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Hecla Mining Demo- Greens Creek Mine, Alaska
Just another day at the Greens Creek Mine in Alaska! http://www.hecla-mining.com/index.php http://www.odpn.ca
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Scott Hartman, President of Hecla Greens Creek addresses Juneau Chamber of Commerce
Scott Hartman, President and General Manager of Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company addresses the Juneau Chamber of Commerce about North America's largest silver mine and its plans for continued investment for extending the life of the mine, May 3, 2012.
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Executive Interview - Hecla Mining Co
Hecla Mining Company (NYSE.HL) is the largest primary silver producer in the US, one of the lowest-cost producers and a growing gold producer. The company owns one primary silver mine in Alaska (Greens Creek) and another in Idaho (Lucky Friday), as well as the Casa Berardi gold mine in Quebec. It expects to produce 10.5Moz of silver and 185koz of gold in 2015. In this interview CEO Phillips S Baker, Jr gives a detailed account of the company’s main projects and the outlook for 2015 and beyond.
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Stand for Alaska
Learn more at StandForAK.com Paid for by Stand for Alaska, 200 West 34th Avenue, PMB 1219, Anchorage, AK 99503. Marleanna Hall, chair, Aaron Schutt, co-chair, Jaeleen Kookesh, co-chair, and Joey Merrick, co-chair, approved this message. Top contributors are ConocoPhillips Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, Hecla Mining Company Juneau, Alaska, and Kinross Fort Knox, Fairbanks, Alaska.
Gastineau Mill at A.J. Mine in Juneau
Got permission from the landowner to do an amazing winter hike up to his property and do a Thesis Project photoshoot. This was absolutely exciting!
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MSHA Begins Filing Citations Against Hecla For Miner's Death
The Mine Safety Health Administration has issued its first citations in connection with the death of Lucky Friday miner Larry Marek, who was killed April 15 when a tunnel he was working in collapsed. KXLY4's Jeff Humphrey reports.
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Treadwell gold mine
Treadwell Gold Mine is on Douglas Island in Juneau Alaska
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Aaron Schutt: Why I Stand for Alaska
Paid for by Stand for Alaska, 200 West 34th Avenue, PMB 1219, Anchorage, AK 99503. Marleanna Hall, chair, Aaron Schutt, co-chair, Jaeleen Kookesh, co-chair, and Joey Merrick, co-chair, approved this message. Top contributors are ConocoPhillips Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, Hecla Mining Company Juneau, Alaska, and Kinross Fort Knox, Fairbanks, Alaska.
Coeur Mining - Purpose Statement
Our purpose statement at Coeur is, We Pursue a Higher Standard. Everything we do is fueled by this statement; it is our foundation and inspiration for our actions every day. At Coeur, we PROTECT our people, places and planet, DEVELOP quality resources, growth and plans, and DELIVER impactful results through teamwork.
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Lucky Friday Mine back in business
Hecla Mining Company reported Tuesday that the Lucky Friday Mine, shut down since January 2012, has resumed operations and production. KXLY4's Ian Cull reports.
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About the Proposed Ballot Initiative
Paid for by Stand for Alaska, 200 West 34th Avenue, PMB 1219, Anchorage, AK 99503. Marleanna Hall, chair, Aaron Schutt, co-chair, Jaeleen Kookesh, co-chair, and Joey Merrick, co-chair, approved this message. Top contributors are ConocoPhillips Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, Hecla Mining Company Juneau, Alaska, and Kinross Fort Knox, Fairbanks, Alaska.
Hecla: Lucky Friday rehiring to begin in July
There's light at the end of the tunnel for Silver Valley miners after Hecla announced Thursday they'll begin calling miners back to work in July. KXLY4's Jeff Humphrey reports.
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Juneau's Hidden History - Forum@360
Joe McCabe and Brian Weed, originators of the popular Hidden History Facebook page, talk about exploring early mines, hydroelectric facilities and pre-World War II installations which were crucial to Juneau’s early development and have been forgotten by the passage of time. They’ll also discuss the ethics of responsible exploring and how to do it safely.
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alaska mining at its best must see
dump truck wheelies
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Images of Alaska's mining past
J. Jason Lazarus explores Alaska's wilderness looking for abandoned mining sites to capture their imagery and stories in ghostly photos. Read the full article on Alaska Dispatch News: http://j.mp/1xD8IEL
Greens Creek - 2013
Boys, Guns and a 4x4...you do the maths
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Hello and welcome to my channel. While traveling on the South Klondike Highway from Carcross Yukon to Skagway Alaska, you will notice the old mining structures. Those are the Venus Mine Mill on your left and looking up the steep hill on your right you will see the ore tramway towers from 1906 mining operation. There were two newer mines operating in 1970-1979 and have been rehabilitated. Inspired by the book Fractured Veins & Broken Dreams written by Murray Lundberg, I explored what was left from the old days. Time however has left its mark on the aging mining structures. This video presentation captures the mining history in the Yukon. Please subscribe to my channel and become a supporter.
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Introduction to Juneau's mining history while standing at an abandoned mining flume
Juneau is a town founded because of Gold found in Gold Creek. I am standing next to the Perseverance Trail which is Alaska's first road from Juneau to Gold Mines up the Canyon. Historical references of the Gold Mine era in Juneau can still be seen everywhere today if you know what to look for.
