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Christchurch DDTS V8 trike p1
A new breed of trike comes to life in Christchurch NZ. Its taken all year but its getting done. I thought a vid to celebrate the start of phase 2 was a good idea.
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Christchurch DDTS V8 trike p2
Update!! That's a 17 inch rim out front. I think a 16 with a higher sidewall tyre will compliment and further protect the shock absorber operation. The seat has to be moved forward slightly as well. Once I had the seat position organised I could set the bars up. So good progress.
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Theory of relativity 2.0. Anxiety is a political entity comprised of 8 laws.
The 8laws of anxiety hypothesis truly revolutionary level of understanding of the issue of why with all the efforts to stop depression and anxiety, its come to it that we are getting worse. Its also why the financial system are not stopping what they are doing either.
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God so loved the world he put Satan here.
The new word that is the message that is an amnesty that is from that which is there that is the engine of the universe. https://www.facebook.com/anxietyengine.stoppernz go here and look for the 11th August post titled 'Senior data points pre discovery'. This is the upgraded transcript of the 'Revelation of the 8laws'. It has the all important POST discovery data points.
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8Laws mini-series Part one. The 1st law of anxiety
As the title says - unpacking of the 1st law of anxiety. The consequence of the culture shock event of being born and the issues that serve as votes of confidence that anxiety is important. This is while consciousness is all the baby that does not possess language thinks. Its all that exists to the baby. Its just that anxiety is really attention seeking and takes over the mind. Its the first impression of consciousness being in the physical realm. There is no opportunity to promote the other side of the story. Or is there..............
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Rabbi Shlomo sheklesteinburgwitz the six millionth- where art thou?
[email protected] Amazing to see consciousness leaving its silent footsteps across my path. Silent yes - but for consciousness realm, it can hear who is listening. That is to say the act of listening perceived from that realm, is as an audible thing. Thus is the different way of things where the cloth is kept. And as you will aspire - as you become a willing host, the garment of the effervescent percolation will adorn your path. For we are all cut from this cloth. We call ourselves as one that is a place. I were born in New Zealand. So it is in the common tongue that I am a New Zealander, and this is as it is for all people. But that which is this essence of you - this aspect that makes possible that you FEEL, this has no address. No country. No borders. It is this earth that whispers the truth to me, and we are all from this earth. I would have you hear the whisper and embrace the true homeland of all of us. This whisper that has mentored and nurtured me? Enlightened me of the Revelation of the 8laws? It brings tears of joy to my eyes that I tell you now - It whispers to you also, that you may finally come home.
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BMW engine overheating
I think I figured out why an overheating problem can be so hard to diagnose.
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Lauren Southern Stephan Molyneux reaction video review RE The revelation of the 8laws.
They came, they saw, and they were shut down. Classic tall poppy syndrome really.
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The eight laws of anxiety
The 8laws of anxiety hypothesis is a truly revolutionary, new level of understanding of the issue. A better, minimum reducible argument is the theory of relativity 2.0 video. Please read comments. they are the outline and an example of the dynamises that are created when combining multiple combinations of the 8laws. The 8Laws of anxiety is responsible for the human emotional experience all throughout history. This discovery on Tuesday the 17th of may 2016, is the first time in history that anxiety has been qualified as a political entity. Where all throughout history of science and social services that deal with the reality of difficult people and outright failure of literally millions of man hours of trying to understand this problem, all they have got is like trying to catch smoke. The significance of perceiving anxiety as a political entity is it allows a person to figuratively hold anxiety in front of you and look at it. All these educated people have failed and I have the achieved the seemly impossible and found the answer the world has waited so long for. EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!
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A chat about the paradigm shift.
A little chat about what might be on the other side of the paradigm shift thats already begun. My vision of what would be good. Considering how everyone else in the world wants to come live in the west, it cant be denied that we have the best idea of what community means, and what community needs, and how to best serve those needs. This first world experience is a product of Caucasian spirituality. Our value and loyalty to the creative spirit. It is the expression of consciousness in different formats. We love to get together and talk because talking is the primary expression of consciousness. The value and respect of consciousness values has created the world we have and this is why there's so much evidence of creativity, we've gotten mighty complacent haven't we. Its this aspect that needs the reboot. Except at the burning man festival - they are way ahead of me on this point.
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Religion vs Celtic values
If the catholic inquisitions never happened we would have had computers over 400 years ago :-D
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8laws. Two tribes. One outcome. Always. Until now.
