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3. Kennecott Eagle Mine: The Checkered Past of Kennecott Minerals
Is past behavior an indicator of what Michigan can expect? A review of some of Kennecotts previous mining projects. National Wildlife Federation works on protecting wildlife and wild places. To learn more go to http://bit.ly/1366fHf
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Tom Casperson Gives Pro-Kennecott Speech at "Jobs" Rally
Former State Representative, Tom Casperson gives a Speech at a "Jobs" Rally, in Marquette, Michigan. Casperson claims that Rio Tinto opponents say "we are evil" and "are taking our very way of life away from us."
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WAVE Players Lampoon Corrupt Michigan Officials, Politicians, Crooked Sulfide Mining Company
(Marquette, MI) - A new environmental group, WAVE (Wave Action Vital Earth) is the action arm of Save The Wild U.P. The battle continues in 2011 to stop the Rio Tinto/Kennecott Minerals Sulfide "Acid" Mine on the Yellow Dog Plains in a remote area in north Marquette County near Lake Superior and the tiny hamlet of Big Bay, MI. The WAVE Players have decided to use humor -- because the real facts (keep reading) are enough to make honest people cry. Documents have revealed a possible criminal conspiracy between the state of Michigan, Kennecott Minerals and Rio Tinto. Not something unusual for the international mining giant Rio Tinto, whose minions are charged with a wide range of crimes across the globe including bribery, violating environment laws and human rights violations. "Rio Tinto was complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity," stated the residents of the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea in a lawsuit filed against Rio Tinto. In China, Rio Tinto bosses were arrested for bribery -- a practice the company has used in many projects in order to get politicians, police, prosecutors and judges on their side. So why then -- did the state of Michigan decide to get into a toxic bed of sulfuric acid with Rio Tinto - including blatantly violating treaties with the Ojibwa/Anishinaabe -- with plans to destroy sacred Eagle Rock (an ions old Native American outdoor church). In addition to crimes, all mines opened by Kennecott Minerals have serious environmental problems. MI Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm (Dem.) and Attorney General Mike Cox (State's top cop) refused to answer questions about a financial connection with the mine owners. WAVE and other U.P. residents have asked the MI Attorney General Bill Schuette (Republican) to investigate a series of suspicious actions involving Rio Tinto and state officials. Those suspected of wrongdoing included employees of the MI Dept. of Environmental Quality, Gov. Granholm and her staff. Previous Attorney General Mike Cox (Republican) -- refused to investigate the allegations and refused to answer questions about his (or family) financial connections with the mining company. Will MI Attorney General Bill Schuette open a probe? Is it strange that MI Governor Granholm and the 7 candidates for her job (included Mike Cox, future Gov. Rick Snyder) all refused to reveal any financial connections of any kind with Rio Tinto, Kennecott Minerals and its subsidiaries, agents, lobbyists etc. All eight could have stated they have no financial connections - instead they refused comment. Why? Director, Videographer, Editor: Greg Peterson, Cedar Tree Institute Writers: Lillian Heldreth, Martha Bush Producers: WAVE, Lillian Heldreth, Martha Bush Cast: MI Gov. Rick Snyder (R): Rich Sloat (Rich is also channeling Ex-MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm, because her actions also fit the same part) MDEQ minion: Kristi Mills Kennecott crook loaded with cash: Lillian Heldreth WAVE official: Martha Bush Cop: Margaret Comfort Lawyer: Gene Champagne Doctor: Laura Nagel Guy off the Street: Phil Milkie Gal off the street : Rachel Giuliani Dog: Nutmeg, the Magnificent MI Attorney General Bill Schuette: (517) 373-1110 (Lansing Office) (517) 373-3042 (Fax) [email protected] www.michigan.gov/ag/0,1607,7-164-21153-51368--,00.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michigan_Attorney_General Rio Tinto accused of crimes against humanity by citizens of New Guinea: www.business-humanrights.org/Categories/Lawlawsuits/Lawsuitsregulatoryaction/LawsuitsSelectedcases/RioTintolawsuitrePapuaNewGuinea State expert Dr. David Sainsbury cited safety concerns about the Kennecott Minerals sulfide mine. The state lost his report until exposed by environment groups http://lakesuperiorminingnews.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/sainsbury-may-6-2006-report.pdf National Wild Life Federation (NWF) on safety concerns, state cover-up: Save the Wild U.P. Marquette, MI [email protected] www.savethewildup.org 906-228-4444 Kristi A. Mills, Director 906-250-3350 Adrian Bakker, Executive Secretary [email protected] SWUP Facebook www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20079015072 Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve Big Bay, MI 906-345-9223 [email protected] www.yellowdogwatershed.org Emily Whittaker, executive director [email protected] Cynthia Pryor, Sulfide Mining Campaign Director Wendy Johnson, Preserve Coordinator Chauncey "River Walker" Moran, Yellow Dog RiverrKeeper Concerned Citizens of Big Bay Big Bay, MI Gene Champagne, founder 906-345-9217 [email protected] www.nosulfidemine.com F. Michelle Halley, NWF attorney Marquette, MI 906-361-0520 [email protected] Cedar Tree Institute www.CedarTreeInstitute.org Rev. Jon Magnuson [email protected] 906-228-5494 906-360-5072 Greg Peterson Nonprofit Cedar Tree Institute, volunteer media advisor [email protected] 906-401-0109
