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Lecturer Natalie Yan discusses networking qualifications
Past SM TAFE student turned lecturer Natalie Yan talks about why someone should study a networking qualification and the job opportunities available.
How to read a micrometer
Full version of video here https://shop.tafesa.edu.au/LOR/Browse.aspx?ItemID=307 How to read a Micrometer These interactive DVDs use a mix of video footage and 3D modelling. Learners are guided through a micrometer and vernier reading in a step-by-step process that allows time for the viewer to calculate the reading before the measurement is explained. To find out about engineering, electrotechnology and mining courses offered by TAFE SA go to http://www.tafesa.edu.au or call 1800 882 661.
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Riverina Institute Building and Construction Online Promo
An online video promotion for the Building and Construction department at TAFE NSW Riverina Institute. www.nextinlinefilms.com.au
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Occupational Health And Safety Training Programs
Occupational Health And Safety Training Programs, occupational health and safety training courses, occupational health and safety training courses philippines, occupational health and safety training courses in kenya, occupational health and safety training courses in south africa, occupational health and safety training courses uk
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EIT - Advanced Diploma Student Interview
EIT - Advanced Diploma Student Interview
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Skills for All ~ Aarons fresh start
Smart Fabrications Employee, Aaron, talks about how a trade has benefited him and his career. (Take from; http://www.skills.sa.gov.au/make-your-fresh-start/fresh-start-stories/aaron) *********************************** "There are opportunities if you want to take them, you just need to take the first step." I left school early as I didn't really like it that much. I'm not really into the theory, I'd rather know how things work. I'd really like to build a bridge or some other big structure and go home and be able to tell someone about it, that's more real to me. My family said I had a choice of going out to work full time or get into some study. I thought, working would give me money now, but it doesn't provide me with a future. So I called up TAFE to see what I could find out. They told me about the Certificate I in Engineering. It sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a go. TAFE is completely different to school, they don't treat you like a student, they treat you like an adult. My lecturer showed me there are all sorts of opportunities for employment that open up when you study. The lecturers were really good, really supportive and they helped out a lot. We were doing all sorts of hands-on stuff right from the start -- it was pretty cool. When I finished the engineering course I was really lucky to get an apprenticeship as a boiler maker with a really good company. They start teaching you new things right on the first day! I didn't know that I would be here doing the things that I've done so quickly in my apprenticeship. There are opportunities if you want to take them, you just need to take the first step. I want to learn more so I'm continuing on with my studies and doing a Certificate III in Engineering -- Fabrication Trade. My family are very happy and proud of me now that I've got a job and an apprenticeship. I discovered if you're keen to learn, you'll be able to do it.
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Interview with Emma Bain, Finalist in Apprentice of the Year Competition
Master Painters Association is holding their annual Apprentice of the Year Competition. Finalist Emma Bain studied at Thornlie TAFE and completed her painting apprenticeship. She speaks about the advantages and opportunities for a painting career.
Car body repair - Panel beating and spraying - General repair - Tips of the trade
Produced independantly, not for re-distribution. Part 1 of 4. Car body repair's by Andy. More to come. Be sure to rate, comment and subscribe! Constructive comments would be appreciated.
