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Impact of sand mining | Sumaira Abdulali | TEDxXIE
Sand mining is a threat to the environment. In this talk, Sumaira Abdulali, a bold and determined environmentalist, addresses it's ill effects and the changes one can bring about to reduce the impact of illegal sand mining on nature. She is the founder of the NGO Awaaz Foundation and the Convener of the Movement against Intimidation, Threat and Revenge against Activists (MITRA). She is from a family of environmentalists, and is pioneer to many movements against noise pollution and illegal sand mining in India. Her bold ideas, determination and her compassion for the environment is what that inspires her to achieve her goals. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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CBI Asked To Be Involved In Alleged Illegal Beach Sand Mining Claim
VV Mineral Vaikundarajan reveals that his competitors will go to any lengths to deface VV Minerals. He says first they got the collector of Tuticorin to claim an illegal beach sand mining scam. Then they alleged VV Minerals has connections with politicians and now they claim that the committee set up by the state government may be on its way to give us acquittal. However, none of it has any roots in reality.
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The World Is Slowly Running Out Of Sand
I never thought of sand as a non-renewable resource, but there's only a limited supply: and to make things worse, it keeps getting washed into the sea. At Cape May, New Jersey, the US Army Corps of Engineers have just finished rebuilding a beach: here's why. Thanks to the folks from the Corps for showing me around! There's more about their project here: http://www.nap.usace.army.mil/Missions/Factsheets/Fact-Sheet-Article-View/Article/490778/new-jersey-shore-protection-cape-may-inlet-to-lower-township/ I'm at http://tomscott.com on Twitter at http://twitter.com/tomscott on Facebook at http://facebook.com/tomscott and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo CAMERA AND DRONE OP: Osprey Perspectives, http://www.ospreyperspectives.com/ EDITOR: Michelle Martin, @mrsmmartin And thanks to Elmo Keep for linking to the article that inspired this video! REFERENCES: Leatherman, S., Zhang, K. and Douglas, B. (2000). Sea level rise shown to drive coastal erosion. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 81(6), p.55. Peduzzi, P. (2014). Sand, rarer than one thinks. Environmental Development / United Nations Environmental Program, 11, pp.208-218. : http://www.unep.org/pdf/UNEP_GEAS_March_2014.pdf Zhang, G., Song, J., Yang, J. and Liu, X. (2006). Performance of mortar and concrete made with a fine aggregate of desert sand. Building and Environment, 41(11), pp.1478-1481. Beiser, V. (2015). The Deadly Global War for Sand. Wired. https://www.wired.com/2015/03/illegal-sand-mining/ Beiser, V. (2016). The World’s Disappearing Sand. The New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/23/opinion/the-worlds-disappearing-sand.html
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What's the environmental impact of Cambodia's sand mining?
Sand mining is big business in Cambodia, and regional neighbour Singapore is a natural customer. For years it’s had extensive land reclamation projects.
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The Bloody Illegal World of Sand Mining | Talking Pictures
Photographer Adam Ferguson documents the environmental and human costs of illegal sand mining in India where rapid growth fuels a sometimes violent black market for one of the most basic raw building materials. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 CONNECT WITH WIRED Web: http://wired.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/WIRED Facebook: https://facebook.com/WIRED Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/wired Google+: https://plus.google.com/+WIRED Instagram: http://instagram.com/WIRED Tumblr: http://WIRED.tumblr.com Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene: http://bit.ly/subthescene ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. The Bloody Illegal World of Sand Mining | Talking Pictures Photographer: Adam Ferguson
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Sand mining causes erosion in India's beaches
Sand mining in Kerla has become a lucrative industry, with shores that were a decade ago as wide as a football field, now gone. Al Jazeera's Nidhi Dutt, reports from Kannur, Kerala.
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Exposing the Sand Mafia's of India | Foreign Correspondent
An expose of India's dangerous and illegal sand mining industry. We confront the sand mafia that's destroying the environment, and in some cases, leading to murder. About Foreign Correspondent: Foreign Correspondent is the prime-time international public affairs program on Australia's national broadcaster, ABC-TV. We produce half-hour duration in-depth reports for broadcast across the ABC's television channels and digital platforms. Since 1992, our teams have journeyed to more than 170 countries to report on war, natural calamity and social and political upheaval – through the eyes of the people at the heart of it all. Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC’s Online Terms of Use. This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel.
