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Oracle Data Miner 4.0/SQL Developer 4.0 Ext. - New Features
Oracle Data Miner 4.0 New Features demo and presentation
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Knowledge Discovery and Datamining | University of East Anglia (UEA)
The School of Computing Sciences is one of the largest and most experienced computing schools in the UK. We offer excellent teaching, research, facilities and exciting course modules, creating a dynamic programme targeted at one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the job market. Our research is highly acclaimed, with 95% of our work rated as world-leading, internationally excellent or recognised in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008). http://www.uea.ac.uk/cmp
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Efficient Algorithms for mining high utility itemsets from transactional databases
Final year project based on data mining
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More Data Mining with Weka (1.6: Working with big data)
More Data Mining with Weka: online course from the University of Waikato Class 1 - Lesson 6: Working with big data http://weka.waikato.ac.nz/ Slides (PDF): http://goo.gl/Le602g https://twitter.com/WekaMOOC http://wekamooc.blogspot.co.nz/ Department of Computer Science University of Waikato New Zealand http://cs.waikato.ac.nz/
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Partner Webcast Part 2 -- Oracle Real-Time Decisions (RTD) - 03 Apr 2014
ECEMEA Partner Hub http://blogs.oracle.com/imc Businesses today must have a fast, focused response when something unexpected happens, or risk losing customers and revenue. Top performers know how hard it can be to analyze information that is vast, varied, and often outside the warehouse. Knowing more about your business—and knowing it faster than others—is the best way to power innovation and gain an edge on your competition. Oracle Real-Time Decisions (RTD) combines both rules and predictive analytics to power adaptive solutions for real-time enterprise decision management. It enables real-time intelligence to be instilled into any type of business process or customer interaction while it happens. A high-performance transactional server delivers real-time decisions and recommendations. This server automatically renders decisions within a business process and reveals insights, creating actionable intelligence from data flowing through the process in real time. Part 1: Oracle Endeca Information Discovery http://youtu.be/HMvNlnN5Cp4 [Read More @ https://blogs.oracle.com/imc/entry/partner_webcast_oracle_endeca_information]
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Data mining within Experian
Bas de Jong Marcus Veen VU Data Mining course 2014 - created at http://goanimate.com/
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Import Data and Analyze with Python
Python programming language allows sophisticated data analysis and visualization. This tutorial is a basic step-by-step introduction on how to import a text file (CSV), perform simple data analysis, export the results as a text file, and generate a trend. See https://youtu.be/pQv6zMlYJ0A for updated video for Python 3.
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data analysis
data analysis - oracle 10g , sql server 2008
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02 Le Data Mart
Qu'est-ce qu'un entrepôt de données, l'étape préliminaire à la création de cubes avec SQL Server Analysis Services
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Database Management System Spatial db project
Developed Java-based software(Netbeans IDE) to detect buildings on fire on the University of Southern California campus and also run execute code for detecting buildings on fire, their nearest firehydrants and the range of fire spread.
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Data Awareness & DBA Best Practices - Part 2
Data Awareness & DBA Best practices program to Degree and Diploma students at Stamford College in Malaysia.
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SQL Decryptor
Decrypt the Encrypted SQL Database Script -- http://www.sqlrecoverysoftware.net/sql-server-database-decrypt/ SQL Decryptor -- A Matchless Solution For SQL Users! SQL Decryptor is capable of extracting data from data files of SQL Server even if they are encrypted. Users who demand SQL database exported in decrypted manner can avail this tool and easily fetch the SQL database even if they lack the Dedicated Admin Connections. Tool incorporates foundation of complex algorithms and yet has a simple interface giving users a much friendly environment to exhibit necessary operations. What Is Data Encryption? Encryption is provided for security so that this data is saved with more security. This can be done either by providing a code inside the data or a key which manipulates data in such a way that it cannot be processed without decoding or decrypting. And for decoding, key is required. This is meant for security purpose, but sometimes users face issues when that particular key is misplaced or user wants to access this encrypted data urgently and do not have necessary Dedicated Admin Connections. In that situation our SQL Decryptor can be a great help as it provides a platform where user can access this encrypted SQL data also. Key Features of Software Tool: Login Modes: Tool provides two log-in modes, one is "Windows Authenticated" and other is "SQL Server Authenticated". When user is choosing second option he has to give necessary credentials i.e. username and password associated with SQL Server. Preview SQL Database: Once your SQL database to get decrypted is loaded, tool shows all the details within script of stored procedures, functions, views, triggers which were initially encrypted and now have been decrypted. Dual Export Options: User has two options of exporting SQL encrypted data. One is to export data without decrypting it i.e. "With Encryption", and other is to export SQL data after decrypting it "Without Encryption". SQL Decryptor provides both options and user can choose amongst these as per his requirements.
