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CD4060BE CMOS 14-Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider and Oscillator
Detail: http://tok.hakynda.com/article/detail/41/cd4060be-cmos-presettable-up-down-counter
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How to Use CMOS 4020 - 14 Bit Ripple Binary Counter | Introduction
Hey, In this video we will talk about Another 40xx series IC. This is CD4020, a 14 bit Ripple Counter. know more : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2097825357096434&id=2076416085904028 ✨#Can_we_get_15_LIKES_on_this_Video!#✨ 🛠Components List : 1. NE555 Timer IC 2. CD4020 IC 3. 12 LEDs 4. 4.7uf capacitor 5. 10k Potentiometer 6. Breadboard & Jumpers 7. 5v Power Supply 📁Circuit Diagram : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ozwSRZGEspXBucUaIXHq-SiXrR9q5PMw/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks for Watching. Hope you enjoy the video. Please leave a LIKE if you do. SHARE this Video. For any farther information let me know in the COMMENTS And Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! It really motivate me a lot to make more awesome Projects for you. Thanks for your support!😊 📌 Fb : https://www.facebook.com/electropoint4u Insta : https://www.instagram.com/electropoint4u Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/ElectroPoint4u Music Credits : NCS Track : Valence - Infinite [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds Frequency Track: Rolipso - Jumble, Dawning Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/FreeSongsToUse
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M74HC4060B1 14-stage binary counter/oscillator 14-stage binary counter/oscillator
Detail: http://tok.hakynda.com/article/detail/108/m74hc4060b1-14-stage-binary-counter-oscillator
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CMOS 4020 14-bit Ripple Binary counter
counts down in binary with 11 LEDS
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CD4060 14-Stage Binary Counter IC Working
Check out the full article on CD4060 14-Stage Binary Counter IC: https://components101.com/ics/cd4060-14-stage-binary-counter-ic
digital counter circuit
4026 Johnson Counter let us understand the working of individual pins- 1. Pin 1 or clock pin- It receives clock signals, and at every positive clock, counter increases by one. You can provide clock with the switch, 555 timer or with the help of logic gates. In short high pulse on this input increments the counter. 2. Pin 2 or disable clock (clk inhibit) pin- 4026 counter increases by one by receiving positive clock pulse when inhibit pin is grounded. 3. Pin 3 or enable display (En in) pin- It activates the 7 segment display to display a digit (0 to 9). It should be kept high for enabling the display. Mean output goes high when only when display enable is high. 4. Pin 4 or enable out- It Enables the carry out pin. In our circuit we have left this pin unconnected. 5. Pin 5 or divide by 10 output- It is used to complete one cycle for every 10 clock input cycle and it also used to cascade more IC's. 6.Pin 6, pin7 and Pin9 to pin 13 - These are 7 decoded output from a to g used to illuminates the corresponding segment of 7 segment display to display the digit from 0 to 9. 7. Pin 14 or not 2 output (UNGATED "C" SEGMENT) signals- They are not gated by the Display clock and therefore are available continuously. This feature is a requirement in implementation of certain divider function such a as divide by 60 and divide by 12. 8. Pin 15 or Reset pin- It is used to reset the counter. When it receives high it clears the counter and counting again starts from zero. Reset pin can be made low again to start the counter once again.
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CD4040 12-Stage Ripple Counter
After my success with the CD4017 I've had a look at the CD4040 12-Stage Binary Ripple Counter. Worked well and even managed to demonstrate the High to Low transition on the CP input. See me on Facebook: https://goo.gl/H4u3UB
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Explanation About 12 Stage Ripple Carry Binary Counter CD4040BC
Explanation About 12 Stage Ripple Carry Binary Counter CD4040BC
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4060 binary counter circuit
Simple binary counter using 4060 chip and led bar graph. Sped can be set using one capacitor and one resistor, in this case 300K resistor and 0.1 uF cap. Proteus simulation and schematics is later in video.
