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REALIST NEWS - UK Proposes 6 Year Prison Sentences for Online Posts Against (Everything?)

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Text Comments (88)
Simply Connected (6 months ago)
The court case in Scotland could have been rigged, and these people paid actors - just to scare other people from speaking their opinions from fear of the government. Fear is the weapon.
Mister BTC (6 months ago)
Have you heard that Qanon has been compromised and is now spewing propaganda. Not the real Q... Source=infowars
Otholious (6 months ago)
total unreal , looks like ww2's nazi's survived or has been reborn in the world. the difference though, between ww2 and now, is technology. Because of technology, the world is not so isolated, and so people can communicate all over the world. This is what will save the Earth and it's people, Technology and the human spirit of Freedom . The bad guys, they've lost, because of that, they just don't know it yet. As they say in one of the Batman movies, "it's always darkest before the dawn". Interestin vid, J, keep up the great work :)
david reeder (6 months ago)
Trump is a Zionist wolf in sheep clothing. Joe your too Red Pill guy for the Trump worshiping. Wish I was wrong. Hope I'm wrong.
FireFox Bancroft (6 months ago)
And there goes the last DJ Who plays what he wants to play And says what he wants to say Hey, hey, hey And there goes your freedom of choice There goes the last human voice And there goes the last DJ
Cinni Minni (6 months ago)
What you have to say about Pres. Trump has already been said, but will tell you we dodged a bullet when Pres. Trump was elected! Killary would have us in nuk war by now!!!! UK put the screws to Tommy Robinson for exposing prostitution in his town! Only to see today, where they have rescued several very young girls at the house that he questioned.
jack schitt (6 months ago)
Look like nazi.germany has won the war. Hitler is laughing in his grave.
cooldog60 (6 months ago)
Where are they going to get the money to build all the prisons. Everyone will be in prison.
russell piland (6 months ago)
Hey Jsnip I have to say that I enjoy your commentary, but I think that it is really time that you wake up. You should study David Icke. YOU ARE BEING PLAYED if you think this deep state, slave state thing is a democratic issue. Wake up. Look at the big picture, at what the republican and democratic leaders have done to this country getting us into insane wars with false flags and corrupting our money. Look at the Dollar Vigilante too. He is awake. We need you to be awake so we can take down the bad guys that are quickly closing the prison doors.
Monkey Magic (6 months ago)
Anyone get the feeling that they are gunning for Tommy Robinson with this one?
Brian Corcoran (6 months ago)
Don't worry, the UK does not have either the police numbers or sufficient jails to enforce this crap. It's window dressing.
Eric (6 months ago)
Left , right , liberal, conservative all the same. It's the illusion of choice. At least Trump is attempting to check off campaign promises. He may only need 4 years to get shit done at this pace. If he goes after the FED, he's done. Just like Lincoin, and Kennedy.
Derry Boot (6 months ago)
Sorry forgot to mention...... FOLLOW Tommy Robinson. He tells it how it should be in the UK.
Derry Boot (6 months ago)
I'm white hetrosexual, old and fat and I don't exist in the UK................... Im scared to look at somebody or something the wrong way or attempt to speak my mind................ The cops spend more time investigating hate thingies than 'REAL CRIME' its a joke! And don't get me started on toilets for the 'not rights' who don't know if they have one or not!
T Walker (6 months ago)
Absolutely Joe... it is happening here as well, but not to the same degree. At least not yet. I hope the people of the US awaken to how we have been manipulated for decades if not longer. Cheers !!!
john smith (6 months ago)
UK has a "conservative" govt atm, not liberal..... And Donald Trump can't and WONT save u. What evidence has he given you so far that he will?
Tmn Bnnv2 (6 months ago)
So many Clueless baseless worthless Pussies posting on your channel Joe. They all suoport pedos, Hilary, communism, Satan, and all things gay. Must be millennial shitpiles that think they have something to contribute. Go to the fucking uk If you are anti American You little cunts, or lets get to fighting and settle this shit once and for all!
PlasmaBurns (6 months ago)
Everyone who uses a VPN needs to set their posting location to the UK and start trolling the living fuck out of them.
Zorro Pai (6 months ago)
Those laws will not apply only to citizens... so watch out when you will travel there...
daniel rickerbaker (6 months ago)
global cooling has started! see china's failed wheat crop this year. see the u.s. when the mini-ice age comes due in 10 years. going to live near the equator is a good plan, in the years ahead. this country is going downhill. freedom has left the usa. evidence of cooling is starting right here.
daniel rickerbaker (6 months ago)
the liberals , some of them, have turned into Satanists. see our former president and his wife. the big H. I'm Budda school, but I deplore those on the dark side of Christianity. Satanists thrive on human suffering. our kids!, man ohh man!!-- run those guys out of town!
