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How much do freight brokers make per load

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So many people want to know how much do freight brokers make per load? Or in your case, how much do auto transport brokers make? If you are an inspiring broker or a car hauler looking to figure out what is a freight broker commission structure like or auto transport broker income, then this video is for you. ---------------- FREE AUTO TRANSPORT BROKER MASTERCLASS: shipmorecars.com Come party with us in the MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY (where you’ll get access to tons of broker training and car hauling business training. Plus calling scripts, email templates and access to me via a walkie talkie app for less than the cost of a fancy dinner) : shipmorecars.com/community Become a Freight Broker who specializes in Auto Transport by joining my auto transport broker training course: www.shipmorecars.com/store Car hauling business course: shipmorecars.com/store _ See you in the next video! Love you guys!
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Omar Almeyda (3 days ago)
You brokers are pieces of shit. Mfs have no clue about trucking 🖕.
JB Chad (4 days ago)
Is it possible to get contracts from brokers as a owner operator wth only 1 hot shot truck/trailer?
JB Chad (4 days ago)
@ReloGeek, LLC oh hmm....I work for a small auto transport company and they get loads from LNR Logistics,..origin of pickup is always at same location, union Pacific (storage yard) we deliver cars to dealerships in near by cities 30-75 plus miles max distance..I was under the Assumption tht the company I work for has a contract with LNR. I'm trying to cut out as many middle men as I can I would like to have my own truck and trailer and work one on one with a freight broker getting the same type of routes (local) 75ml max as a owner operator if thts even possible. I was told they prefer to work with people that have small fleets. I basically want to keep during the routes Without working for anyone but myself
ReloGeek, LLC (4 days ago)
JB Chad brokers don’t give contracts. In fact broker work with so many carriers based on whatever vehicles they have moving on a given day. There are no set routes from brokers. For instance: a broker might have two cars going to the same place and then four going to different places originating from different places. Tomorrow it will be completely different. They don’t know when they’ll get a vehicle on your route but by connecting with a bunch of brokers, when they do? They’ll call you. Hope this helps! Ashley
MY NAME IS XRP (6 days ago)
In other words the drivers are the one who sleep away from family and broke theirs back on a semi and are the ones who get less pay .
ReloGeek, LLC (5 days ago)
MY NAME IS XRP only the ones who choose to. By running your trucking business like a business and getting your own clients (I show you how here: shipmorecars.com/community), you will not have to depend on brokers long and you can make the money you deserve. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ most car haulers are drivers first so unfortunately they don’t do the necessary things. That’s why I created my car hauling business course. To help them run their business like a business! Ashley
Jaymen Davis (7 days ago)
If brokers aren’t worth it to carriers, find your own loads! And for customers find your own carriers!
ReloGeek, LLC (5 days ago)
Jaymen Davis yep! Preach my friend! By running their trucking business like a business and getting their own clients (I show them how to here: shipmorecars.com/community), they wont have to depend on brokers long and they can make the money they deserve. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ most car haulers are drivers first so unfortunately they don’t do the necessary things. That’s why I created my car hauling business course. To help them run their business like a business! Ashley
Charles Adair (12 days ago)
So an auto carrier hauls cars an a rate per car. Ok. What about the mileage. More or less does it pay not to go cross country🤷🏽‍♂️
ReloGeek, LLC (5 days ago)
Charles Adair I’m not sure I understand your question. But I’ll try my best. Car haulers charge a rate yes but unless they are getting their own clients (I show them how here: shipmorecars.com) then they have to rake whatever the broker gives them. So the broker becomes the decision maker in pricing. When car haulers get their own clients, they can set the rate! And sometimes it’s more cost efficient to not go cross country, depending on your equipment and your route. Whether you got the client and therefore charged what you’re worth or a broker gave you a cheap paying load. Just depends! Ashley
V Bin (19 days ago)
If I took that much from a carrier, I wouldn't have any carriers to haul my loads.