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http://www.classicoperatorstrainingcenter.co.za +27787743362CLASSIC OPERATORS TRAINING CENTRE ,ATRAINING CENTRE AIMING AT SOLVING THE PROBLEMS OF UNEMPLOYMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA BY GIVING PROFFESSIONAL AND TECHINICAL SKILLS TO ALL CITIZENS OF SOUTH AFRICA AND ALL PEOPLE ACROSS AFRICA SINCE SOUTH AFRICA IS A RICH COUNTRY IN MINERAL DEPOSITS ,THERE IS A NEED TO UTILIZE THIS OPPORTUNITY BY ATTAINING PROFFESSIONAL TECHINICAL SKILLS THEN RE ADRESS THE PROBLEMS OF UNEMPLOYMENT THAT IS TO SAY OUR TRAINEES ARE ALL GURANTED TO GETTING JOBS IN MINES ACROSS SOUTH AFRICA AS WELL AS BEING SELF EMPLOYED REG.NO.2007/003416/23WHATSAPP,+27787743362WE TRAIN STUDENTS FROM EVERY WHERE AROUND THE WORLD NAMIBIA,BOTSWANA,MOZAMBIQUE,LESOTHO,ZAMBIA, SOUTHAFRICA,ZIMBABWE,ANGOLA,SWAZILAND MALAWI DURBAN CAPETOWN FREESTATE ETC enroll to our 7to 10 days machinery training and receive our job assistance through our trusted companies that assist our trained students with jobs.we are atop accredited training company Courses we offer 1.Counter balance (forklift)......... 2 weeks training 2.Tractor loader backhoe .............2 weeks training 3.Front end loader................... 2 weeks training 4.Excavator .............2 weeks training 5.Mobile crane............... 2 weeks training 6.Tower crane............... 2 weeks training 7.Overhead crane............ 2 weekstraining 8.Dump Truck ..........2 weeks training 9.Reach truck ..........2 weeks training 10.Grader............... 2 weeks training 11.Bulldozer ..........2 weeks training 12.Roller ................2 weeks training 13.Scoop tram (LHD)...........................2weeks training 14.Bob cat............ 10 weeks training 15.Container handler............ 2 weeks training "Welding Courses " 16Boiler making............ 4 weeks training 17.Co2................ 4 weeks training 18.Arc.................. welding 4 weeks training 19.Stick welding........ 4 weeks training 20.Agony.................. 4 weeks training 21.Gas welding .............4 weeks training plumbing.....................2 month training electrical......................1 month training refrigeration...................1 month training superlink.......................1month training drill rig..........................2weeks training Registration is in progress come and register your self . We offer free accommodation for those who come from far places We train to pass not to fail,contact us for more information please,for bookings&inquires call0110431014 or whatsup +27787743362 we renew certificates and offer weekend classes for working class students,our headoffice is located in Germiston,Johannesburg OFFICE +27110431014(0110431014) CELL+27787743362(0787743362) WHATSAPP
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Mechanized farming (News Report, 2010)
My News Package for our Pakistan Television, it was Telecast in 2010. (Shabbir Ibne Adil)
Training Local Workforces to Promote Energy Management in Industry and Buildings
This webinar features training programs highlighted in the recently released Energy Management Working Group report, “Knowledge and Skills Needed to Implement Energy Management Systems in Industry and Commercial Buildings”. In the webinar, an international panel describes workforce-training programs that facilitate greater energy management proficiency for personnel in the industry and commercial buildings sectors in their countries.
Undertake Road Crash Rescue - Emergency Services Testimonial
Visit: http://www.diamondprotection.com Course enquiry: http://www.diamondprotection.com/course-enquire/ Email enquiry at: [email protected] Phone: 1300 669 155 In this video, Rob provides a testimonial on the Road Crash Rescue Course he participated in - Melbourne Victoria. This course runs for three (3) days and is conducted at many of our training centres throughout Australia or can be conducted at your workplace. Undertake Road Crash Rescue Course is a practical three-day program that will see participants gain the competency required to extricate trapped casualties from vehicles on the road, while minimising the potential for injury and preserving the integrity of evidence. The program is specifically designed to provide you (as a current or potential member of a rescue or emergency response team) with nationally recognised qualifications. This dynamic, cutting-edge training will require you as the responder to engage in practical simulations and tests to train you to be able to access an entrapped casualty using a range of techniques and to operate specialist equipment to undertake the rescue. Whether you work for government or private sectors including oil and gas, power, mining, maritime, defence and aviation, this is a short, sharp way to secure your emergency rescue or safety career. Delivered in partnership with Government RTO's including Holmesglen Institute and North Coast Institute (TAFE NSW), Diamond isone of Australia’s leading providers of emergency, security and training services. Diamond Protection’s Emergency Services Training division is nationally renowned for its provision of life safety and emergency management preparedness and support services. Established in 1995, Diamond provides three service lines – training, emergency and security. Operating throughout Australia, Diamond boasts a client list of government, corporate, not for profit organisations and small to medium sized businesses from a wide range of industries. Pre-Requisites Although the course is designed to provide you with all the industry-standard skills and knowledge you will need, applicants are required by law to hold a current certificate in either: PUAEME002C Manage Injuries At An Emergency Incident