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Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)
The 2018 Budget announced an increase in the annual investment allowance starting January 2019 to £1m! But what is it and how can you use it to the best effect? Look out for our top tax combination tip at the end of the video. To optimise the use of the AIA and capital allowances can be tricky - if we are your accountant we can help you get it just right. 0116 298 3123
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Annual investment allowance
A guide on how 100% tax relief can be claimed on fixed assets such as plant, equipment, IT Kit etc. REF: F047 Find out more at www.ams-accountancy.co.uk
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Annual Investment Allowance
How a business can get 100% tax relief on purchase of capital equipment
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Making maximum use of the Annual Investment Allowance
Tim Gregory, a partner in the Landed Estates Group at Saffery Champness, emphasises the importance of the Annual Investment Allowance to farmers and rural businesses. Tim’s example highlights the pitfalls that can occur if assets are purchased at the wrong time.
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Talk 1: An Introduction to Capital Allowances
In this first talk, Ray Chidell – capital allowances expert and author of various books on the subject – introduces the series, gives an outline of the topics to be covered, and explains the first principles of claiming capital allowances. Ray looks at the meaning of capital expenditure, with reference to statutory provisions and the extensive case law, and with a particular focus on the case of British Insulated and Helsby Cables, and especially the concept of the “enduring benefit”. There is also a general overview of the Capital Allowances Act 2001. The two capital allowances books mentioned in the video are available at: http://www.claritaxbooks.com, and are discounted when bought together. This talk was sponsored by Six Forward Capital Allowances. © Claritax Books, 2015
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Talk 24: Budget special – Annual Investment Allowances
In this video, capital allowances specialist Ray Chidell looks at capital allowances issues arising in the recent summer Budget. Ray’s main focus is on the forthcoming reduction in the level of the annual investment allowance. He considers the transitional rules that apply for chargeable periods spanning 1 January 2016 and illustrates those rules with a worked example. Ray also picks up another change, announced at the time of the Budget, that will affect residential landlords. To receive a weekly notification as each talk is made available, email [email protected] Ray’s two capital allowances books are available at: http://www.claritaxbooks.com. This talk was sponsored by Six Forward Capital Allowances. © Claritax Books, 2015
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Annual Investment Allowance increased, how will it help you with your business investment?
The ‘Emergency’ Budget 2015 - Wednesday 8th July 2015 Key Topic: Annual Investment Allowance increased, how will it help you with your business investment? - Chris Connor, Corporate Tax Partner For further information and guidance relating to the affect the 'Emergency' Budget 2015 may have on you and or your business please:- See our Budget Summary, hosted on our website www.streetsweb.co.uk. Email [email protected] Contact your local Streets office or usual Streets partner. Follow us on twitter using @streetsacc or connect with us on Linkedin. Or call 0845 8800320.
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Do You Know How Much The Annual Investment Allowance Is?
There are numerous pieces of jargon associated with finance. Do you use HP or Lease? Do you know how much your Annual Investment Allowance Is? Well, to simplify all this Paul Cox is available at Asset Finance Northampton to Take The Fear Out Of Finance – he is just a phone call away. Don't miss out on more CNC videos, subscribe to our channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/MTDCNC?sub_confirmation=1
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Tim Bennett Explains: The tapered pension annual allowances trap
Higher earners could face penalties for paying the wrong amount into their pensions. This week I explain how to avoid being caught out.
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An overview of Capital Allowances
In our latest video David Hackett, Tax Director and Kelly Quail, Corporate Tax Senior Manager, discuss Capital Allowances. Questions answered are; 1. What are Capital Allowances? 2. How can Capital Allowances benefit business owners? 3. What is the annual investment allowance is and what are the limits? 4. What allowances are available within buildings? E.g. when companies are building property or are acquiring commercial property. 5. What other Capital Allowances can businesses make use of? 6. Can you claim more than one allowance for the same expenditure? ----------------------------------------­­­----- MHA Moore & Smalley links Website: https://mooreandsmalley.co.uk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MooreandSmalley LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mha-moore-and-smalley
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Pension excess annual allowance charge
Tapering of annual allowance for high incomes - adjusted and threshold incomes
How Can Your Small Business Benefit From The Annual Investment Allowance?