ReloGeek, LLC (19 days ago)
V Bin sounds like you have it figured out. If carriers are gladly taking your loads? You’re doing pricing right! 😉 Ashley
Max Power (1 month ago)
Maybe huge brokerages make from 20-45%. Small and new brokerages make around 5-10% tops. It's not nice to spread lies. :(
glyss suppply (1 month ago)
Ash you the best so much great energy you have provided/ i'am in the process becoming a freight Broker I do have my MC# & USC register/ the only major things I needed is my security bond insurance to complete the process....
ReloGeek, LLC (1 month ago)
glyss suppply well thanks so much for the kind words! It’s exciting getting so close to starting your business! I’m so happy for you my friend! You can contact Diane over at pacific financial. She’s a rockstar. You can find her details over at relogeek.com/resources along with other recommended companies! Be sure to tell them I sent you 😉 Ashley
Ruben Cruz (1 month ago)
Make the world stop and see what happens to the trucking industry. Laws a currently being pass on regulating these brokers.
Ben Williams (1 month ago)
I found myself distracted for some reason. on another note, is this specific role becoming harder due to all the websites connecting shippers and carriers?
ReloGeek, LLC (5 days ago)
Ben Williams I wouldn’t say it becomes harder. If you have value then you are good. I have students who have no issue converting clients ( i have free training masterclass right now over at: shipmorecars.com) and I have had students who struggled. It wasn’t for them. You have to know how you add value and you have a chance. That’s in ANY industry! Ashley
Rollin Dub (2 months ago)
Who subscribed before listening...........God had blessed her; AMEN!!!!
ReloGeek, LLC (2 months ago)
Rollin Dub aww you’re too sweet! Hope the content was just as good! Be sure to hop on over to relogeek.com and join the mailing list. This way you can get up to date emails and news! Thanks for being here my friend! Ashley
shawn Willis (2 months ago)
You just do car brokering
ReloGeek, LLC (2 months ago)
shawn Willis used to yes sir! Now I’m a consultant for those who want to do it! Ashley
Beezo Adamson (2 months ago)
I liked the video bcuz of her
ReloGeek, LLC (2 months ago)
Beezo Adamson awww you’re too sweet! Hope the info was worth it! And if you’re thinking about starting in the auto transport business, be sure to hop on over to relogeek.com and join the mailing list. This way you can get up to date emails and news! Thanks for being here my friend! Ashley
Matthew Lewis (2 months ago)
Obviously not enough if they have to supplement their income by making YouTube videos
willy Adam (2 months ago)
Where is the FBI you see these companies trust college degree people or buddy buddy or if you license and bond you go to the company to buy up freight if you got the money all this shit can on forever to exp like that rapper delight song in the late 80.
willy Adam (2 months ago)
Dang beauty with brains and you nail this very straight very professional thanks
ReloGeek, LLC (2 months ago)
willy no brainz awww thanks so much! You’re so kind! I try to make content that can help you guys because I really want you guys to succeed! I suck at being “professional” lol I’m so childish at times and I try to hide it. So thanks for the compliment! Oh real quick of you haven’t yet, be sure to hop on over to relogeek.com and join the mailing list. This way you can get up to date emails and news! Thanks for being here my friend! Ashley
damiezash (2 months ago)
are broker taking a percent of the; detention, layover and or tno?
ReloGeek, LLC (5 days ago)
damiezash brokers as in auto transport brokers take their cut off the top. Meaning they will charge a client a down payment or service fee which is usually their fee ($150-300) then the remainder goes to the carrier on delivery. If you want to become an auto transport broker, check out my free master class training available right now: shipmorecars.com Ashley
navaro20 (3 months ago)
Who can hire freight agent or car agents with no expierience?