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4000 Series Logic ICs : The 4060 Ripple Counter
Playing around with 4000 series logic ICs, this is the CD4060 a Ripple Counter. Parts: CD4060 32.768kHz crystal 2 x 33pf capacitors 330k resistor 2 x 6.4M resistors Red LED 470 ohm resistor It turns out that 'Likes' and 'Shares' actually help the channel so, if you want to, please click the thumbs up or share the video. I don't have a Patreon or a donate thingy, I get by fine. That said, if you are mega rich and fancy donating something I would find useful then feel free to check out my Amazon wishlist (No pressure) - http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/29JZFQUC2NZ8V I put lots of my favourite products and stuff that helps me make video up on this Amazon page - https://www.amazon.com/shop/davidwatts It is one of those affiliate things. If you want to get in contact Twitter is probably the best way @mrdavidjwatts http://www.davidjwatts.com
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Super Stable Oscillator with the CD4060BE
Super Stable Oscillator with the CD4060BE CD4060BE Datasheet: https://goo.gl/zfFfWD CD4040BE Datasheet: https://goo.gl/M1jrkf CD4060 Frequency divider circuit: https://goo.gl/vZdLuF If you are shopping for electronic components, test gear or consumables please consider visiting my Amazon shop @ https://www.amazon.com/shop/learnelectronics. Please check out www.patreon.com/learnelectronics and pledge a dollar if you can. It will go a long way to keeping the channel alive. It costs a bit of money to buy all the items and produce these videos. You help is appriciated. Or....if you'd like to send a one-time donation you can use this link: paypal.me/learnelectronics FAQ: Me: Paul, 49 from USA Education: United States Navy, University of California at San Diego B.S. E.E., University of Pittsburgh M.S. E.E. Experience: United States Navy STS, Bayer Intnl Process Engineer, C.C.A.C AP of EE Current: Retired Health: BAD (Congestive Heart Failure) Hobbies: Electronics, flying, amateur radio, music (classic rock) Low cost, professional PCB's: www.pcbway.com
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Binary counter using cmos 4060 IC
Simple catalogue circuit of 4060 cmos binary counter. LEDs are directly driven by IC itself. It would be better to drive them by transistor, because current supply is not stable and blue LEDs are flickering a lot.
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4060 binary counter
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Long Duration Timer Circuit | Simple Electronics Projects - Edgefx
This video provides a long duration timer circuit detailed opeartion and we have 14 stage ripple carry binary counter come divider with oscillations. http://www.elprocus.com/5-different-timer-circuits/
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cd 4060 binary countor
ลองทำวงจรไฟวิ่ง แบบ binary code
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CD4060 Timer Circuit
This is a 10 seconds up to two-hour timer switch. The 14-stage binary ripple counter Type 4060, IC1, has an on-chip oscillator capable of stable operation over a relatively wide frequency range. In the present circuit, the oscillator frequency is determined by an external RC network connected to pins 9, 10 and 11. Light-emitting diode D1 is included merely to show that the timer works.
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4060 binary counter circuit in proteus
This video is based on 4060 binary counter IC in proteus,,,if any person needs help me here,,,
ic  4040 12 stage binary counter 4060 crystal oscillator 32768 hz
ic 12 stage binary counter 4060 oscillator 32768 hz
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Wire Break Alarm With Delay by KitsGuru.com | LGKT024
The kit Wire-Break Alarm With Delay (http://www.kitsguru.com/mini-projects/wire-break-alarm-with-delay) activates after a delay of 15 to 30 seconds. When the thin-wire loop running across the entrance door is broken, the alarm sounds after a delay of 15 to 30 seconds, the time period set through variable resistance. Thus the occupants get sufficient time to lock the room from the outside and catch the thief. The circuit uses CD4060, which is a 14-stage ripple-carry binary counter/divider and oscillator. It is wired as a timer here and does not need input pulse for trigger. CD4060 gets activated as soon as the power supply is switched on. In the kit wire break alarm with delay output pin 3 of CD4060 goes high after the lapse of preset delay set through Variable resistance PR1. Transistor CL100 is wired as a switch to power the timer section built around CD4060. When the wire loop is closed, transistor does not conduct. So power to the timer circuit is not available and the piezo buzzer does not sound. On the other hand, when the wire loop is broken by some intruder, transistor CL100 conducts to power the circuit and the piezobuzzer sounds after 15 to 30 seconds. CD4060 can be reset by connecting the wire loop or interrupting the supply.
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M74HC4020B1 14 Stage Binary Counter
Detail: http://tok.hakynda.com/article/detail/111/m74hc4020b1-14-stage-binary-counter
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IC to know about # 5 timing circuit with 4060
Today we look at the 4060! Halfway trough this series I still enjoy it! Would love some feedback :)
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Ripple Up Counter, Ripple Down Counter and Bi-directional Counter - Digital Eletronics
VIVEKANANDA INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Ripple Counter in Digital Electronics By, Kunal Kalra and Khyati Jain Under supervision of Dr.Balasubramanian
3-Bit & 4-bit Up/Down Synchronous Counter
Digital Electronics: 3-Bit & 4-bit Up/Down Synchronous Counter Contribute: http://www.nesoacademy.org/donate Website ► http://www.nesoacademy.org/ Facebook ► https://goo.gl/Nt0PmB Twitter ► https://twitter.com/nesoacademy Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/nesoacademy/
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3-bit and 4-bit ripple counters
in this lecture, i discussed how to design 3-bit and 4-bit ripple counters.