If you would like to know more about how your business can benefit from the new annual investment allowance, speak to an expert and contact Aston Black today on 01908 904794 http://www.accountantmk.co.uk/
FIA Online - Annual Investment Allowance
http://www.fitnessindustryaccountants.com/ Series 2 - The Annual Investment Allowance Explained...
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Capital Allowances Simplified
OK, well its been bought to my attention that tax relief, and more specifically Capital Allowances may be more a complicated subject than first thought and for a lot of people it goes right over their heads - so in lamens terms, the basics here it is:- You can use your property to wipe out your tax bill. There, I said it -- it is as simple as that. Think about these things:- 1. How much tax did you pay last year? -- In January? Big Bill - £20,000? £40,000? £80,000? 2. Do you own a property that isn't a home? An office in Bristol, A pub in Woowich, A holiday flat home in Spain, A shop in Nottingham? 3. Would you like your tax back? 4. What are you going to buy? School fees, new car, investments, new property? 5. Is it legal? Surely Capital Allowances are a scam or loophole? It the law! -- you have a right to claim -- you don't get them automatically -- you have to claim them on your tax return -- go to legislation.gov.uk search Capital Allowances ACT 2001 -- there it is! 6. What is it for? Well when you buy a property there are certain items (assets) within the property which qualify for tax relief. This is what we identify and value for you. So, knowing about ALL of this, means that you will be financially better off claiming Capital Allowances -- or your money back. So contact me and my team now! 0845 467 2765 [email protected]
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Capital allowances -- how to take full advantage of the reliefs?
This webinar covers: • Update on what allowances are available • Capital allowances on fixtures • Purchase price allocations on business sales • Case law update Speakers Chair - Mr Paul Farey, Director, Davis Langdon, an AECOM company Guests Mr John Lovell, Director, Lovell Consulting Ms Anne Fairpo, Barrister, Thirteen Old Square Chambers For more information on Tolley's Tax Webinars please visit http://www.tolley.co.uk/webinars/.
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Depreciation and capital allowances
This describes depreciation and compares it with Capital Allowances (tax relief on purchase of equipment etc.) REF: F043 Find out more at www.ams-accountancy.co.uk
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Venture Capital Trusts
People who’ve reached the limit of their pension savings through the lifetime or annual allowance may be tempted to invest in Venture Capital Trusts and this video explains how they work.
Talk 32: Cars (continued)
In this second video looking at the special capital allowances rules for cars, specialist Ray Chidell looks at the implications where a particular vehicle is classified as a car rather than as a van or as something else. Ray considers annual investment allowances and (briefly) first-year allowances, before focusing on the criteria for allocating cars to either the main rate or the special rate pool. Ray looks at the delayed tax relief where cars are sold and comments on the HMRC view that a restriction may still be applied for very expensive cars. Ray ends with a reminder that capital allowances are not given for cars owned by employees, even when used for work purposes. To receive a weekly notification as each talk is made available, email [email protected] The 2015-16 editions of Ray’s two capital allowances books are now available from: http://www.claritaxbooks.com. This talk was sponsored by Six Forward Capital Allowances. © Claritax Books, 2015
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Understand Tapered Allowance
Understand how the Tapered Allowance system works and the potential impact it can have on anyone earning more than £110,000.
Business Allowances Capital Allowances Explained
Capital Allowances Explained.
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The abolishment of the Capital Investment Allowance, by Hawke and Keating was the most destructive act against the people of Queensland and Australia and other national governments of the world, to destroy the economy of our nation in order to cause more dependence upon a new style of corporate foreign administrative governance deriving from the questionable UNITED NATIONS, a one world satanic occult (Hidden) dictatorship military style system depending on the quasi paper debt notes of a foreign private bank.
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Making the most of the Capital Gains Tax Allowance - 5MF022
Listener Ian asks about whether he should keep some money in unwrapped investments, in order to make the most of the capital gains tax allowance...
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Capital Allowances Introduction (part 1) - ACCA Taxation (TX-UK)
Capital Allowances Introduction (part 1) - ACCA Taxation (TX-UK) *** Complete list of free lectures for ACCA Taxation (TX-UK) is available on https://opentuition.com/acca/tx/ *** To benefit from this lecture, visit opentuition.com/acca to download the notes used in the lecture and access ALL free resources: ACCA lectures, ACCA Taxation (TX-UK) tests and Ask the ACCA Tutor Forums Please go to opentuition to post questions to ACCA Tutor, we do not provide support on youtube.