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Produced by the Marion Power Shovel Company, this fascinating movie looks at copper and copper mining in the 1960s, when the American mines were at peak production and financial troubles loomed. The film looks at the future of mining, including the development of efficiencies to keep mines in business. Open pit mining techniques are shown, with a focus on the Southwest. At 2:00, Bingham Canyon and the Utah Mining Company pit (also known as the Kennecott Copper Mine) is seen. At 2:40, various open pit mines are seen which use either trucks or trains to remove ore. Although they are not named, it's likely that one of them is the Phelps-Dodge mine at Bisbee, Arizona. At 5:40, exploratory core drilling is shown. At 6:30, exploration programs are shown including at 6:43, an engineering team that maps mine development. Various drill systems are seen at 9:00, including the rotary drill. At 10:30, preparations are seen towards using explosives with the burying of dynamite and detonators for excavation. At 12:12, loading of explosives is seen with an emphasis on safe handling. At 14:51, a cage drill is shown in use allowing rocks to be drilled in the field (without being moved by shovels) for explosive removal. At 16:00, a small 4.5 yard bucket shovel is shown being used to move blast debris. At 16:00, a 6-yard loading shovel is seen. At 17:49, overburden waste from the pit is loaded on a train so that it can be moved and dumped at a remote area. At 18:50, a 13-yard shovel is seen in use with a large truck also in use. As the narrator explains, these large size equipment is needed to lower unit costs of copper, and are an economic necessity given the modern financial conditions. At 19:52, the motorized wheel principle of new types of mining trucks is seen, and the narrator comments that next generation trucks will carry over 100 tons of ore. At 22:55, a grader is seen working the mine roads, and the narrator comments about how tires wear out so quickly on the job that they account for up to 1% of mining costs. At 24:30, railroad trains are shown on the move at a mine, moving 60-125 ton per car loads. The narrator comments further on the use of railroads in pit mining. At 26:30, a large shovel is seen loading a train, sprinkling the loads with water to hold down dust. The large boulders in the loads make this type of work dangerous. At 27:16, ore loads are dumped into a crusher at a mill site. At 27:40, a rail waste dump into a slag pile is seen. At 28:00, a train-based grader is used to clear tracks of debris. The narrator notes that the mining railroads are some of the busiest in the USA and the world. At 28:44, new tracks are installed due to various demands, and mechanized railroad ballast systems are used for fast track installation. At 31:20, a skip hoist is seen being used to take ore from a deep, small pit to the surface. At 32:50, a series of leeching ponds is seen, with water percolated through the ponds to precipitate copper. At 34:00, a machine shop is seen at the mine, providing repair and maintenance services at the mine. At 35:40, a heavy repair part is unloaded at the mine using a power shovel. At 36:00, a research laboratory is seen at work, developing new uses of copper in the atomic and other industries. At 36:40, the IBM Ramac computer is seen. The IBM 305 RAMAC was the first commercial computer that used a moving-head hard disk drive (magnetic disk storage) for secondary storage. The film ends with a shot of a heap of pennies, with the narrator noting that the industry is working hard to expand production to fulfill future needs. The Bingham Canyon Mine, more commonly known as Kennecott Copper Mine, is extracting a large porphyry copper deposit southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, in the Oquirrh Mountains. The mine is the largest man-made excavation in the world and produced more copper than any other mine in history – more than 19 million tons. The mine has been in production since 1906, and has resulted in the creation of a pit over 0.6 miles (970 m) deep, 2.5 miles (4 km) wide, and covering 1,900 acres (770 ha). Marion Power Shovel Company was an American firm that designed, manufactured and sold steam shovels, power shovels, blast hole drills, excavators, and dragline excavators. The company was a major supplier of shovels for the construction of the Panama Canal. Founded in Marion, Ohio in August, 1884 as the Marion Steam Shovel Company, the company grew through sales and acquisitions throughout the 20th century. The company changed its name to Marion Power Shovel Company in 1946 to reflect the industry's change from steam power to diesel power. This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit http://www.PeriscopeFilm.com
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What is "Sulfide Mining"?
