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Cast a giant shadow
Isn't that the truth, blagged it and just pretended they knew it all and know nothing.
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David icke on terry wogan
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promissory note to self
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marxism doesn't work
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The birth certificate and what it is.
I got permission from Dave Witcher for a similar video to upload, so this is the latest one I uploaded. Bonded paper is legally DEAD and worth millions to the system, and that is all illusion as no money ever existed in the first place.
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david icke on communism
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family guy tell the truth
Taken from the latest family guy series 11 episode 3, the big C Their telling the truth!!
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taken 2 beardy scene
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Santos Bonacci on Activating the Chakras
Just when you thought life gets weird.
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Watch Liberal Protester Threatens To RAPE Reporter
https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/battery Battery At common law, an intentional unpermitted act causing harmful or offensive contact with the "person" of another. Battery is concerned with the right to have one's body left alone by others. And this is why we have laws to protect us from people that believe they can touch and rape at will, why these liberals want to destroy the common law so they can commit crimes of rape and hurt human beings with no come back. And look at the other women liberals run away and lie. They are some messed up folk who clearly are want a world under Lucifer. This is how law works and why the creators have no where to go, and why we are clearly seeing what is being hidden.
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The vatican owns you.
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Uk column,John hurst and council TAX
What a brave man.
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money is an illusion
Bill of exchange ACT 1882. Non-acceptance. When a bill is duly presented for acceptance and is not accepted within the customary time, the person presenting it must treat it as dishonoured by non-acceptance. If he do not, the holder shall lose his right of recourse against the drawer and indorsers.
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just conspiracy nothing to worry about
From the documentary Europa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv7s1_GSDiw&t=2408s The Jews? lol The zioinst's control the Jews as the zionist's are NOT JEWS.
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The omen, Rise from the eternal sea
Eternal sea of maritime law, legal law; corporation. The movies love to tell us what is happening, all fiction all made up, we think it's all real. lol
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psychologist  (psychos)
Yeah right, psychologists are right. They must of got there degrees for not reading a david icke book. lol
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The thought police are joining you
From the 1984 film. https://www.answers.com/Q/What_is_pornosec_in_1984_book Describe the parson family in the book 1984? The Parsons family is an example of a typical family under Inner Party rule. the children worship the Party, and are conditioned from a young age to be spies for the Thought Police. Many children have been known to turn in parents and family friends for thinking, acting, or speaking against Big Brother. Most parents live in fear of their own children and they often times make adults feel uneasy. During the dark times of the Inner Party rule, this was the average family dynamic. Happening now? YES!!!
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This Planet is hell
Another movie telling it how it is. "Planet EARTH IS HELL"
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Family guy, you've been lucified
Family guy upto their tricks again? Been lucified, suggesting the popes god is lucifer?
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the incidental
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worth more dead than alive
Arlington road, we are worth more dead than alive because the system is DEAD as we are all corpses/corporate. Bank of England is a corporation and can print money for the zombie corporate humans to play with.
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You're a dick mate
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wonder years mentions cancer scare
I hate them telling us what we have to look forward too.
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then you are lost
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money I.O.U's
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Father of the bride 2 322
oh looky, another 322.
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Not a Federal reserve bank
from the film, Charlie Varrick. Quite interesting FBI cant get involved in a bank robbery.
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lucifer Saul Alinsky
The progressive rule book. Let those who want to be deceived be deceived.
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I want a motorbike
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If you don't like it
such passion lol
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Zionism popular amoung the left
Rothschilds xionism that has ruled the jews, so who do the Government work for and who is to blame for the immigration? ZIONISM!!! All planned!!! Nothing happens by accident.
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Love finding films that tell the truth, this is another example of TRUTH.
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communist government
Yeap communists are being led right up the garden path and assisting in the police state Thanks guys. Rothschild zionist created communism/capitalism.
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