The defensive stance vrs the aggressive stance has always been the paradigm. Because of the phenomenon of anxiety, these two distinct camps have operated like they are virtual secret societies with not a one speaking truth to power. The light of the engine of the universe will show you that which is kept hidden. This toxic opiate of language and thought that has held mankind trapped in bondage and only permits a feeble existence, ever the victim of the other that believes pain is the commodity of choice. That which has tasked me to deliver the message that is an amnesty brings the gift of articulation and understanding that you may be free from bondage. It is an amnesty for all mankind.
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Lauren Southern Stephan Molyneux TVNZ reaction interview part1
I got a call at the end of this vid. Its what ended this video. Part 2 is there and has the contemplative summary. This is the important part!!! The contemplative summary. I'm really liking how doing the review of the news is a powerful means to disclose the revelation of the 8laws in realtime. The interview vid is called 'Fighting talk' and its here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fighting+talk Ironic title wouldnt you say - fighting talk is the only thing anxiety is capable of.
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A perfect problem and now, a perfect solution!
The small matter of a new political party.
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Anxiety does not acknowledge courage.
According to the OECD ( The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), New Zealand is best country for statistics of domestic violence, child abuse, and tops the measure in the youth suicide ranks. Its also one of the best places for organised crime where the govt acquiesce to corporate greed and recently, this facilitated the cold blooded murder of 29 miners on the west coast. Corporate culture managed the mine safety protocols. The safety systems were run down and or non existent. The instance of the belief that anxiety is wisdom has facilitated the responsible parties have not been held to account for their role in the deaths of these people because of the political perspective that anxiety does not acknowledge courage. The belief that anxiety is wisdom leads to zero cognitive response as to the culpability of they that believe that anxiety is wisdom. Because of feminism, political correctness and the gender hostilities inflicted on the country by they that worship anxiety as a deity, the govt, administrative depts, and the corporate environment are filled with these people. And they that believe that anxiety is wisdom do not have feelings, because feelings require courage and courage is heresy to anxiety. NZ has the maximisation f what anxiety likes and the minimisation of what anxiety doesn't like. This is New Zealand in my experience having lived here my whole life.
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Anxiety loyalists at the entrance of the rabbit hole.
How the political aspirations of Israel mirror the political aspirations of anxiety in the decision to abandon Arabic as a state language in Israel. And a talk about the interface between consciousness and the legal system and how that system capitalizes on the political presence of anxiety in conventional wisdom, and the inherent law regarding how courage acknowledges anxiety.
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Israel's nuanced imperative nuance.
The reality of the algorithm of the 8laws in practice. It is the nuanced imperative nuance. With consciousness high-jacked, it is the whole theater bearing down on the zero point focus that has a value to the politically correct optimum outcome, according to the deity anxiety. With only the one dimensional language that has been developed by strict loyalty to anxiety, and with the instance of how courage acknowledges anxiety, here we are, listening to they that can only frame any relationship as a conflict matrix. What will they do to replicate the function of anxiety so it has the desired range in the political sphere, considering current events? People that believe in courage will have to die to prove their anxiety is virtuous. Just as it events in the mind, Anxiety must destroy any ability of productive thought before it feels its authority is protected.
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'Mental' traffic jam road rage consequences tonight at 6 like every night
The mind does not think with language. Language we use has been conceptualized by the 1st and 2nd laws, and we have instinctively intuited and learned to conceptualize thought according to the ability to articulate the expression of consciousness that language allows, which is according to the 1st two laws, that one must conceal ones anxieties and allow others to conceal their anxieties. This is why mostly all people the author has asked if they got told as kids they only use 10% of their brain. It is the maximum allowable according to the jurisdiction of the 1st two laws.
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A physics theory
We should stop obsessing about how they built the house and start thinking about how we can live in the house. And the physics view is that of a spectator :-) on the subject of reality.
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TNIL party policy initiative1
Here I speak of the political activism I am doing today. Then, some policy speculation and the general idea about what might generally be a good idea.
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The Proclamation of the TNIL party in WGTN on 16/04/2018
I went to Wellington to make a proclamation of the TNIL political party. Here's how it went.
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El Diablo Destructo
The Great Dragon in the book of revelations which certain people believe they are the personification of, has been identified as the enemy of all mankind AND the environment. If we stop 'living inside the elephant', its the proverbial turning on the light in a dark room, but on a global scale, and all that needs to happen is for all to become aware of the revelation of the 8laws.
