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Dynamite Explosion at Potosi Mine
At the end of my Potosi mine tour, we got to see a bit of dynamite in action. I can confirm, it is hard to hold the camera still!
Views: 4908 Ben Voelker
homemade dynamite explosion
dynamite explosion...brian speck...
Views: 128454 Kristin Parrent
1885 Dynamite Explosion - Douro, Ontario
An animated depiction of the historic dynamite explosion of Sept. 4, 1885, near Douro, Ontario.
Views: 1766 Sherine Cisco
Macross 7 Giantess Part 1
This is a part of a giantess clip I found. This video is not mine.
Views: 83498 fangirl28
Dynamite Explosion Potosí Bolivia
Dynamite explosion after an impressive visit to the Corporative Mines in Potosí Bolivia.
Views: 285 dannyhoogewerff
Exploding dynamite in Potosi
After a tour of the silver mines in Potosi we exploded some dynamite for fun!
Views: 1631 Stuart Forbes
huge dynamite explosion
A miner detonates some dynamite near a mine in Potosí, Bolivia
Views: 512 Dominic Warren
Dynamite's explosion
Napoleon Dynamite has an epic failure. (: watch, comment and rate high!
Views: 224 katlynANDkelly
Fukuyama-Dynamite Explosion
Recital en evento Anime Legend!!!
Views: 56 Dario Caseres
SCM Dynamite Explosion
This is for a project.
Views: 13 Turtle !
Macross vf-x 2 - Get Free
Letra de la musica: GET FREE GET FREE GET FREE atatte kudakete oshimai date ii ja nai omotte itatte yaranai nante imi nai asette mou tayotte mou yuganda ha kuruma ugoka nai ato modori kara mawari koko kara nukedashitai no sa GET FREE ki o tsukero GET FREE me o mihare GET FREE tsuka mitore GET FREE ima koso namida o shitteiru nara namida o nugueru hazu sa dakara mou ichido GET FREE BEHOLD THE EVERYTHING TOO MUCH IS YOUR FENCES IN THE WORLD. BEHAVE THE TALKING, YOUR CRAZY SELF DEFENSE IN YOUR LIFE. IF YOU CAN CRY, IF YOU CAN FIND, BUT, I REPEAT THE SAME OFFENSE. WHAT ON THE EARTH, WHY DO YOU MEAN. YOU KNOW, DOING SUCH A ENDLESS FIGHT. GET FREE ki o tsukero GET FREE me o mihare GET FREE tsuka mitore GET FREE ima koso doko made mo jiyuu ga kono sora ni afureteru dakara GET FREE GET FREE aoi hoshi ga aru dekai sora ga aru yokubou nante nai zetsubou nante nai GET FREE GET FREE GET FREE ikatte itatte butsu kattatte ii ja nai inotte itatte ai o wasurecha imi nai osoreru na osoreru na ore no honshou buchi makero itte itte iki makure ore ga ore ni naru tame ni GET FREE ki o tsukero GET FREE me o mihare GET FREE tsuka mitore GET FREE ima koso kagayaku hikari no mure kono yo ha subarashii hazu sou sa GET FREE GET FREE GET FREE
Views: 3918 Shin Clever
Dynomite Explosion At Hubb
timmy brought it so we blew it up!
Views: 295 PLANBskillz
Dynamite explosion
UCA gulf coast championship 2015
Views: 119 Anna Lyn Whitt
Dynamite montage
These are called 'people scarers' and can be bought legally over the internet for 95p each. SO worth it...
Views: 137 JordanAndJoel
Indoor Dynamite Explosion
Fake as hell :)
Views: 268 PlxXx8
【2度目】キャサリン ボソボソ実況【ハードモード】#3
Twitter https://twitter.com/jubekuson Twitch生放送 http://www.twitch.tv/jubekuson
Views: 444 ジュベクソン
explosion de dynamite a Potosi
petit spectacle inclu dans le tour pour les touristes, petage de dynamite
Views: 915 jeremy b
blow up a piece of Bolivia with dynamite
Travelling through South America guys decide to blow up a piece of Bolivia with dynamite bought in the Silver mines of Potisi.
Views: 897 declanmch
explosion dynamite by elvino
elvino movies.com presente une explosion de 1993 a lachine montreal
Views: 3557 Elvino Movies
dynamite explosion test
dynamite explosion test video made in blender with particle effects.
Views: 538 eedobaba7726
Minecraft Dynamite Explosion!
me doin a lil demenstration of how to LAG minecraft!