Gayle Reid (3 months ago)
not sure where you got your info
number 4 williams (3 months ago)
Nice video
Carlos deJesus (3 months ago)
No broker should make over 15% all responsibility fall on the carrier. Many brokers have quit because of this over charging n it’s killing the industry. Soon all trucks will stop because carriers are taking the hit.
Boobs make the world go round
Raahi (4 months ago)
This information is not accurate. I know someone who has been a broker for long time. He said a broker makes no more than 10%-12%. There may be few exceptions but to suggest that they make 25%-45% seems unrealistic, given that shippers, carriers and truckers have many tools available to get the best rates in this very competitive brokerage business.
ReloGeek, LLC (4 months ago)
Raahi hello my friend! Like any business, just because one person decides to charge one thing doesn’t mean everyone charges what they charge. Otherwise the world would consist only of amazon. I can buy something off amazon for $11 or I can go into target and pay $20 for the same item. That’s the point of a capitalistic society. One that’s full of entrepreneurs and enterprises. You can charge what you like. At one point I did an experiment where I charged $75 per vehicle as a service fee. Does that mean every broker charges $75? No they were charging about $200-250 per car. See what I mean? In this video I am in no way saying that everyone charges that. I’m merely saying it’s the average they charge which of course changes over time and that was at the time of this video. Good luck my friend! 🥰 Ashley
Dana Dane (4 months ago)
Do you have a video for people wanting to become a freight broker, im nervous about buying any courses. This is something that i would like to start off doing part time at home. Please any advice is greatly appreciated.
Yo Mama's Cup of Tea (3 months ago)
You're gonna have to spend money to make money hun. No way around it unless you want to spend YEARS trying to piece together free info
Hustler08 (4 months ago)
Showing your goods on purpose
Hiram Rosa Jr (4 months ago)
Wow drivers get robbed
jose G. (4 months ago)
Those tits tho....😘
Dany Castillo (4 months ago)
Attractive she is.
James Ziegenbalg (4 months ago)
Freight broker here, I just want to point out that nearly every brokered load posted on DAT went through a process that involved about 500-1000 phone calls to get it there. There is about an 80% wash out rate among new brokers. Yes, we generally try to charge the customer $300-$500 more than we pay the trucker, but when each load takes 10+ hrs of calling prospects and getting hung up on before we finally find somebody who needs help finding a truck, I don't think that's unreasonable. It's not uncommon for a new broker to work 60-70 hours a week for 3-1/2 months straight before moving their very first load. That load is usually lumber or scrap metal, and that new broker might eke out a $100 margin. If truckers had the time to make hundreds of unwelcome sales phone calls every time they needed to book a load, brokers wouldn't exist.
@Chilo Gutierrez negotiating is negotiating...brokers negotiate with shippers and truckers negotiate with brokers...therefore truckers could learn how to negotiate with shippers and cut out the middle man
@James Ziegenbalg I'm not saying you're "intellectually stupid"...but I'm saying you're "common sense stupid" Who the fuck allows themselves to live life like a goddamn slave and doesn't bother finding a better job????? You make 1,000 calls a day, yet the only call you should be making is to a new job offer...GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT SHITHOLE LOL
So basically 100% of all brokers don't make more than a 3rd world wage? Yet there are still many brokerages that have been there for a long time. No one could stay at a place for 3 1/2 months while making $100 for the entire 3 1/2 months...they would last 2 weeks and realize they need to be able to pay rent and eat, then they would leave. 3 1/2 months would eat most people's live savings lol Aren't there shippers that actively post their loads on load boards so brokers don't need to do any calling? Pretty sure there are. I don't think a load board with tens of thousands of loads per day, per load board came from 1,000 calls. Those people need their product shipped and don't have contracts with carriers...so they are fucked if they don't actively seek truckers via load boards. I feel like, if you have to make that many calls, then the entire system was set up from a caveman when shit was hauled on dinosaurs...and no one has bothered to improve that system since
Mike Mascow (3 months ago)
@Chilo Gutierrez what is "bud money"? A new vernacular for buying weed? Hey, you got some bud money? Maybe put the bong down, or better yet, wait until you've straightened up to reply. You'll make more sense to us who are.