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Sand Mining: An Illegal Industry
Its not just drought and poor irrigation that's behind the severe hunger and starvation being witnessed in parts of Bundelkhand... In our special series What's Ailing Rural India, Archana Shukla explores the third major contributor to the crisis - illegal sand mining that's turning large tracts of fertile land into barrern waste..
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Coastal Battle Brewing Over Country's Last Beach Sand Mining Operation
There's a battle brewing on the Monterey County coast over the country's last sand mining operation. Len Ramirez reports. (3/30/16)
South Africa's Illegal Gold Mines
In the 1970s, South Africa was the world's most prolific exporter of gold. Over the years, industrial decline has seen widespread closures of the mines across the country. However, Johannesburg sits on the biggest gold basin ever discovered. It's perhaps not surprising that many of these abandoned mines have seen a recent boom in illegal mining activity. Everyday, hundreds of illegal gold miners, known as Zama Zamas, descend kilometers deep beneath the surface. The miners often spend weeks underground, toiling away at the country's untapped gold reserves. Observers have suggested that illegal mining is now so widespread, black-market gold arguably supports the communities once subsistent on the very same mines they worked in before they shut down. The lack of policing in the mines has seen the practice go on largely unabated. However, in the absence of law enforcement, the extensive network of abandoned mines beneath the region has become an arena to deadly gang warfare between rival factions. VICE News visited illegal mines near Johannesburg, to meet the Zama Zamas risking life and limb everyday in the violent struggle for South Africa's illegal gold. Check out the VICE News beta for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/
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Kerala Beach Sand Mining: 17 Year Old's Viral Video Throws Light On Beach Sand Mining in Kerala
An important anti-mining campaign by a bunch of villagers in Alappad, Kerala was brought to public spotlight through the video of a 17 year old class 12 student. Read more: https://bit.ly/2TZ55sN Watch More Trending Videos: RTI applicants receive condoms instead of replies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJUixEedAV8&list=PLrDg7LoYgk9wv_QK-mHWFxTf8Y52LVsNB&index=3 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh gets life imprisonment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hysRPoNotGM&list=PLrDg7LoYgk9wv_QK-mHWFxTf8Y52LVsNB&index=4 Mumbai | BEST Union Workers 9-Day Strike Ends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzaxPHKXX5M&index=7&list=PLrDg7LoYgk9wv_QK-mHWFxTf8Y52LVsNB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/IndianExpressOnline Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indianexpress Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/indianexpress Download the Indian Express app at https://indianexpress.com/apps/ 🡆Watch more videos at https://www.indianexpress.com/videos
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Banaskantha: Caught Illegal beach sand mining by Mamlatdar | Vtv News
Banaskantha: Caught Illegal beach sand mining by Mamlatdar. Download VTV Gujarati News App at https://goo.gl/2LYNZd VTV Gujarati News Channel is also available on other social media platforms...visit us at http://www.vtvgujarati.com/ Connect with us at Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/vtvgujarati/ Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/vtvgujarati Join us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+VtvGujaratiGaurav/ Join us at LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/vtv-gujarati
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Illegal Sand Mine destroys river bank!
Residents are fuming over the illegal sand mine that popped up at the Keerom river bank, as the municipality sits with their hands folded. Middelburg, South Africa.
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How Sand Mining Impacts Ecosystem
Sand is in high demand in the construction sector. By 2020, 1.4 billion tonnes of sand will be required in India. Illegal and unscientific sand mining, however, adversely impact biodiversity and groundwater recharge besides increasing risks of flooding. This video gives details of the sand mining sector.
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Illegal Beach Mineral Mining Scam English Version
Illegal Beach Mineral Mining, has been the most debated issue in media, since last few months in Tamilnadu, India. Now, a group of men, headed by Daya Devadass, who himself is a convicted illegal miner, who have planned this conspiracy has been exposed by video evidences. This video shows how few evil minded men can be the reason for the temporary closure of an entire industry, leaving more than 50,000 people jobless. Watch this video, and please convey your comments, share with your friends...let the evil get exposed, and let the truth prevail..
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Illegal mining on Kerala's coast
NDTV investigates illegal sand mining along Kerala's coastline and the political official nexus behind it, as the state is robbed of its beaches.
