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Data Mining, Classification, Clustering, Association Rules, Regression, Deviation

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Complete set of Video Lessons and Notes available only at http://www.studyyaar.com/index.php/module/20-data-warehousing-and-mining Data Mining, Classification, Clustering, Association Rules, Sequential Pattern Discovery, Regression, Deviation http://www.studyyaar.com/index.php/module-video/watch/53-data-mining
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Text Comments (19)
BEPEC (2 months ago)
Informative and please try to provide complete videos here.
himanshu joshi (5 months ago)
Sir ji pura video yahi upload karo naa
Redipay Operations (5 months ago)
Please dont waste your time watching this (worst)
Na Ran (9 months ago)
where can i find next video :D
john smith (1 year ago)
Is it me or are only Hindis knowledgeable in data mining? I'm trying to find an fluent English speaker on YouTube but I'm still at a loss?
Harshal Shelare (10 months ago)
Heba allah yassin (1 year ago)
Hi there , I am trying to register to the website to get the lectures , but i face some problems can you contact me as quickly as possible to solve it thanks
KiloMateOne (1 year ago)
An Online course covering Techniques of Regression, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Sentiment Analysis https://twitter.com/IbexMarketing/status/818962591871401984
Jaykrishna Prasad (1 year ago)
clasification ,clustering ,....are data mining techniques?
Humira Zahoor (1 month ago)
bi ap kia karta ha ?bs ya mcs
Humira Zahoor (1 month ago)
audi vidio ka kia kara
Konrad Kubak (2 years ago)
it is hidden. It is diiiscovered. It is UNVEILED! P.S. really great video!
Harshal Shelare (10 months ago)
Raphael Falo (2 years ago)
Burak KEBAPCI (3 years ago)
I started to learn Indian, while I am watching English engineering videos which recorded by Indians.
Rituraj Bhuyan (2 years ago)
thank you
Burak KEBAPCI (2 years ago)
+Rituraj Bhuyan gandhi
Rituraj Bhuyan (2 years ago)
+Burak KEBAPCI who told u to learn frm us??
nouha azouzi (3 years ago)
me toooo

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