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Dynamite Explosion at Potosi Mine
At the end of my Potosi mine tour, we got to see a bit of dynamite in action. I can confirm, it is hard to hold the camera still!
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Dynamite explosions at Potosi mines
Blowing up some dynamite outside the mines of Potosi, Bolivia, Jun 2007.
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Dynamite Explosion Potosí Bolivia
Dynamite explosion after an impressive visit to the Corporative Mines in Potosí Bolivia.
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Dynamite explosion
UCA gulf coast championship 2015
Views: 119 Anna Lyn Whitt
homemade dynamite explosion
dynamite explosion...brian speck...
Views: 127947 Kristin Parrent
Fukuyama-Dynamite Explosion
Recital en evento Anime Legend!!!
Views: 56 Dario Caseres
Impossible Bob: Dynamite Explosion
The first video of our: "Impossible Bob" series. It's a little non-proffessional, but it's a first.
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Indoor Dynamite Explosion
Fake as hell :)
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Dynamite explosion à Ste-Therese
Explosion de dynamite ne se déroule pas comme prévus lors de travaux à Ste-therese.
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huge dynamite explosion
A miner detonates some dynamite near a mine in Potosí, Bolivia
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dynamite explosion
day 3 blasting foundation
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【World is Mine】マクロスFのコスプレして演奏してみた【L.C.L】
26/7/2015 MANGA FESTIVAL at Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam VOCALOID World is Mine 初音ミクのワールドイズマイン演奏してみたよ https://www.facebook.com/lclsaigon
explosion de dynamite a Potosi
petit spectacle inclu dans le tour pour les touristes, petage de dynamite
Views: 915 jeremy b
Dynamite Explosion
Ms Dyna when we first met!!
Views: 241 holey moley
Dynamite Explosion
on a backpacking trip on the north country trail
Views: 8124 Sarah Lindgren
SCM Dynamite Explosion
This is for a project.
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Minecraft:Dynamite Explosion
Just for fun!!! :D
Views: 31 Boske Gutemberg
Dynamite montage
These are called 'people scarers' and can be bought legally over the internet for 95p each. SO worth it...
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Macross 7 Giantess Part 1
This is a part of a giantess clip I found. This video is not mine.
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Exploding dynamite in Potosi
After a tour of the silver mines in Potosi we exploded some dynamite for fun!
Views: 1631 Stuart Forbes
blow up a piece of Bolivia with dynamite
Travelling through South America guys decide to blow up a piece of Bolivia with dynamite bought in the Silver mines of Potisi.
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Macross vf-x 2 - Get Free
Letra de la musica: GET FREE GET FREE GET FREE atatte kudakete oshimai date ii ja nai omotte itatte yaranai nante imi nai asette mou tayotte mou yuganda ha kuruma ugoka nai ato modori kara mawari koko kara nukedashitai no sa GET FREE ki o tsukero GET FREE me o mihare GET FREE tsuka mitore GET FREE ima koso namida o shitteiru nara namida o nugueru hazu sa dakara mou ichido GET FREE BEHOLD THE EVERYTHING TOO MUCH IS YOUR FENCES IN THE WORLD. BEHAVE THE TALKING, YOUR CRAZY SELF DEFENSE IN YOUR LIFE. IF YOU CAN CRY, IF YOU CAN FIND, BUT, I REPEAT THE SAME OFFENSE. WHAT ON THE EARTH, WHY DO YOU MEAN. YOU KNOW, DOING SUCH A ENDLESS FIGHT. GET FREE ki o tsukero GET FREE me o mihare GET FREE tsuka mitore GET FREE ima koso doko made mo jiyuu ga kono sora ni afureteru dakara GET FREE GET FREE aoi hoshi ga aru dekai sora ga aru yokubou nante nai zetsubou nante nai GET FREE GET FREE GET FREE ikatte itatte butsu kattatte ii ja nai inotte itatte ai o wasurecha imi nai osoreru na osoreru na ore no honshou buchi makero itte itte iki makure ore ga ore ni naru tame ni GET FREE ki o tsukero GET FREE me o mihare GET FREE tsuka mitore GET FREE ima koso kagayaku hikari no mure kono yo ha subarashii hazu sou sa GET FREE GET FREE GET FREE
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explosion dynamite by elvino
elvino movies.com presente une explosion de 1993 a lachine montreal
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Dangerous Tonight - Alice Cooper ( Guitar Cover - Full Step Down )
I made this video to celebrate the Alice's confirmation at Rock in Rio. I've always wanted to be in his concert and now i finally have the chance. Hope you like it!
Views: 573 Rodolfo Monteiro
Song Explosion 2011, week 18: You're Not The Girl You Think You Are
Tam Johnstone's Song Explosion - week 18: You're Not The Girl You Think You Are (Johnstone) At the beginning of 2011, Tam Johnstone decided to make a song and a video every week for a year. Welcome to Tam Johnstone's Song Explosion. http://www.tamjohnstone.com
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【MANGA FES 2015】マクロスFの衣装でいろいろ演奏してみた【Final day Vol.2】
2015年夏!!MANGA FESTIVALで演らせて頂きました。 みんなありがとう!! set list 1. PRAY 2. AGAIN 3. World is Mine 4. Blue Bird 5. Ignite 6. Fuwa Fuwa Time 7. U&I 8. Seikan Hikou 9. Lion and....Don't Say Lazy
dynamite explosion test
dynamite explosion test video made in blender with particle effects.
