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Talk 29: Enhanced capital allowances (continued)

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In this video, capital allowances specialist Ray Chidell continues to look at enhanced capital allowances (ECAs), showing the rather complex statutory rules that underpin the allowances. Using the example of water-saving technology, and starting with the Capital Allowances Act, Ray explains how a statutory instrument issued back in 2003 leads to the “Criteria List” and then to the relevant “Product List”. Ray comments on the respective roles of the accountant or tax adviser on the one hand, and the building professionals on the other. To receive a weekly notification as each talk is made available, email [email protected] The 2015-16 editions of Ray’s two capital allowances books can now be ordered at: http://www.claritaxbooks.com. This talk was sponsored by Six Forward Capital Allowances. © Claritax Books, 2015
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