NOLOGY HT LEADS or stainless 403f or fr TO TAKE CURRENT AND RESISTOR LESS SPARK PLUGS . may be a platinum CATHODE, i am told gold are the best electrodes (daniel dingle states this on his bonnet ,"gold new days")finally exhaust gasses returned in to air in take manifold . led lighting is emiited (laser)this will energise the neucleus and push the electrons away, so electrons go in to catastrophic state (also in the cavity of the injector where super heated microwaved steam is)(light emitting diodes) DIODES !. ENGINE HAS TO HAVE MOLYSLIP/SLICK 50 TYPE P.T.F.E. LUBRICANT ADDED TO PROTECT INTERNAL PARTS. please. email if you want to get involved with a practicle project on a modified diesel engine, adapted injectors (stainless steel 316l) to take PROCESSED WATER (HEAVY STEAM/HAIL OR SNOW) AND HAVE A PLASMA DC PULSE CURRENT PASSED THROUGH THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE STRUCTURE WITH A POROUS CERAMIC INSULATION TO EXCITE THE STEAM WITH CATACLISMIC BREAKDOWN BY PLASMA /LIGHTNING SPARK AT TIP AND AMBIENT AIR MIXED IN SPARK PLUG CAVITY TO QUENCH ( non combustable gas stan meyer) AND SOME ALUMINIUM TO ACT AS A FLASH BACK.WITH A DAVY LAMP STAINLESS STEEL MESHING SHROUD ACTING AS THE HALO TIP END SURROUND AND THE ELECTRON CATCHING CIRCUIT (STAN MEYERS EEC) and the diesel injection pump will be modified USING A STEAM CLEANER CERAMIC HIGH PRESSURE PUMP (2000psi) instead with the main pump wheel driven off the engine, also having a type of distributor placed at 90 degrees offsets to act as the 4 stroke firing order for a plasma ignition circuit that has been given to me , which will hopfully fire the vacuumed pressured NEGATIVELY CHARGED STEAM to explode by dissociating the water in the chamber with massive down force as it will also be in a vacuum.BEST ENGINE THOUGH WOULD BE THE WANKLE ENGINE OR ( ROTARY VEE ENGINE ,AFTER ONE IF ANY OUT THERE)here is andrija puharich,s patent the full site to go to http://www.rexresearch.com/puharich/1puhar.htm also look at you tube video ANDRIJA PUHARICH LECTURE PART3 BIG CLUE FROM NATURE..type in PISTOL SHRIMP AND CARL CELLA DEAD PERSON ONCE AGAIN... look at stan a meyer 1993 clorado on you tube
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air magnetic engine cyclone charged aircold spark
hi here is my cold dieseling attempt to make a 1973 ore cross flow land rover run on air same as joe cell/joe booker and all the other inventors that claimed water but it is really the stripped atomic neutral structure of air in a static neutral charged engine with all neutral radiant charges activating the fuel source.at present the ignition is off though it is a petrol engine running on its own with kerosene still vapouring in as the pre cross flow heats the kerosene the clue to air is to polarity change
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hi here is my first practicle attempt after 2 years researching how to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen.take an old tractor heater diesel glow plug.snip the inner element away from the outer.now fill outer holes with chemical metal.now get any tap water and fill centre chamber..now place negative of car battery to terminal that goes to inner element. (you will get burnt if you catch the positive terminal outer case). then place positive outer of glow plug to positive battery.this will make negatively charged water as the electrons are excited in the water with the first wire to be attached is positive as in video, electrons become attracted to battery ,and will free up and attract in to car battery as the positive will attract electrons and makes positively charged water in cell/glow plug battery voltage will go up.now watch for hydrogen big bubbles and oxygen small bubbles(always negative attached first and taken off last to make negatively charged water) .add pinch of bi carbonated soda if yopu want massive production.light at your own risk but we were in a vented area and totally sealed battery (they can explode)...please issue further ideas on electronics as this is what i struggle with pwm relays to pulse frequency ......my budget is when possibel,but my knowledge is building every day
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hydrogen air engine stanley meyer magnetic atom stripped
hi here is my magnetic air engine practicle it is on the same basis as stan meyer knew air is nitrogen 78 oxygen 18 hydrogen .01 and 5 noble gasses strip these with a ac/dc static unregulated pulsed spark and you will be on the way to a magnetic air engine place opposite charged salt water with rain water in block and superconductivity will take place more to come thanks to peter stevens/joe booker and others.it still has kerosene vapour but no ignition on in this video figure 8 ac to dc starter wireing also charge the sump oil positive and negative acts as a shield disributor can be magnets on flywheel at 90 degrees with a magnet as a pick up on block like a crank sensor the starter engaged by the battery becoming polarity changed (negative becomes positive and vice versa) then a stop light bulb is a trickle negative as element in bulb acts as a trickle negative source to the now positive engine block through the wireing loom to oil pressure sensor and thermostat .same as rust oxidising destroyed electrically method.then the light relay acts a sa points gap and an old regultor relay that you can adjust by screwing up or down will become the advance retard mechanism to get timing points spot on.figure 8 wireing from starter to alternator to loop feed pos and neg and with a loop knot to make a ht lead to the engine block...may be the relay acts as a condenser also but if not a washer wound in and out and around like a troid within the ht lead from the knot...finally a daniel dingle set of pulsing relays to make a potentiometer to make acceleration and deceleration as this would be the magnetic voltage spark current to make enginemagnetic air attract and repulse faster or slower.few more tweaks and all comments appreciated with logic to back comments up good or bad...ITS ALL FOR FREE FROM ME....do not need any funding as neccessity will bring this forward with knowledge and of coarse MISHAPS lost some blood already! melvin i n bolsover england you want to see live then email [email protected] go on show me as the nay sayers say!
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hydrogen fuel cell electrode
hi here is an easy to make 7 stack stainless electrode unit made up out of 316 stainless steel ice cream bowls silicon sealed together so you can adjust for a minimum gap.i now need to buy or advice to make a pulse voltage generator and to get a ultrasonic frequency generator set at 42712.2hz this splits water and may do it without any electric or electrodes so if anyone can try that as well as do not have equipment it also needs a amplifier and transducer
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red head male carpenter english
hi would like to get across to usa with an all paid working holiday in exchange for some carpentry work and the use of a car to pick up some items in new jersey as well thank you melvin
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carpenter working holiday usa
hi would like a paid working holiday in usa in exchange for me doing some carpentry work and to have use of a car to tour fun motor sports [email protected]
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