Binary counter and RAM chip on a breadboard
Binary counter: MC14024B RAM: CDP1824CE
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Ripple Up Counter
Ripple Up Counter Watch more videos at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/videotutorials/index.htm Lecture By: Ms. Gowthami Swarna, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Ripple Counter
4 bit Binary Up Ripple Counter.
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Binary counter
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4 Bit Asynchronous Up Counter
Digital Electronics: 4 Bit Asynchronous Up Counter Contribute: http://www.nesoacademy.org/donate Website ► http://www.nesoacademy.org/ Facebook ► https://goo.gl/Nt0PmB Twitter ► https://twitter.com/nesoacademy Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/nesoacademy/
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CD74HCT4040E High-Speed CMOS Logic 12-Stage Binary Counter
Detail: http://tok.hakynda.com/article/detail/118/cd74hct4040e-high-speed-cmos-logic-12-stage-binary-counter
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Binary Ripple Counter
Design of binary ripple counter
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4024 CMOS counter as frequency divider
Just RESET shorted to ground and it drives four LED-s. On Q1 is basic frequency about 25Hz and when the number of 4024 outputs grows it divides by "2".
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VHDL Implementation of 12 bit Ripple Binary Counter(CD4040BC)
VHDL Implementation of 12 bit Ripple Binary Counter(CD4040BC) You can find the code in:- https://vhdltutorials.blogspot.in/2017/06/vhdl-implementation-cd4040bc-12-stage-ripple-carry-binary-counter.html You can find all videos and updates in facebook page:- https://vhdltutorials.blogspot.in/2017/06/vhdl-implementation-cd4040bc-12-stage-ripple-carry-binary-counter.html You can contact me on whatsApp:- +91- 880-100-5610 Thank you.
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8 bit binary counter by using aurdino
this is a 8 bit binary counter by using a ardino and shift register. In this project we are going to enable 8 Leds to glow individually the components requried for this project is: 1.8 240 ohm resister 2. 1 74HC595 IC 3.8 Led bulbs 4 .Bread board 5. jumper wires the programming part is: file:///C:/Users/Dell/Desktop/8%20bit.txt
74hc4040 problems
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4060 breadboard fast-pulse test
This is to show a few people what I am doing with a wired-up 4060 chip to make some airship thrusters look like they are pulsating/vibrating. Using a variable resitor you can dial the blink-rate up or down. Apparantly the hi-blink rate doesn't show up in the video. Damn.
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0 to 99 COUNTER
This is an 8 Bit binary up Counter by using (7474 dual D flip/flop ic).It can count upto (00 - 99) in decimal.it can be operate manually by a clock botton or autometically by 555 timer ic. here is the link for simple 4 bit counter circuit diagram:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ioCHmRRthWO_XXwOZw-VGM6K-nAz0L_P/view?usp=sharing
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4-Bit Binary Counter
Uses 2 74LS74 ICs (4 D flip flops) to count 0-15. Part I
Views: 108 Jeff Lowry
Table of content: 00:05 Introduction 00:25 Binary versus decimal numeral sytem 01:55 Bit and Byte 02:31 NOR SR latch 05:36 Real NOR SR latch 06:16 NAND SR latch 07:20 Gated latch 08:26 Real circuit of a gated NOR latch 08:56 Gated NAND SR latch 09:54 Propagation delay of a real circuit 10:30 Positive edge triggered D flip-flop 11:54 Real circuit of a positive edge triggered D flip-flop 13:30 Integrated D flip-flop 14:04 Shift register 15:04 Parallel readout 15:53 Destructive readout 16:25 Multi purpose shift register 18:27 Integrated 8-bit shift register 20:13 Multiplexer 20:47 Demultiplexer 21:54 JK flip-flop 22:30 Edge triggered JK flip-flop 24:12 Real JK flip-flop 25:00 T flip-flop 25:38 Asyncronous counter 26:44 Ripple effect 27:37 Real asynchronous counter 28:40 Synchronous counter 30:01 Transistion from 01111 to 10000 30:48 Integrated 4-bit counter circuit 31:50 Adding binary values 32:02 Half adder 32:39 Overflow 33:09 Binary addition in column method 34:04 Full adder 34:33 Ripple carry adder 35:41 Two's complement 37:04 Subtraction 38:01 Ripple carry subtractor 39:30 Two 4-bit full adder circuits 40:30 Microcomputer The chapter about computing at the project page: http://www.homofaciens.de/technics-base-circuits-computer_en_navion.htm
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Arduino Binary Ripple Counter
Sketch and Fritzing Schematic available at: https://bitbucket.org/tenaciousRas/arduino-binary-ripple-counter Homemade Arudino-style ATMega328 with a 74HC4020 14-stage binary ripple counter and 10-segment LED bar display. 10 LEDs are driven by the counter, which is driven by two pins (one for counter, one for reset) on the ATMega. The binary count is controlled by a potentiometer connected to an analog input on the ATMega.