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A front line collaborator issues a rebuttal.
I called up the establishment talkback radio and this is what happened.
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Language and the rabbit hole dwellers.
The 8laws of anxiety hypothesis truly revolutionary level of understanding of the issue of
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The topography of darkness and an exit strategy
More about the Machiavellian monster that is anxiety. Once an element of a lie is believed as truth, all else that follows is a lie, as you well know. Also this episode - the elites as they are known - these men that control the economies of the western world, are desperate for an exit strategy to transpose the equation to the modern era and 'swap out' certain elements that are and will continue to unbalance the financial equilibrium that creates stability FOR THEM. It should be acknowledged that the revelation of the 8laws, the grand amnesty, will facilitate the re-balancing of the economic equation, if it embraced by the powers that be. Fact is, when they started the practice of quantitative easing, the end was only a matter of time. Now, with the Revelation of the 8laws taking position in the collective consciousness of the silent majority, the ground is laid for a transition to the next way of things that accommodates a massively increased population and the event of the abundance of material wealth. The equation is redundant because of there's loads more people and less local spending.
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My name is Origin
The aspirations of consciousness will now be known throughout the world. Anxiety has encrypted the mind but now there is a decryption key. Freeware to free the mind. Apologies the audio on that first bit is so low. Email [email protected] to initiate donations and This is the contact re the Tnil political party. The main thing is to get the message to the people and a speaking tour is the best thing to do. The political party and the election process is also a great vehicle to get the message out there.
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Matter and anti-matter had a baby.
A short vid about TNIL policy for the 2020 election. It unpacks the similarity between the theater the financial system uses to rationalize its existence, and how that is the same theater poor people use to justify not valuing education and why its ok that they stay poor. Like the financial system, they use this theater to rationalize why they dont have to change. The act is to promote anxiety as virtuous, with a replication of the function of anxiety, to deflect the focus of they that are courageous, because courage acknowledges anxiety. Consciousness know full well what are the limits it can expect when it comes to the patience of they that are know to believe that anxiety is virtuous, and this is as far as that conversation with these ones has ever got.
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Something tangible to talk about for once.
Without something tangible its not possible to talk about it. This is the state of understanding when it comes to relationships. Its why the one that insists on having an argument often changes the subject every 10 seconds - its because they dont have a tangible thing to talk about. Anxiety is literally keeping people in the dark when we go to say something about our emotions. Now the Revelation of the 8laws gives us the ultimate tangible substance to base an understanding and a discussion on and with that we can really exit this way of things and become the world we always knew we could be.
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Telemetry of the nature of the relationship to anxiety.
Anxiety exists in language and the tone of the voice. And this is the case because of the character of consciousness, as its consciousness that is the high-jacked vehicle that anxiety has control of, in the instance of the one the uses the replication of anxiety to extort control and acquiescence from those around them. THE BASTARDS!!
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8Laws mini-series Part 2. The 2nd law of anxiety
REV,OT8. Revelation of the 8laws. But also Revolution-evolution-elevate. Revotate. REVOT8. You me everyone together, to our future history, we can say we now have the way. The kids will be pleased now the world can make their path smooth, instead of listening to the squirrels with the emperors new clothes. If we should exceed no further than the needs of the children and youth, we are doing the right thing. All else is the luxury we deserve AFTER the housework is in order.
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It is the grand amnesty for all
More reality please! If I could, I'd be off on a speaking tour to tell the country!! To donate, my contact is [email protected] I'll check this every day. This is the only thing to do. Like when love comes the only thing that exists is the other. Now I can see the whole world but they are not free. I can bring them to the oneness. You can help! By donating and/or telling people as well. This is the path for the world.
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Christchurch. Moorehouse av. Blown chev? Tbucket. wow.
The beating heart of a champion old school ride.
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Avi Yemini welcome to the Tnil. - lets talk about ongoing conflict
Ongoing conflict. Apathy. Acquiescence. Stockholm syndrome. Israel Gaza. Husband and wife. Brother and brother.
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Hamilton vrs Vettel war of words
Where there's smoke there's fire.
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'Fluid cognition'. Its Biznez time!!
As the discovery of the 8laws of anxiety is indicative of, the portfolio of plans and products I have conceived are equally disassociated from conventional wisdom, and will be the focus of the company I want to start asap.
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How anxiety influences your vote in the election.
How do values change from out in the countryside, to the center of the urban experience? What is the perspective of anxiety at the two ends of the spectrum, and how does this influence voting at election time?