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The Business Doctor - Database Segmentation
Jeff Miles, The Business Doctor, is a professional business coach based in Perth WA and Sydney NSW. Jeff is known for his results! Just ask his clients. With 30 years of high-level experience in management, profitability, operations, mergers, acquisitions, marketing and business planning, he can find the solutions your business needs. Jeff trains business owners how to stay focused and achieve their goals by giving them essential skills. He will help you to build a clear vision for the future, develop invaluable networking skills, master time management and reduce stress, improve operations and communications, and get the business you've always wanted. In addition to addressing business issues and systems, Jeff takes into account your personal desires, needs and goals. This leads to professional growth and development that gives you the tools to make better and more informed decisions. Jeff Miles: www.thebusinessdoctor.com.au View my client testimonials: www.thebusinessdoctor.com.au/testimonial­s Events Page: www.thebusinessdoctor.com.au/event Perth Mechanic Coach: www.mechaniccoach.com.au Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BizDoctorJeffMiles Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/JeffMilesTBD For business inquiries: [email protected]
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LatLonGO®/HERE Redlining
LatLonGO, SAP Mobility, Redlining,GIS,SAP,Integration,Mobile GIS,Mobility,Android app,Windows 8 app,Utilities,Telco,Emergency Services,Truck Roll Reduction,SAP Mobility Certification,Smallworld GIS,ESRI,ArcGIS,spatialNET,Open Spatial,Oracle Spatial,ERP,DMS,OMS,CIS,Planned Outage,Unplanned Outage,ERP Work Order,Notification,Equipment,Functional Location,Operations,Dynamic Data Feeds,GeoRSS,Spatial Enterprise,ruggedized,MIL-STD-810 certified,tablet case,NetWeaver Gateway,SAP Plant Maintenance,SAP ERP (Software),Android (Software),SAP AG (Organization)
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Extracting intelligence from Big Data
Extracting intelligence from Big Data Ruggero Altair Tacchi, Data Scientist at Quid, Inc. March 27th, 2014 Meetup group: http://www.meetup.com/Big-Data-Visualisation-South-Bay Slides: http://www.meetup.com/Big-Data-Visualisation-South-Bay/pages/Event_Archives/
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Y-telecom Oracle day
Oracle " Y-telecom has made new record by completing full ERP system in 10 months" Y-telecom's project manager explain the project successful story in Oracle day in Movenpick Sanaa 9/4/2014
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An Efficient And Secure Dynamic Auditing Protocol For Data Storage in Cloud computing
In cloud computing, data owners host their data on cloud servers and users (data consumers) can access the data from cloud servers. Due to the data outsourcing, however, this new paradigm of data hosting service also introduces new security challenges, which requires an independent auditing service to check the data integrity in the cloud. Some existing remote integrity checking methods can only serve for static archive data and, thus, cannot be applied to the auditing service since the data in the cloud can be dynamically updated. Thus, an efficient and secure dynamic auditing protocol is desired to convince data owners that the data are correctly stored in the cloud. In this paper, we first design an auditing framework for cloud storage systems and propose an efficient and privacy-preserving auditing protocol. Then, we extend our auditing protocol to support the data dynamic operations, which is efficient and provably secure in the random oracle model.