Views: 536 eedobaba7726
Minecraft Dynamite Explosion!
me doin a lil demenstration of how to LAG minecraft!
Views: 172 GAMERGUY99Deluxe
Scowry and TheButtonMash3r blow up some urrples and some urnges with some bangadynamite. Using fireworks that are inserted inside we make it all go KABOOM! Havin fun as usual with lots of swearing and adult humour. GOOD GUYS DON'T LOOK AT EXPLOSIONS! and there is more Eoin Mulligan and Scowry moments to come in future. HOPE YOU HAVE A BLAST! Please Comment. Like and Subscribe to Scowry and TheButtonMash3r. Mash3r's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheButtonMash3r Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Scowry Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AlexJLowry
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Custom Dynamite Explosions
This Is Just Having Some Fun With Some Custom Bombs And A Pre-bought Roman Candle. You Can't See In The Video Though Large Craters Were Left In The Ground And The Containers They Were In Were Blown To Bits. Enjoy, Rate, Comment, Add Us, View Our Channel, Check Out Our Main Channel ReptiFilmsWJN And Subscribe!
explosion a l'arboretum (deo tou neuf^^)
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Explosion follow up
Explosion follow up
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Transforming a House Into Firewood With 50 kilo Dynamite HUGE EXplosion ! aswome filming !
http://530a4b1k-cbw9n8hnnbllfmegw.hop.clickbank.net/ 125 Dynamite Drills Makes teaching martial arts easy with over 125 heart thumping, blood boiling karate drills and exercisesTransforming a House Into Firewood With 50 kilo Dynamite HUGE EXplosion ! aswome filming !
Views: 392 Daniel Rastall
Daily Dynamite #2 Thursday
A5 extension crews drill rock shafts and place dynamite from sunrise until about 5:30pm. They finish their work each day with a huge explosion -- like this one. They'll return in the morning, clear away the rubble and resume drilling so that the process can be repeated. This hill will eventually be flattened for the 4-lane A5 extension into Wakefield, Quebec.
Views: 632 Stu Mills
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[ MMD ] - 桃源恋歌 / Tougenrenka [4K60FPS]
Thanks for watching video, i hope you enjoy this video Model : Mei Assault , Kiana Ranger , Himeko Storm | By 神帝宇 if you like my video pls Subscribe and like for me ? and Share wait a friend to watching this video
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Hatsune Miku - Angel Voice [ENG SUB]
A Hatsune Miku cover of Angel Voice from Macross. ANGEL VOICE Sung by: Hatsune Miku (Vocal Software) Originally Written & Arranged by: Kanno Yoko Lyrics by: K. Inojo Translated by: Mina-P Subtitle Labor by Eric Heykens I made this because I could not find a subtitled version. I found someone had wrote out the Romanji and Translated here: http://www.senshigakuen.com/translations/lyrics/macross7/angel_voice.htm And I used their translation. The images were stolen from google using phrases such as Hatsune Miku Space Angel; Hatsune Miku Space Tenshi; Hatsune Miku Winged. The images are in no particular order, 30 images, at 13.05 seconds a piece, so it would loop back.
Views: 220 Eric
baton de dynamite (bison 2)
Yo , les gens vidéo d’assemblage de mes 3 pétard bison 2
Views: 259 Le Crapaud Pyroman
Alto and Fire Bomber Drink
Haha~~~ I'm back again! Here's another tutorial: Alto-kun (Macross Frontier): He needs to be more manly!! So I used Gin. 1/2 Gin + Blue Curacao 1/2 Tonic Garnish Lime Fire Bomber (Macross 7): 1/4 Strawberry Pucker/Schnapps 1/4 Mandarin Vodka + Peach Schnapps 1/2 OJ + Pineapple Juice Float Midori Garnish: Cherry LOL Enjoy~~~ Suggestions? Let me know =)
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unfinished MEP: T#11
My track to an MEP that may have poofed. . . . . but I love it far too much to not share. Enjoyz! Song: Koi wa Dogfight Anime: My Hime Completed: Oct 2011 Yeah for the love of minor couples!
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Macross - Knights of Cydonia
"Macross: Do You Remember Love?" with "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse. Created this out of boredom. Enjoy. Copyright Note: I do NOT own Muse or Macross.
Views: 791 Reginald Micu
【るしふの】マクロス VF-X2 Part56【ゲーム実況】
共依存おそるべし・・・ Part57 http://youtu.be/qVz7x1NQdwc
[Itsuki(Alp)] Lion-Macross Frontier [Nene]
Try (Very hard) to sing Lion-Macross Frontier 2nd OP with nene Thank you for Visiting!!
Views: 3510 Getsutouya
BASARA Nyan Nyan
XD OMG I laughed my ass off when I put in Takeda. Uesugi Kenshin made by I don't know who, ill post it when i find out. Nothing in this is mine XD
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【2度目】キャサリン ボソボソ実況【ハードモード】#3
Twitter https://twitter.com/jubekuson Twitch生放送 http://www.twitch.tv/jubekuson
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Let's Play: LEGO City Undercover (BLIND) Part 8 "DYNAMITE!"
I'mma light stuff up! Like it's dynamite!
Coca Cola Anime Style
Final Fantasy + Coca Cola = This Movie. Enjoy
Views: 806 Imea