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Introduction to Oxidation Reduction (Redox) Reactions

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This is an introduction to oxidation reduction reactions, which are often called redox reactions for short. An oxidation reduction (redox) reaction happens when electrons are transferred between atoms. A loss of electrons is called oxidation, and we say that atom has become oxidized. A gain of electrons is called reduction, and we say that the atoms has become reduced. The two separate parts (oxidation and reduction) of an oxidation reduction (redox) reaction are called half reactions. Two half reactions can be put together to make the whole reaction. Oxidation numbers are numbers that can be written above atoms to show whether they are gaining or losing electrons.
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Coolboygamr ! (4 hours ago)
I understand everything what he explain lot better than school
Spectacular momo (16 hours ago)
I love you
Jaufarusadique (21 hours ago)
you're cool dude. thank you!
Mwemba Mwinga (1 day ago)
I thank you for your existence 😭😭😭 it makes so much sense now ❤️ thank you so much!
SAIKAT KUMAR DAS (1 day ago)
Nicely Explained......Thank u...from INDIA
The Truth (2 days ago)
forgive me everyone but he looks like someone straight out of the game Guess Who
Ndumiso Nkomo (2 days ago)
Where this dude get these perfectly white pieces of paper?
Sandhya Jaiswal (2 days ago)
Lots of love from India sir
Spread the Word (2 days ago)
Thanks Tyler , I find your videos very helpful , please don't stop keep going. My Greetings from Algeria!!!
AKM SHOHAN (3 days ago)
Can u make a video on exothermic and endothermic reaction
Md Mohamed (4 days ago)
Damn ur spectacular broh !
romesa ali (4 days ago)
your smile helped me learn this more quickly. THANKS ^_^
S S (4 days ago)
You're a life saver!!!
shah Sultan (4 days ago)
Sir I don't like organic chemistry plz teach us the basics of organic chemistry...
shah Sultan (4 days ago)
Students wants teachers like him.....too good
giafelicci (4 days ago)
I'm a Project Junkie (5 days ago)
Your videos have made it possible for me to keep up with my Chemistry class. Your videos are very well done Thank you!! .......I want to donate to you but I don't see how to do that on your youtube page. Please explain how I can do this.
AFRICA DOGS K9 (6 days ago)
You are the best
David Uwayo (6 days ago)
Very understanding example
Muhammad Junaid (7 days ago)
adarsh shukla (8 days ago)
i really thanful to you . can you please make video of another chapter
Victoria Konieczka (8 days ago)
Hey Tyler, I love your videos! You explain chemistry so well. Do you have any videos on Activity Series?
Row19 Go (10 days ago)
Very good video. But, isn't chlorine a diatomic element?
Chiggen Nuggetz (10 days ago)
I was searching for mobile legends cooldown reduction, then i got here O_o
Mia Becerra (11 days ago)
Tyler you magician THANK YOU
dingdong bing bong (11 days ago)
what a god
harnidh kaur (12 days ago)
incredible video
Hafsa Saed (12 days ago)
Mahzad, Balaa’s mom (13 days ago)
Thank you! I learn a lot from your videos. 🙏🏻
Monique Cattron (13 days ago)
The best explanation I ever seen. I’m foreign and you couldn’t be more clear. You rock!
32lifesaver (13 days ago)
Thanks for all the quality videos Tyler. Having these videos available has been the key to my success in chem.
Onuabuchi Okoye (13 days ago)
u are great
Abhishek thakur (13 days ago)
Nice video
Housny Mcheik (14 days ago)
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you❤❤❤❤
GEO (15 days ago)
You Sir are Brilliant!
TOPG STUDIOS (15 days ago)
this really helps for my exams
sanjeev Chaudhary (15 days ago)
You can speak in hindi
Dune Vorster (15 days ago)
May I just say , I appreciate this so much. It made it much easier to understand, so thank you
Cristina Lupu (18 days ago)
This is so helpful omg!!
Christine Sabella (18 days ago)
You know what your doing. Respect
[email protected] (18 days ago)
Amazing teacher.
prity kumar (19 days ago)
sir ur the best the way ur teaching is the best love you 😍😍😘😘
Nvy (19 days ago)
He explained it better than my 8th grade science teacher :/
Aidan Fisk (20 days ago)
I love this man
Stanley Wong (20 days ago)
First time in YouTude to make a comment, Do You know how much I want to thank you "Mr. Tyler Dewitt""? Millions of thank you. You help me through more than a decade of nightmares of chemistry. I will always remember for these months of your help to me
Oarganda Onile (20 days ago)
you, my guy, are the reason why I am passing chemistry rn
Donna Sibayan (20 days ago)
does oxidation require that oxygen atoms be present?
Shubham Garg (21 days ago)
Heres a small trick. Remember ''Redox''. In reduction, electron in on the left side of the equation just like 'Red' in ''Redox''. In oxidation, electron is on the right side of the equation just like 'ox' in ''Redox''.