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UK property HMRC capital allowances integral features tax savings
See Full Article⤵ ↪ https://www.optimiseaccountants.co.uk/what-are-the-property-allowable-costs-to-reduce-my-tax/ ========================== UK property HMRC capital allowances integral features tax savings Content – In this video you will learn ▶ You can claim capital allowances on holiday lets and serviced accommodation. ▶ A capital allowance is where a report is written to show the fixtures/fittings, wiring and plumbing within a property. These costs may be capital in nature but you can still get tax relief offset against your income through capital allowances. ▶ It is possible to claim Annual Investment Allowances (AIA) on holiday lets and serviced accommodation. If you have purchased a property and dine refurbishment works then it is possible that 100% of certain costs may be claimed in one year. ▶ It is possible to get a cheque back from HMRC if you have purchased a holiday let/serviced accommodation in your own name and claimed capital allowances. ▶ Any losses may be offset against your other taxable income if the capital allowances create a loss against the property portfolio in the fiscal year. ========================== Subscribe to our channel and press the notifications button to ensure you keep up to date with the very best tax reducing strategies http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user= OptimiseAccountants ========================== If you wish to know more about property investing then please see these YouTube experts: Arsh Ellahi: https://www.youtube.com/user/arshellahi Assets for life (Liam Ryan and Jay Munoz): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2PNw6YPy0n5O4LMKeL7YFg Bronwen Vearncombe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDT9L2G3anfof-JFs8CI2gg Jim Halliburton (The HMO Daddy): https://www.youtube.com/user/JimHaliburton Jacquie Edwards: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz___wf1FXKQGP8qaJn9YSA Mike Stenhouse (podcast): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ownbL3lm0KI7yrfSoltfg Paul Preston: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH8oZLYkWERxZn60u3qgpyg Samuel Leeds: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS6SES6btXx2tVFzWy4oToA Tony Law: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ93i22JrK78mFAJVP0DVEA Trevor Cutmore: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9trefqbyFRt1hfCgUJVzw ========================== There are people that will also support you with your property investment journey Jake Iles (Capital Allowances): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOM5nF5-iDuN5NRBZNfht4A Kevin Wright (Finance): Julian Maurice (refurbishment): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Mx51ssuTutEn8gpsgNwjg Sam Hawking (solicitors)
First Year Allowance And Depreciation Rates Lecture-18
The first-year allowance is a UK tax allowance permitting British corporations to deduct between 6% and 100% of the cost of qualifying capital expenditures made during theyear the equipment was firstpurchasefirst year allowances and annual investment allowance, capital allowances, difference between first year allowance and annual investment allowance, first year allowances hmrc, capital allowance calculator, assets qualifying for first year allowances, capital allowances rates, hmrc capital allowances,
How to Maximise Your Annual Tax Allowance
Do you want to know how to take full advantage of your tax relief exemptions? Do you want to know how to maximise your tax allowance and keep the taxman’s hands off your savings? If so, then check out this video.
Tolleys Capital Allowances 2014 15
BOOK REVIEW TOLLEY’S CAPITAL ALLOWANCES 2014-2015 By Kevin Walton and David Smailes Tolley/LexisNexis ISBN: 978 0 75454 913 0 www.lexisnexis.co.uk CURRENT AND COMPREHENSIVE GUIDANCE ON CAPITAL ALLOWANCES – NOW IN A NEW 27TH EDITION FROM TOLLEY’S An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers Like all reliable books on tax, ‘Tolley’s Capital Allowances 2014-15’ aims primarily to provide practitioners and tax payers alike with advice and guidance on maximizing tax savings; in this case -- savings on capital allowances. Published annually by LexisNexis, the book is now going into its twenty-seventh edition, having demonstrably established its reputation and value over the years. Comprehensive and practical, it brings together in a single convenient volume the law and practice pertaining to capital allowances, thereby shedding considerable light on a number of related problem areas. The most obvious of these, as the authors remind us, is that under the UK direct tax system, the present capital allowance legislation presents an exception to the general principle that capital expenditure is not allowable in computing taxable income. What this book achieves is to clear up the confusion that can – and does – result from this apparent paradox. In fact, allowances are available for expenditure under a range of categories which are explained in detail. These include plant and machinery, renovation of business premises, research and development and a lot more. Note here that a particularly handy feature of the book is an alphabetized list (Appendix 1) of what exactly qualifies as ‘plant and machinery’, which by the way, is the most common allowance. The list ranges from advertising signs to loose furniture, window mannequins and zoo cages! Further advice on plant and machinery in buildings, together with related issues, is provided in Chapter 10 by capital allowances specialist Heather Britton who, in Chapter 18, has also written general guidance on planning principles for capital allowances. In this new and completely updated edition of this highly regarded text, you will find the latest information on capital allowances up to 1 July 2014, including the provisions of Finance Act 2014. New material also includes the temporary increases in the annual investment allowance to £500,000… new restrictions on allowances for renovations... and changes to the mineral extraction code. As the subject matter tends to be quite abstruse, the authors Keith Walton and David Smailes have helpfully designed the book for ease of use – a distinct advantage for practitioners under pressure, who will also appreciate the large number of worked examples available throughout the text, the numbered paragraphs throughout and the detailed table of contents and index. Also note the extensive table of statutes and the alphabetical table of cases, plus the handy list of abbreviations and references. The journal ‘Accounting’ has pointed out that ‘there are few existing publications on the subject and none as current or as comprehensive as this.’ Practitioners as well as accountants – and anyone advising on this area of revenue law will certainly benefit from the purchase of this book.