Chilo Gutierrez (3 months ago)
The point is bud money. He has a family and needs Bill's paid same as u. U could always make calls urself and broker it... o wait u have no clue how to do that. So u pay the expert
Maritza Piccarillo (4 months ago)
She's a fucking crook! What moronic trucker would use HER????
walec (5 months ago)
Brokers are more useless than snow on the road. Can’t believe how stupid this nation is and won’t stop 2-3 times a year for a week. In Europe they tried to raise fuel prices and what happened? In us people have no balls.
ReloGeek, LLC (5 months ago)
walec Forever I believe every person / job / industry has its place in the world. It’s unfortunate that the bad seeds make the industry look bad as a whole. I understand why you feel this way but I don’t think all brokers are useless. Thanks for watching. 🤓 Ashley
Gary Bakley (5 months ago)
Brokers are the ones that make the money and they don't give a shit about us...The first thing that comes out of there mouth is a lie,,,
ReloGeek, LLC (5 months ago)
Gary Bakley I understand why you feel like this. I think there are great ones, decent ones and the ones who you’re referring to. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Keep your head up and stay safe out there Gary! Ashley
Ripulss Pulss (5 months ago)
Those beautiful brests got my attention
Cheryl Wright (5 months ago)
I'm interested in becoming a Freight Broker, how and where can get the training, and licensing. Also, where can I seek mentoring.
americanwheels Logistics (5 months ago)
americanwheels Logistics (5 months ago)
@ReloGeek, LLC QUEEN HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOUR CONTENT WAS AMAZING YOUR LAST COMMENT WAS MORE THAN SMART WHEN YOU COMMENTED ON EXPERIENCE about the pain and success of being a carrier and broker, your content is as amazing as your beauty, you ready know we keep the wheels rolling, your content brought me here, my ears were listening, my mind was understanding and the eyes were looking that beauty, make more videos you are amazing
ReloGeek, LLC (5 months ago)
americanwheels Logistics thank you for the kind words! I hope the content is even better than my “beauty”. 😅 Happy new year my friend! Ashley
whoispriest (5 months ago)
hard to pay attention with your tits all up in my face.
Serious Black (5 months ago)
Hello Ashley on average how many loads in a weeks time does one average I know it varies and what’s the average for dry and reefer load? Also I know this may vary due miles driven and carrier? Thanks
Luchilu ajoks (5 months ago)
Hey there Ashley my name is Luchi and I have been watching your videos for quite some time now and it has given me great insight. I am currently a carrier and I also own a dispatch company. I have a good amount of experience in the trucking industry but my goal is to also be a freight broker because I know that there is a huge opportunity there but I just don't know how to start. What kind of advice do you have for aspiring freight brokers like myself.
joniton henderson (5 months ago)
She want a nigga to see them titties
Billy Cruise (6 months ago)
Put on a shirt then ill take you seriously
ReloGeek, LLC (6 months ago)
Billy Cruise lol 😂 Ashley
Gcal1956 (6 months ago)
Enjoy the money while you can. Uber is now a freight broker. They will kill the broker just like they killed the taxi business. Uber freight. It’s a very real thing.
ReloGeek, LLC (6 months ago)
I think Uber freight is interesting. I think brokers have to be smart about technology and learn to adapt to changes. It takes time and nothing is truly dead. It evolves. Ashley
lawrence holland (7 months ago)
She's gorgeous and very intelligent, love 2 watch her videos.
ReloGeek, LLC (7 months ago)
lawrence holland thanks so much ! 🥰 Ashley
Miguel Bean (7 months ago)
She has a beautiful wedding ring on.
