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Chairem President Favorite Scenes volume 1: paraplegics, quadraplegic, polio, leg braces, amputee
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/152873976725050?id=10640 Since 1999, Chairem has brought you women with disabilities from around the world who are proud of themselves and allow you a look into their lives. Its hard to pin point all my favorites into one video so I have selected from my private clips to share with you. Many are no longer available and some have never been seen. Double amputee, multiple paraplegics, polio leg brace wearers and wheelers. This are all guaranteed to make your heart race. * Not all clips are shown in this sample from this 30 minute volume of the Chairem Internationals favorite scenes.
rayanne leather bound  and crutching ( Polio legs, paralysed foot)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/152935616325053?id=10640 Rayanne struggles to walk even with her post polio syndrome increasingly making walking more difficult. She has been told a wheelchair is more appropriate but she refuses. She feels leg braces would be better but has no money for them. Instead she is learning to bind her legs in leather to walk. This may be a short term solution but she is an incredible woman who strongly fights to retain her legs.
Mini Dwarf Pony Who Could Barely Walk Finally Gets To Run | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E05
Mini Dwarf Pony Who Could Barely Walk Finally Gets To Run | This mini dwarf pony was born barely able to walk, and she had to be carried everywhere and kept inside all the time so that she wouldn't hurt herself. Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition, watch how Pumpkin's family went above and beyond to give her new legs — and a new lease on life. Just WAIT until you see her adorable little gallop. To help with Pumpkin's ongoing care, you can support Twist of Fate Farm & Sanctuary: https://thedo.do/twistoffate. You can also keep up with Pumpkin on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/afelice16/. Love Animals? Subscribe: http://thedo.do/2tv6Ocd Follow The Dodo: Howl with us on Musical.ly: https://thedo.do/2qFkbGT Take a peek at our Snapchat: http://thedo.do/2gkVhsz ¿Hablas español?: https://thedo.do/2Hcg24s Love our Instagram: http://thedo.do/2agAEce Like us on Facebook: http://thedo.do/1dJ9lmn Follow us on Twitter: https://thedo.do/2Jast1M Read more on our site: http://thedo.do/KWDoNt For the love of animals. Pass it on. #thedodo #comebackkids #minipony
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Brenda simply eye candy  ( polio woman, transfers, crawling, feet)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/152813336225041?id=10640 Brenda arrives in a truck and transfers out to her wheelchair. One there she wheels towards the apartment and stops to remove her shoes and struggle to cross her legs in a seated position. Her legs are pliable and she can move them into incredible positions. Once inside she transfers to a sofa for some leg and foot attention before crawling and dragging herself across the floor to the bedroom to change. When she returns, she struggles onto the sofa and back into her wheelchair. She so carefully lifts each leg by grabbing her plants, making her feet, flop and dangle as she positions them under each other in a cross legged position.
Crippled woman walks at J2X
A woman crippled walks out of her wheelchair by the power of the Name, Jesus! #J2Xwest13 #lifechange #apostolicministry
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Pamela polio leg braces  in the sunshine
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/146109508922813?id=10640 Pamela is still getting use to her new leg braces. Today we find her on her bed before she transfers to a wheelchair. She collects her crutches and goes outside in the sunshine to show you how well she's doing. With old fashioned under arm crutches and a forearm crutch she displays her walking ability. There's nothing like the slow drag of a polio effected food across the cement as she tried to stable herself to complete each step. Then its a return to her wheelchair and back to the apartment for a rest on her bed.
KAFO Leg braces for Polio
Beautiful collection of KAFO's (calipers) I would like to share a collection of Beautiful KAFO - leg braces which I have downloaded from the internet and a few has been designed at our Medical Center. we are one of a leading manufacturers of Custom Leg Braces, we custom design all types of braces for polio, Paralysis, Post Operative braces........ Please contact us for any requirement related to KAFO Brace, Paraplegic Brace, Brace for Post operative support. My Care Prosthetics and Orthotics Medical Center 2-1-392/1/3/9, near fever hospital, tilaknagar road, nallakunta, hyderabad - 500044 Telangana State - India [email protected] [email protected] https://mycaremedicalcentr.wixsite.com/mycaremedicalcenter Contact No: +91 40 2762 6610 +91 99127 69656
Little boy helps crippled mother to walk on her deformed polio legs.