Abdul Qadir Baban (21 days ago)
Keep making these videos as students progress through their chemistry courses. You may not have much of an idea of how far these videos reach in helping people.
Central Elegance (21 days ago)
Okay but the question asks me “identify the species oxidized” I know that Iron (Fe) has been oxidized but do i answer it as: B) Fe Or D) Fe^2+ I know the answer is iron but I’m not sure if I should pick the iron before it has been oxidized or after. I think the answer is D, after. But I’d like a second opinion.
Ston Brothers (21 days ago)
I can see your passion for Chemistry, you’re awesome
Seerat Adil (21 days ago)
Belle Buchanan (22 days ago)
You're so good! I wish you were my Chemistry teacher...you are the gift that keeps on giving.. thank you!
MUJTA8A (22 days ago)
Thank u very much
Roy Daniella (22 days ago)
This is awesome. This guy saved me
v3nny vIll3 (23 days ago)
Totally nailing that godamn test😊
Niosha Majedi (25 days ago)
You’re amazing! Thank you So Much!
Aj Styles (26 days ago)
you make chemistry interesting!
All rounder (26 days ago)
hlw sir im a student i cant donate because im just student and thanks for your knowlege
NS thakur (26 days ago)
2H²S+SO²=2H²O+3S plz isme oxidation and reduction bta do plz fast sir
Kai Kishpaugh (27 days ago)
I wish that chemistry made me smile as much as it makes this guy smile
sadiya Firdouse shaik (28 days ago)
Ansh Vashisht (28 days ago)
wow, what an expertise I wish I should have known before; amazing teaching tyler
Lele Baleni (28 days ago)
Thank you so much😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥
Debadyuti B (29 days ago)
great video ,great explanation too.
Kara Robertson (29 days ago)
This is so much better than khan academy, I can I understand him so much better than my professor.
In Love With You (1 month ago)
How would you know if an electron gains or loses an electron?
shireen Mendez (1 month ago)
Your vedio is so helpful thank u sooo much
Lojayn (1 month ago)
that was very helpful! seriously thanks a lot!
unique style of teaching !!!
Jake Riccio (1 month ago)
Can an atom ever be reduced spontaneously by beta radiation?
Vibhor Kesarwani (1 month ago)
Plzz make a vedio on ionic equilibrium sir 🙏🙏
Surya Singh (1 month ago)
Great sir you explained in so detail really good
Aileen Mauro (1 month ago)
Explained waaaaay better than crash course...and I love those guys! Thanks Tyler! How can I donate?
Aneilia Chandersingh (1 month ago)
OMG Sirrrr..............tysm...I wish my chemistry teachers could help me understand this well...God bless you.
Ying Jean (1 month ago)
You are really a good teacher!!!
Raj Singh (1 month ago)
Sir sir can you explain the element symbol how we find how we come to know this element disassemble this formula please make video only
Thank I finally undertood thanks
Vivek enscript (1 month ago)
So nice sir
sara kadam (1 month ago)
Hi thanks for explaining... however , the half reactions are not balanced.
creative life (1 month ago)
Honestly this helped me so much whenever I don’t understand a topic fully I come here and watch his videos which are really helpful. And today I was struggling in class because skipped a year so when I came home studying this topic was the first thing on my list and I saw this video and clicked it right away and I am happy now that I understood the topic.
Phat Peet (1 month ago)
I love You(no homo)
Muhammed Azhar (1 month ago)
You're explaining it better, thank you so much.😄
Vilas Khengare (1 month ago)
Thnx tyler
Hamza Khan (1 month ago)
The whole lesson is so perfectly scripted, you can see that by the flow of his speaking and teaching.
Mango z (1 month ago)
Thank YOU soooooooo much for this! ❤️
how to academy (1 month ago)
Dude no one said why gain of electrons is called reduction expect you. Very surprising......
Bishnu Prasad Das (1 month ago)
It helps me a lot
cutsq sandy (1 month ago)
thank u bro this helpful
muhammad hiary (1 month ago)
you are absolutely amazing please dont stop making videos.
Pulse Ahmed (1 month ago)
This video is helpful
Hassan Abbasii (1 month ago)
very much useful...sir do u have an app where I can get all of ur lectures... plz help
Rachael Russell (1 month ago)
The best! I literally understood 10x better than any teacher or tutor that taught me
YP TechTips (1 month ago)
Minutes worth sent ! ☺☺☺
Wala'a Abdeljawad (1 month ago)
i loooove you
Dana J-B (1 month ago)
Na: yeet
Tanir Starita (1 month ago)
I’ve never understood what in the world redox reactions were after every YouTube video OR chemistry lesson at school🤦🏽‍♀️ but after THIS video I actually PROPERLY understand what my teachers were talking about💃🏽 Thank you🌸
fairy tail (1 month ago)
LEORA and GEROA anyone?
Mark Jarville Martin (1 month ago)
why would they donate electrons if they are electrically neutral? thus it mean that if they are neutral they are stable?
patrick jet (1 month ago)
Your vids helps me alot. Please enchance the volume sir. Cant hear you properly

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