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Intro to Graph Databases Episode #1 - Evolution of DBs
Ryan Boyd, Neo4j Head of Developer Relations NA, introduces Graph Databases in this series of short videos. This first episode talks about the evolution of databases and how Graph Databases fit in the bigger picture. This video series is a Neo4j tutorial for beginners.
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Intro to Graph Databases Episode #3 - Property Graph Model
This video series is a Neo4j tutorial for beginners. This episode of the Intro to Graph Databases Series discusses the property graph model used by Neo4j -- how you should think about nodes, relationships, properties and labels. It also touches upon Cypher for creating data, and how to represent bi-directional relationships.
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Better Data, Better Decisions – 1000x Faster with Neo4j.
Use Neo4j, a graph database, to focus on your data relationships so you can make your data-driven decisions thousands of times faster. Better Data. Better Decisions. Improve your edge by using a next generation graph database and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Learn more at http://neo4j.com/use-cases.
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Quickly create example graph data for Neo4j using Arrows
The arrows tool is a quick, interactive javascript graph editor, that allows you to create a graph by click and drag. You then can export that graph to SVG, PNG or Neo4j's Cypher to import it into your database. Arrows: http://www.apcjones.com/arrows/
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Intro to Graph Databases Episode #2 - Properties of Graph DBs & Use Cases
This video series is a Neo4j tutorial for beginners. This second episode of the Intro to Graph Databases Series covers the unique properties of graph databases and the use cases they enable. Graph Databases are an antibiotic for many uses cases -- enabling business processes that were once impossible to be performed in real-time, with intuitiveness, speed an agility! We discuss real-time recommendations, master data management, fraud detection, graph-based search, network & IT operations, and identity & access management.
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Intro to Graph Databases Episode #4 - (RDBMS+SQL) to (Graphs+Cypher)
This video series is a Neo4j tutorial for beginners. This episode of the Intro to Graph Databases Series briefly discusses the 3 key steps to getting started using Neo4j, deployment architectural options / polyglot persistence, and then reviews how to move a RDBMS to a Graph Database.
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Use Cases for Neo4j: Fraud Detection
One common use case for graph databases and Neo4j is fraud detection. Neo4j is used to detect fraud across a variety of industries, including banking, gaming, and insurance. In this video, we talk about some basics of fraud detection and show a GraphGist of how Neo4j Cypher queries can be used to detect first-party fraud. The Bank Fraud Detection GraphGist, created by Kenny Bastani,is here: http://goo.gl/dhJGEH
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Intro to Graph Databases
Will Lyon, Developer Relations Engineer:A basic overview of graph databases and Neo4j. He covers the property graph model, Cypher, common use cases and more. This webinar includes a demo of Neo4j using congressional data as an example.
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Getting Started Analyzing Panama Papers in Neo4j - Mac
Ryan Boyd, of the Neo4j Developer Relations team, shows how you can download the Panama Papers dataset and Neo4j from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICJ). Their distribution of Neo4j includes an interactive tutorial guiding you through the data and providing an introduction to the Cypher query language.
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Hands On With The GRANDstack Starter Project
In this video, we’ll be building and deploying a full stack application using the GRANDstack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j Database). Specifically, we’ll be using the GRANDstack starter project which is a template that allows us to quickly spin up a GRANDstack app. https://grandstack.io
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Installing Neo4j 2.3 on Mac OS X
This video shows you how to install the Neo4j graph database version 2.3 on Mac OS X. It also provides a brief overview of the Movie Graph in the Neo4j Browser. and shows you how to find the shortestPath() between Kevin Bacon and Meg Ryan.
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Neo4j 3.2 Launch
Jeff Morris, Director of Product Marketing, Neo4j:We are proud to announce the release of Neo4j 3.2. This version marks an expansion in global scale, performance and refinement. It signals that the next generation of graph-powered internet applications, generating personalized content or finding coordinated malfeasance, will span the globe. This webinar detailing the themes behind Neo4j version 3.2, including: enterprise scale for global internet applications, while refining its enterprise governance capabilities and investing in performance improvements up and down the native graph stack.
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Screencast: Graph Visualization With Neo4j Using Neovis.js
In this screencast, we explore how to create graph visualizations using a JavaScript library called Neovis.js. We show how to use the results of graph algorithms like PageRank and community detection in our visualization. Code: https://github.com/neo4j-contrib/neovis.js
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Intro to Neo4j
Ryan Boyd, Developer Relations, Neo4j:In this introduction to Neo4j and Graph Databases, we discuss the primary use cases for Graph Databases and explore the properties of Neo4j that make those use cases possible. We'll cover the high-level steps of modeling, importing, and querying your data using Cypher and give you an overview of the transition from RDBMS to Graph.
