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Tips and Tricks for Graph Data Modeling

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As the only NoSQL database category that prioritizes relationships, graph databases provide all the flexibility of a NoSQL database with optimized performance for connected data. Ian Robinson, Lead Engineer for Neo4j, walks you through how to model your data as a graph. He demonstrates how to avoid pitfalls early on and how to optimize your model for answering questions as Cypher queries.
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Phil Adams (2 years ago)
Excellent presentation. Thanks! Feel like I really understand it all now.
Matt O'Brien (2 years ago)
Starts at 3:40
Vijay Sukumar (2 years ago)
This helped to answer many of my data modelling questions. Thank you very much...!
Diaa ElKott (2 years ago)
Great explanation of data modelling using Neo4j. Man thanks for sharing!
George Somaru (3 years ago)
Very well articulated. Need to find more presentations like this. A little more visual interaction would have been even better, but it was, by far, better than most Neo4j talks.
Mark Engelstad (3 years ago)
i've been trying to understand modeling for a while now... lots of reading, etc. this presentation was one of the most helpful/ clearest in practical modeling. Well done.
Brett Coffin (3 years ago)
Thanks you, this was great presentation !

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