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How to Become One of the 5% of Forex Traders Who Win

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http://forextradingseminar.com About 95% of people in the Forex industry will try to skip this simple step. Some will even scoff at this step because it has nothing to do with technical analysis or indicators. But a few people will put this into practice and immediately see the results. Are you ready to become one of the few who consistently win in Forex trading? How to Become One of the 5% of Forex Traders Who Win http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7HdyVfFvBI
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sejt djamurzajev (1 year ago)
How do you need to talk to forex brokers ?
Scott Shubert (1 year ago)
@sejt djamurzajev I have no idea what you are asking. If you want to trade Forex you will need to open and account with a broker. Does that make sense?
nisshobdo niyoti (1 year ago)
Trading forex is very risky we know, and here we are talking about to become a forex trader who wins mostly with their trades. And the mentioned percentage here is so low, what is 5%. But, I think there are more winner in this industry who won the race already and become filthy rich by trading only forex or currency trading. And it is hard to get fitted ourselves in every strategy.
Allen of Atlanta (1 year ago)
This guy talks about "a method of trading, " but he never discloses what that method is, other than offering a reading list!
ART BAKER (1 year ago)
Obviously you were not listening?
jean-michel Kuntz (2 years ago)
Live Forex Guide (2 years ago)
strongly agree and thank for reminding
Dennis Miriambi (2 years ago)
This was so informing I like it
русский (2 years ago)
top vid. cheers mate
hakkim (2 years ago)
can suggest a good supporta forex broker?
xyilong xiao (3 years ago)
By adopting an ancient chinese fortune-telling way, did you ever make it steadily?
JNivTv (4 years ago)
Thank you
Troyson04 (4 years ago)
I 100% agree. Love this video. 
MrTinker53 (7 years ago)
excellent video, I'm sure my thoughts for today will be focused on becoming one of the 5%. Not so much in trading but in life in general.
Scott Shubert (8 years ago)
@dbullet I have no credentials at all. The only credentials are the results produced in trading and in the results of our students.
Scott Shubert (8 years ago)
@joshuademoraes absolutely! the question is will you actually enter and exit the trades when they occur?
Scott Shubert (8 years ago)
@lessen1 Expensive is something that exists in the mind. The cost of a college degree in the U.S. $30,000-$100,000. The cost of starting a franchise business $300,000. Please find a business with a better potential return that is less expensive than Forex and the cost of one course.
Seu Zeca (8 years ago)
maybe I can join on your team :D would you teach me your trading method?
Edmond Ublianda (9 years ago)
I do agree with zwotb,I thinks Kiyosakis book are very commercialized. Thought they have some substance but the his blah blah makes his book thicker. I hope he will make it direct to the point next time. Also I noticed with Kiyosaki's books..he always makes you buy his next series book but u will find out it is the same story
Scott Shubert (10 years ago)
I see the same thing right here all the time. Many people see these videos and say, "he is trying to sell something" others apply the methods and get 50% increase in captial per month.
Scott Shubert (10 years ago)
Wow! Your well known fact is the result of a different reality from all the people who have benefitted from Kiyosaki's work. I have benefitted from his books and so have many people which is why there are so many copies sold. The main thing to consider is that one person's reality is very different from another's.

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