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How to Design Synchronous Counters | 2-Bit Synchronous Up Counter
Digital Electronics: How to Design Synchronous Counters | 2-Bit Up Synchronous Counter Contribute: http://www.nesoacademy.org/donate Website ► http://www.nesoacademy.org/ Facebook ► https://goo.gl/Nt0PmB Twitter ► https://twitter.com/nesoacademy Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/nesoacademy/
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Verilog Tutorial 5 -- Ripple Carry Full Adder
In this Verilog tutorial, we implement two versions of a 4-bit Ripple Carry Full Adder using Verilog. One version is implemented using built-in Verilog gates, and the other version uses a standard approach. Complete example from the Verilog tutorial: http://www.edaplayground.com/s/example/368 Recommend viewing in 720p quality or higher. About EDA Playground: EDA Playground is a web browser-based integrated development environment (IDE) for simulation of SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL, and other HDLs. EDA Playground is a free web application that allows users to edit, simulate, share, synthesize, and view waves for hardware description language (HDL) code. It is the first online HDL development environment and waveform viewer for the semiconductor industry. EDA Playground homepage: http://www.edaplayground.com Engineers have used EDA Playground for: -- creating hands-on training for students -- demonstrating best practices to other engineers -- asking SystemVerilog questions on StackOverflow and other online forums -- testing candidates' coding skills during technical interviews (phone and in-person) -- quick prototyping -- trying something before inserting the code into a large code base -- checking whether their RTL syntax/code is synthesizable EDA Playground is actively seeking partners to integrate additional EDA tools. Future tools will include formal verification, linting, and analog and mixed-signal support.
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Frequencies after 4060 IC and D Flip Flop
This video shows the frequency measured on the oscilloscope after leaving the 4060 IC and the D-Type flip flop. Channel 1 shows the 2 Hz frequency coming out of the 14-bit binary counter chip and channel 2 shows the 1 Hz frequency after going through the "divide-by-two" D flip flop.
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3 Bit & 4 Bit UP/DOWN Ripple Counter
Digital Electronics: 3 Bit and 4 Bit UP/DOWN Ripple Counter Contribute: http://www.nesoacademy.org/donate Website ► http://www.nesoacademy.org/ Facebook ► https://goo.gl/Nt0PmB Twitter ► https://twitter.com/nesoacademy Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/nesoacademy/
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Binary Counter - Arduino
This project will demonstrate counting in binary through LEDs and in due process you will understand the value of binary! Check us out at https://techlab.education Also... check out our open source projects: https://apcs.io https://pseudocode.io https://curriulcum.io
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124 Funcionamento do CI 4060
Visitem nosso site e lojas virtuais: http://www.burgoseletronica.net http://www.lojaburgoseletronica.com.br http://www.lojaburgoseletronica.net http://loja.burgoseletronica.net Nossos parceiros comerciais: http://www.esquemafacil.com.br http://www.clubedotecnicobrasil.com.br Blog: http://burgoseletronica.blogspot.com.br
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Timebase and 10 Second Counter
This is part of a larger project intended to produce a nixie tube clock. The left hand of the circuit is the timebase, controlled by a 4.194304MHz quartz crystal oscillator and a 4521 frequency divider. Then it's 1Hz output is dumped into the clock input of a 4017 decade counter and output with LEDs. Follow the project progress here: http://techm.ca/Blog/category/electronics/nixie-tube-clock/
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Counting To 255 (Balance - Acid Scout)
EE Porn. This is a digital counter circuit I built tonight that counts to 255 in binary. It consists of a 555 timer circuit that drives a pair of 74LS163 counters, ganged together via the ripple carry output. An octal D flip-flop acts as an 8-bit register, whenever the button is pressed, it loads the contents of the 163's and displays them on its own bank of LEDs. Music is the track Acid Scout - "Balance" from 1994. Schematics are available to those who ask. As always, be sure to like and subscribe, and leave your comments and questions below. Search terms: Fairchild DM74LS163, DM74LS163AN Fairchild DM74LS377 7805 Voltage Regulator Astable Multivibrator Monostable Multivibrator
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