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Cripple Creek - Clawhammer Banjo (w/ video lesson & tab)
Cripple Creek Tab & lesson: http://bit.ly/20eDyVs Ryan Spearman plays and sings his arrangement of the classic song Cripple Creek on the clawhammer banjo. Learn songs, fiddle tunes, techniques, and more at: http://PlayBetterBanjo.com Video Lessons | Live Q & A Sessions | Tablature -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Old Dan Tucker" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-Ut8tj5VDE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Cripple Creek Instructional for Clawhammer Banjo
If I am having trouble learning a song, my first stop is YouTube! This is my way of giving back. Cripple Creek is an easy, fun and memorable melody! I would say this lesson is a little above beginner. Basically I am teaching a few embellishments. Enjoy!
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Cripple Creek clawhammer banjo lesson fast and slow
This isn't a very good banjo lesson, but none of them are.. hahaha.
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Cripple Creek Clawhammer Banjo Lesson
Another tune in the key of G, Cripple Creek is a fun upbeat tune. The focus of the lesson is not merely learning a tune, but improvisation and embellishment. Take your time, uses the pause and rewind button whenever needed!!!
The Murphy Method - Clawhammer Banjo Vol. 1 - Cripple Creek
Lynn Morris teaches the first phrase of "Cripple Creek" in the clawhammer style. From The Murphy Method's Clawhammer Banjo Vol. 1 DVD. More info at www.murphymethod.com
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David Holt Double Thumbing Banjo Lesson  Cripple Creek
David Holt teaches clawhammer banjo players how to "double thumb." This is one lesson from a series of clawhammer banjo lessons produced by Homespuntapes.com
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Cripple Creek - clawhammer banjo
Playing Cripple Creek on a Deering Goodtime Openback banjo. Beginner song. Open G tuning
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Frailing Banjo Lesson Four - Learn To Play Cripple Creek
How to play frailing banjo for the complete beginner. In our fourth lesson we have some fun playing Cripple Creek and talk honestly about the how-when-why of using banjo tab. Frailing banjo is a down-picking approach to making music made famous by Grand Ole Opry stars like Grandpa Jones, Stringbean and Uncle Dave Macon. This lesson is part of the workshop series I have started on my Huffington Post blog. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/ask-patrick-846 Come jam with us at the Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat! http://marylandfolk.com Learn more about frailing banjo: http://frailingbanjo.com I got a girl and she loves me She's as sweet as sweet can be She's got eyes of baby blue Makes my gun shoot straight and true Going up Cripple Creek going in a run Going up Cripple Creek to have some fun Cripple Creek's wide and Cripple Creek's deep I'll wade ole Cripple Creek before I sleep Roll my breeches to my knees I'll wade ole Cripple Creek when I please * Refrain I went down to Cripple Creek To see what them girls had to eat I got drunk and fell against the wall Ole corn likker was the cause of it all * Refrain Alternate Refrain: Goin' up cripple creek, goin' in a whirl, Goin' up cripple creek, see my girl
Views: 11329 Patrick Costello
Cripple Creek - Clawhammer banjo
Cripple Creek in the key of G Clawhammer banjo
Views: 17877 Na Nach
Steve Baughman  Clawhammer Guitar - Cripple Creek
Steve Baughman is one of the first people to explore clawhammer technique on guitar. Here he plays the old banjo standard, Cripple Creek, using this simple and amazing technique. RHYTHMSTRUMMER is no longer with us, but Steve has clawhammer guitar lessons and videos at WASILLA WEED on YouTube.
Views: 83435 Jennifer Martin
Claw Hammer Banjo Lesson - Cripple Creek A part, part one
Free banjo lesson Cripple Creek played claw hammer style by Larry Unger, based on Tommy Jarrell's version. www.larryunger.net www.notoriousfolk.com
Views: 11145 larry unger
Clawhammer and Cripple Creek
Instructional supplement for MATC Banjo 1 class, Spring 2011. Introduction to clawhammer (frailing) and "Cripple Creek" in both clawhammer and Seeger style.
Views: 8221 Colin Bazsali
Frailing banjo: Cripple creek
Todd playing Cripple Creek on the banjo, frailing style!