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Red Dog Mine Benefits
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A Video of The Crew I worked with @ Red Dog mine In Alaska. A Lead and zinc mine located deep in the interior of Alaska. I'm told its the biggest operational lead zinc mine in Alaska Well thats what the shirts say anyways LOL. So I've took upon myself to make this little series of videos and pics for us all to remember the experience. Thanks everyone, ya'll are way cool it was fun and challenging season, we'll meet again someday. Hope you enjoy this Lil. series of vids. This concludes My fourth season with PAA River, Definitely a challenging one form perspective but extremely successful, lost a couple good men but gained a couple at the same time, righty'o Good Job Everyone, atta boy, and all that good shit, we'll see ya around eh, adios por ahora, good bye well see ya around
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1930s Juneau scenes
Filmed in the early 1930s by glaciologist William O. Field, this clip contains images of a man repairing a boat motor, unidentified men aboard a fishing vessel with another unidentified man at the helm, AJ Mine and Juneau waterfront, Juneau streets and shops, cars on Juneau streets, and Juneau docks. (Silent/B&W/35mm) This sequence contains excerpts from AAF-21000 from the William O. Field Papers collection held by the Alaska Film Archives, a unit of the Alaska and Polar Regions Collections & Archives Department in the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks. For more information please contact the Alaska Film Archives.
Abandoned Mines
- by Abby Lowell / Juneau Empire Jeff DeFreest gives a little information about abandoned mines in Southeast Alaska.
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Underground at Buckhorn
Underground at Buckhorn with Jennings Capital
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Slate Lake Facility
This is a rainy day video of the Slate lake Facility being constructed at the Kensington Mine.
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Alaska Business Roundtable presents Coeur.
Coeur President and CEO Mitchell Krebs and Coeur Alaska Kensington Gold Mine General Manager Wayne Zigarlick address the Alaska Business Roundtable regarding operations at the Kensington Gold Mine April 12, 2012.
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Greens Creek Mine's wastewater discharge into Hawk Inlet
Video shows dead Dungeness Crabs next to the diffuser carrying wastewater from the Greens Creek into Hawk Inlet in Southeast Alaska.
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Exploring Multi Level Silver Mine Shafts And Tunnels In Large Mine
Miles of tunnels and 600 feet of mine shafts and ladders in abandoned California silver and gold mine. Long video covers part of a 6 hour trip underground.
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Drilling in an Alaskan Gold Mine
Took an excursion to a gold mine in Juneau and got to see how mine workers built and worked in the mines. This was one demonstration.
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Discovery SE Outdoor Explorers: Treadwell Ditch Trail
This was the first day of the 2010 Outdoor Explorers program with Discovery Southeast in Juneau, Alaska. It is a weekly program that runs through the summer, taking kids out hiking around Juneau for five days in a row. www.discoverysoutheast.com
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A short video promoting the University of Alaska Fairbanks Mining Department. Something made from pictures of kids during the yearly event "Engineering Week" help on campus. Enjoy.
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UAA Engineering: Pogo Gold Mine, 2007
UAA Mechanical Engineering student Brian Gwaltney working at the Pogo Gold Mine in Alaska drilling for samples and processing during the Summer 2007.
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greens creek.3gp
winter 2012
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Exploring the Abandoned Lamplight Tunnel
This mine is roughly 1200ft in length and is within close proximity of the Reuben Mine. The Lamplight tunnel was dug in the early 1900's and was worked as recently as the 1960's. You'll see in the video that the walls of this tunnel are covered in flow-stone which takes years to form, pretty cool! Please note; This is not the real name of this mine, if you MUST know the real name please contact me privately.
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Greenscreek Mill
This is one of the Ball Mills at the Greenscreek Mine. This mine employees several hundred people and contributes substantial funds to local economy by way of taxes, purchases and payroll.
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The Hubbard Gold Mines: Exploring a Dark, Flooded, Abandoned Gold Mine Near Julian, CA (Part 1)
The Hubbard Mines are located back in Chariot Canyon near Banner, CA. They are all connected to one another through an endless maze of tunnels, shafts, and stopes.
Dumping Toxic Waste into Hawk Inlet
Video from the contractor who performs a visual inspection of the diffuser spewing contamination into Hawk Inlet from the Greens Creek Mine in Admiralty Island National Monument. Video tapping the diffuser was a requirement of the discharge permit issued by the State of Alaska. Visual inspection is no longer required. This video segment is from the 2008 Fall inspection. It shows diffuser ports number 10 and 11. There are 15 ports on the pipe. The waste being pumped into Hawk Inlet is treated contact water from the mine dump and operations. It is several times more contaminated than what would be protective of aquatic life and is acutely toxic. Alaska allows a variance from the protective standards called a "mixing zone". 1.4 million gallons of contaminated water is dumped in Hawk Inlet per month. Contaminants include mercury, cadmium, copper, zinc, and lead. It has added over 33 pounds of dissolved lead and 143 pounds of zinc into the environment since full scale operations began in 1989.
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Clear creek alaska - green boat
Heading up clearly creek off the talkeetna river. Alaska. July 2014
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Recorded on October 19, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.
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Greens Creek 4
Description Single-track trail
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