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Part 4: Eliminate Emotional Blocks in Trading Using Meridian Tapping

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http://forextradingseminar.com Fourth part of this week's Meridian Tapping video series. Meridian Tapping is an extremely effective method for many people in all walks of life including Forex Traders to remove emotional blocks that prevent them from accomplishing what they intend to do. As a result, some traders who use Meridian Tapping are finally winning after years of struggling to break through the barrier that prevented them from getting consistent profit.. Part 4: Eliminate Emotional Blocks in Trading Using Meridian Tapping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8AshLWConA
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Text Comments (7)
ABDOUL AZIZ HASSANA (5 months ago)
Thank you!
Vinay KR (2 years ago)
I do not know anything about entry and exit signals . How to know more about it ? Thanks.
Scott Shubert (1 year ago)
@VinayKr For learning about enter and exit signals that is a different subject which we go into in great detail in our training and daily live trading sessions.
Krystal Freeman (4 years ago)
Dear Scott, thank you for your generosity <3
balraj99 (8 years ago)
Thanks you sir - Does make sense.
Scott Shubert (8 years ago)
@balraj99 Good question. See Carol Look's material and Patricia Carrington. We must state the problem while tapping in order to get rid of the problem. Then we can follow with a positive choice statement such as "I choose to be calm and relaxed and make profitable trading decisions."
balraj99 (8 years ago)
Is this not against the laws of attraction?? because by continually affirming "I am afraid to enter a trade", will this not manifest? _ any comments?

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