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Performing SQL queries within R using sqldf package
This video shows how to run SQL code within R, with explanations of the different types of data joins and covers subsetting data and summary calculations. The code and the files for this example can be found at: http://randyzwitch.com/sqldf-package-r/
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RSiteCatalyst package documentation
Documentation for the RSiteCatalyst R package. RSiteCatalyst provides programmatic access to the Adobe SiteCatalyst REST API.
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Indian wedding pre-celebration
Walking the streets of Delhi outside of the Le Meridien hotel, I was able to witness this amazing Indian wedding spectacle. This is the groom and his wedding processional towards the hotel.
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Overlay Histogram in R
This video shows how to overlay histogram plots in R with the normal curve, a density curve, and a second data series on a secondary axis. Note: Towards the end of the video (maybe minute 13 or so), I make a language error when talking about the "padj" parameter in the mtext function...the setting doesn't "left truncate" the label, I meant "right align", "left align", etc. To download the code used in the example: http://randyzwitch.com/overlay-histogram-in-r/
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Snake charmer at Amber Fort, Jaipur, India
The Duke Cross Continent MBA class of 2010d comes across a snake charmer at Amber Fort in Jaipur and decides to take a closer look.
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Lights on Tomorrow Square Shanghai
Just having a little fun with my video camera at dusk in Shanghai. The view is of Tomorrow Square from the 5th floor balcony of the JW Marriott Shanghai.
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Fireworks in Yorkville, Il
Fireworks in Yorkville, Il - 11/16/2012, courtesy of Boombah
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minor bar blues
Learning to play my Novax CH-8 guitar by using the "Fingerstyle Jazz: Teaching Your Guitar to Walk" book from Mel Bay.
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A Morning in Yangshuo
My first attempt at artistic film making using Apple's Final Cut Express. This video was taken in the early morning in Yangshuo, China.
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Maria OWNS the stage
Admin Maria shows that Belly Dancing is all about attitude...and maybe a few lessons prior to arrival!
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Fuqua Belly Dancing
The Duke Cross Continent class of 2010d takes time out from studying for a little dinner and dancing in the Dubai desert!
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Traveling from Delhi to Agra
Here's some misc. video I captured on my iPhone on the trip from Delhi to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Interesting to see the different micro-climates along that 4 hour ride, as well as the different levels of infrastructure and development.
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CCL - Russia
CCL - Russia
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Man takes Leap of Faith at Atlantis
Some guy I filmed taking the 'Leap of Faith' at Aquaventure water park at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai
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Late for Marketing
If you have Preyas for Marketing, don't be late or you might be the next 'Little Teapot'!
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CCL - Shanghai
CCL - Shanghai
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Dubai Desert Safari Belly Dancing
Kyle shows off his belly dancing prowess
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dash london
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Woman takes the Leap of Faith at Atlantis
Woman takes the 'Leap of Faith' at the Atlantis resort in Dubai.
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Sabre a champagne bottle!
Using a big kitchen knife, you can shear the top off of a champagne bottle! Inspired by Zane Lamprey, the host of 'Three Sheets', who performed this same trick on tv.
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