The mining industry hates the term, but Paula Maccabee explains why "sulfide mine" is a much more appropriate way to describe PolyMet's proposed project than "copper-nickel mine".
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Environmentalists Call Mining Plan OK "Premature"
A proposed northern Minnesota mining project that is politically and environmentally controversial has cleared a big hurdle, but still has a long way to go before construction can begin. On Thursday, Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources deemed the PolyMet mine’s Final Environmental Impact Statement “adequate”. The study and approval took six years. Leaders from Minnesota environmental organizations, and even Governor Mark Dayton, argue there is more work to be done. At a press conference, Dayton noted that with the approval of the PolyMet final environmental impact statement, government officials, PolyMet, and others can begin the real work of making sure the proposed Northmet copper mining project helps bolster Minnesota’s economy, while also preserving and sustaining the environment. PolyMet’s next steps are the completion of 23 permits at the local, state, and federal level. “That’s where the real environmental review, as far as I am concerned, is going to take place to determine that this is going to be a project that will be entirely as safe as humanly possible for the environment now and in the years to follow and furthermore, that the company will commit to the hard currency necessary to guarantee Minnesotans that if something were to go untoward during the life of the project, which is estimated to be about 20 years thereafter, that burden will not fall on Minnesota taxpayers. This rigor begins now and we’ll proceed from there,” Governor Dayton said.. Dayton says the state is also preparing for a lawsuit. He expects the losing side will sue. His administration will have final say on approving the project and he says he remains “genuinely undecided” on approving it. So environmental groups are urging concerned citizens to contact the governor to express their opinion. Minnesota environmentalists remain concerned that the proposed mine will have a longstanding effect of Minnesota’s waterways. “The DNR announced that they found the Environmental Impact Statement to be adequate. We are not surprised by that decision, but we are disappointed, because there is still a whole host of unresolved issues that Minnesotans have been bringing up over and over again,” said Aaron Klemz Advocacy Director for Friends of the Boundary Waters. Klemz called the DNR's OK "premature" and said the permitting phase of the project is not as transparent and could lead to "back room" discussions between regulators and PolyMet that the public will not be able to see. Klemz believes there are two main problems with the proposed mining project: the unknown direction of the waterflow and its potential impact on the Boundary waters, as well as the lack of protection for the 8,000 acres of wetlands found at the proposed mine site. According to the environmental impact statement, the proposed mine would cause 41,000 tons day waste rock, disturb 2,177 acres vegetation, and impact both lynx & wolves. It would also bring a total of 800 jobs to the area, of which 360 would be full-time, and the remaining would be temporary construction jobs. PolyMet is planning on mining for copper, nickel, and other precious metals for upwards of twenty years. The Sierra Club Northstar Chapter also released a statement today, “This determination is disappointing, given the enormous risks of PolyMet’s deeply flawed sulfide mine proposal and the many questions left unanswered by the Final Environmental Impact Statement. The FEIS failed to fully evaluate pollution risks and health impacts and shows that the project would pose an unacceptable threat to Lake Superior – degradation of surface water, groundwater, and wetlands, and harm to endangered and threatened wildlife,” says Margaret Levin, the Sierra Club State Director. The final environmental impact statement was a 3,500 page document. It received 58,000 comments from Minnesotans and was discussed by 4,000 Minnesotans in three public hearings held in 2014. The proposed mine site is in ...