Views: 446 Vandhana murali
ANITA Lecture - An astronomers introduction to databases and SQL - Paul Hancock
Title: An astronomers introduction to databases and SQL Speaker: Paul Hancock, Curtin University (Paul.Hancock AT Curtin.edu.au) Date: 2pm (AEST) Monday 28th April 2014 Abstract: In the era of big data, the ways in which we store and access data are changing. Despite being at the forefront of big data creation, astronomers are generally way behind on methods to store and access large data sets. The sloan digital sky survey (SDSS) was one of the first truly large data sets encountered in astronomy, and one of the first to embrace new storage and access technologies. The SDSS data are too large and complex to ship en mass, or to process on most users' computers. The solution was to serve the data via a web interface that would allow users to access and download only the subset of data that is relevant to their study. To get the most out of the SDSS data, without incurring large download costs, a user must be proficient in the language of databases -- SQL. As more and more surveys and simulations store their data in databases, astronomers will need to become more familiar with the language of databases in order to make best use of both their data and time. In this talk I will introduce the concept of a database, motivate your need for database technology both on the large and small scale, and give an introduction to SQL. Additional Material: Talk slides are available for download at http://goo.gl/nLEBRW.
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Accelerating Insights into Action: Better Decisions from Big Data
This forum featured Paul Sonderegger, former Forrester analyst and Big Data strategist from Oracle, and real-world practitioners, Mike Burkes and Rick Detwiler from Toyota Motor Sales, USA, in a discussion about how to make big data pay off by augmenting traditional structured data and relational methods to explore, experiment and innovate with new data, tools and techniques. Tim Stanley of Center for Digital Transformation moderated.
Hong Kong IoT Conference 2014 - Oracle "Why Big Data Matters for Production Innovation?"
Mr. Peter Yu, Senior Director of Technology Sales Consulting Oracle Asia Pacific Big data continues to be the topic of much discussion and hype. In this session, the speaker will illustrate to the how enterprises are gleaning big data information from nontraditional sources such as blogs, social media, email, sensors, photographs, video footage, etc., typically unstructured and voluminous giving enterprises deeper insight into their business.
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Printing your eEdge Database Made Easy
Views: 534 Calvin Mergen
Hadoop Tutorial: Incrementally Load Data from Relational Sources
http://www.datameer.com Learn step-by-step how to set up an incremental load of relational data into Datameer and HDFS so you only add fresh data instead of reloading entire datasets any time you want to run a repeat analysis.
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BI: Shopping basket analysis
BI: Shopping basket analysis
Views: 1422 IntroToIS BYU
Market Basket Analysis Demo
Convenience stores are more profitable if they have the resources to complete market basket analysis. Watch this 3 minute video on how easy it is with the right tool.
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There are several application to track our lost mobile phones,but there are no applications to retrieve our data from the lost device before someone misuses it . To overcome this,we have developed a platform specific application that retrieves all our document to our mail.
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Entity Linking in Advertisements
This is demonstration of our Entity Linking Project where we extract entities from a given Text(Advertisement) and tag it to a corresponding Wikipedia page or entity. Slides : http://www.slideshare.net/debarshidutta/entity-linking-in-advertisement
Views: 150 Dilip Vamsi Moturi
Choosing Text Enrichment Options in Endeca Integrator ETL
Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Integrator ETL 3.1 provides several options for enhancing unstructured text data. This video reviews the available options and provides recommendations about using each.
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Clustering Databases (Sistem Terdistribusi)
Clustering Databases Server-Client
Views: 841 Arief Munandar
Michael Masciandaro, "How to Drive BI Adoption: Tips and Techniques"
Michael Masciandaro, Business Intelligence Director, Dow Presentation from the 2014 Great Lakes Business Intelligence & Big Data Summit Topic: How to Drive BI Adoption: Tips and Techniques Building a data warehouse and deploying BI tools is time consuming and difficult, but getting business people to use the tools and information is a monumental challenge. In this session, BI veteran Mike Masciandaro describes the organizational, technical, and marketing strategies that Dow Chemical uses to drive BI adoption to extremely high levels. You'll hear about the tips and techniques that enables Dow Chemical to grow its population of 5,000 unique users a month. http://www.greatlakesbisummit.com/ March 13, 2014 Marriott Hotel Troy, MI About WIT WIT Inc., is a Business Intelligence ("BI") consulting firm, headquartered in Troy, Michigan. Founded in 1996, WIT's mission is to help its customers "Harness the Power of BI" through elite software and professional services solutions. WIT specializes in traditional data warehouse, reporting and dashboard development projects, aligned with more contemporary subject areas like Big Data, Data Discovery, Predictive Analytics, and Unstructured Data. Clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across all major industries. For more information, please visit www.witinc.com.