I wish she would get legbraces and real crutches, because she is falling down every few metres. She might hurt herself very badly :-(
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valentines day with you short leg crippled goddess.
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/145426309122631?id=10640 Valentine dressed in a sexy skirt displays her short hanging leg and foot for you. First a little lotion before putting on high heels and walking with a single crutch outside in the sun. I love watching the foot dancing on her short leg as she walks!
Woman Polio & Crippled
sin contenido Obsceno Lindas Place Presenta: Woman polio crippled * Beautiful European Woman Suffers Ankle Sprain 2017 * Beautiful woman with polio seduces the eyes of men.
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Cleo meets Cinderella ( paraplegic woman wheelchair transfer, paralysed legs)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153531568025206?id=10640 Cleopatra dressed so beautifully, long silent legs so beautiful displayed for your attention in a slinky evening dress. She embodies beauty as she transfers to sofa to adorn her nails with paint. Then its to her bedchamber to undress, give her legs some wonderful attention just for you before changing into the clothes of Cinderella. Today is house cleaning and she slips into her working world clothes and invites you to keep her company as she sweeps and does many other chores that you would enjoy watching if she was in your home, being your companion and personal paraplegic housekeeper.
cleo exploring new heights (Paraplegic woman struggles with staircase, transfers leg manipulation)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/153238427825113?id=10640 We gave Cleopatra the Stair challenge. She masters the struggle out of her wheelchair and up and down the stairs until one problem becomes a major obstacle when her foot gets stuck between two stairs. I know I'd love to rescue that crippled foot.
rayannes days of walking are numbered ( crutches, polio legs, pretty feet)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/144156536022169?id=10640 Rayanne has fought a good fight against the polio that has weakened her leg since childhood. We've watched her terrible limp grow since being a Chairem Woman till today. Now she is struggling to learn to use crutches full time as her polio effected leg can no longer hold her weight and is painfully ravaged by Post polio Syndrome. Without a proper brace, she cant trust the leg log to buckle under her while walking so she has taken to just letting it hang. Soon, that leg will atrophy and be totally useless but for now, it's still beautifully contoured, soft and loving. See all polio women here: http://chaireminternational.tv/category/polio/
Pamelas her new pair of Polio Leg Braces
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/143975393222114?id=10640 With utmost gratitude to a Long time Chairem Fan, Pamela presents the new legbraces and crutches purchase by one of her greatest fans. Not cosmetic or imitation braces but the real thing. True orthotic braces intended to aid in Pamelas walking now that she's struggling with years on her crutches and ever so weak legs. She transfers off the bed in a great little tight filling top/shirt combination that displays her braces so nicely. Then she wheels out to the part where she uses the underarm crutches and struggles to navigate using the forearm crutches. A brand no experience for Pamela who has never used braces in her life and a great new look for her as well. Who can resist watching a polio woman in leg braces? Look at all movies from Pamela here: http://chaireminternational.tv/category/polio/pamela/
Donna expressions in beauty (woman in polio leg braces walking and showing her legs)
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/152693074325029?id=10640 We're graced to spend time with Donna who walks so carefully to the stairs to show how she is challenged by them. Then its a walk outside to a beautiful spot in the sun where she reaches out to you for assistance to sit in the cool grass. There, she removes her braces and manipulates her legs and feet by hand, applying lotion so calmly and generously for your pleasure. With you assistance she'll stand again and walk for you once more, slowly swinging each steel clad leg through the grass.
Crippled Lillianas paralysed polio leg banquette
PURCHASE HERE; http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/144284424622194?id=10640 Lilliana doesnt mind showing you her legs. She knows that she's not the most attractive woman but somehow she has found new beauty in herself knowing that wonderful men find her legs so attractive. Lilliana shares her legs and braces in a feast.
Polio crippled girl crawling upstairs,
Russian girl drags her deformed feet and legs up two flights of stairs.