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Eagle Mine makes new discovery
Eagle Mine has discovered a high-grade nickel-copper mineralization zone just over a mile east of the current Eagle deposit. Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/uppermichiganssource Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/wluctv6 Website | http://www.UpperMichigansSource.com Thanks for watching!
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Tell Rio Tinto to STOP precarious work
Around the world, Rio Tinto is attacking permanent jobs. They are stripping workers of pay and entitlements by moving them onto precarious contracts, leaving them vulnerable. STOP workers from being chewed up by the global mining giant. Tell Rio Tinto to STOP precarious work.
Palmer, MI
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During a Feb. 2 meeting of the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Ross Grunwald of GeoResource Management, presents preliminary plans for exploration by Highland Resources / Keweenaw Copper Co. at potential (and past) copper mining sites on the Keweenaw Peninsula.
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abandoned buildings & railroad tracks in a possible ghost town: henderson, michigan
looks like there might have been some sort of railroad loading station at one time, maybe for logging or something, but the tracks aren't used any more and there is not much else remaining. the small industrial building is a short way down the road from the field and the intersection with the old signage is a couple miles in the other direction. ..... This video was created and uploaded by someone who is homeless. Would somebody finally please help me with the problem I need help with? Information about the problem I need help with can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1Zh-A6CdnvoRuO13Xm_es_7NcXKjEpW7
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Baraga County Mine Inspector, Don Carlson, Supports Union Jobs and Safety at Rio Tinto Hearing
Baraga County Mine Inspector, Don Carlson, Supports Union Jobs and Safety at Rio Tinto Hearing on the proposed Humboldt Mill, in Michigan
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New operating plant opens in Escanaba
A new operating plant officially opened its doors Thursday in Escanaba. Several new jobs come with the plants' opening, and the Escanaba Paper Company—a subsidiary of NewPage Paper Mill—is now paper thick with the Omya company.
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Salt Mine Closed
No description.
Our Land Deserves to be Protected
Our land, our families, our jobs all deserve protection from the harm that stems from sulfide mining. Stop Sulfide Mining! www.savethewildup.com
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Anti-mine film attendees offer feedback
Anti-mine film attendees offer feedback
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How Minnesota Rejected Sulfide Mining
Call Governor Mark Dayton and tell him why you oppose sulfide mining in Minnesota 1-800-657-3717 #StopPolyMet #Minnesotaforcleanwater #PolyMet #GoPolyMet
Senator Casperson:  Kennicott/Lundin Mining and the Eagle Mine still safe and clean.
Michigan State Senator Tom Casperson cites data proving that, many years after doom and gloom were predicted by many, the mine is an assett to the U.P.
Exploring a future record setting copper mine
Located 70-miles east of Phoenix is the town of Superior, and what one day will be the largest most productive copper mine in the United States. The only problem is the rich ore deposit is buried 7,000 feet underground. The owners of the mine haven't even started mining yet because they have to get to it first.
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How To Search For Oil & Gas Wells In Michigan on respectmyplanet.org
Watch this short video to learn how to search for oil & gas wells anywhere in Michigan. Every marker has links to more information like well summaries, well files, picture galleries, production data and more! Please check out FracTracker.org, FracFocus.org, The EIA's map page (http://www.eia.gov/maps/), and the MDEQ's GeoWebFace (http://ww2.deq.state.mi.us/GeoWebFace/). Check out their maps and then ask yourself why their maps, which collectively have invested millions of dollars in computer programming time do not have the ease of use and quickness ofour map with $0 in spending. Our map was made with $0, a ton of hard work, passion, and a desire to get to what matters most: understanding what can affect our fresh water resources. Our free map was made using the Google Maps API v3 which is free and the best maps API in the world. Check us out !!!!!
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Crack Rio Tinto Investigator Explains that Eagle Mine Opponents are Liars
Crack Rio Tinto Investigator Explains that Eagle Mine Opponents are Liars; No proof offered
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Hearing on Rio Tinto's Michigan Haul Road
Public hearing on Rio Tinto's planned "Woodland Road" for hauling ore from the proposed Eagle metallic sulfide mine to the proposed Humboldt Mill, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
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Former Miner and UP Resident, Rich Sloat, Questions Rio Tinto's Mining Plans in Michigan
Former Miner and UP Resident, Rich Sloat, Questions Rio Tinto's Mining Plans in Michigan at Humboldt Mill Hearing
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Cynthia Pryor Trial
Cynthia Pryor was convicted of "trespassing" on public, state land, in northern Marquette County, Michigan. Pryor was unable to argue why she refused to leave the site, as the prosecutor was able to exclude questions on the validity of Rio Tinto's surface use lease for its proposed Eagle Mine.