or HLTFA311A Apply First Aid or HLTAID003 Provide First Aid Course structure Designed to deliver the most effective training in the most efficient time, the three days of course work will be comprised of theory (25%) and practical (75%) sessions including assessment. Units: PUASAR022A Participate in a Rescue Operation & PUASAR024A Undertake Road Crash Rescue • Apply emergency care practices • Apply relevant road crash rescue techniques • Apply scene management procedures • Undertake initial (ongoing) scene assessment • Use rescue equipment in a range of situations • Wear appropriate PPE • Work in a multi-agency environment • Work in teams • Vehicle and machinery construction • Vehicle identification • Hazards in a road crash rescue environment • Environmental impacts • Road crash rescue equipment • Road crash rescue team formation • Incident scene – managing medical scenarios • Stabilisation techniques • Heavy vehicle rescue techniques • Battery isolation and airbag management • Personal protective equipment (PPE) • Rescue team performance and standards • Rescue team safety and welfare • Patient handling • Rapid casualty access • Vehicle extrication (spreaders, rams, airbags and cutters etc.) • Rescue team roles and responsibilities Visit: http://www.diamondprotection.com Course enquiry: http://www.diamondprotection.com/course-enquire/ Email enquiry at: [email protected] Phone: 1300 669 155 This video link: http://youtu.be/adiI_CQJiSc
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Angular Measurments Compass Surveying (हिन्दी में)
Engineering Surveying By Prof. Rajendra Rajdev sir
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Mechanical Engineers Sydney | GreenStorm Solutions
GreenStorm Solutions- Mechanical Engineers, Design Solutions, Engineering Design, Product Development, Sydney | Kingsford | Surry Hills | Hurstville For more information visit: http://www.dlook.com.au/designing-engineers/nsw-sydney-maroubra/mechanical-engineers-sydney-6252652
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What is HORTICULTURE? What does HORTICULTURE mean? HORTICULTURE meaning & explanation
What is HORTICULTURE? What does HORTICULTURE mean? HORTICULTURE meaning HORTICULTURE definition - HORTICULTURE explanation. Horticulture is the branch of agriculture that deals with the art, science, technology, and business of growing plants. It includes the cultivation of medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, sprouts, mushrooms, algae, flowers, seaweeds and non-food crops such as grass and ornamental trees and plants. It also includes plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design, construction, and maintenance, and arboriculture. Inside agriculture, horticulture contrasts with extensive field farming as well as animal husbandry. Horticulturists apply their knowledge, skills, and technologies used to grow intensively produced plants for human food and non-food uses and for personal or social needs. Their work involves plant propagation and cultivation with the aim of improving plant growth, yields, quality, nutritional value, and resistance to insects, diseases, and environmental stresses. They work as gardeners, growers, therapists, designers, and technical advisors in the food and non-food sectors of horticulture. Horticulture even refers to the growing of plants in a field or garden.
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Heath and Safety Assessment and Education Assignment #1
The first assignment of my Health and Safety Sssessment and Education course had me create lesson plans to teach safety concepts and tasks to each type of learner. Then we were to film ourselves actually teaching the safety concept to a worker. For this, I chose to teach "how to do a drill inspection" to my co-worker Doreen using Type 3 - Right/Left hybrid teaching style; actually having them how to do the task while instructing and helping them through it. Enjoy!
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Info Day 2012
Unsure? One thing's for sure... http://www.ballarat.edu.au/future-students/change-of-preference UB Info Day Wednesday 19th December 11am - 3pm (Mt Helen Campus) Come in and discover why students love to study at UB. You'll meet our 5-star-rated teachers and have your questions answered. With 5 stars for teaching quality* four years in a row - UB is the ideal place for you to learn to succeed. That's why we'd like to encourage you to consider UB for your tertiary studies/further education. It's not just the quality of our teaching that sets us apart. It's the quality of our teachers. They're approachable. They have an open door policy. They take the time to know their students and help them fulfill their potential. And with so many programs to choose from at UB, we can lead you into a wide variety of exciting career pathways. *Source: The Good Universities Guide 2010/2011/2012/2013
Careers in Marketing March 7 2016
Mount Saint Vincent University's Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management programs present Career Week Expert Panel sessions in Winter 2016. Laura Hawkine, Director of Inbound Marketing, Kula Jennie King, Director of Sales and Marketing, Neptune Theatre Doug Townsend, Director of Marketing, Taste of Nova Scotia Milton Vacon, Executive Learning Solutions Consultant, Nelson Education Ltd.
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Jane Nash talks about ANZ's 2014 Financial Literacy Survey at ASIC Financial Literacy CoP
ASIC's Financial Literacy Community of Practice meeting 31 July 2015 Jane Nash, Head of Corporate Sustainability and Financial Inclusion at ANZ presents the results of the 2014 Adult Financial Literacy Survey.
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