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Capital Gains Tax annual allowances 2018-19
In this short video, we talk about Capital Gains Tax (CGT) annual rates and allowances for 2018 to 2019 produced by the property Accountants of Optimise £11,700 annual allowance per person 18% CGT for basic rate tax payers 28% CGT for high rate tax payers The above % rates are for property investors that hold residential property investments in their own name
HMTV: Maximizing Capital Allowances For Your Business
Colm McMullan, Assistant Manager in Harbinson Mulholland's Tax Department, discusses the changes to Capital Allowances from April 2012 including reductions in the Writing Down Allowance and Annual Investment Allowance. http://www.harbinson-mulholland.com/
Capital Allowances - Short life Assets - ACCA Taxation (TX-UK)
Capital Allowances - Short life Assets - ACCA Taxation (TX-UK) *** Complete list of free lectures for ACCA Taxation (TX-UK) is available on https://opentuition.com/acca/tx/ *** To benefit from this lecture, visit opentuition.com/acca to download the notes used in the lecture and access ALL free resources: ACCA lectures, ACCA Taxation (TX-UK) tests and Ask the ACCA Tutor Forums Please go to opentuition to post questions to ACCA Tutor, we do not provide support on youtube.
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What should private businesses take away from this Budget?
Alex Henderson, Partner, discusses the outcomes from today's Budget for private business including; off payroll working, the annual investment allowance and entrepreneurial relief. For more information visit - www.pwc.co.uk/budget
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Wear and Tear Allowance | The New Capital Allowances Implications For Landlords
Wear and Tear Allowance | The New Capital Allowances Implications For Landlords Michael Wright of RITA explains the new Wear and Tear allowance which came into affect for landlords in April 2016, and how landlords can ensure they make the most of it. Visit their website: http://www.rita4rent.co.uk Share this video: https://youtu.be/BDfNPfB3w-0 Subscribe To Our Channel For Updates http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=propertytribes The mission of Property Tribes is simple: To ensure a positive experience of the private rented sector for all. Property Tribes is for anyone who has an interest in property investment, landlord-ism, or the private rented sector. It is a friendly and professional community that offers a huge amount of support and advice for landlords, no matter what their level of experience. It is free to use and members receive a bi-weekly emailer newsletter to ensure that they are kept up to date with the landlord latest. Wear and Tear Allowance | The New Capital Allowances Implications For Landlords Other Videos To Watch: Landlord and Property Tax Tip #10: Saving tax on furnished holiday lets https://youtu.be/lK-rYQhX0o0 Tax changes for landlords and how to minimise the impact of them https://youtu.be/e9ZKkJvVlz4 Tax changes for landlords with the RLA https://youtu.be/Vd1vNZMkNKc Visit Our Website: http://propertytribes.com Connect With Us: http://facebook.com/propertytribesnewsfeed http://twitter.com/4_walls http://twitter.com/nicktadd Wear and Tear Allowance | The New Capital Allowances Implications For Landlords
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Pension Carry Forward & Tapered Annual Allowance Calculator | CashCalc
Find out more about CashCalc's suite of financial planning tools: www.cashcalc.co.uk
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Capital Allowances
Paul Reynolds explains the complexities of Capital Allowances and why businesses could be missing out on this valuable tax claim
Talk 28: Enhanced capital allowances
In this video, capital allowances specialist Ray Chidell considers so-called enhanced capital allowances (ECAs), a name used for first-year allowances that are available for qualifying expenditure on energy-saving and “environmentally beneficial” plant and machinery. Ray shows the types of expenditure for which these allowances are available, and outlines the key conditions for claiming relief. He also covers the related relief that allows loss-making companies to claim a non-taxable cash payment by surrendering the losses that relate to ECA expenditure. To receive a weekly notification as each talk is made available, email [email protected] The 2015-16 editions of Ray’s two capital allowances books can now be ordered at: http://www.claritaxbooks.com. This talk was sponsored by Six Forward Capital Allowances. © Claritax Books, 2015
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Capital Allowances Explained
Please visit: http://commercial-property-tax.com