ReloGeek, LLC (7 months ago)
Miguel Bean thank you! 🥰 Ashley
John A (7 months ago)
Hello Ashley I appreciate video are you available to chat about starting up brokerage company
jlangheim (7 months ago)
I have been a freight broker for 8 years. 25-45% of loads? You have some bad info. On average I make 7-14% on truckload shipments and 5-10% on Ltl shipments. I really wish you would do a little more research on the topic before making us in the industry out to be slime balls. I have proof to back it up. If i book a load with a customer for $1000 and it’s a 300 mile run, by what you are saying I am making between 250-450 on the load. There’s no way you would ever find a truck to move your freight that way. Look maybe some brokers are able to get away with charging that but I can assure you they don’t have a lot of repeat business or they are using carriers who have bad Csa scores, old crappy equipment, etc.
Joey Lay (4 months ago)
You are full of shit
Dolph's Golf (4 months ago)
Same here, I've been in this business for 8 years now. This information is completely bogus.
Filthy Anemal (7 months ago)
No brokers make 25% of the margin. So if you got 500$ and you move it for $400 they are left with $100, the broker makes 25% of that. Lol.
AOSVP24 (4 months ago)
@ReloGeek, LLC Def need to connect to learn about being a broker. Is this something I can do part-time while working full-time?
ReloGeek, LLC (7 months ago)
Filthy Anemal if you’re a car hauler and you’re using central dispatch, 98% of the time the broker has their cut already and that’s anywhere between $150-300. So take that $500 and add their fee and that’s how much the total was for the load. Brokers almost always take their cut upfront from the client. Some brokerages even take extra once the vehicle has been delivered by having the car hauler send money back to them in form of a check. I was both a truck driver and a broker for 10 plus years and I’ve worked with hundreds of companies as a consultant so I would like to think i know how this thing works. 🙃🙃🙃 Hope this helps. Ashley
julia guedez (8 months ago)
interesting points ,if anyone else wants to uncover become a licensed freight broker try Nevolly Freight Insider Nerd (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.
Ethel Norris (8 months ago)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out best freight broker training online try Nevolly Freight Insider Nerd (just google it ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got cool results with it.
charles c (8 months ago)
They fuckin make as much as they can get away with , fuckin crooks
Jonny Cash (8 months ago)
Great channel keep posting !
chockalatlady (8 months ago)
Thx for sharing sweets!!
nel sta (8 months ago)
I am so happy you exist. I am going to send you a message on FB
ReloGeek, LLC (8 months ago)
nel sta awww you’re too sweet! I will check it in a few! Ashley
Edwin Torres (8 months ago)
MIKE J RITE WAY (8 months ago)
do you need MC number to be a freight broker? im also located in canada.
linx finx (9 months ago)
All those brokers out there are SOB
King Rell (9 months ago)
Put me on how much you charge to train me I'm serious
ReloGeek, LLC (9 months ago)
I don’t train but I have business courses that could help you learn the business: Broker: Reloacademy.com Car hauler: haulandhustle.com Free resources: relogeek.com Ashley
Ivan Arias (10 months ago)
Very informative video. Looks very professional and you sound very knowledgeable. My only suggestion would be the audio or volume. Thank you for the video!
ReloGeek, LLC (5 days ago)
Ivan Arias thanks for the comment and input! 🥰 Ashley
Tawakal FC AZ stars (10 months ago)
I like your channel.
GringoDoc (11 months ago)
Gorgeous woman and very helpfull info ! Gracias
Rachel Travels (11 months ago)
I came across this video looking for something else... but this is really dope and informative! Thanks sis!!
Nick Mandeville (11 months ago)
Come one guys she is a professional answering serious questions on a serious topic, have more respect.