Views: 172 GAMERGUY99Deluxe
【MANGA FES 2015】マクロスFの衣装でいろいろ演奏してみた【Final day Vol.2】
2015年夏!!MANGA FESTIVALで演らせて頂きました。 みんなありがとう!! set list 1. PRAY 2. AGAIN 3. World is Mine 4. Blue Bird 5. Ignite 6. Fuwa Fuwa Time 7. U&I 8. Seikan Hikou 9. Lion and....Don't Say Lazy
[Itsuki(Alp)] Lion-Macross Frontier [Nene]
Try (Very hard) to sing Lion-Macross Frontier 2nd OP with nene Thank you for Visiting!!
Views: 3510 Getsutouya
explosion a l'arboretum (deo tou neuf^^)
Views: 32 olivier9z
Custom Dynamite Explosions
This Is Just Having Some Fun With Some Custom Bombs And A Pre-bought Roman Candle. You Can't See In The Video Though Large Craters Were Left In The Ground And The Containers They Were In Were Blown To Bits. Enjoy, Rate, Comment, Add Us, View Our Channel, Check Out Our Main Channel ReptiFilmsWJN And Subscribe!
TNT Explosion
TNT rockers
Views: 319 cowboysannette
Scowry and TheButtonMash3r blow up some urrples and some urnges with some bangadynamite. Using fireworks that are inserted inside we make it all go KABOOM! Havin fun as usual with lots of swearing and adult humour. GOOD GUYS DON'T LOOK AT EXPLOSIONS! and there is more Eoin Mulligan and Scowry moments to come in future. HOPE YOU HAVE A BLAST! Please Comment. Like and Subscribe to Scowry and TheButtonMash3r. Mash3r's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheButtonMash3r Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Scowry Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AlexJLowry
Views: 965 scowry
Explosion follow up
Explosion follow up
Views: 49 WDTNTV
【World is Mine】マクロスFのコスプレして演奏してみた【L.C.L】
26/7/2015 MANGA FESTIVAL at Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam VOCALOID World is Mine 初音ミクのワールドイズマイン演奏してみたよ https://www.facebook.com/lclsaigon
Transforming a House Into Firewood With 50 kilo Dynamite HUGE EXplosion ! aswome filming !
http://530a4b1k-cbw9n8hnnbllfmegw.hop.clickbank.net/ 125 Dynamite Drills Makes teaching martial arts easy with over 125 heart thumping, blood boiling karate drills and exercisesTransforming a House Into Firewood With 50 kilo Dynamite HUGE EXplosion ! aswome filming !
Views: 393 Daniel Rastall
Da P8NTRMAN,  Dynamite explosion near Market Basket
A second Dynamite Explosion captured by the P8NTRMAN on the premises of Market Basket/ Waltham on August 29, 2014. This explosion took place at the north side of the parking lot near the dock access road alongside Marshall's..
Views: 237 Jonathan La Salle
声優・櫻井智が引退発表・櫻井 智さんが演じた主なキャラクターと可愛らしい画像
櫻井智引退 声優の櫻井智が引退発表「私自身が変化に耐えられず…」 GOOD評価 コメント チャンネル登録して頂けると励みになります♪. 櫻井智引退 声優の櫻井智が引退発表「私自身が変化に耐えられず…」 GOOD評価 コメント チャンネル登録して頂けると励みになります♪.. 声優の櫻井智(44)が9月1日、公式サイトで引退を発表した。 櫻井はこの日のエントリー「ありがとう」で「最近では、役者としての大事.
Views: 73 suhitprince
Alto and Fire Bomber Drink
Haha~~~ I'm back again! Here's another tutorial: Alto-kun (Macross Frontier): He needs to be more manly!! So I used Gin. 1/2 Gin + Blue Curacao 1/2 Tonic Garnish Lime Fire Bomber (Macross 7): 1/4 Strawberry Pucker/Schnapps 1/4 Mandarin Vodka + Peach Schnapps 1/2 OJ + Pineapple Juice Float Midori Garnish: Cherry LOL Enjoy~~~ Suggestions? Let me know =)
Views: 418 Paprika Mari
Daily Dynamite #2 Thursday
A5 extension crews drill rock shafts and place dynamite from sunrise until about 5:30pm. They finish their work each day with a huge explosion -- like this one. They'll return in the morning, clear away the rubble and resume drilling so that the process can be repeated. This hill will eventually be flattened for the 4-lane A5 extension into Wakefield, Quebec.