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How the ICIJ Used Neo4j to Unravel the Panama Papers - Mar Cabra
How the ICIJ used open source technologies such as Neo4j, Apache Tika, Apache Solr and more to Unravel the Panama Papers. Involving 2.6 TB of data and 11.5 million documents, the Panama Papers was the biggest leak and the largest cross-border investigation in journalism history. This massive trove of documents exposed like never before how the offshore economy works. Learn how graph databases were key to explore who were the main names connected to companies in tax havens, including 140 politicians in more than 50 countries.
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Neo4j Bloom for Visualization - Pre-release Demo of Beer Graph
Rik Van Bruggen, VP at Neo4j, introduces you to Neo4j Bloom - a pre-release app to do graph visualization for discovery, navigation and editing. His demo uses the beer graph, showing natural language searching, additive exploration, full-text search, custom search phrases + perspectives, and more.
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Using LOAD CSV in the Real World
Nicole White, Data Scientist for Neo4j, demonstrates the process of downloading a raw .csv file from the Internet and importing it into Neo4j. This process includes cleaning the .csv file, visualizing a data model, and writing the Cypher query that will import the data. This presentation is meant to make Neo4j users aware of common obstacles when dealing with real-world data in .csv format, along with best practices when using LOAD CSV. Nicole grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and then spent four years at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she got a degree in economics with a minor in mathematics. She then went to the University of Texas at Austin where she got her masters degree in analytics, and it was during this time that she found Neo4j and began exploring its capabilities. When she's not graphing all the things, she spends her time playing card games and board games.
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Introducing the Neo4j Graph Platform & Demo — Emil Eifrem, CEO, Neo4j
This is a keynote segment from the GraphConnect NYC 2017 conference. Full keynote here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCnR6wRo8x4 In this segment, * CEO Emil Eifrem introduces the Neo4j Graph Platform vision * Director of Developer Relations Ryan Boyd demonstrates the platform with an anti-money laundering (AML) use case.
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3 minutes on Installing and Getting Started using Neo4j 3.0 on MS Windows
In this short screencast, Ryan Boyd shows you how to download and get started using Neo4j's built-in tutorials in 3 minutes on Microsoft Windows. Follow along and become a graphista in no time!!
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Tips and Tricks for Graph Data Modeling
As the only NoSQL database category that prioritizes relationships, graph databases provide all the flexibility of a NoSQL database with optimized performance for connected data. Ian Robinson, Lead Engineer for Neo4j, walks you through how to model your data as a graph. He demonstrates how to avoid pitfalls early on and how to optimize your model for answering questions as Cypher queries.
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Debunking some RDF-vs-Property Graph Alternative Facts — Dr. Jesús Barrasa, Neo4j
Slides for this talk: https://www.slideshare.net/neo4j/graphconnect-europe-2017-debunking-some-rdf-vs-property-graph-alternative-facts-neo4j Is RDF for unstructured data while property graphs are for highly structured data? Will the RDF model discover new knowledge for me? Is RDF AI? Does RDF exclusively live in triple stores? All of these are statements have been published by analysts and vendors, building a wall of misconceptions between the two worlds that are not helpful for your new graph project. In this talk, we will dig deeper into the similarities and differences between the two main approaches to modelling graph data, focusing on debunking some of the ‘alternative facts’ built over the years. Dr. Jesús Barrasa, Neo4j
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Highlights of Neo4j 3.4 Release
Ryan Boyd from the Neo4j Developer Relations team reviews the latest features in Neo4j 3.4, including multi-clustering, property-based security controls, rolling upgrades and other ops/admin and performance improvements.
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Fraud Detection in Real Time with Graphs
Gorka Sadowski, a CISSP from the akalak cybersecurity consulting firm and Philip Rathle, VP of Product for Neo4j, talk about handling real-time fraud detection with graphs. They discuss retail banking + first-party fraud, automobile insurance fraud and online payment ecommerce fraud.
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Natural Language Processing with Graphs
William Lyon, Developer Relations Enginner, Neo4j:During this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of graph databases, followed by a survey of the role for graph databases in natural language processing tasks, including: modeling text as a graph, mining word associations from a text corpus using a graph data model, and mining opinions from a corpus of product reviews. We'll conclude with a demonstration of how graphs can enable content recommendation based on keyword extraction.
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Intro to Graph Databases Episode #5 - Cypher, the Graph Query Language
This video series is a Neo4j tutorial for beginners. This episode of the Intro to Graph Databases Series introduces the viewer to the evolution of developer surfaces for Neo4j, reviews the Property Graph model and then dives into creating, querying and updating data in the graph. It also touches upon creating uniqueness constraints and the differences between CREATE and MERGE.
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Intro to Neo4j
William Lyon, Developer Relations, Neo4j:This webinar will provide an introduction to Neo4j and Graph Databases. We'll discuss the primary use cases for Graph Databases and the properties of Neo4j which make those use cases possible. We'll then cover the high-level steps of modeling, importing, and querying your data using Cypher. We'll also touch on RDBMS to Graph.
