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Forex Training - How To Read The Charts (Basic SRT Market Structure)

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NYC Trade House Forex Training About Video... Are you struggling with where to begin learning Forex Trading? Then, look no further! Here is the very first video every new Forex Trader should watch to learn how to read (SRT) Support, Resistance and Trends on the Chart and finally understand how the markets works! IF... You are a dedicated Forex Trader and want to learn how to Master the craft of trading to make a full time income. We provide Daily Forex Trainings, Multiple Live Forex/Binary/Crypto Weekly Trading Sessions and State-of-the-Art Trading Softwares to help you profit daily in the market. Click the "Get Started Here" link below to register for our VIP Trading Group and we will schedule a one-on-one with you! ______________________ **What is "IML" iMarketsLive** International Markets Live provides highly effective tools, services & education to help traders make the right decisions in the FOREX & CRYPTOCURRENCIES markets. Our services are exclusive and can only be accessed though our membership. Led by a brilliant & experienced executive team, the company is growing exponentially and is currently helping thousands of traders become successful! ______________________ For more info... -- What is IML: https://youtu.be/Gt_bLNznOkI -- What is Forex Trading: https://youtu.be/YrpFfX2xh-c -- Get Started Here: https://www.imarketslive.com/RetireWe... -- Check out our Page: https://www.GetInProfit.com ______________________ NYC Trade House Founders - Connect with us Online Man-nyy Quinones -- https://www.facebook.com/ManuelRaull -- https://www.instagram.com/chairman500/ Anthony Ortiz -- https://www.facebook.com/iAmAnthonyOrtiz -- https://www.instagram.com/iAmAnthony0... ______________________ WANT A PROFITABLE FOREX STRATEGY!? 🎥 Triple Fire Strategy 5 Minute Version https://youtu.be/5Xmuwe4IK58 🎥 Full Triple Fire StrategyTraining 🔥🔥🔥 https://youtu.be/4XWJzteasWM 🗣 IML PipTalk Channel for Daily Trade Ideas 📈💡 🗣 IML Harmonic Scanner PipTalk Community
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Sale's Return Department (5 months ago)
nice video. chart definition here> https://www.warpips.com/2018/09/whats-new-york-close-chart.html
Kaye Stewart (6 months ago)
I assume this is on IMLTv because most of your videos talks about Harmonic pattern. Glad you did this video on straight forex. You explain everything so well.
NYC Trade House (7 months ago)
IML Members Subscribe to our PIP Talk Channel for Live Trading Sessions and Daily Trade Ideas: Personal Channel: http://imlpiptalk.com/channel?id=man-nyyquinones Don't forget to Subscribe to our Community Channel as well to interact with other Harmonic Traders! Harmonic Scanner Channel: http://imlpiptalk.com/channel?id=harmonicscanner

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