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Why Integrating Spatial Analysis with Major BI Platforms is Essential
Few business intelligence (BI) platforms offer advanced geospatial functionality, despite the fact that 80% of business data contains actionable location information that could improve processes, performance, and competitive advantage.  Analysts interacting with their organization's chosen BI systems routinely lack the ability to leverage location intelligence to enable greater market insights and steer business strategies. But, having already invested hundreds of billions of dollars in BI software and an incalculable amount in the people who use those tools every day, organizations understandably refuse to rip out their legacy systems, even for the latest and greatest forklift upgrade. Moreover, as competitive pressures and emerging opportunities spur analysts to constantly seek new ways to increase revenues from existing customers while also spotting new market segments, many companies have attempted to fill this gap by adopting a multi-platform BI software environment.  This webinar recording explores: • Challenges that must be overcome in such integration • How companies are meeting those challenges • New applications, capabilities and business benefits they believe will result from their efforts
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Oracle Forms - Five Pillars of Performance
Oracle Forms is here to stay. Love them, hate them or evolve them -- Forms applications are key to your business. As more and more companies upgrade to 11g, they are faced with the additional challenge of improving system performance and stability of their Forms systems. This webinar will help you learn how you can: •Maximize both actual and perceived performance •Identify bottlenecks •Optimize server resource requirements •Minimize network round trips •Quickly identify and resolve performance issues
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student analytics
-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/ . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
Views: 26 Rohan Pandhram
Reverb Data Retrieval Tutorial
This video covers Downloading, Ordering and Requesting Services using the Reverb web client for ECHO. Look at the Reverb Search Tutorial for a more basic introduction to Reverb
Views: 2806 Katie Baynes
The Predictive Business - Kira Radinsky SalesPredict - Technion lecture
The Predictive Business Lecture by Dr. Kira Radinsky - March 27, 2014 at Technion Computer Engineering Center In our highly data-driven environment, businesses are essentially becoming semi-autonomous agents, constantly competing for resources, customers and talent. How can they adapt and remain competitive in an ever-changing market? What techniques could leverage real-time data to boost their customer acquisition process? How can they learn about their competition, when the competition is learning them? Can the effects of business decisions on the eco-system be anticipated? To answer those questions, I will present machine learning and text mining techniques, that mine data from heterogeneous sources, to predict in such multi-agent temporal environments. Technion alumnus Dr. Radinsky is the CTO and co-founder of SalesPredict, a sales technology company, where she is pioneering artificial intelligence based, predictive analytics solutions that transform the way companies do business.
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LatLonGO®/HERE Technology Benefits
LatLonGO, SAP Mobility, Technology Benefits GIS,SAP,Integration,Mobile GIS,Mobility,Android app,Windows 8 app,Utilities,Telco,Emergency Services,Truck Roll Reduction,SAP Mobility Certification,Smallworld GIS,ESRI,ArcGIS,spatialNET,Open Spatial,Oracle Spatial,ERP,DMS,OMS,CIS,Planned Outage,Unplanned Outage,ERP Work Order,Notification,Equipment,Functional Location,Operations,Dynamic Data Feeds,GeoRSS,Spatial Enterprise,ruggedized,MIL-STD-810 certified,tablet case,NetWeaver Gateway,SAP Plant Maintenance,SAP AG (Organization),SAP ERP (Software),Oracle Database (Software)
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How to view SQL statements in Toad Extension for Eclipse
http://www.Software.Dell.com/Toad-Extension-for-Eclipse Learn how to view SQL statements in Toad Extension for Eclipse, Dell Software's solution for database development.
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SQLSaturday 289 Powershell for the Enterprise
This session was recorded on 04/26/2014 for SQL Saturday #289. It is an intermediate level session describing a method to obtain SQL Job alert information through Powershell into a database. Also demonstrates the use of ISESteroids.
