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Exact Business New Year Message

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Ladies & Gentleman, 2013 is finally here and what a year it's going to be! There are so many changes within the Capital Allowances Tax relief world. There is the increase of the Annual Investment Allowances to £250,000 from today, and the increasing importance of the mandatory pooling for commercial properties is also more and more relevant. As HMRC enter its 135 year of Capital Allowances, we see the enterprise zones continue to increase in number, and various investment opportunities utilising Building Premises Renovation allowance have also appeared. All of these, plus the standard Plant & Machinery Allowances & ECA's means that even more tax relief can be claimed. It's a complex area which is why in our core values statement one of our points is "To provide free advice for all sectors of the tax market" This means you! This is why, in the new year Exact Business are going to establish monthly webinar's and drop in meetings for those who wish to pose questions about, discuss or work through examples of this type of tax relief. With no obligation and gay abandon, we will provide you all you need to know. As well as this, our CPD events are still available and of course you will see me talking at numerous Property events throughout the year. The first one being at the end of January in Oxford. Whether you are a property owner, investor, solicitor, or busy accountant right now all of us at Exact Business wish you a very prosperous 2013. Hurrah!
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