ReloGeek, LLC (11 months ago)
Nick Mandeville thanks Nick! 😅 Ashley
RealestRealist (11 months ago)
Chris R (11 months ago)
Beautiful smart
ReloGeek, LLC (11 months ago)
Christopher Mark Rouse thank you! And thanks for watching! Ashley
One Million Goal (11 months ago)
Hard to pay attention looking at such beauty 😍
Rusty Climber (11 months ago)
lol, she said “SHARE OF WORK”. Overhead is not, NOT a share of work! That damn broker doesn’t have to BUY a truck, MAINTAIN a truck TAG and INSURE a truck and pay a man to DRIVE the truck. WTF.
ReloGeek, LLC (11 months ago)
Rusty Climber I used to be a truck driver for about 10 years in fact And probably ran more miles than most as I lived in my truck. Also I’ve been a broker. My videos are just speaking my opinion. I have always been a trucker advocate. Unfortunately most truckers don’t know how to run a business, or how to deal with customers or how to market themselves. I get it, nothing compares to the stress of a driver and i believe they should be compensated for it. However if drivers really want a change? Learn to run a business. Do what the brokers do. It’s just that simple. Thanks for commenting. Ashley
Brian Blunkosky (11 months ago)
25 percent to 40 percent...you're high
John Shaft (11 months ago)
cute lady but also real smart, which is more important. good info.
ReloGeek, LLC (11 months ago)
John Shaft why thank you my friend! Ashley
Terrence Powell (1 year ago)
Hello, I am interested in becoming a Freight Agent, how much do they make and how would I break into the imdustry with no experience? Thank you
D Patterson (1 year ago)
The 25%-35%, is that all profit to the broker or is that percentage divided up between the driver/carrier and you as a broker?
Kenneth Abdullah (1 year ago)
I'm a new intermodal Carrier in Chicago just got approved by the UIIA I'm trying to contact legitimate intermodal freight brokers in the Chicago area if you know of some have them email [email protected] gmail.com lets get this $$$$$
fine 🙄 and business savy....damn I can learn all day.
Ryan Hart (1 year ago)
Video was 2 times longer than it needed to be
Ady H (1 year ago)
She's a Freight Broker ???? Come on guys we all know what she's looking for !!!!
theLearner (1 year ago)
Good message. Wrong dress.
Artlopez105 (1 year ago)
To much to pay to the broker, If it's my truck my trailer my insurance my cdl etc, etc, I have a lot more money invested off the top so 10% - 15% sounds about right
alfred sanchez (1 year ago)
Quick question how much is a load that a freight Broker can charge 35-45%
Cortez (1 year ago)
I see titties:)
commonman80 (1 year ago)
Freight Brokers should only get 10% of Any Load.. And? No more than 25% With Lumper Fees Included.. You People Are Crooks.. This is why Brokers should be forced out of The Trucking Industry...
Joe Sevier (7 months ago)
Freight Brokers exist for a reason, and they are legit. If you are a trucker, how are you getting your loads? If you are and you can do without a broker, then stop being a hater and enjoy yourself and move on.
Matt Lackey (9 months ago)
Car Hauling is a different animal all together. You are basically running partials. So if a trucker is moving cross country it is up to the broker to find cars to move along the route. Partial Loads are a huge pain in the ass.
I respectfully disagree.. You can eliminate a broker if you can create your own activity. If you depend on a broker thats just the cost of doing business. The American Way!
Tommy Reed (1 year ago)
Brokers are thieves!
ReloGeek, LLC (5 days ago)
Gayle Reid I agree! Not all are thieves. Thats why car haulers need to run their business like a business and start getting their own clients (I show them how to here: shipmorecars.com/community), they wont have to depend on brokers long and they can make the money they deserve. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ most car haulers are drivers first so unfortunately they don’t do the necessary things. That’s why I created my car hauling business course. To help them run their business like a business! Ashley
Gayle Reid (3 months ago)
Without a Broker you may be sitting for couple of days. yes some brokers are thieves and alot arent. if you have a broker that says how much do you need for this load and he picks his rate I wouldn't say he got cheated would you
Gene Roland (1 year ago)
I had to watch this twice
Aear2Hear (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing. Ive been a bus driver for 19 yr an now would like a career change havent been in school since forever but how hard is the freight brokers test looking to opening a trucking Company buisness an just wanted some idea's on future plans an thanks again for sjaring your experience
Charles Tompkins (1 year ago)
It's hard to listen with the titties out!
