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What's On Your Mind? #WOYM Ep8 Chris Cathey & Anthony Iser

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Chris Cathey 3 Month Trader Mentoring Program CLICK HERE https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/christopher-cathey/ Anthony Iser 3 Month Trader Mentoring Program CLICK HERE https://www.itpm.com/trader-mentoring/anthony-iser/ ITPM Thailand Vacation Trader Mentoring Program CLICK HERE https://issuu.com/instituteoftrading/docs/thailand_vacation_mentoring_apr2019 Episode 8 of What's On Your Mind? #WOYM Chris Cathey & Anthony Iserfilmed 10/11/2018, Uploaded 10/12/2018. On this week's Episode of What’s On Your Mind? #WOYM - ITPM Mentors Chris Cathey & Anthony Iser in a laid back discussion on what they think matters right now in the financial markets when making trading and portfolio management decisions. Click the bell to get notifications of future episodes. We will be releasing new episodes every week. Enjoy the show!
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Text Comments (20)
Augustus Caesar (1 month ago)
Awesome video!!.. gives me so many ideas to think about..
LESVIDEOSDEMOI (2 months ago)
lol, they should charge people 1000$ per, this is very valuable content, thank you for making it available!
ABC DEF (2 months ago)
Yeah, thanks a lot guys! I love how they talk a lot about Australia, which hasn't been covered much in the PTM. Just located there. Will be interesting times.
Elyas 'Ahad (2 months ago)
Best thing ever created for us fundamental traders. So much quality insight. Please don't ever stop these.
Teddy Ericson (2 months ago)
Great session as always. May I ask what platform/website do you use for the economic charts? Thanks :)
Sassan Marouf Darvish (2 months ago)
All ITPM is gold but Cathey sure is outstanding.
Rodrigo F. De Macedo (2 months ago)
Great insights. Thanks!
Jason Katusiime (2 months ago)
Absolutely loving this series. Very insightful!
Srinivasa Julakanti (2 months ago)
Good Information. Please do not use black background in your slides, veru hard to read, not at all clear.
Yes, Cathey for president! I've always said it, Brexit is a bigger problem for the EU than it is for the UK. I for once know what to short next year, problem is the timing.
M Gandhi (2 months ago)
Could you please add English subtitles? It will make understanding the names of various charts mentioned more easier
BlufferBlue (2 months ago)
Yes, please!
Shakeel Ullah (2 months ago)
Great, thanks!!!
bsok (2 months ago)
As an ITPM alum, I really appreciate these market insight videos. Keep up the good work!
Petr Kostka (2 months ago)
Thanks Chris again..you keep me pretty busy LOL. Great job!!!
X325 (2 months ago)
Hey Chris, What happened to the 6 month mentorship? I remember one of your graduates or Anton himself was talking about how you can work with 2 mentors over a 6 month period.
j jones (2 months ago)
its on their website for details .
Andrew Adam (2 months ago)
Chris Cathey for Prime Minister!
jebi se (2 months ago)
Love the weekly WOYM as always. I hope Anton will be speaking once, that would be amazing.
Marc Powell (2 months ago)
Great show, thanks guys!😎
Marc Frommhold (2 months ago)
brilliant session, thanks for the insights from Chris and Anthony

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