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"Beach-Sand Mining In The Kollam Coast"-Keralapadangal 4,October 2012 Part 2
Story:Beach-Sand Mining In The Kollam Coast and mafia behind this Anchor:Madhupal
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Sand Mafia: Illegal sand mining whistleblower threatend in Tamil Nadu
News X has been running a campaign on how our natural resources are being stolen. Today we bring you another story from Tamil Nadu. The whistle-blower of illegal beach sand mining is seeking police protection after his revelation against sand mafia in Tamil Nadu. B. Srikumar brings this report from Chennai. -- For More information on this news visit : http://www.newsx.com/ Connect with us on Social platform at : http://www.facebook.com/newsxonline Subscribe to our YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/newsx
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மிரட்டலை எதிர்கொள்ளும் பத்திரிக்கையாளர் | Sandhya Ravishankar Explores Illegal Beach Sand Mining
Check out Sandhya Ravishankar's exclusive interview for Nakkheeran viewers. Subscribe to Nakkheeranwebtv http://bit.ly/1Tylznx Social media links Google+ : http://bit.ly/1RvvMAA Facebook: http://bit.ly/1Vj2bf9 Twitter: http://bit.ly/21YHghu Nakkheeranwebtv Official YouTube Channel is managed by Culture Machine Media Pvt ltd
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Brown Gold - Documentary on illegal sand mining
A contemporary issue in the country i.e. "Illegal Sand Mining" or as we like to call it "BROWN GOLD" of our country. It reflects the situation of how great impact this issue has on the country, how it has benefited fewer and affected larger no.of people, and..well let's not give away everything because better watch than read, so here you go. Like, Share and give your feedback in the comment section.
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Years of illegal sand mining take its toll on Tuticorin coast, shore line eroding
People from Viapar, a coastal village in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin district, say they have never seen sea waves reach so close to their homes. Several neighbouring villages echo the same story as years of illegal mining have led to heavy beach erosion across the region.
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Illegal Sand Mining Is Not A Problem In Tamil Nadu Alone, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
The year 2013 was full of discoveries. A whole lot of illegal beach sand mining scams came to the surface and all involved by their own fault or others misunderstanding were brought under the governmental as well as the media radar. However, it is interesting to see that not Tamil Nadu but other states have also been suffering from alleged illegal beach sand mining.
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Trimex beach sand project faces Illegal Mining allegation - ExpressTV
Trimex beach sand project faces Illegal Mining allegation -------------------- ► Subscribe to http://goo.gl/l77O8d ► Follow us @ https://www.facebook.com/ExpressTV.in ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/expresstvindia ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/+expresstvindia ► Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/expresstv ► Visit us @ http://www.expresstv.in/
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CBI Enquiry Sought Into Illegal Beach Sand Mining, VV Mineral Stands Innocent
The allegation on VV Mineral about illegal beach mining of thorium is false. In all the enquiry conducted by CBI there was no evidence found about illegal heavy mineral mining. Even Supreme Court has cleared all the charges on VV Minerals and its owner Vaikundarajan.
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Not Just Beach Sand Mining But Various Reasons For Coastal Erosion: VV Mineral Vaikundarajan
Whether or not the beach sand mining on the coasts of Tamil Nadu was illegal is a matter that can be settled only after a thorough legal inspection. However, Vaikundarajan believes that it is unfair to blame the mining companies alone, of the coastal erosion observed on the shores of Tamil Nadu.
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Illegal Sand Mining Over The Years Does Not Take A Toll On Tuticorin Coast: VV Mineral
The company which was accused of illegal sand mining gets a green chit from the government as no evidences of illegal beach mining were discovered. VV Minerals is owned by S. Vaikundarajan and has been a successful heavy mineral mining company for several years.
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The crumbling coast: Mineral beach sand mining is eating away Kerala's Alappad
Residents of Alappad, a seaside village in Kollam, Kerala, have begun the #savealappad campaign to stop sand mining in their village which is resulting in large chunks of land getting wiped out –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ▶ Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/thenewsminute ▶ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNewsMinute/ ▶ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thenewsminute/ ▶ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thenewsminute ▶ Follow all latest stories by TNM here: https://www.thenewsminute.com ▶ Subscribe to The News Minute’s daily newsletter: https://tinyurl.com/TNMNewsletter
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IndiaTV Exclusive: Illegal sand mining in Pune, Solapur and Ahmednagar
IndiaTV Exclusive: Illegal sand mining in Pune, Solapur and Ahmednagar
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Illegal sand mining in Kerala
Following mining irregularities in Tamilnadu, Puthiyathalaimurai's exclusive investigation throws light on illegal sand mining on the beaches of Kerala CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR LATEST NEWS UPDATES http://puthiyathalaimurai.tv/
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VV Mineral Vaikundarajan Denies Involvement In Illegal Sand Beach Mining Activities
As per Mines and Minerals Act of 1957, the beaches of Orissa Sand Complex, Manavalakurichi in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu, have been identified as the main monazite bearing area in India. Over 2.1 million tons of monazite is said to have been processed from the beaches of India since 2014. VV Minerals India has been largely accused of illegal mining in the area without any substantial evidence. The founder of the company, S Vaikundarajan, stated that the company has operated within the legal boundaries and has not engagement in illegal beach mining.