Rafael Alberto Brito (1 year ago)
Steven Tellez (1 year ago)
What’s the best company out here. Thanks for Vidio
Donald Grazette (1 year ago)
25-35%? Thats highway robbery..Thats why they think truckers are stupid
AOSVP24 (4 months ago)
@Dolph's Golf Great feedback!!! This really helps as I am someone about to start my own brokerage.
Dolph's Golf (4 months ago)
I've been in freight brokerage for 8 years now. Most brokers do not make 25-35%. This is bad information! Regardless of the type of freight you're hauling, most shippers, manufacturers, re-packers, etc. are far to plugged in to current market rates to knowingly allow a broker to charge them nearly 2x what an asset direct charges them. Thanks to companies like DAT and ITS, market indexes are posted on a weekly basis along with fuel matrix's to give the most accurate information about what a certain lane ships for. Some brokers like myself have contract lanes and also ship in spot markets during busy times of year. When freight rates are way up and capacity is way down, a broker can charge the customer more to create capacity in lanes they can't otherwise fill. That doesn't mean he isn't having to pay the carrier considerably more to contract them in lanes that couldn't otherwise be filled. Long story short, depending on miles, market demands, capacity, fuel, planning time and a few other factors, most brokers who aren't "money grubbing fly by nighters" charge between 10-25%. A $1000.00 pay to me the broker and $800.00 to the carrier in a 200 mile run is 20%. How do you suspect my customer will react when I try and charge 20% on a 2400 mile run. Say $5400.00 to the truck, I'm going to ask for $7000.00+... Let me know how that one goes over... LOL!
James Nevitt (1 year ago)
Donald Grazette The problem is alot of people that are otr truckers are desperate. Also deregulation didn't help either L.O.L.
Gadi (1 year ago)
Came here to learn about brokerage licenses, distracted by this woman's beauty.
The Star (1 year ago)
I’m interested in this field. I’ve driven in the past for several years but would like to move on from that part. I need help and thank you.
ReloGeek, LLC (5 days ago)
The Star I’m sorry I’m just seeing this! I wasn’t alerted of your comment. Have you considered brokering? Check out my free masterclass training here: shipmorecars.com it’ll help introduce you to the world of brokering! Ashley
Man Mr (1 year ago)
Are you a broker??
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
Man Mr used to be. Now I consult brokers and car haulers as well as companies who sell to them. Ashley
domanick09 (1 year ago)
Wow ur beutiful
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
Thank you Ashley
q22222 (1 year ago)
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
q22222 🧐
Alton (1 year ago)
Looking damn good. Great info.
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
Alton happy you’ve found it helpful Ashley
Iam Clemmi (1 year ago)
I'm interested in this
Iam Clemmi (1 year ago)
Hey do i need any special licence to be a freight broker
Iam Clemmi (1 year ago)
ReloGeek, LLC thank you
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
Iam Clemmi if you’re interested in auto transport brokering check out my website for tons of helpful content. Relogeek.com good luck. Ashley
GuardYourMind (1 year ago)
She has got game. Suck it up.
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
alcnya 👼 Ashley
GuardYourMind (1 year ago)
I'm attracted to her mind... I see money......ok , I'm lying.
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
alcnya 😅 Ashley
Rico Reek (1 year ago)
How do I get started tho???
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
Rico Reek Reloacademy.com walks you through it step by step. It’s my broker training course. Ashley
LFC FAN (1 year ago)
To hell with brokers, and how much they make. Keep on jiggling those assets of yours baby, they're awesome.