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Using The Neo4j-GraphQL Plugin With Neo4j Desktop
Learn how to build a GraphQL service backed by Neo4j using the Neo4j-GraphQL plugin, available in Neo4j Desktop. See blog post here: https://blog.grandstack.io/using-the-neo4j-graphql-plugin-in-neo4j-desktop-c8a60aa014d9 Learn more at https://neo4j.com/developer/graphql/
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How Semantic is Your Graph?
There is a wall that separates the Graph Databases and the RDF & Semantics worlds. A significant portion of the bricks in this wall are made of misconceptions and assumptions that need to be clarified, and the reality is that analysts and vendors have historically failed to help in this task. JESÚS BARRASA PHD, NEO4J FIELD ENGINEER
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Preventing Fraud with Neo4j - 5 min Exec Overview
Navneet Mathur discusses how Global 1000 companies are using Neo4j to detect and prevent fraud in real-time using connected graph analysis. This is a short 5 min overview. For an hour-long webinar, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSZHFlBDIfM
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Neo4j Desktop ETL 1.2 Demo
Demonstrating how to load a full MySQL database into Neo4j using the Neo4j ETL Application. Turns tables into nodes and foreign keys and join-tables into relationships. It also supports any other (relational) database with a JDBC driver.
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Intro to Cypher
William Lyon, Developer Relations, Neo4j:During this developer-focused webinar, you'll learn how to use the Cypher graph query language. Cypher, a query language designed specifically for graphs, allows for expressing complex graph patterns using simple ASCII art-like notation and offers a simple but expressive approach for working with graph data. During this webinar you'll learn: -Basic Cypher syntax -How to construct graph patterns using Cypher -Querying existing data -Data import with Cypher -Using aggregations such as statistical functions -Extending the power of Cypher using procedures and functions
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Neo4j Bloom: Investigating Patterns in Financial Transactions
This screencast is of Neo4j Bloom, the pre-release graph visualization tool for discovery, navigation and editing. Rik Van Bruggen, VP at Neo4j, demos how Bloom can be used to discover and investigate potential fraud in financial transactions.
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Data Science and Recommendations - Nicole White
Data Science and Recommendations: Neo4j makes recommendations easy: the property graph model is ideal for traversing nodes and relationships in real time, effortlessly exposing the connections among your data. Recommendations can range from simple to complex; they can be a few lines of Cypher or incorporate advanced machine learning algorithms. In this talk, learn how to incorporate recommendations across this range into your application.
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Installing Neo4j 2.3 on Windows
This video shows you how to install the Neo4j graph database version 2.3 on Microsoft Windows. It also provides a brief overview of the Movie Graph in the Neo4j Browser. and shows you how to find the shortestPath() between Kevin Bacon and Meg Ryan.
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Neo4j Top Use Cases
Jonny Cheetham, Sales Director: Graph databases are a rising tide in the world of big data insights, and the enterprises that tap into their power realize significant competitive advantages. So how might your enterprise leverage graph databases to generate competitive insights and derive significant business value from your connected data? This webinar will show you the top five most impactful and profitable use cases of graph databases.
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Migrating from MySQL to Neo4j
Nicole White, Data Scientist at Neo4j, walks through migrating from an RDBMS solution to a graph. She'll discuss modeling the data, importing the data, and querying the data.
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How to Design Retail Recommendation Engines with Neo4j
Alessandro Svensson, Solutions Marketing Manager and Will Lyon, Developer Relations, Neo4j:In this webinar we will cover the fundamentals when building recommendation engines with Neo4j, go over typical architectures, do a demonstration of Neo4j in action, and go over some of our top use cases in retail recommendations, for companies such as Walmart, Adidas, eBay, and more.
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Neo4j's Engineering Evolution by Chief Scientist Dr. Jim Webber
Dr. Jim Webber, Neo4j's Chief Scientist, tells the story of Neo4j's Evolution from a layer on top of Postgres to a Native Graph Database, with a brief side journey exploring a different NoSQL backend. This is a must-watch video!