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Keweenaw Bay Indian Community resists RTZ's Yellow Dog mine
In the upper peninsula of Michigan Ojibwe community and non-Indian allies resist metallic sulphide mining destruction.
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LaSalle Speaks on Marquette Ballot Resolution
LaSalle is head of Citizens to Protect Michigan Jobs. Spokesperson for the group is Deb Muchmore, Rio Tinto-Kennecott's public relations consultant for its Michigan projects.
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Kennecott Security Turned Away.mov
Kennecott's security is a little camera shy and is trying to get in to Eagle Rock while a ceremony is taking place. The security guy says that they should have been informed before but Chalsea Smith suggests they are under no obligation to keep Kennecott informed about ceremonies or ask permission.
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Eagle Mine Humboldt Mill
Eagle Mine officials say they want about another 200 employees for the winter season ------------------------------- Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/uppermichiganssource Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/wluctv6 Website | http://www.UpperMichigansSource.com Thanks for watching!
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Kennecott Tells Eagle Rock Campers They Should Leave
Kennecott Tells Eagle Rock Campers They Should Leave
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Phantom 3 footage open pit mining in Somerset County I love my drone
Open pit mining strip jobs Mack Trucks and big piles of coal
Eagle mine and mill forum
Residents of Humboldt Township heard from Lundin Mining Thursday on the status of the Eagle Mine project and Humboldt Mill ------------------------------- Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/uppermichiganssource Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/wluctv6 Website | http://www.UpperMichigansSource.com Thanks for watching!
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Eagle Rock - Mini-Documentary - JRN 472 892 fs 2010
A special thanks to Greg Peterson and the wonderful individuals who are fighting this battle against Rio Tinto and Kennecott. Please help the cause and protect Michigan's waters and Native rights! This is only a small part of the larger project I'm working on; plenty left to edit and fix up but figured I'd post it anyways :)
Marcia Bjornerud - Professor of Geology - Lawrence University
I have studied the geology of the Lake Superior region since I was in graduate school and have had an ongoing research project in the Penokee range for the past 10 years. Last spring, together with a colleague from the US Geological Survey (William Cannon), I led a group of 60 geologists on a field trip just west of Mellen, WI as part of the annual Institute of Lake Superior Geology. Two of my most recently published papers have been about the geology of the Penokee range. I also served as an expert witness for the National Wildlife Federation and the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community in a 2008 contested case hearing in Michigan regarding the Kennecott/Rio Tinto Eagle Rock sulfide mine northwest of Marquette, MI. I know that GLIFWC was also involved in this case. This has been edited for space. The full testimony is here: http://woodsperson.blogspot.com/2012/02/on-listening-to-testimony-marcia.html Like you, I find the restrictions for the review process absurd and antiscientific, and the provisions for wetlands 'mitigation' absurd, but I wanted in particular to contribute information about the 'overburden' waste rock that will have to be removed if the proposed mine were created. Namely, there ARE sulfide minerals (mainly pyrite) in the rock unit that lies immediately above the banded iron formation (the Ironwood iron formation) that is the target rock of the proposed mine. The sulfide-bearing layer is called the Tyler Formation, and it is a black shale, locally baked to a slate, that was laid down under low-oxygen (reducing) conditions, so the iron in it occurs as FeCO3 (siderite) and FeS2 (pyrite) rather than hematite (Fe2O3) or magnetite (Fe3O4) as in the iron ore body. So I emphatically agree with Ms. Soltis' suggestion that that the dichotomy between ferrous and sulfide mines is artificial and the mining bill is flawed in its very conception. Please feel free to cite me as the source of this information, share it with others, and let me know if I can help in any way with your work. Marcia Bjornerud Professor of Geology Lawrence University
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Citizens walk against the proposed mine
The sky is overcast and rain threatens to fall while mosquitoes circle around a crowd of roughly 20 people on a dirt road about five miles east of Mellen Saturday morning. Trees are budding within the forest teeming with birds and other unseen wildlife nearby Ballou Creek. The grass-roots gathering of citizens have come to walk along what may one day be the site of a four-mile long open pit mine. Newly formed mining company Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) has purchased an option to lease mineral rights extending 22 miles from Mellen to Upson in Ashland and Iron counties for the potential iron operation. Frank Koehn, editor of savethewatersedge.com, helped organize the walk. Others spoke about what information is available on water quality in the area as well as any research on endangered resources.