UK Business Investment Visa
UK Business Investment Visa - https://www.chuilaiandcocpa.com/uk-tax-issues-blog/what-are-the-annual-investment-allowance-consortium-relief-and-de-grouping-charge-on-companies-along-with-pre-entry-capital-losses-after-forming-a-limited-uk-company If you want to be granted with the UK Business Investment Visa then you should visit our website because our professional and experienced team has gathered all the information and details about the UK Business Investment Visa. Looking for the information on how to settle in the UK? Well! You shouldn’t miss this video. You might have heard about an Investor Visa but this visa has now been halted by the UK Home Office on account of money laundering issues. Now Entrepreneur Visa can make the dream of living in the UK a reality. How? Let’s find out. To get an Entrepreneur Visa; you should have GBP 200,000 to start a business in the UK. You must employ 2 UK nationals as your employees. Furthermore, you should demonstrate your English skills through IELTS and must clear the health screening. Lastly, you should have a business plan. One of the best outcomes of Entrepreneur Visa is that you and your family will have a settled life in the UK. Just imagine you are living in such a place where your family can have free health services and children getting benefit from free high standard education. At first, 3 years and 4 months visa will be granted and after this duration extension visa will be given for the next 2 years. After completing 5 years and 4 months stay in the UK, you and your family members can apply for Indefinite leave to remain in the UK. After one year of ILR, all family members can apply for the UK citizenship. For other people, the terrifying news is that the successful application rate of Entrepreneur Visa is less than 10%. But this news is not for you. With our professional services, you will have the 100% guarantee of getting an Entrepreneur Visa. We value our customers and thus to further affirm your belief on our excellent services, let us explain our working strategy. Suppose that you are an I.T professional and to improve your lifestyle you are interested in getting settled in the UK. Trust us because our highly competitive team will assess your profile and look for the relevant big I.T companies in the UK that are listed in London Chambers. You will then invest GBP 200,000 in the relevant company simply by loan. The directors of that company will then communicate in writing to the UK Home Office that you are the right person to be granted an Entrepreneur Visa. Is it so simple? No, it is our competitive and professional team which makes this hefty experience easier for our valued clients. So, what are you waiting for? Rush for the great future of your family by visiting: https://www.chuilaiandcocpa.com
Budget 2015. How it Affects Your Business BCL77
http://businessconnectionslive.com/ The Chancellor announced his Budget on18th March 2015. On this edition of Business Connections Live we talk to Matthew Hall, Partner and Head of Tax with Wilkins Kennedy LLP Matthew will be answering your questions on the fallout from the Budget and how your business can get to grips with how it affects you in the day to day running of your business. What you will Learn 1.What The Chancellor Said 2.What It Means 3. When Legislation Will Come Into Effect? You will Achieve Clarity on 1. Abolishing The Annual Tax Return 2. Tax Avoidance Legislation 3. Annual Investment Allowance 4. Deadline for Small Business Growth Vouchers 5. And much more... The end of the annual tax return will mean the end of the annual tax bill. This will be replaced by an online system allowing businesses to manage their tax on a regular basis, rather than as a major pressure to meet the current, in the Chancellor’s words, ‘Sword of Damocles’ of the January tax deadline. UK tax avoidance legislation has successively tried to win individual battles, rather than focus on winning the war. By legislating against specific avoidance schemes we have been caught in a vicious circle where new avoidance schemes emerge. UK tax avoidance legislation is a tangled web of statute and case law, with over 300 targeted rules. This needs to be unpicked and dovetailed together. Until the legislation relating to tax avoidance is simplified and properly constructed, the issue will not be adequately addressed. Taxpayers carrying out simple tax planning will be forced to trawl through a complex web of avoidance legislation. The Budget speech offered no clear guidance on what will happen to the reduction of the Annual Investment Allowance from January 2016, which is due to drop to £25,000. Encouraging entrepreneurial activity has been one of the central pillars of this Government and various initiatives