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Capital Allowances Simplified

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OK, well its been bought to my attention that tax relief, and more specifically Capital Allowances may be more a complicated subject than first thought and for a lot of people it goes right over their heads - so in lamens terms, the basics here it is:- You can use your property to wipe out your tax bill. There, I said it -- it is as simple as that. Think about these things:- 1. How much tax did you pay last year? -- In January? Big Bill - £20,000? £40,000? £80,000? 2. Do you own a property that isn't a home? An office in Bristol, A pub in Woowich, A holiday flat home in Spain, A shop in Nottingham? 3. Would you like your tax back? 4. What are you going to buy? School fees, new car, investments, new property? 5. Is it legal? Surely Capital Allowances are a scam or loophole? It the law! -- you have a right to claim -- you don't get them automatically -- you have to claim them on your tax return -- go to legislation.gov.uk search Capital Allowances ACT 2001 -- there it is! 6. What is it for? Well when you buy a property there are certain items (assets) within the property which qualify for tax relief. This is what we identify and value for you. So, knowing about ALL of this, means that you will be financially better off claiming Capital Allowances -- or your money back. So contact me and my team now! 0845 467 2765 [email protected]
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George George (4 years ago)
u'd diserve a better promo video..ask me if you'd want one I can send you my prices ;)

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