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Baraga County Mine Inspector, Don Carlson, Supports Union Jobs and Safety at Rio Tinto Hearing
Baraga County Mine Inspector, Don Carlson, Supports Union Jobs and Safety at Rio Tinto Hearing on the proposed Humboldt Mill, in Michigan
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Excavator digging Holden Barrier Wall
A brief clip of one of the huge excavators that is digging the barrier wall around the tailings piles, as part of the Holden Mine Remediation project. The underground wall will capture the ground water from under the tailings, allowing it to be captured and run through a treatment plant.
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Flambeau Mine Pollution
This presentation on Sulfide mining is part of a series of talks held throughout Wisconsin during the fall of 2017. The purpose is to inform the general public about a proposed mining operation along the Menominee River in Michigan. This presentation explains what Sulfide mining is, its threat to the environmental and the social and cultural impact throughout the region.
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Kennecott C-8 April 2013
Transco Industries has recently engineered and constructed a large overland conveyor belt change out at Utah Kennecott Copper Company. System dimensions were 15,000 feet long ST 3500 Goodyear by 72" wide. Space for change out was limited and overall scope of job was challenging. Transco built all equipment used in this video and our Transco crews are pictured doing the work. Transco is your best choice to run a large turn key overland belt change out. Hope this video helps you understand what we at Transco do.
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Daisy May Sings at Lansing Capitol Rally
Singer/songwriter, Daisy May, sings at a Stand for the Land rally, at the Lansing Capitol Building in support of opponents of Rio Tinto's (Kennecott) proposed Eagle Mine, on the Yellow Dog Plains, in the Upper Peninsula
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Environmental Film Project, Meet the filmmakers, focus on Michigan and Alaska
Environmental Film Project, Meet the filmmakers, focus on Michigan and Alaska Pipelines, Coal and Sulfur mining issues that effect our water in Chicago. We will be screening several short documentaries about environmental devastation in Michigan: "The Echo Maker" discusses sulfide mining on Native American sacred site, Eagle Rock, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We'll also be showing a few teaser interviews on the corporate and government cover-up of the toxic tar sands spill in the Kalamazoo River. Filmmaker Steve Zieverink and Carl Wassilie visiting from Alaska's Big Village Network will host the discussion following the screening. Brought to you by Hypha Films, Center for Water Advocacy and Alaska's Big Village Network. Donations gratefully accepted to help complete the films. Details on the film "The Echo Maker": This project to be completed by Hypha Films will share voices of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community and other Anishinaabe people located in the region, and focus on the effect of the Kennecott-Rio Tinto Eagle Mine upon the Anishinaabe and their homelands. The video short will build awareness within the KBIC and other tribal and non-Native communities in the region. It will also serve as the first step towards a broader documentary envisioned centered on the Great Lakes Region as a whole and the threat of 19% of the worlds fresh water supply due to the cumulative impacts of previous, current, and proposed mining. Grant funds could help to support travel, logistical execution, subject/peoples bridging, on-site documentation, post production and community outreach (screenings, schools, film festivals, competitions, museums, etc.). Full Length Documentary Featuring Additional Locations & Issues: Hypha Films larger goal is to produce a full length documentary film in partnership with additional communities of the region that will highlight the effects of mining upon the peoples, land, and water of the Great Lakes region. For instance, not only is the region directly threatened by numerous prospective mines, but tar sands pipelines built by the Enbridge Energy Company also threaten the Great Lakeʼs waterways and have already led to the largest oil spill in Midwest history in the town of Marshall, Michigan which contaminated Battle Creek, the Kalamazoo River and Lake Michigan.
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Rick Snyder has a selective memory -- he always manages to forget the middle class.
Kennecott Disrespects the Sacred Fire
Kennecott won't allow an elder to close down the sacred fire at Eagle Rock.