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Vaikundarajan Defines How Beach Mineral Mining Is Different From Sand Mining
VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan explains the difference between Sand mining and heavy mineral mining. A lot of people have misconceptions about this industry, and some even believe that these two industries are one and the same. But this is not true, watch the presentation to find more details.
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No end to illegal sand mining at Chittor District
No end to illegal sand mining at Chittoor District
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News X: Government stays mum on Sand Mining in Tamil Nadu
The illegal beach sand mining in the southern coast of Tamil Nadu is very rampant and it has been going on with the blessings of govt at both the state and center. The bureaucrats are also hand in gloves with the sand mafia and are looting the nation of its mineral wealth in great extend. -- For More information on this news visit : http://www.newsx.com/ Connect with us on Social platform at : http://www.facebook.com/newsxonline Subscribe to our YouTube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/newsxlive
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Daya Devadass-The Man Behind Illegal Mineral Sand Mining-Exposed (Tamil Version)
Here is a man called Daya Devadass from Tamilnadu, India, who was caught of illegally mining 3.5 Million metric tons of minerals sands in Trichy (Tamilnadu, India), and his businesses were shut down by the Government officials. He tried his level best to bribe officials to start his business again. Failed..., he wanted to spoil every other organisations who are into the same business. He took the help of few retired IAS officials like V.Sundaram, Deva Shayam, and an University Professor Victor Rajamanickam, ex-Collector Ashish Kumar and created false cases against all the competitors of Daya Devadass, and it ended up..the entire sand minerals mining organisations closed down temporarily by a Government order leaving over 50,000 people jobless. This video footages proves how this evil gang meet in privacy and do their plan. Ofcourse it is obvious all are paid by Daya Devadass, as they take notes from him and speak what he want them to speak. Here they are giving interview for a TV channel, and speak their 'Heart' at times thinking the camera is off, thats and you could see the other side of this story. Let the world know, how evil people plan and work against the society. Jaihind.
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Illegal sand mining could be reaching Delhi's river shores
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High Court Raps Govt | on Illegal Sand Mining | in Telugu States
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Indian women's lonely battle against illegal sand mining
Sand mining or extraction of sand from rivers and sea is rampant in India. The Supreme Court has put a ban on indiscriminate sand mining but powerful mining groups operate in several Indian states breaking the law. In the southern state of Kerala where the practice is widespread a local woman has waged a lonely battle against the practice. Bismillah Geelani met her in New Delhi.
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Rampant Illegal Sand Mining In Baragarh
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No Mining Operations Handled Illegally By VV Mineral
Members of the Fishermen United Front, Tuticorin, have sought a CBI enquiry into the illegal beach sand mining to restrain the illegal activity. Members of the Fishermen United Front, Tuticorin, have sought a CBI enquiry into the illegal beach sand mining to restrain the illegal activity.