Views: 321 dorchesterprestons
Cripple Creek Banjo Clawhammer
The Quick & Rough version of a Traditional piece
Views: 991 Underpicker
Cripple Creek - Progress after 5 days of learning Clawhammer
I got my banjo back from repair not long ago, and for the past 5 days have been learning the Clawhammer technique of playing (something that I have never attempted before). This basically shows my progress of learning after 5 days.
Views: 207 Sam Bentley
Cripple Creek clawhammer banjo lesson
Banjo tune in g
Views: 2185 Hilarie Burhans
Cripple Creek with Tabs!
Here are some free tabs I made - http://www.banjolemonade.com/about Nice looking Tabs are available for this on Patreon for $5/month. I have many tabs available and more coming every day. Thanks for your support. Join the BL family visit http://www.patreon.com/banjolemonade If you want to get my eBook or vid pack visit http://www.banjolemonade.com/lessons
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Cripple Creek - Clawhammer Banjo
Banjo : Deering Eagle II
Views: 265 LaurentBTL
Clawhammer Banjo: Tune (and Tab) of the Week - "Cripple Creek"
CLICK HERE to get the clawhammer banjo TAB: http://clawhammerbanjo.net/cripple-creek-get-the-tab/ Though no formal analyses have been conducted, various streams of anecdotal evidence indicate than Cripple Creek is known by more banjo players than any other tune. Scientists who've studied this phenomenon have concluded that this is because "this a really great tune." Thank you, science. A new clawhammer banjo favorite tune and tab is posted to this channel every week - click this link to subscribe and make sure you don't miss 'em: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoplaybanjo If you have any questions about this tune, the tab, or how to play clawhammer banjo in general, please post it in the comments. I'm happy to reply in text or video, if needed.
Views: 27911 Clawhammer Banjo
Cripple Creek clawhammer style?
So think about it. Cripple Creek was written a hundred or more years ago, well before Earl Scruggs messed up the banjo picking world by playing like nobody else could. So have you ever wondered what Cripple Creek sounded like before Scruggs style banjo? Played on the Van Eps Lyon & Healy 1910 4 string to 5 string conversion 12" pot banjo.
Views: 64212 rpeek
Aubrey Atwater Cripple Creek
Aubrey Atwater walks us through Cripple Creek in an interview with Gina Garland for the benefit of Aubrey's Clawhammer Banjo and Singing class in Sept. of 2009 at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. Aubrey plays Cripple Creek in 3 speeds ending with her slow speed to help all of us beginning banjo students. For more info on Aubrey visit her website at www.atwater-donnelly.com.
Views: 157442 Gina Garland
Cripple Creek - Clawhammer Banjo
From the fiddling of Hobart Smith, available on Instrumental Music of the Southern Appalachians (Tradition Records). Banjo tuning: gDGBD. There are lots of recordings of this tune, but Hobart Smith's drive and syncopation are phenomenal. This video is an excerpt from my Mel Bay clawhammer instructional DVD, "Unfortunate Puppy and Other Fine Tunes: Lessons in Intermediate & Advanced Clawhammer Banjo" (Mel Bay 22208DVD). The DVD teaches ten classic fiddle tunes arranged for clawhammer banjo, as well as tools and techniques to help you create your own arrangements. 133 minutes, or over two hours of lessons. "Hunter Robertson presents each tune in four different stages to help you learn it easily. First, Hunter plays the tune at full speed (which is what this excerpt is of). Next, he breaks it down, with verbal instruction. The tune is then slowed to half speed so that you can easily follow the right and left hand finger positions, which are shown with a split screen throughout. Finally, the tune is played at a medium tempo for you to practice along with." For more information on the DVD and to see examples of the instruction, follow the link here: http://youtu.be/hLLcfklWKNQ To order the DVD, go here: http://www.hunterrobertson.com/unpupframe.html
Views: 2560 Hunter Robertson
Cripple Creek Clawhammer Style
Basic Cripple Creek in open g tuning.
Views: 107192 Bazooka Joe
Cripple Creek (Clawhammer and Finger Picking Banjo Switch-Off)
Here's my version of Cripple Creek!
Views: 1325 Dave Kahen
Cripple Creek in clawhammer style
Here's my best attempt at Jont Blevin's version of Cripple Creek. I learned it from my mom, Emily, and recordings of Jont.
