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Numerical based on Cohen Sutherland line clipping algorithm
check out my new video https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=RJR979MOM3U This video solves numerical based on Cohen Sutherland line clipping algorithm #computer #graphics #clipping computer graphics in Hindi computer graphics
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Clipping basics and point clipping
This video is regarding basic concepts of clipping. Point clipping is discussed in detail. #computer #graphics #clipping #pointclipping
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association rule mining in weka
This video demonstrate apriori algorithm for association rule mining in weka data mining tool #datamining #apriori #association
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Numerical problem on DDA line drawing algorithm
This video describes the numerical problem on DDA algorithm. #computer graphics #DDA #linedrawingalgorithm
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clustering in weka
This tutorial is about clustering task in weka datamining tool. In this video K-mean Clustering is applied. #datamining #clustering #weka
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Fixed point scaling in computer graphics
This video drives scaling matrix about a fixed point #computer #graphics #scaling
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How to use free clips, dosron ke video se paise kaise kamaye
This video is created by pappu bhai. His channel name is "only single like". The link of the channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC60F6NyFgxctkc_9JmPalyg Is video me aapko bataya ja raha hai aap kisi aur k video ki clip apne video me kaise use kar sakte hain. Ji han is video me ham baat kar rahe hain creative commas ki. Is video ko pura dekhne k baad aap bhi copyright claim ya strike se bachte hue kuch clips use kar sakte hain. To video ko pura dekhkar aap creative commas ko kis tarah use karna hai seekh sakte hain. #howto #video #copyright #claim hum sabhi ko kisi na kisi video ya audio clip ki jarurat hoti hai. aur khaskar jab hum koi whatsapp status banana chahte hain to audio clip usme imp role play karti hai. ye video aapke liye bahut helpful ho sakti hain. abhi sare festivals start ho rahe hain. aur aap us festival se related whatsapp status bana ker daal sakte hain. but isme aapko audio clip ki jarurat hoti hai. how to earn money from others video how to use video and audio clips of others Thanks for watching
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Types of databases
This video is telling about different types of databases. Next video will be about different types of attributes. #datamining #database #types
Views: 451 yaachana bhawsar
Cyrus Beck Line Clipping Algorithm
Cyrus Beck line clipping algorithm is the most efficient clipping algorithm. It is based on parametric equation of the line. #cyrusbeck #lineClipping #computergraphics
Views: 340 yaachana bhawsar
weka database connectivity
students will be able to connect mysql database with weka. #weka #database #datamining
Views: 1591 yaachana bhawsar
apriori algorithm in WEKA
This tutorial is about how to apply apriori algorithm on given data set. This is association rule mining task. #datamining #weka #apriori
Views: 1124 yaachana bhawsar
data mining techniques
This video describes data mining tasks or techniques in brief. Each technique requires a separate explanation as well. #datamining #techniques #weka
Views: 3346 yaachana bhawsar
Numerical based on Laing barsky line clipping algorithm
This video solves a problem of line clipping using liang barsky algorithm. #computer #graphics #laingbarsky computer graphics numericals liang barsky line clipping algorithm clipping numerical
Views: 142 yaachana bhawsar
Lucky Live
Views: 56 yaachana bhawsar
Numerical based on Fixed Point Scaling || composite transformation || computer graphics
In this video a numerical based on fixed point scaling is solved. #ComputerGraphics #Numwrical #scaling computer graphics numericals fixed point scaling in computer graphics scaling numerical
Views: 235 yaachana bhawsar
weka tutorial for data pre-processing
this video is about to pre-process data in weka data mining tool. #datamining #weka #preprocessing
Views: 631 yaachana bhawsar
Initial decision parameter of mid point circle algorithm
This video describes the calculation of initial decision parameter of mid point circle algorithm #computer #graphics #midpointcircle
Views: 280 yaachana bhawsar
Liang barsky line clipping algorithm
This video demonstrate liang barsky line clipping #computer #graphics #liangbarsky computer graphics algorithms liang barsky line clipping algorithm
Views: 490 yaachana bhawsar
weka tool installation
this video is about to install weka tool on windows platform. The WEKA is very useful tool for practical purpose. #weka #datamining #installation
Views: 276 yaachana bhawsar
Silent Live
Views: 98 yaachana bhawsar
Octal number addition | adding octal numbers | short | simple | easy
This video is about adding two octal numbers. #Computer #Architecture #Digital
Views: 86 yaachana bhawsar
Cohen shutherland line clipping algorithm
In this video Cohen shutherland line clipping algorithm is discussed. #computer #graphics #clipping #algorithm
Views: 894 yaachana bhawsar
Numerical problem based on bresenhem's line drawing algorithm
This video solves a numerical based on bresenhem's line algorithm. #computer #graphics #bresenhem #linedrawingalgorithm
Views: 986 yaachana bhawsar
Lecture 6: Java Tokens(identifiers, keywords, separators, operators and literals)
This video explains about java tokens. There are five types of tokens in java and tokens play very important role in any programming language. #java #javatokens #tokens
Views: 72 yaachana bhawsar
Lecture 1: Introduction of Computer Architecture & Organization  | COA
1. Computer Architecture and Computer Organization 2. Types of Computer Architecture 3. von neuman and harvard architecture #computer #architecture #introduction introduction of computer architecture
Views: 4124 yaachana bhawsar
Numerical based on Cyrus Beck Line Clipping Algorithm
In this video an example based on Cyrus Beck algorithm is described. #cyrusbeck #lineclipping #computergraphics
Views: 202 yaachana bhawsar
Data mining second unit part 1
This video is helpful for rgpv diploma students for the elective subject of 6th semester. In this video I covered the first topic of second unit.
