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What is OLAP?

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This video explores some of OLAP's history, and where this solution might be applicable. We also look at situations where OLAP might not be a fit. Additionally, we investigate an alternative/complement called a Relational Dimensional Model. To Talk with a Specialist go to: http://www.intricity.com/intricity101/
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MRTiGzoruA (14 days ago)
yeah okay but what is Olap? :/
Vickar Khan (4 months ago)
I've recently been given access on Oracle BI for my sales operations, this video was just right to the point. Thanks
Intricity101 (4 months ago)
So glad it helped your team out!
Dennis Hunter (8 months ago)
Well done, Thank you.
It's laudable to make an effort to explain terms but less so, if facts presented are simply wrong. OLAP is a term based on Codd's rules: http://www.cis.drexel.edu/faculty/song/courses/info%20607/tutorial_olap/definition_Codd.htm Vendors used it as a marketing means to sell solutions. Nowhere in Codd's rules is the necessity of "pre- calculated" and they never had a clear technical specification. OLAP is nearly entirely about an analysis user experience and nearly every BI tool on every database technology under the sun caters to these principles now. The most widely used "OLAP tool" is a Pivot Table.
I have read your article and agree with most aspects of the architecture presented. It actually matches our approach ( https://www.agilityplanning.com ) in many ways... ;o) Finally, just for the record: I have not mentioned "in-memory" although I believe this is a feasible approach for a lot of BI project requirements particularly given the options that scalable cloud platforms provide...
Intricity101 (1 year ago)
I recommend you read my article titled Goldilocks Guide to Enterprise Analytics, then lets talk. Too much nuance to swim through over youtube. https://intricity.attach.io/BkJZaQxfz We just spoke with one of the leading Pharmaceutical Analytics firms in the world. After reading this article, their Chief Architect said, "This reads like the multi-million dollar journey we had to step through to discover scalable analytics." If you're really feeding information to an enterprise, you have to put your personal BI analyst hat down and put your enterprise architect hat on. Feeding petabytes of data to thousands of people isn't something you can just push to an in memory structure and forget about.
Doesn't answer my point about referring to OLAP as "precalculated". OLAP is a pretty good idea in nearly any BI context. A properly setup data warehouse is in our view a great example of OLAP. The comment about Pivot Tables shows that you are not really across where the Pivot Tables have moved to... I recommend a look at the concepts of "Modern Excel"...
Intricity101 (1 year ago)
Managility Business Intelligence I’m not a purest when it comes to these things. When the devisor of the concept is miles from the user experience, I really don’t care about the devisor, because it doesn’t help explain what people are experiencing in their BI deployments. You’ll notice that we introduce the video by describing the question of whether or not to use OLAP in our architecture. Yes a pivot table is OLAP, but the focus of the video is enterprise BI not personal data sources.
Saurabh Gupta (1 year ago)
The speaker don't know how to explain
Banana Nana (1 year ago)
Intricity101 (1 year ago)
dadautube (1 year ago)
very nicely done video presentation with a super professional grammatically correct flawless talk ... i really like that! still however, OLAP's definition is not clear enough here, as you can see from other people's comments! :) on a different note though: if businesses had / still have trouble working out their data mining processes successfully, not even God can help them much less OLAP or ETL etc would, simply because the main source of the problem is in their GREED to make more money (or havce control over anything on which they require to mine data) thus expecting MIRACLES to happen to them while they're not PROPHETS so God could help them out in that respect! bless
RIDDLE0MASTER (2 years ago)
So if I understand it right, in the old days a regular transaction data was taken and turned into dimensions in the cube for further "slice and dice", while nowadays, the transaction data goes though ETL into a star schema which I can load to a visualizing tool (like Tableau) and "slice and dice it there"?
Intricity101 (2 years ago)
Both require the ETL tool to load. But a relational dimensional model isn't a precalculated result set, pigeon holing the direction of the analysis.
aiping liang (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, help me a lot
Thank you so much. That was succinct and really well presented!