Views: 632 Stu Mills
Views: 52 mafian86
Coca Cola Anime Style
Final Fantasy + Coca Cola = This Movie. Enjoy
Views: 810 Imea
Song Explosion 2011, week 18: You're Not The Girl You Think You Are
Tam Johnstone's Song Explosion - week 18: You're Not The Girl You Think You Are (Johnstone) At the beginning of 2011, Tam Johnstone decided to make a song and a video every week for a year. Welcome to Tam Johnstone's Song Explosion. http://www.tamjohnstone.com
Views: 378 Tam Johnstone
Let's Play: LEGO City Undercover (BLIND) Part 8 "DYNAMITE!"
I'mma light stuff up! Like it's dynamite!
Chrontendo Episode 6
Chrontendo's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Chrontendo My Playlist of Chrontendo's episodes: http://bit.ly/chrontendo-yt From Episode 6's official web page: http://chrontendo.blogspot.com/2008/01/episode-6-early.html "On to Episode 6! Not as eventful as Episode 5, the new episode still contains a lot of interesting games. December 1985 saw Famicom titles hitting the shelves at a furious pace. A wide variety of publishers are represented, and the soon-to-be-legendary Square makes its Famicom debut (with a game they themselves did not develop). Most valuable game: Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken - The second Famicom game from Chunsoft and Enix, Portopia was destined to revolutionize the Japanese gaming industry almost as significantly as Super Mario Bros did. An enhanced port of a Chunsoft's 1983 game for Japanese computers, Portopia established the genre of "point and click," menu-based adventure games. Your goal is to solve a murder mystery by questioning suspects and witnesses and by examining various locations for clues. This is done by using the d-pad to navigate a column of "move," "talk," and "examine" options. The success of this game inspired numerous copycats over the next few years, and would eventually lead to such mainstays of the Japanese gaming scene as "Visual Novels," dating sims, and hentai games. This game also features the most striking introduction sequence on a Famicom game so far. Rather than the typical title and menu screen rising up from the bottom of the screen, Portopia begins with the sound of an approaching police siren. The title then appears one character at a time, accompanied by a typewriter sound effect. This highly original title screen demonstrates how Chunsoft was beginning to push the gaming envelope in Japan. Also of note: Thexder - Longtime Enix rival/partner Square makes its Famicom debut with a port of this Game Arts 1985 computer game. Eventually, Thexder would be released for Apple and Commodore computers and would pick up quite a following in the US. While I personally do not like this game, I do find the ideas behind the game quite interesting. With its vertical and horizontal scrolling, long passageways filled with enemies, and emphasis on exploration in order to find the various items squirrelled away in its nooks and crannies, this game looks forward to later, better titles such as Castlevania and Metroid. Lunar Ball - Known as Lunar Pool in the US, this Compile developed title manages to make a fun and creative pool video game. Seemingly inspired by miniature golf courses, Lunar Ball features a wide variety of unusually shaped tables. Factor in adjustable friction for the tables, and craziness ensures. Bokosuka Wars - While frustrating and unfair, this game does get points for being creative and interesting. Essentially an early strategy action game, Bokosuka Wars is somewhat misunderstood in the West, and has been labeled as one of the worst games for the system. In fact, once the principles behind the game are understood, it is quite playable and challenging. Unfortunately, the frequency with which this games kills you in a random fashion will undoubtedly cause many players to throw thier controllers at the screen in disgust. Obake no Q Tarou: Wan Wan Panic - The US version of this game, Chubby Cherub, has been rightly pilloried for its ugly graphics and unappealing protagonist. The Japanese version, based on a popular manga and anime series, makes a bit more sense and is a little more difficult. While hardly a classic, this game is still noteworthy as the second side scrolling platformer for the system. Galg - Or Zenou Senkan Galg, as the box art says. This somewhat mystifying game is a vertical shooter crossed with an RPG. Much like Tower of Druaga, there are various hidden objects and power-ups throughout the game which can be found by performing specific actions. Unlike Druaga, this game has not been well documented in the West. To the casual player, it appears to be an unexceptional and repetitive shooter. Terrible, Terrible games: Spelunker - An Irem port of the well-known US computer game. Unfortunately, Irem seriously botched this version, and the Famicom release of Spelunker finds itself on various "worst NES games" lists. Perhaps most notoriously, your character cannot fall a distance any greater than around half his own height without dying. Regardless, this game was released in the US by Broderbund. Also covered this episode: BurgerTime, Ikki, Volguard II, Star Luster, Choujikuu Yousai Macross, 1942, and Karateka. Chrontendo Episode 6 may be downloaded at archive.org here: http://www.archive.org/details/Chrontendo_Vol_6 " Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/RDg1/
Views: 10000 Nate Lawrence

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