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REVOT8 5. Analysis of The 5th law of anxiety.
The 8laws of anxiety hypothesis, known as 'The Revelation Of The 8laws', is a truly revolutionary new level of understanding of the issue of anxiety and the true nature of the political, that renders anxiety tangible for the first time in the history of human-kind.
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REVOT8 3-4. Analysis of The 3rd law of anxiety and the 4th law of anxiety
The 8laws of anxiety, also known as 'The Revelation Of The 8laws', is a truly revolutionary new level of understanding of the issue of anxiety and the true nature of the political, that renders anxiety tangible for the first time in the history of human-kind.
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Clinical research unit becomes clinical research.
I visit the Clinical research unit to disclose the discovery of The Revelation Of The 8laws, but run up against the very issue I sought to disclose to them. Now people.......Please if you would be so kind, go down to your local Mental health professionals, with this discovery, and see what reaction you get from them, regarding a profound discovery as to why there is no traction of to challenge the issues that are most all getting worse. Also I'd love to hear any stories about how, now you have become aware of this revelation, your own relationships may have been effected. This discovery is like the biggest campfire ever to exist, and we should now tell the stories of ourselves to the joy of all present.
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The memo from hell!
Prediction from myself regarding the consequence of releasing this memo that regards the people that are anti-Trump and have networks of power that are unconstitutional and criminal as a matter of course because they are public officials acting against the oath of office for personal gain. It struct me as rather an obvious thing that the Clinton foundation was created to 'clip the ticket' of govt activities around the world. This 'matter' transposes easily to the issues inherent of the US treasury being a non government entity. Cut from the same cloth, as it were.
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REVOT8 7. Analysis of The 7th law of anxiety.
The 8laws of anxiety hypothesis, known as 'The Revelation Of The 8laws', is a truly revolutionary new level of understanding of the issue of anxiety and the true nature of the political, that renders anxiety tangible for the first time in the history of human-kind.
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Finance, like religion..............
When viewed objectively, from the perspective of function and behavior, we can see how religion replicates the function of anxiety, in the macro tense, as it were. What history has show the world, are the true colors of these groups, and by implication, how finance behaves as well.
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NZ media. Politics as usual.
The media have the ultimate 8laws field day because of how everyone has the philosophy to anxiety. Under the 8laws of anxiety jurisdiction, it is entirely politically correct to attack another at the personal level. Respect of this is the formative act of initiating a conflict.
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Gareth Morgans 'unexpected journey'.
Go Gareth!! Nice Press conference. I have an opinion regarding the question of why there has been no solutions forthcoming considering all the dialog over the years and decades. Indeed - why the stagnation. The map of this rabbit hole is in my you-tube video, 'Theory of relativity2.0'.
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Growth scams and soundbite limitations.
As per the frequency of evidences supporting the hypothesis of the 8laws of anxiety revelation, there's so much everyday interaction that highlight the validity of the contention that there is a fundamental corruption of the intellect. Please remember that this formative anomaly is completely naturally occurring and that the 8laws revelation has been issued primarily as an amnesty, and in the second instance, a means to quantify how a person can right themselves.
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REVOT8 8. Analysis of The 8th law of anxiety.
The 8laws of anxiety hypothesis, known as 'The Revelation Of The 8laws', is a truly revolutionary new level of understanding of the issue of anxiety and the true nature of the political, that renders anxiety tangible for the first time in the history of human-kind.
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Societies issues are happening under their watch!
It is now known that all strata of society have the same beliefs and values, under the same flag of the one belief to rule them all - that anxiety is virtuous. This of course is not virtuous, or wise, or prudent, or intelligent. Anxiety doesn't want these as the result of the energies expended - Anxiety only wants more anxiety.
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REVOT8 6. Analysis of The 6th law of anxiety.
The 8laws of anxiety hypothesis, known as 'The Revelation Of The 8laws', is a truly revolutionary new level of understanding of the issue of anxiety and the true nature of the political, that renders anxiety tangible for the first time in the history of human-kind.
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The known unknown and the unknown known ft Saudi arabia
The known unknown (consciousness) and the unknown known (anxiety) The purpose of the message is to reverse the relationship between courage and anxiety. Wouldn't it be amazing if the only thing kids ever did is fun and learning to go on to working as young adults. But that's not what happens while the world believes that anxiety is wisdom. According to the lie of anxiety, consciousness doesn't exist and because of this, wisdom doesn't exist either.
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