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Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve event
Mike and Mary's Party 6-28-08
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Rio Tinto and Precarious Work - Global Day of Action 2014
Rio Tinto is a bad corporate citizen. The CFMEU's Andrew Vickers highlights their current actions across the globe - particularly Mongolia, Mozambique, Madagascar as well as Australia - where their record of social, human, environmental and labour rights abuses continues. #STOPrecariousWork
Rio Tinto has a 'moral debt' to Gove
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says mining giant Rio Tinto owes a moral debt to the people of Gove.
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Rio Tinto Power Line
Rio Tinto plans to extend electrical power to service its proposed Eagle Mine, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The company expects a private landowner to provide his own land for free to the company to make construction easier. Rio Tinto still has to apply for a mining permit amendment for the electric construction but has not done so yet.
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River of Iron by David Lee
HEMATITE AND TALES of streets paved with gold drew boatloads of Europeans to the Marquette Iron Range in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the late 1800s—including my ancestors. The rugged terrain and savage winters of their new home on the “mountain of iron” threatened their survival, yet they had no chance of returning to The Old County—and they knew it. Some left, but the hardy ones stayed, threw up mining camps and drove mineshafts deep into the granite. They raised families—built churches, railroads, and schools—they created a river of iron that cascaded out of the wilderness. Then the Great Depression struck in 1929 and the river of iron dwindled to a trickle. Without means of support the iron miners and their families persevered against a destroyed economy and fierce winters. This is a tale of how my family survived those tough times. It tells of simple things like collecting water, chopping firewood, and slaughtering hogs, but it is also a template for raising and educating a family on challenging terrain in the midst of poverty. To learn more or order the book: http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-000931525/River-of-Iron.aspx FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/XlibrisPublisher?ref=hl Twitter: https://twitter.com/xlibrispub Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Xlibris
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Kennecott Feeds Police While Arresting Native Americans at Eagle Rock
Kennecott feeds local law enforcement subs, chips and pop at Eagle Rock while arresting two Native Americans for "trespassing." Chris Chosa was in chains while the police ate their picnic meal.
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Overview of the Protect the Sacred Gathering - Brave Heart Society Grandmother Faith Spotted Eagle
Overview of the Gathering to Protect the Sacred - Brave Heart Society Grandmother Faith Spotted Eagle, Ihanktonwan Homelands, South Dakota, January 23 - 25, 2013 A CALL FOR UNPRECEDENTED UNIFED ACTION TO PROTECT MOTHER EARTH At the Gathering to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands Projects, we joined in solidarity and unprecedented unity and: • Honored all Indigenous First Nations, Tribes, Allies, and the Enduring Unity of the Oceti Sakowin, the Great Sioux Nation, and commemorated and honored the 150th Anniversary and reaffirmed the January 23, 1863 Peace Treaty between the Ihanktonwan and Pawnee Nations that was witnessed by the Ponca Nation and the United States Government. This Treaty has never been broken for more than 150 years. • Notified President Obama and the U.S. Government that the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline would be a further grave abrogation of the January 23, 1863 Treaty and possibly other related treaties and would have very regrettable consequences. For instance, on December 21st 2012 by Resolution, the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council also stated they were "vehemently opposed to the construction of the TransCanada/Keystone XL Pipeline Project on any Aboriginal or Treaty lands." • Held a Ceremonial Grand Council to Affirm a Unifying International Treaty between Indigenous Peoples and All Our Allies Who Seek to Protect the Sacred from the Tar Sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline. This International Treaty builds upon the Save the Fraser River Declaration, Rights of Mother Earth Accord, Indigenous Leaders Spiritual Declaration, the Sixteen Guiding Principles for Building a Harmonious World, the Coastal First Nations Declaration, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. • Built the Foundation for a Spiritually-Grounded, Principle-Centered Interdependent Campaign for Unprecedented Unified Action to Protect Our Sacred Mother Earth. JOIN AN UNPRECEDENTED CALL FOR UNIFIED ACTION TO PROTECT SACRED MOTHER EARTH - SIGN UP AT WWW.PROTECTTHESACRED.ORG Links Protect the Sacred http://www.protectthesacred.org Four Worlds International Institute http://www.fwii.net Some Day Fire Productions http://www.somedayfire.org http://www.youtube.com/somedayfire

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