and laws have been put in place to support this aim. Whilst the Chancellor indicated the allowance would be set at a ‘more generous rate’ than £25,000, with no clarity for businesses, it is safe to assume that investment decisions will be delayed. Matthew Hall is a Partner and Head of Tax with Wilkins Kennedy LLP Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers who provide a full range of accounting and business advisory services to a diverse range of businesses and individuals across the UK and abroad. http://www.wilkinskennedy.com/ Business Connections Live Programme 77 http://businessconnectionslive.com/ This is the Business Connections Live Channel on YouTube. Business Connections Live Programme 77. Broadcast 23rd March 2015 @bclbusinesstv
Money Purchase Annual Allowance
A reminder of how the MPAA works and how to avoid triggering it. Through Techlink Professional and Techlink Communicator we enable you to: • Be better informed. • Reduce risk. • Do more business. • Communicate better and smarter. • Save time. To access your free trial; go to www.techlink.co.uk/freetrial and request which trial option you require from the options shown. You will then be given 4 weeks free access to Techlink Professional and/or Techlink Communicator and an example of the Communicator content.
How to Calculate Your Annual Depreciation Allowance - iCalculator
The annual depreciation allowance the IRS enables real estate investors to write off each year they own investment real estate is explained and calculated with iCalculator by ProAPOD. Learn more about all 62 real estate calculations you can make with iCalculator at http://www.proapod.com/real-estate-calculator.html
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HOW2 Seminar Extract - Capital Allowances
Did you know that tax benefits are available on property and environmental improvements plus investments in plant & machinery? When you buy, lease or improve a commercial property, you can offset some of that expenditure for tax purposes. This is not a tax loophole or avoidance scheme but is based on established UK statutory law dating back to 1878. Specialist surveyors with tax expertise are deployed to visit your property to uncover and identify allowable items.
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Private client compass | UK residents’ allowances
The two largest expenses of a buy to let business are capital expenditure and the interest deduction. At RSM we can advise you on the most tax efficient arrangements to help you finance and structure the purchase of a property and help you evaluate your existing portfolio. Find more information here: http://bit.ly/2TjFkmq Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2HxsbV4   Follow us on social:   Linkedin - http://bit.ly/2JqgkKg Twitter - http://bit.ly/1qILii3 Instagram - http://bit.ly/2W60CWm
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NHS Pension Scheme - Annual Allowance
An overview of the Annual Allowance
Annual Allowance
Pension tax relief is a complex topic – but professional advice can help you make the right decisions to guard against potential tax bills. As the BMA’s only approved independent financial adviser, Chase de Vere would like to invite you to a free initial consultation. They have an in depth knowledge of the NHS and have assisted over 12,000 of your fellow BMA members to build and protect their wealth over the past 12 years. Book your free initial consultation today. Call 0345 609 2008 or visit goo.gl/K55G9s
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A Guide to the Tapered Annual Allowance - 2 Minute Money
In this short 2 minute video, Alan Drysdale of 2 Minute Money explains the new rules that were introduced in April 2016 surrounding the new pension contribution tapered annual allowance and what it means for higher earners. For more information please visit the 2 Minute Money Website: www.2minutemoney.co.uk
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Paul Foley (Sales Director) speaking about Capital Allowances at Accountex 2013
An introduction to the procedures, processes and benefits of claiming Capital Allowances through Catax Solutions
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The Trading Allowance
Maybe you don't have to tell the tax man about that odd-job you've done! Up to £1,000 tax-free - Find out how. Earning more? You probably need advice - that's what we do - so get in touch. 0116 298 3123 or message me. Remember - more advice is on our website sonnetaccountants.co.uk https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tax-free-allowances-on-property-and-trading-income#trade
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Capital cost allowance
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