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$DX: US Dollar to go Bearish for Month of June: Seasonality, Harmonic, iMTF confirmed

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$DX US Dollar to go Bearish for Month of June: Seasonality, Harmonic, iMTF confirmed. 80% probability for US Dollar go bearish for month of June. Harmonic pattern from Scott Carney with IMTF AI technology with multiple time frame resistance and seasonality confirm. Watch this 5 minute video on how exactly.
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DamianK (4 months ago)
Just got my free trial setup at ichimokutrade Manesh loving the ichimoku system videos but noticed in your recent videos seems like you are not using that style anymore does it still work as i am intetested in the subscription offers you have at ichimokutade cheers Manesh
Jeniffer Monroy (4 months ago)
Ayrton C Pankiw (5 months ago)
manesh I have tried to email you have you changed your email address?
DamianK (2 months ago)
+Manesh Patel appreciate the reply Manesh i can only imagine how busy you must be. Emailed couple of times no responses as yet but they are prob bombarded from people following your vids buddy. Will try emailing again thanks Manesh
Manesh Patel (2 months ago)
Sorry....been busy with new website. Please email at [email protected] and you will get a response
DamianK (4 months ago)
I started learning about Forex Trading in the Summer of 2017. I practiced with demo acc fora full year to learn as much as I could about it then I went with a Live Acc of £600 GBP in July 2018 as I said. I wish I had learned Ichimoku sooner as this is an incredible strategy. It keeps you away from Bad Trades, you can decide in 5 seconds the direction the market is headed and since I started using as I said my Losses have definitely reduced
DamianK (4 months ago)
I have a free trial with Ichimokutrade at the moment and I have been working through the videos to learn the strategy Manesh Teaches. Since incorporating Ichimoku strategy to my Real and Forex Demo acc only 2 trades have stopped as negative. My other trades have all been stopped out at Profits using Trailing Stop Loss. This system is incredible!!. The more I practice the better I am getting. I am based in the UK and I have a Real Forex Acc with FXPro UK, that I started in July 2018 and a demo acc I have always had with BDSwiss
Ayrton C Pankiw (4 months ago)
have you had any success with the ichimokutrade plat form what one you currently using at the moment ? and who do you trade with if you don't minde me asking and how long have you been trading and how are you finding it ?
Rj Lao (6 months ago)
Where can you get those trading systems?

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