Views: 296 yaachana bhawsar
Homogeneous coordinate system in computer graphics
In this video I covered homogeneous coordinate system and composite transformation. #computer #graphics #homogeeneous
Views: 546 yaachana bhawsar
Reflexion and shear transformation in computer graphics in hindi
In this video I explained basic reflection and shear transformation with matrix representation. #computer #graphics #shear #transformation
Views: 186 yaachana bhawsar
Mid point circle algorithm steps and numerical
This video describes the steps of mid point circle algorithm and solves a numerical based on it. #computer #graphics #algorithm
Views: 901 yaachana bhawsar
Difference between Method overloading and overriding// java examination important question
This video differentiate method overloading and overriding. #java #overloading #overriding inheritance polymorphism method overloading method overriding Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yachana.bahwsar Follow me on Instagram Https://www.instragram.com/yachana231
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How to set moderators for YouTube Live(Second Method)
1. how to set moderators 2. how to manage comments 3. set moderators by mobile phone #youtube #live #moderator
Views: 132 yaachana bhawsar
Lecture 7: Combinational circuits // computer architecture
This lecture is about to describe and design of combinational circuits. #combinationalcircuits #halfadder #designing
Views: 44 yaachana bhawsar
Shutherland hodgeman polygon clipping
In thus video shutherland hodgeman polygon clipping algorithm is discussed
Views: 340 yaachana bhawsar
Attribute types
This video is about types of attributes. This is useful for creating data files used in weka tool. #datamining #weka #attributes
Views: 197 yaachana bhawsar
Another numerical based on Cyrus beck line clipping algorithm
There is another numerical problem that is based on Cyrus Beck line clipping algorithm. #CyrusBeck #LineClipping #ComputerGraphics
Views: 140 yaachana bhawsar
3D transformation || computer graphics
This video is about 3d transformation #computer #graphics #3dtransformation 3d transformation in computer graphics translation, rotation, and scaling in 3D in computer graphics
Views: 180 yaachana bhawsar
DDA line drawing algorithm
This video tells about DDA line drawing algorithm. In this video I covered steps of DDA algorithm. #computer #draphics #algorithm
Views: 609 yaachana bhawsar
Lecture 11: Data Types
This Lecture demonstrate the size and range of different data types used in java. #java #data #datatypes
Views: 56 yaachana bhawsar
Rotation about a fixed point
This video drives rotation matrix about a fixed point #computer #graphics #rotation
Views: 282 yaachana bhawsar
Lecture 24: Inheritance and its types || Subclass and Superclass Constructor
1. Inheritance and its types. 2. Subclass and Superclass Constructor 3.Method Overloading and Overriding #java #inheritance #subclass
Views: 2800 yaachana bhawsar
association rule mining apriori algorithm
this video explains association rule mining and apriori algorithm. #datamining #association #apriori
Views: 507 yaachana bhawsar
arff files
ARFF is the data file format required to work with WEKA. This video explains ARFF file format. #datamining #weka #arff
Views: 287 yaachana bhawsar
Lecture 4: Java program structure
This video demonstrate the basic structure of a Java program. #javainhindi #java #programstructure
Views: 93 yaachana bhawsar
Lecture 16: Decision making and branching statements in java
this video is about 1. Decision making and branching statements. 2. if else statements 3. Switch statement #javainhindi #decision #branching
Views: 116 yaachana bhawsar
Lecture 10: Constants and Variables
Constants and Variables are necessary elements of any program. This video gives a small introduction of constants and variables. #java #constants #variables
Views: 45 yaachana bhawsar
Data Preprocessing
In this video i discussed data pre-processing techniques. #datamining #preprocessing #kdd
Views: 116 yaachana bhawsar
Difference between interface and abstract methods// java examination important question
What is the difference between interface and abstract class. #interface #abstractClass #javaExamination Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yachana.bahwsar Follow me on Instagram Https://www.instragram.com/yachana231
Views: 41 yaachana bhawsar
Lecture 9: Flip Flops in Hindi // computer architecture //digital techniques
This video is the introduction of flip flops. #flipflop #computer #architecture Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yachana.bahwsar Follow me on Instagram Https://www.instragram.com/yachana231
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Gold Saving Scheme | Gold Investment | #Best Saving Scheme | 2018
hello friends this is yachana bhawsar. This video is about to:- #Gold saving Scheme #Saving account #Scheme #buyandsoldgold This scheme isn't launch yet. Central government is planning to launch it very soon. new bank account, modi sarkar will launch it soon.
Views: 262 yaachana bhawsar

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