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Taming text with Neo4j: The Graphaware NLP Framework
A great part of the world’s knowledge is stored using text in natural language, but using it in an effective way is still a major challenge. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques provide the basis for harnessing this huge amount of data and converting it into a useful source of knowledge for further processing. Alessandro Negro, Chief Scientist, GraphAware
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How Neo4j was Used to Analyze the Panama Papers Dataset – Interview with Mar Cabra of the ICIJ
Bryce Merkl Sasaki interviews Mar Cabra, the Editor of the Data & Research Unit at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), during GraphConnect Europe 2016. In April 2016, the ICIJ used the Neo4j graph database and the graph visualization tool Linkurious to coordinate the cross-border investigation of a 2.6-TB leaked dataset from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca dubbed "the Panama Papers." The investigation involved over 370 reporters from over 100 media organization in 76 countries and required a number of big data open source tools in order to process and analyze the connections in 11.5 million documents of the dataset. Mar discusses which tools and approaches her 3-developer team took in order to make this dataset accessible and digestible to an array of non-technical reports and seasoned data journalists alike. Watch this video to see Mar's complete presentation "How the ICIJ Used Neo4j to Unravel the Panama Papers": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S20XMQyvANY
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How NASA Finds Critical Data Through a Knowledge Graph
Ask any project manager and they will tell you the importance of reviewing lessons learned prior to starting a new project. The lesson learned databases are filled with nuggets of valuable information to help project teams increase the likelihood of project success. DAVID MEZA, CHIEF KNOWLEDGE ARCHITECT, NASA
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Introduction to Neo4j Procedures & Functions and the APOC Utility Library (#1)
Neo4j 3.0 not only introduced a new binary protocol called Bolt, but also the ability to extend the database with user defined procedures. You get a quick glimpse on how you could create your own using any JVM language. But we already have you covered. The APOC library comes with all kinds of procedures and functions that make your life as a Neo4j developer easier. Stay tuned for the next video on installation. #Neo4j #APOC #Cypher
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Best of Both Worlds: Neo4j and Spark
Streaming data processing that takes data from many sources, analyses it and trains models of understanding is used in more and more places. The popularity of frameworks like Apache Spark and Flink throughout the industry demonstrates that. MICHAEL HUNGER, HEAD OF EMEA DEVELOPER RELATIONS
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Building A GraphQL Service Backed By Neo4j
Will Lyon, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j
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Working With a Real-World Dataset in Neo4j - Import and Modeling
William Lyon, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j:This webinar will cover how to work with a real world dataset in Neo4j, with a focus on how to build a graph from an existing dataset (in this case a series of JSON files). We will explore how to performantly import the data into Neo4j - both in the case of an initial import and scaling writes for your graph application. We will demonstrate different approaches for data import (neo4j-import, LOAD CSV, and using the official Neo4j drivers), and discuss when it makes to use each import technique. If you've ever asked these questions, then this webinar is for you! - How do I design a property graph model for my domain? - How do I use the official Neo4j drivers? - How can I deal with concurrent writes to Neo4j? - How can I import JSON into Neo4j?
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Intro to Cypher
Mark Needham, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j:In this webinar we'll explore a data set using Neo4j and Cypher and compare the approach we might take with a relational database and SQL.
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Data Structures and Algorithms: Linked Lists, Trees, Hash Maps
Dr Jim Webber, Neo4j Chief Scientist, reviews the fundamentals of computer science from university apply to building databases. What are the cheapest data structures for reading? For insertion with limited write contention? For random access? As an amateur arborist, Jim also discusses reading from and writing to trees. In the next part of this short video, Jim talks about the choice of data structures used for implementing Neo4j. An important property of Neo4j is what we call “index-free adjacency” — Graph traversals in Neo4j are (Pointer Size) * (Offset), which is an O(1) implementation. Of course, we pick and choose other data structures and algorithms for high performance graph storage. We have trees, for example, to implement indexes to find the starting points for graph traversal very affordably. We use lists in Neo4j for scenarios with modest amounts of data to enable high write performance — property chains, as an example.
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Neo4j Connects Healthcare using Open Data
No one would argue that Healthcare is among one of the most complicated industries in the United States. While there are many public datasets can be found on FDA, CMS website, it is hard to see the general picture of how does each stakeholder, such as providers, drug manufacturers, lobbying systems, and governors link to each other. Yaqi Shi, MS candidate of Health Informatics, University of SF
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Knowledge Graphs: The Path to Enterprise — Michael Moore and AI Omar Azhar, EY
Michael Moore, Ph.D. — Executive Director, EY Performance Improvement Advisory, Enterprise Knowledge Graphs + AI Lead, EY and Omar Azhar, M.S. — Manager, EY Financial Services Organization Advisory, AI Strategy and Advanced Analytics COE, EY
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Using Neo4j and Machine Learning to Create a Decision Engine — Tim Ward, CluedIn
Slides for this talk: https://www.slideshare.net/neo4j/graphconnect-europe-2017-using-neo4j-and-machine-learning-to-create-a-decision-engine-cluedin There is no doubt that machine learning and graphs go hand in hand — and Neo4j makes it possible to take machine learning to the next level. In this presentation, we'll share how CluedIn built Neo4j into a decision engine that turns company data into actionable insights. By using machine learning techniques and the graph as a decision tree, we were able to achieve amazing precision in merging and identifying insights in the enterprise. With practical demos and techniques, viewers will leave this presentation with new and effective ways of working with Neo4j. Tim Ward, CluedIn
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