A (6 months ago)
Jason.. for God sake you can’t be that blind.. The most oppressive and aggressive country in the World is the US..
Jim Brown (6 months ago)
"The U.S." is NOT A COUNTRY, it is completely FAKE. The "USA" IS a country. If you don't understand the difference, you have a lot more studying to do. The "Banksters" have a strangle-hold on the world with their Fiat Currencies and virtually absolute control over energy, new free-energy technologies, and, communication / education / propaganda. Crypto Currencies will solve part of the problem. The internet will solve part of the problem. The release of free-energy technologies will solve part of the problem. People waking up and realizing the fact that they have been lied to for their entire life, will solve part of the problem. And finally, the eradication of ALL involuntary centralized power will be the answer we are all looking for. . . .
daniel rickerbaker (6 months ago)
I hate racism, esp. the stuff against my own white race. it's gotten so bad they pass laws that are meant against white people, and are only enforced against white people, by and large, anyway, that are called ''hate laws'' they banned me temporarily from tradingview, for saying ''keep your Sharia law out of my neighborhood'' why did I say that? see youtube videos of radical Muslims, parading around in Surrey, trying to overshadow BRITAINS LAWS, telling native people how to dress, etc. we can't call out minorities or other religions for what they do? they call us out. Racism is wrong against ANY RACE. INCLUDING US WHITE BOYS.
N Ch (6 months ago)
I am of Asian heritage. I can't agree with your view of racism more.
A (6 months ago)
Don’t be silly... You live in the “Land of the Fee”... ex Free men land... I have been all over the world and I only felt in danger in the US and Turkey ...
ex why (6 months ago)
its a proposal
pjbikerful (6 months ago)
Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder
2532robh1 (6 months ago)
I love when the old JSNIP4 is back not covering crypto stuff.
Crypto Knight (6 months ago)
Right and left wings are both connected to the same bird.
Samantha Jane (6 months ago)
My husband just received his Long Term Service Award early because he doesn't plan on being a civil servant in our part of the world for much longer. The people running his department actually told everyone who wasn't planning to retire in the next few years to "take the long service award now as it may not be available down the road". This is the closest anyone has come to admitting that the pension is going to be worthless in the coming years (he is leaving so he can get all his share of the cash out and we'll go in on a rental in some place like Puerto Rico where we can easily get residency). Same with the Hate Speech laws...we see our first glimpse of where things are REALLY headed early on. I think we are immigrating to a 3rd World country in 2019, for sure. The pensions are going down and if you try to sound the alarm, they will turn it into Hate Speech, making people fearful of their future so you must be Hating on them...LOL. I'm so fucking out of here.
Tpro 1115 (6 months ago)
I was born in England and have been back many times BUT NEVER AGAIN !!! my relatives there are so fucking brainwashed it's unbelievable! !!! STUPID LITTLE ENGLISH TEA DRINKING SUNDAY SWEATER WEARING BRAINWASHED SISSIES !!!
Tomas Av. (6 months ago)
YOU TALKING NONSENSE. EURoPE IS MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE FREEDOM THEN SHITTY USA. In usa you only have one right - to buy products. I bet my balls -anyone from shitstain usa who would go and live in europe for 1 year-will not want to go to usa again. USA is World's Russia.
Jack Worster (6 months ago)
Eric Smith (6 months ago)
Finally realist news like it was in the past... We need more of them. 👍🏻
phil c. (6 months ago)
Thanks for covering this Joe! These are VERY important issues! On another note, since the MSM never covers anything good associated with the President and the country, the 5 TOP ISIS leaders have been captured in a sting operation using U.S., Iraq, and I believe Turkish soldiers. Also, President Trump just secured the release of 3 American prisoners "hostages" who were being held in N. Korea. I believe the 3 American prisoners just arrived home here in America yesterday or the day before. Sure President Trump is not perfect but I honestly believe he is trying his best to put America on the right path. Still WINNING! MAGA
justice4germans (6 months ago)
thousands of people have been imprisoned for questioning the 6 million figure despite Auschwitz changing their plaque from 4 million to 1.5 million
TomTom22441 (6 months ago)
justice4germans Whaaaat? How DARE you question the 6 million figure even though 70 years after WWII, the "State" of Israel only has 6.5 million Jewish citizens even though the only criterion for citizenship is being a Jew?! How DARE you LOL oh I just shit my pants sorry...
me ! (6 months ago)
Marxist, sith, hipsters, with no jobs, former Bitconnect, usi-tech idiots want hate speech laws to lock up people . Meanwhile they support antifa and bam doing violence in the streets? What happened to these people to make them so tragically stupid ?