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polio soft women's legs
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Angie with leg braces
Angie with leg braces
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Her polio arm crippled legs
PURCHASE IT HERE: https://chaireminternational.tv/2016/05/14/new-polio-rental-download-3/ This young polio cripple has learned how to get the most out of her weak withered arm and her legs wrapped in steel and hard plastic. She's a delight and we call her Sissy.
Polio Woman Leg Brace wheelchair high heel 5
Polio Woman leg brace wheelchair high heel 5
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Polio Cripple Donna from pool to dinner out
FROM POOL TO DINNER OUT Cant you imagine sitting at the pool when you hear the metal clang of leg braces and suddenly an attractive woman struggling on a pair of full braces and crutches comes your way? You sit down and try to hide how excited you've become then suddenly she sits down and starts taking off her braces. Lifting and fondling her legs, she lowers herself to the cement and drags her body over to the pool. You can see her legs are useless, her feet are flaccid and motionless and your heart races. After she gets back onto her lounge chair and puts on her braces she disappears yet you find her after she's changed for the afternoon. She invites you to watch her and you return to the apartment where she changes into an incredible evening gown that complements those steel braces and soft muscle tone free legs and you head to the car where she gets in and you whisk her away for dinner. Its no dream -its the reality of this movie! OWN IT NOW: http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/142922629821835?id=10640
Polio Woman Brace Shoe 2
Polio Woman Brace Shoe 2
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Young girl crippled
Home video
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moments to tease and please polio woman in leg braces
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/147180205923191?id=10640 Delightfully playful, Donna plans on letting us enjoy some of her best attributes, those incredible polio legs and delicate and flaccid feet. After lowering herself to the floor to pull herself over to collect her crutches, Donna once more lifts herself onto a chair to put on braces. This time, its only one brace so she can show us how she walks with one and struggles to drag along her weaker leg. Oh my, how that paralyzed foot is a problem for her, hanging, dragging across the floor and with all her effort, how she struggles to flop it into place when it gets tangled up. When she switches things up and puts on a pair of long white socks, I can feel my blood pressure go up!
Beautiful Indian polio girl
Newly wed polio girl with a short leg and HKAFO's.
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Beautiful polio woman
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braced leg 2
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the sight of a polio leg brace woman
PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/141202122821227?id=10640 THE SIGHT OF A BRACED WOMAN How is it that the loss of movement you see her getting out of a car. Your heart races and your eyes are fixed on her every cumbersome movement. You watch from afar as she walks, swinging each steel and leather wrapped leg as the crutches carry her weight. Your mind wonders wondering how useful those legs are, can she move them, can she move her feet? You think to yourself how wonderful it would be to spend time with her, watching her remove her braces and to feel your heart pound in your chest as she picks up each useless leg to put on or take off her nylons and shoes and the cols steel that allows her to walk. Beautiful Donna allows you to follow her and watch her walk as she goes inside and prepares for you the opportunity to sit with her as she loves her body and provides her polio paralyzed legs the devotion they so much deserve.
show me your Polio crippled legs
This lovely polio big breasted babe love showing off her polio ravaged legs. I love watching her try to walk and how her legs bend BACKWARD! Own it and love it! OWN IT HERE: https://youtu.be/D56C2O6O9Yw
Polio crippled girl working on farm.
Pretty polio crippled girl dragging her lifeless legs over the farm helping with the crops.
