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Fox News TV - The Australian jobs that are offering six-figure salaries with no experience - but the

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Thank you for watching. Have a nice day! Don't Forget To Subcribe My Channel: https://goo.gl/vCXdrM ABOUT: More than 1,000 jobs with six figure salaries have been made available in one outback Australian town.Entry level positions where no qualifications are necessary are up for grabs in the gold-mining town of Kalgoorlie.The only catch is that many of the jobs are not for fly in, fly out workers - only those who are prepared to live in the small Western Australian town.Many of the jobs are for skilled and unskilled mine workers - but there are others advertised to support the mining industry such as in hotels and restaurants.The highest salaries in all of Australia are in the Kalgoorlie gold fields.According to job search site Seek, the average wage last year was $99,236.Jessica Biddle of the Kalgoorlieboulder Chambers of Commerce said that most businesses will train on the job, and even the inexperienced workers will be paid generously.'Even entry level jobs you can actually earn a very good wage.Average $100,000 a year.' 'We need people to come back to Kalgoorlie.We've had a lot of people leave, and now we need people to come back and reside in Kalgoorlie, so they can benefit from the lifestyle from living here,' said Ms Biddle.Australia's best paid workers are those in the mining industry, making on average $139,303 per year, compared to the average Australian income of $78,832.Despite the town being renowned for its social problems, Ms Biddle insists that it's a great place to live.'There're over 250 community and sporting groups registered in Kalgoorlie, there is something literally for everyone in Kalgoorlie.
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