Anne Midwinter-Cooke (6 months ago)
It's so ridiculous. There aren't enough police or prisons to cope with the real criminals in the UK, i.e. the murders and rapists. If you call the police to your aid you are lucky if you don't have to wait for 3 days before anyone even turns up.
Brian Coombs (6 months ago)
The other evening I had 2 police knocking on my door because I have a security camera overlooking my back garden and a neighbour obviously thought I was spying on them. No shortage of police for this but try and get a policeman to attend if you have a break - in!
Tommy L (6 months ago)
If you think the U.K. has more draconian laws as compared to America, you’re delusional, lol.
Hangemhigh77 7 (6 months ago)
Joe, the Iran deal has us “unfreezing” billions of dollars of Iran’s money, sent to them in cash. Kerry is over there because he’s afraid they’ll out him for taking his piece of the cash. He doesn’t give one fuck about the people of America, he’s protecting his worthless criminal treasonous ass.
F-150 (6 months ago)
I love strawberries! I'm proclaiming my free speech. Come get me Deep State goons. I feel sad for my U.K. brothers and sisters.
Bob Silver (6 months ago)
I like Turtles!
Kevin Rodrigues (6 months ago)
whale dump! BaHMAO...
Mark Seveland (6 months ago)
Kiss the UK good bye. I guess the UK folk might as well turn off their internet and hand in their cell phones, got nothing else to say to anyone, because everything they say can and will be used against them. I prayed for Brexit, the people wanted it, but the tyrannical repressive elites won't give it to them. Good bye England....and Sweden, and France, and all the other countries who's people won't stand up for their own lives. John Kerry = Fukt.
Mark Seveland (6 months ago)
Thank you for Replying Samantha. We all need to find the steel round ones, to stand up against all this crap. Much harder since every cell phone is tapped. And going out in public means camera surveillance every step you take. Time to create a new form of communication. And my heart felt appreciation of your grandfather. We've all been played, for decades. So many lives lost to 'Their' games, we play.
ST3 (6 months ago)
The UK was kissed goodbye years ago, Tony Blair the culprit.
TomTom22441 (6 months ago)
Samantha Jane God bless your family for the sacrifices they made but alas it only bought those Leftists a few decades of freedom... And now would be a good time to remind ourselves of the full name: the National Socialist Party under the supreme Socialist dictator Hitler, or the "Nazis" as they are known today...
Samantha Jane (6 months ago)
Yep, and my husband and son are not coming to save them like my grandfather did in the second world war. Gave up six years of his life for NOTHING. Should have just let Hitler have them all back then then to have so many of our countrymen die for pretty much the same reason: The Allies in Europe, turned a blind eye when things were happening and by the time they were ready to do anything, it was only because the Nazi's were already in their country and won the war against them.
Rodney Fury (6 months ago)
Growing up being a young black brainwashed male...I'm so glad The Most High has opened my eyes to the foolery of the Democratic left. The lies deceit and corruption. They are breaking the natural order of things. Trading comforts for freedom. Accepting handouts instead of learning and crafting a trade. The pride I feel when I leave work and look back what my hands have built ......everyone should have that feeling on some type of level what ever your skill or calling is. With all of this being said I'm not openly endorsing the republicans either. I'm just happy being a hard working man with a decent moral compass. We don't need government. We need a moral compass and a healthy respect for each other.
Roger Strom (6 months ago)
Invest In Jails. JAILCOIN ICO
Mad Max (6 months ago)
damn... that's actually great idea :) For every day spent in jail you get 1 JailCoin :) If you get ass fu#%ed while trying to pick up the soap .. you get 2 JainCoins...
Open Mind (6 months ago)
Why are middle aged white men not on that list. Now we are in the cross hairs of all those groups but its ok to trash a middle aged whit guy. Ooops, I bet I just offended someone for my view.
1fas1984z28 (6 months ago)
New World Order Scum!
mike shipley (6 months ago)
I don't like anyone who gets special treatment
Mad Max (6 months ago)
"The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists" W. Churchill
Mad Max (6 months ago)
that's also my favorite :)
phil c. (6 months ago)
"When fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism" ~ Ronald Regan
Mad Max (6 months ago)
Simple solution... don't use your real name on Internet and connect using VPN.
gazoo5681 (6 months ago)
right / left is an illusion, its called deep-state
Seadreamer_ (6 months ago)
The jails are full, you will have to give up your spare bedroom when they start convicting. Lol
Miranda Shuwera (6 months ago)
It is like this up in Canada, where it is now illegal to say anything negative (even if it is factual info) about Muslims and illegal to use the wrong chosen, new pronouns.....Free Speech has been under attack ever since the invention of the term 'hate speech.' We are all in trouble.