Denvan Fynn (2 years ago)
And I still have no idea what OLAP is. :-(
Far Zeb (6 months ago)
Julia Little (10 months ago)
OLAP is the method computers use to make sure that requests for totals of measures (ex. January total sales of mustard) are computationally efficient. There are three dimensions of measures in an OLAP cube, much like the three dimensions of a rubix cube. In my example, one dimension contains the month, another attributes about sales, and the third a type of product.
adnidyol (11 months ago)
I agree. There was some useful information here but doesn't address my main reason for coming here.
Denvan Fynn (1 year ago)
I'm sorted. thanks
dadautube (1 year ago)
@ Denvan Fynn: searched online ... it stands for: Online analytical processing ...
Sumayah Ghamdi (3 years ago)
Beautiful, Beautiful Presentation Thank you SO much
H Zakariae (4 years ago)
thank you for theses videos , please if is it possible next time make videos with English subtitles 
Intricity101 (4 years ago)
All the videos have English subtitles. Click the CC button in your Youtube video screen.
Rich Hemmings (4 years ago)
Came to your page via Brent Ozar for Column-based dbs - these videos are great! Very well explained! 
Bhaskar Mehta (4 years ago)
Nicely explained the basic fundamental use of OLAP. Looking for more connected clips for self learning!
Intricity101 (4 years ago)
Thanks Bhaskar, take a look at some of the other channel videos on similar topics.
khodja yacine (5 years ago)
well explained thx 
Pandu Bala (5 years ago)
Nice presentation. BPR
Media ITiers (5 years ago)
Good big picture!!!
Muuip (5 years ago)
Great summary thank you!
Da N (5 years ago)
really good video. This video that we made can contribute to this. youtube/watch?v=yQLbNvEYp2U
infiernodeashly (5 years ago)
The CC is so far off it makes things confusing.
MrKillie1978 (5 years ago)
Great job!
Diego R FGonz (5 years ago)
good video!! nice animations also! Im not worthy haha poor server
Intricity101 (6 years ago)
Online Analytical Processing is a very abstract name in my opinion. I've found that spelling out it's acronym just glazes people over trying to make sense of it.
Richard Smart (6 years ago)
this is great. So many bells ringing in an order I can kinda make sense of... finally!
Anil kumar (6 years ago)
A real good job on OLAP well done!
l pac (6 years ago)
To the point on OLAP well done!
benhur panjaitan (6 years ago)
Thx! Great video
Henri de Feraudy (6 years ago)
First rate!
Grace Wu (6 years ago)
A very nice presentation! Well organized and clear information! Liked it!
Srinivas SV (6 years ago)
Good explanation, thank you.
Sudha Venkateswaran (6 years ago)
perfect explanation
Intricity101 (6 years ago)
Thanks for your kind comments!
Mark Meed (6 years ago)
This is excellent. One of the most lucid explanations I have encountered in a very long time. Well done.
Julien-Robert Lecadou (6 years ago)
i don't know how many times people comes to our office ( or suite) to ask for one cube or another. this is very interesting.
ITBroom (6 years ago)
I agree with other commenters. The clear explanations + cool animations, make for a brilliant presentation of these concepts. E-learning at its best.
Anuj Goel (6 years ago)
very nicely explained. thank you.
Intricity101 (6 years ago)
Thanks ivanosito!
Adrián Correa (6 years ago)
Now, "I know... OLAP"! :) Thx! Great video.
Will M (6 years ago)
what software was used in the creation of these videos?
schtat (7 years ago)
brilliant - crystal clear explanation, thanks
sarah g (7 years ago)
Thank you! Very helpful! Great vulgarization of the concepts
yusexp (7 years ago)
Absolutly great
halebale00 (7 years ago)
Great explanation and very good animation!
Olayemi Omotosho (7 years ago)
Intricity101 (8 years ago)
@MoMoney8181 Thanks MoMoney!

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