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Capital Cost Allowance Calculation  #1
Calculations of Capital Cost Allowance for a short year end are illustrated by Wayne Hughes CA from Humber College. This is the first of 4 classes on Capital Cost Allowance.
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Capital Cost Allowance Calculation #3
CCA example where an asset is sold for more than its original cost. The lessor of the proceeds or original cost is deducted from the CCA class. There is also a taxable capital gain for 1/2 of the proceeds less the original cost of the asset. (3rd lecture out of 4)
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Capital Cost Allowance Calculation #2
CCA example shows the calculation of CCA using the half year rule for additions during the year. The half year adjustment is calculated by 1/2 of (Additions minus Disposals) for the year. (2nd of 4 lectures)
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Capital Cost Allowance Calculation #4
CCA transaction which illustrates a disposal which results in recaptured CCA and a disposal that results in a terminal loss. (4th of 4 lectures)
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