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POLIO Pamela  cripple leg flop
PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/125589464212344?id=10640 POLIO CRIPPLE LEG FLOP I'm awake and waiting for you in the bedroom. I stretch and throw back the covers to expose my legs. I lift them and twist them over the top of the sheets so you can admire them. Now its time to stand and swing my body on my crutches to the living room. Walk with me to the bathroom shower wont you? Hold my crutches while I have a shower and watch the water roll down my twisted back and polio legs. It's very hot in my little bathroom, excuse me as I walk past you in the doorway. were you watching my crippled polio leg flopping as I passed you and as we walk up the hallway? I know you have a smile and are enjoying what you see, now come with me to the bedroom. I'll lower myself to the floor to dry off and quick, close your eyes while I change my clothes. Here we are, ready for more Polio Leg Flopping. approx 21 minutes
mercedes crippled Polio  legs
PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/124863514711482?id=10640 THE CRIPPLED LEGS OF MERCEDES "Hello, I am Mercedes. Delicia has invited me to join Chairem and I am excited of the opportunity. The women of Chairem are so beautiful and I feel I want to be part of this wonderful family. I was sick from polio very young and it leaves my legs so very weak. My right arm is also weak in compared to my left. I want to show you the condition of my legs and feet so I take you for a walk and also up and down stairs so you can discover my disability. I am excited to share my world with you and am so interested in learning more about people who have special love for disabled women like me. Thank you for your support, I hope your support will let me join Chairem." Translated for Mercedes by Delicia approx 16 minutesB
Bob Edwards Crutchman Polio and paraplegic women tape 39
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/150811424524473?id=10640 THIS IS A HUGE 3.5 GB FILE!!! From the Crutchman collection. Tape #39 is a full collection of paraplegics and polio leg brace wearing women who Bob Edwards collected randomly over the years. Check out the bare legs and feet that transfer into a tub... WOW!
paraplegic goddess- wheelchair transfers, paralysed legs, crippled feet and toes
PURCHASE HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/145298443322543?id=10640 Primavara is one of our most successful and beautiful paraplegics. Here she transfers to her bed to love her legs and feet, then dress for you. She transfers to the floor, displays her legs and feet before pulling herself back into her wheelchair. Then its time to wheel to the living room to put on some incredibly sexy high heels with the intent of blowing you away. Another floor transfer and wonderful long looks at those incredible paralyzed feet.
darling polio leg braces
This polio crippled shows how she walks in braces and how its a struggle to walk without one, then both of them. Great polio legs, floppy feet and a nearly useless arm! Own it on your Use tube account or buy and download from our page. BUY AND DOWNLOAD HERE: http://chaireminternational.tv/2016/03/13/new-polio-rental-download/
PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/138687865620268?id=10640 PARAPLEGIC BRACE PALS 2 Beautiful young paraplegics who share fun and their pride in being Chairem Women. Loreena's friend is resting on the sofa when a knock at the door comes. Anastasia walks with great care to the door to answer and discover Loreena waiting for her. Together they walk into the living room where they sit and "enjoy" each others special company. Loreena has a wonderful foot treat planned for Anastasia but the surprises dont end there. One after they other, together they leave and go to the bedroom. The friend helps Loreena out of her braces and slowly touches Loreenas feet and legs, she warms them with her gentle hands and looks for signs of life in Loreena's paralyzed legs. Has an additional year of therapy helped Loreena regain movement or strength in those wonderful legs? You'll have to wait and see what her friend discovers... approx 22 minutes
Polio crippled crystals first wheelchair
OWN IT HERE: http://ppv.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/145668795922685?id=10640 Crystals excited because a Chairem Fan bought her the first wheelchair she has ever owned. Hand crutching across th floor she gets on her bed to prepare her legs for the big day, then crawls across the floor to the dining room where she puts on shoes. Then its out the door, down the stairs, struggling in her unique way to the new wheelchair waiting for her. I love her unique way of using her hand blocks to walk and how her useless legs look once shes in her wheelchair.
Asian woman polio disabled 2017
No obscene content Lindas Place Features: Beautiful Asian woman walking on crutches, her beautiful feet to the look of men. His tenderness reflected in barefoot 2017.
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meet polio crippled linda1
PURCHASE HERE http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/ppvlnk/purchase/add/grp/138127348420086?id=10640 Meeting Linda Linda is an incredibly sweet polio survivor who is presently thinking about joining Chairem International. Her left leg is polio effected more than the right yet neither are what we would consider strong. What Linda is facing now is the horror of trying to overcome Post Polio Syndrome. You'll see that Linda drags her left leg rather than lifting it as much as possible. This is because of the extreme pain and weakness she is encountering. Linda has even offered to walk without her crutches for a brief moment to show you the challenge she faces. Your purchases will help Linda buy a wheelchair to use as she is finding that using crutches is only exaggerating her disability. Approx 16 minutes 623 MB
Polio Woman Leg brace Draging wedge heel 6
Polio Wonan Leg brace wedge heel drading 6
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