Views: 2143 whitetopmusic
Cripple Creek - Bluegrass Banjo and Clawhammer Banjo - Free Tablature
Free tablature for this recording (4 bluegrass arrangements and 3 clawhammer arrangements) can be found on ezFolk on the following page... http://ezfolk.com/cripple-creek-bluegrass-banjo-and-clawhammer-banjo-tablature/
Views: 24322 Richard Hefner
Cripple Creek (Clawhammer Banjo)
THis is for sure one of the first clawhammer banjo tunes I heard and attempted to learn. Can't believe that it took me this long to post it! I will be posting a follow up instructional video for this tune very soon so stay tuned! I will teach you step by step how to perform this old time classic!
Views: 969 Dakota Waddell
Cripple Creek (clawhammer/frailing)
I'm trying out making videoes of different 5-string banjo styles and techniques.I'm no banjo expert so bear with me. This is clawhammer or frailing (amoungst other names) style. It developed from the old minstrel styles. It's been very common in Old time music for more than a century. I try to play this in a pretty basic clawhammer style. There are many regional variations. I'll try to demonstrate a few.
Views: 1175 Tobias Enevoldsen
Old Time Frailing for the Bluegrass Banjo Player - Lesson 2
Using the basic skills from our first lesson I'll quickly drag you through Cripple Creek. Best of luck! :)
Views: 4394 Jim Pankey
cripple creek clawhammer banjo
just testing out the camera, running through a few vids today. This is the first song I ever learned on banjo
Views: 371 Slick Cardigan
Claw-hammer banjo medley.
Medley of 5 claw-hammer banjo tunes, using standard claw-hammer and drop-thumb style. 3 in "G" tuning: Cripple Creek, Old Joe Clark, and Shady Grove. 2 in "Dropped C" tuning: Soldiers Joy and You are my Sunshine. If you are interested in learning claw-hammer banjo, check out my intro to claw-hammer video.
Views: 296557 John Curtis
Clawhammer Banjo-Cripple Creek
Check out my new web page! www.jordanalleman.com
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cripple creek on banjo(clawhammer)
I play cripple creek on my banjo clawhammer style.
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Banjo Lesson Beginning Bluegrass Banjo - Cripple Creek
Purchase Full Lesson Here: http://www.musicians-workshop.com/index.php/cr.html Click here for FREE Dyno-Tab: http://youtu.be/1s1FISGhMN4 Includes: Banjo Lesson introducing the 5-string banjo to the complete beginner, identification of all the parts, how to tune, basic chord formations, how to read banjo tablature, wearing your picks, 5 roll patterns He teaches you to play 4 tunes in complete detail. Tunes include: - Cripple Creek - She'll be Comin Round the Mountain - Oh Susannah - Cumberland Gap (two variations: regular and up-the-neck). You can also find us on Facebook!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Musicians-Workshop/109810315727298
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Cripple Creek - Clawhammer Ukulele with Tablature
The traditional song "Cripple Creek" arranged for clawhammer uke. I played several verses of the song with chords and lyrics with a break between most verses. After the song I included tablature for both a simplified arrangement with no slurred notes as well as the break as I played it on the recording. If you're new to clawhammer or don't know how to read tablature please be sure to watch my instructional videos on the subject.
Views: 12421 Richard Hefner
Cripple Creek Banjo
Cripple Creek clawhammer banjo
Views: 401 speddemonz
Bluegrass Banjo Lesson 35 - How to play Cripple Creek
Learn three breaks to this bluegrass banjo standard. Tablature for all three breaks is available from http://markwardle.net/beginnerbanjo. And don't forget you can purchase all 30 beginner banjo lessons here on a usb data stick or data DVD. These lessons make a great present!
Views: 37428 markwardle
Cripple Creek Beginner Banjo Lesson
Here's the video lesson preview for the beginner arrangement to Cripple Creek. The full length video is a 48 minute note for note breakdown of the tune and additional tips for backup. Also included is the tab and four practice tracks. Purchase this video and others at: https://www.mikeheddingmusic.com/product/cripple-creek-beginner-banjo-video-lesson/ http://www.mikeheddingmusic.com/banjovideos Subscribe Link: http://eepurl.com/XqPu9 Thanks for watching!