Views: 438 Andrew Nakamura
Big Apple|Big Data: PRSA|PRIME Conference 2014
At the PRSA|PRIME Research Strategic Corporate Communications and Research Conference, connect on the latest in strategic measurement with industry leaders from Walmart, Oracle, CEMEX, PEPCO, Nissan and many more for this premier event in the world's most exciting city. For more information or to sign up, please visit bit.ly/MEASUREUP
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Excel VBA Macros Training Call 8802579388
EXCEL VBA PROGRAMMING ABOUT THE COURSE. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is the language used for writing macros, automating Office applications, and creating custom applications in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. This complete guide shows both IT professionals and novice developers how to master VBA in order to customize the entire Office suite for specific business needs. • Office 2013 is the leading productivity suite, and the VBA language enables customizations of all the Office programs; this complete guide gives both novice and experienced programmers the knowledge they need to make maximum use of VBA for Office • Supported with real-world examples in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access, this Training offers clear, systematic tutorials with both intermediate and advanced content • Covers learning how to work with VBA; recording macros; using loops and functions; using message boxes, input boxes, and dialog boxes; creating effective code; the developer tab; content controls; add-ins; embedded macros; and security TRAINING CONTENT L-1 Computer Programming Fundamental • What is Programming • How can Work Programming in MS office • Problem Solving Method • Algorithm • Flow Chart • Step & Condition • Programming Language stile • Ms Office Architecture L-2 Excel VBA Programming • Fundamental of VBA Programming • Algorithm and Flow Chart for Programming • Problem Solving Method • Excel Macros Recording • Assign Macros on Excel Sheet Objects • Introduction of VBA coding Platform (VBE) • Programming code Concept • Formatting and Excel Command Codes • Variables and Calculation on VBA • Logical Condition (If Else,Or,and,Case,Switch,choose) • Loops (For ,Each, Do While, Until) • VBA Function and Make New Excel Formulas with VBA • User interface with Userform • Create Custom Dialog Box with User Form • Create New Menu Bars with Userform • Other Application Connectivity like Access,PPT, • Outlook,SQL,Inter form,Word,Folder,CP and more • E-Mail Automation • SQL Statements with VBA Programming L-3 MS Access VBA & SQL Statement • MS Access VBA Overview • Forms Events • Form Connect to Table • SQL Select Statement • SQL Insert Statement • All SQL Statement worked in VBA • MS Access to MS Excel Linked • MS Excel Form to MS Access Linked • MS Access to Outlook Connection Key of Our Training Center • Online Training anywhere in World • Free 2 Days Demo Class • Class Recording Facility • Direct Contact your Trainer • All Trainers have Working Experience • Live Data and Example use in Class • Every Weekend Take Live Projects • Free Re-Joining • Get a Help on Office Projects • Missing Class covered at Weekend and Extra time on day Duration 1. Advanced Excel VBA Automation = 45 Hours (This is average duration) Fee 10000/- Mode : One time within 2 days from starting class Regards Sujeet Kumar IPT Delhi Tel - 011-29967604, 8802579388 www.iptindia.com
Computer Applications: Integrated Applications
Using Microsoft Office Suite and the Internet, Professor Yunker builds an integrated appl;ication (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to plan a trip to a foreign city.
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11_Entropy Example part2/2
کەمپینی بە کوردی کردنی زانست لە زانکۆی گەشەپێدانی مرۆیی Data Mining - Classification - Entropy
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Datawarehousing Project Final Presentation
This is the final presentation for the project of IST722 Datawarehouse. Project submitted by - Hrishikesh Deshkar Darsana Joy Nitin Vijay
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Big Data Administrator Training in Bangalore
Big Data & Hadoop Architect Training Dates: April 19 to 23, 2014 at Bangalore http://www.hadooptrainingbangalore.in/ What is Big Data & Why Hadoop? Hadoop Overview & it�s Ecosystem Hadoop Installation, Configuration, Clusterings HDFS � Hadoop Distributed File System Map Reduce Anatomy Developing Map Reduce Programs Advanced Map Reduce Concepts Advanced Map Reduce Algorithms Advanced Tips & Techniques Monitoring & Management of Hadoop Using Hive & Pig ( Advanced ) HBase NoSQL Sqoop / Oozie / Zookeeper / Flume Deploying Hadoop on Cloud Hadoop Best Practices and Use Cases Register now ! +91-9789968765, 044-42645495 www.bigdatatraining.in [email protected]
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Instalacion de instancia SQL
instalación de una nueva instancia, configuración de alias, puertos, y encriptacion de base de datos y autenticacion a través del directorio activo en windows server 2008. elaborado por estudiantes de la Carrera de Licenciatura en Computación de la Universidad Gerardo Barrios

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