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Why illegal sand mining is profitable in UP? -2
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Illegal mining continues in forest land in Tamil Nadu
Shocking visuals of illegal sand mining in Tamil Nadu have emerged. A sand miner was seen driving away a herd of elephants. The man also resorted to stone pelting to chase them away. Listen in to know more! SUBSCRIBE NOW for more such videos ►http://bit.ly/2LesD8T For More Updates ► http://www.mirrornow.in Like us on Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/MirrorNow Follow us on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/MirrorNow
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How illegal sand mining affects health of village people? - Explained
How illegal sand mining affects health of village people? - Explained Connect with Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Online: SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Tamil news updates: http://bit.ly/1O4soYP Visit Puthiya Thalaimurai TV WEBSITE: http://puthiyathalaimurai.tv/ Like Puthiya Thalaimurai TV on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PutiyaTalaimuraimagazine Follow Puthiya Thalaimurai TV TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PTTVOnlineNews About Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Puthiya Thalaimurai TV (Tamil: புதிய தலைமுறை டிவி) is a 24x7 live news channel in Tamil launched on August 24, 2011.Due to its independent editorial stance it became extremely popular in India and abroad within days of its launch and continues to remain so till date.The channel looks at issues through the eyes of the common man and serves as a platform that airs people's views.The editorial policy is built on strong ethics and fair reporting methods that does not favour or oppose any individual, ideology, group, government, organisation or sponsor.The channel’s primary aim is taking unbiased and accurate information to the socially conscious common man.   Besides giving live and current information the channel broadcasts news on sports,  business and international affairs. It also offers a wide array of week end programmes.   The channel is promoted by Chennai based New Gen Media Corporation. The company also publishes popular Tamil magazines- Puthiya Thalaimurai and Kalvi.   The news center is based in Chennai city, supported by a sprawling network of bureaus all over Tamil Nadu. It has a northern hub in the capital Delhi.The channel is proud of its well trained journalists and employs cutting edge technology for news gathering and processing.
As per Captain of Port nearly 300 illegal canoes operate in Mandovi river in illegal sand extraction. Due to shortage of manpower it is not feasible for CoP to seize illegal canoes. Port has suggested government to outsource the jobs of seizing illegal canoes and cost of which may be borne by offenders. Department has informed about illegal canoes to Goa government during a meeting on sand extraction issue. The minutes of meeting has been submitted to Goa bench of Bombay high court. A meeting was held to discuss various issues related to sand mining. Under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary Dharmendra Sharma, this meeting was attended by Mines, captain of ports, GCZMA , Goa Bio Diversity board, State pollution control board, police and others related departments. As per minutes of the meeting Captain of ports inform that there are nearly 300 illegal canoes in Mandovi river alone. Such canoes were detained and later released upon imposing a pecuniary penalty of about ₹ 1500. Captain of ports further inform that it is not feasible for them to seize unregistered canoe due to shortage of manpower and lack of space. Port has suggested government to outsource the jobs of seizing illegal canoes on similar lines as done by RTO and cost of towing may be borne by offender. It was further suggested to explore possibility of amending ongoing rules or law for imposing serious action against the offenders. Similarly mines department has decided to use new software for monitoring sand extraction and transportation. Other measures like inspection, delegating powers to others departments to control illegal sand extraction, helpline numbers and flying squads have been taken by Goa government. The minutes of the meeting has been submitted to high court and on Wednesday likely to pronounce order on sand matter. PRUDENT MEDIA GOA | Most Popular Goa News Channel Check out latest news on Goa, Politics, Business, Cricket, Technology, Automobile, Lifestyle & Health and Travel. #Goa_news_channel #konkani_news #Konkani_Goa_News_Live_Today Subscribe on youtube ► https://goo.gl/taiJmn More on https://www.prudentmedia.in
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No Associations Seen Between Supposed Beach Sand Mining Baron Vaikundarajan And Jayalalitha
As the news flies that VV Mineral Vaikundarajan and Jayalalitha have links or connection with each other, this however is not true.
Views: 33 VV Mineral Mining
Illegal sand mining: 36 vehicles impounded in Rajasthan - Rajasthan News
Bharatpur (Rajasthan), Feb 26 (ANI): The Rajasthan Police on Monday seized vehicles involved in illegal sand mining from Rajasthan's Banas River. In total, 36 trailers have been seized by the Bayana Circle Police while earlier in the day, 11 more trailers had been seized during search. -------------------------------------- Subscribe now! Enjoy and stay connected with us!! ☛ Visit our Official website: http://www.aninews.in/ ☛ Follow ANI News : https://twitter.com/ANI ☛ Like us: https://www.facebook.com/ANINEWS.IN ☛ Send your suggestions/Feedback: [email protected]
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Chinese Mining Sand from Lake Victoria, Illegal or Legal?
Wakiso district chairman Matia Lwanga Bwanika has rubbished reports that he connived with other district counselors to endorse a Chinese firm to mine sand on the shores of Lake Victoria. Last year district officials and the national environment authority had blocked the mango Tree group from excavating sand on grounds that the activities had negative impact on the eco-system of the lake shore.
Views: 1289 NBS TV Uganda