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
LFC FAN you’re silly. Lol Ashley
Abdullah Alslma (1 year ago)
Wow 25 to 35 or 45 % of the load !!!!!!!!! Man that is a lot and the you have to pay 10-20 % of whatever the load priced to the company you leased to and you pay 15 % for fuel and not mentioning the maintenance and etc wow truckers are doing 90 percent of the work and getting the bottom money .. that is not fair at all with all the work we do and all the expenses like cargo insurance and physical damage and all the stress in the road man that is totally not fair.. but thank you for showing us how this work ..
That Boy (2 months ago)
My dads a car hauler and he has a good broker. He does one Tesla load with ten cars on the trailer. He gets 3,000 and the broker gets 1,000. Obviously he has a cool broke but some will rob you like you said
AOSVP24 (3 months ago)
@Mike Mascow Will do. Thank you!!
Gayle Reid (3 months ago)
I agree i have many carriers that love working with me, I am honest and I am one that appreciates my carriers very much and have always appreciated them as they work hard, we are partners and I try to be fair so i guess for someone to call ALL brokers and agents to be thiefs is not a fair statement, so I would like to know how long she has been in the business and who she works for, because I don't think that is a true statement, I have over 15 years experience and i give the drivers extra and say here is $50 go have supper or lunch on me thanks for the good job, JS
Mike Mascow (3 months ago)
@Gayle Reid Yes, I think that is long gone, too much competition and double-brokering of freight (triple, or quadrupple!). The key is in having good, steady relationships and being very thorough. I have some GREAT agents I work with who, I have heard and seen in action, they work hard for what they make and keep problems and issues to a minimal. They are GREAT communicators. As a broker, sometimes you have to be willing to make $25 on a load, or even nothing, knowing that you'll make it back on the next several. Same goes for me as a carrier. I might not get 100% of my "lost time" on detention or a lay over or SOMETHING extra we had to do for the customer, but, I know when an agent has my back, he or she will see to it that we get that $ back over the next X # of loads. It is a relationship of give and take, at least, it used to be. Now a days, seems like so many agents and carriers are just looking for a "one and done" scenario. I like working with the same people, and knowing what I am getting into.
Abdul Hakeem (1 year ago)
I am in love with Ashly
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
:) Ashley
Charlie Harrison (1 year ago)
50%is to much. you brokers are raping the truckers. im getting out of trucking to be a fair rate broker
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
Charlie Harrison by all means jump out and become a broker if that's what you want to do. But brokers like car haulers have issues of their own that makes most brokers leave the business. As a car hauler, you're in a position of permanency. No worry about someone eliminating you or the likes. Although I believe that won't happen in its entirety I believe as someone who was a driver for almost a decade, the issue is not just the brokers. Car haulers need to start running their business in a smart way. Stop relying on brokers. Any successful car hauling company is getting their own clients. If you're not? You're playing a losing battle. That's what I preach in my car hauling business course (haulandhustle.com) as well as on this YouTube channel. The smart ones listen while everyone else? They stay in the struggle. Get your own clients. Run your business like a business not like a driver. I can't emphasize that enough. Unfortunately a lot of drivers are hard headed, have egos or are too stuck in their ways to take advice. It's your choice. My goal is to help change the industry for both brokers and car haulers. I share what I know, mistakes I've made and things that worked like gold. Pick what you want to listen to or nothing at all. Hope this helps. Good luck my friend and yes the industry needs more fair rate brokers. Then it's up to you to convince the client why you're prices are above everyone else's. But that's a battle for another day. 🤗 Ashley
Curtis Rozier (1 year ago)
Thanks for explaining Working on to achieve my broker licence I watch half all your video's Doing what you said do before I start
ReloGeek, LLC (1 year ago)
Curtis Rozier great to hear! Make sure you follow the steps I have in this video: https://youtu.be/AKXzWmd7kGU Or if you want a more detailed approach and can afford it, join Reloacademy.com. You'll be happy you did. Ashley

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