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Trading With Emotions in Forex

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http://forextradingseminar.com Learn why many traders fail and how you can succeed in Forex trading by making your trading decisions without the influence of your unrelated emotions. Trading With Emotions in Forex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUxbOaacipA
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tuppo1201 (6 years ago)
Once I started trading forex I had this belief that I HAD to succeed- and I got very uptight and stressed when a trade went against me. My solution was to decide that I would give myself one year to see if I could get on top of it. Now, the one year thing is not important, what happened was that deciding this took the STRESS out of my trading, and, of course, it started to be more successful! Strange creatures, us humans!! Peace, brother.
Scott Shubert (10 years ago)
Instead of greed I say "passion", the desire to achieve all you can achieve. Passion is not only good, no success is possible without it. These negative subconscious beliefs are what prevent people from having success. Passion has nothing to do with doing things that are illegal or immoral. So why would we associate passion with going to jail? I associate it with helping the world.
JaiMaJames (11 years ago)
makes a lot of sense Thanks!!!

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