Views: 34848 Mike Hedding
Cripple Creek - Clawhammer Banjo
Everybody's gotta know Cripple Creek, and this is my version. 3 finger clawhammer style
Views: 368 Sideshow Skip
Three Styles of Old Time Banjo Demonstrated
Ever wonder what the difference is between frailing / clawhammer, drop thumb, and round peak? This is Jeremy Stephens at The Bluegrass Shack in a short video demonstrating the song Cripple Creek in three different styles. (New Athens, IL)
Views: 242702 Chris Talley
Banjo for beginners - play Cripple Creek!
Very first steps towards playing Cripple Creek in Scruggs style............. More free videos at http://jofflowson.com Cripple Creek demo starts at 10:00 Cripple Creek Verse - High Part - Low Melody High Part - Low Melody Cripple Creek Chorus - Alternating Thumb Roll - Low Melody Alternating Thumb Roll - Low Melody This video shows how to play the low melody part Thumb plays 3rd string fretted on 2nd fret Index finger plays 2nd string open (unfretted) Thumb plays 5th string open Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 3rd string open Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 4th string fretted on 2nd fret Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 4th string open Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 4th string fretted on 2nd fret Middle finger plays 1st string open Thumb plays 3rd string open (rest - no note played) Thumb and middle finger play 'pinch' 1st and 5th strings at the same time, both open. (rest) Click here for part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTz8AtLAEAw
Views: 1056507 JoffLowson
Cripple Creek - Clawhammer Banjo
I learned this version (minus a few unnecessary embellishments) from Wayne Erbsen's classic 'Clawhammer Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus!' Be excellent to each other, and thanks for watching!
Views: 455 74VictorFranko
Cripple Creek- Clawhammer Guitar Demonstration
http://www.rhythmstrummer.com/technique-library.php Come on down to the site for more music, fun, and education. Don't worry, we'll practice WITH you. ;) Easy Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Lesson Learn more about Clawhammer Guitar from Steve Baughman over at our site. It's great fun, and easy. You'll also find tons of easy acoustic guitar lessons over there.
Views: 47189 RhythmStrummerDotCom
Beginner Clawhammer Lesson - Basic Lick
This Beginner Clawhammer Lesson will teach you a basic lick. This lick contains the basic right hand rhythm and technique that underpins almost everything you will play in clawhammer style. Find more clawhammer instruction by Brad Laird at http://www.freeguitarvideos.com/banjo/clawhammer/lessons.html
Views: 105764 FreeBanjoVideos
Deering Banjo Lessons - Clawhammer Method
Let Deering's own Barry Hunn guide you through the first stages of that mesmerizing sound they call Clawhammer! Part 2 is now available! https://www.deeringbanjos.com/blogs/banjo-playing-tips/the-clawhammer-method-part-two
Views: 239791 Deering Banjo Company
Banjo Blitz 42: Melody Transmutation for Cripple Creek
Today we begin to use left hand techniques to both preserve and mangle the basic Cripple Creek phrase we've been working on. Once you get used to swapping and exchanging left hand techniques, you can open the door to transforming a melody line. For the original Cripple Creek phrase, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFyUuaMbPaM Please consider subscribing and hitting that like button! That helps me keep the channel growing so I can deliver more free content! Support the channel by picking up a copy of my latest album: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tomandjonplayoldtimemusi2 Brad Leftwich says of our album, 'Sinful to Flirt,' "...a delightful collection of classic fiddle-banjo duets, played with energy, skill and respect for tradition!" The Banjo Newsletter reviewed the album and loved it. Dan Levenson says, "it reminds me of the old players and recordings I loved when starting out and old time was still old time. ... Don't miss this CD." Friends of American Old Time Music and Dance in the UK agrees that "...this CD is a little gem."
Views: 1914 Tom Collins
Cripple Creek (Clawhammer Banjo)
My attempt at clawhammer cripple creek.
Views: 750 campb450
Clawhammer banjo / Cripple Creek
A nice spring eve, a cold beer, and my new White mountain banjo.Just rockin' out to my version of cripple creek, not perfect, but sure alot O' fun :-) Please check out my CD "Bobby Langdon Old Time Clawhammer Banjo" on ITunes,Amazon,& CDbaby. Or check me out on Spotify. Thanks :-)
Views: 1986 Bobby Langdon
Clawhammer banjo-Cripple Creek
A foretaste of clawhammer banjo... Cripple creek
Views: 648 viktorleboss

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