Thomas Whelan (6 months ago)
Joe the Conservative party are in the U.K. It doesn't matter who you vote for if you vote you deserve politicians.
A (6 months ago)
I agree with Donald Trump.. he plays double standards in order to be able to Move forwards with this Plan.. Otherwise Deep state wouldnt let him do anything at all.. He has a EXTREMELY Difficult task.. this DEEP STATE related to so many Dark secrets is extremely dangerous... Thanks God he is not alone..
Cenk Uyger (6 months ago)
This is what happens when you let (((gods))) chosenites run the show.
cooldog60 (6 months ago)
Your an ass licker . Go lick some ass.
Tim Kasey (6 months ago)
Canada has passed a similar end to freedom of speech law. This is Extreme and very dangerous.
fautil (6 months ago)
1984 was meant to be a warning, not a guide !!
Mad Max (6 months ago)
1984 ... becoming reality..
Robert Hood (6 months ago)
If Trump doesn’t turn the table upside down, we’re all fucked, United States and Canada. Especially Canada. Gimme that dog!
Mike Lima Foxtrot (6 months ago)
Why do think Brexit went through, once we've left the EU they will be scrapping the Human Rights Act.
Paul Wiffen (6 months ago)
Fenergy - huh? You think Brexit is going through? House of Lords is putting up enough roadblocks to ensure any Brexit is in name only and won't mean anything
Citizen Smith (6 months ago)
Its already 5 years now! I can't wait for my coins to 10x so I can afford to leave the UK.
Jorge Echeverri (6 months ago)
Portugal, no tax on cryptos?
staycontent (6 months ago)
Citizen Smith (6 months ago)
Mr James Thanks for your kind words. I am doing OK and I am very glad I committed my pension to Cryptos last November. I just can't hold my opinions back when I see my country slipping away faster each day. We can't even make jokes without a potential death sentence being given just because someone is offended! That man might of only got 2 months for his dog sticking his paw up like a Nazi but anyone convicted now faces death or conversion to Islam as soon as you are locked up! I remember another Brit convicted because he left a bacon sandwich near a Mosque. He got a year in prison but was murdered after 6 months by the Muslim prisoners who now control our jails. Thousands are getting arrested monthly for offensive Tweets or YouTube comments. No evidence is needed apparently just an acquisition of offense is enough. But what is worse is that they can be as nasty as they want but we Brits have no recourse with this same law. In fact I think its primary function is to stop us protesting as our liberties are being taken away bit by bit.
Mr James (6 months ago)
Citizen Smith I hope/pray that you get your kidney taken care of very soon! I know how bad that can be.
A (6 months ago)
Europe.. In a sunny spot.. :) Just remember that the Perfect Moment never comes.. Its only the Perfect Decision..
A (6 months ago)
"... But we are here in America... we dont have this "hate speech" thing.. " Not true.. You post something they dont like and you got the SWAT Team in your House...
A (6 months ago)
phil c. You know what.. you still think that the easy life you got use to is your birth right and that the rest of the world it’s just your playground.. well let me tell you that the infamous dollar that has abused so much of its the facto World Reserve Currency you will experience first hand what really is the Real World. I lived in several counties.. I speak 5 languages fluently and I’m a self made millionaire.. and I visit your country 2/3 times a year.. You have no clue about the “Trumman Show” you live in.. But don’t worry you are gonna wake up soon..
Mad Max (6 months ago)
I remember a guy from US (some professional writer) who was searching "how to kill your wife" on google and few hours later swat team raided his house. He was actually searching for ideas he could put into his new novel :) So, don't say you are "safe" in AmeriKa.
phil c. (6 months ago)
Oh jeez, improper wording, will you ever forgive me. Just replace it with continent and you might actually agree with what I have to say. But that seems to much for you to get over.
A (6 months ago)
phil c. “Europe” is not a Country.. After that part I just couldn’t concentrate any longer.. sorry...
phil c. (6 months ago)
I agree that in America not all speech is free and we can not say every exact thing we would like but compared to other countries like Europe, we are very free. Over in Europe you cant say $hit!!! Here you are still able to voice your opinion that transgenders have a mental illness and not worry about doing jail time. For now. I hope you try and enjoy these next seven years as much as you can.

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