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What is Big Data and Hadoop?

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The availability of large data sets presents new opportunities and challenges to organizations of all sizes. So what is Big Data? How can Hadoop help me solve problems in processing large, complex data sets? Please go to https://www.learningtree.com/bigdata to learn more about Big Data & our Big Data training offerings. In this video expert instructor, Bill Appelbe will explain what Hadoop is, actual examples of how it works and how it compares to traditional databases such as Oracle & SQL Server. And finally, what is included in the Hadoop ecosystem.
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John M. Kaya (1 month ago)
Great video! Very well explained! Thank you! And right, he does look like Clint Eastwood!
Shuping Ruan (1 month ago)
Very nice tutorial. Everything is explained clearly. Thank you!
Monika Daharwal (2 months ago)
I trust this channel rather than others. you are very clear and easy explain, that's what I love it. https://www.traininginbangalore.com/hadoop-training-in-bangalore/
درسگاہ (School) (3 months ago)
Nicely explained...Could please upload more videos on compatibility matrix..
smit patel (4 months ago)
Best explanation
Shailna Patidar (4 months ago)
Very educational video. There is no alternative to Big Data than Hadoop and Hadoop is gonno stay for decades. adoption of Hadoop by the companies will increase due to increase in BIg Data. Read this article on Big Data careers and jobs role to understand its future scope on data-flair.training/blogs/careers-job-roles-big-data-comprehensive-guide/
Education Solution (4 months ago)
Learn Big Data and Hadoop here! facebook.com/notes/affiliate-marketing-success/why-big-data-and-hadoop-training-is-a-must-for-organizations/255188601693770/
Good video for freshers. Visit on https://bit.ly/2GST7Ok for further information.
Saurabh Mukherjee (5 months ago)
Why big data is so important – check this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IADVKPpi8dg&t=5s
sandy star (6 months ago)
your teaching is really nice. thank you for your work . keep doing. https://bit.ly/2HfssLQ
John Duncan (6 months ago)
Finally, a tutorial without an Indian accent.
I know... Wish there were more in clear English
Ather Ahmed (25 days ago)
Rajesh K (2 months ago)
John Duncan haha, you can't get away from us.
shakaaal123 (2 months ago)
hahahah well said
A2B Data™ (7 months ago)
Great video!
malcorub (7 months ago)
Joel Olsteen's sermon today is on Hadoop.
Bogdan Udovicic (8 months ago)
Very helpful, thank you.
Inigo joseph (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot very much for the high your blog post quality and results-oriented help. I won’t think twice to endorse to anybody who wants and needs support about this area. https://www.besanttechnologies.com/training-courses/data-warehousing-training/big-data-hadoop-training-institute-in-bangalore
Sammy Mwamburi (9 months ago)
Thanks !
amit paul (9 months ago)
mengyu bai (10 months ago)
Hey, how did you get a tan like that on your face? Don't you work indoors???
Akshat Mishra (10 months ago)
Very informative video on big data and hadoop keep it up
Umair Anwar (10 months ago)
Thanks. from pak
2017 October (11 months ago)
from Oman thanks a lot
Sudeep Bhattarai (11 months ago)
nice video... you can also refer www.solvethenetwork.blogspot.com.au
Romelia Polly (11 months ago)
It's simple, Just go to Woodprix page - and enter the Wood World.
Afia Sheikh (1 year ago)
best video on hadoop...thanks...cheers
Penn Pen (1 year ago)
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Alan Dawkins (1 year ago)
0:29 why big data 1:21 how hadoop works 1:59 what can you do with hadoop 2:37 more on how hadoop works 3:19 how MapReduce works 4:27 hadoop vs conventional databases 6:16 hadoop ecosystem 7:32 what's next
Jose Verdugo (1 year ago)
Impresionante !!!!!
ncb nijapatnapu (1 year ago)
Fernando Pires (1 year ago)
WTF zoom
Vlach (1 year ago)
Daniel barNabas (1 year ago)
elder brother to tom cruise!
Crypt0p5y (1 year ago)
Thanks Bill, really good overview.
Reezy Online (1 year ago)
"OKAY" lol..... HAhDEWP. dewp pew pew
Akbar ansari (1 year ago)
well explanation
Anthony Boyle (1 year ago)
Good introduction to a complex concept. Thanks.
LifeT (1 year ago)
Urge (1 year ago)
Jemali Nadhem (1 year ago)
I have many times looking for something that I can learn, and finally I get it, Big Data is really amazing
Jemali Nadhem (1 year ago)
this the most greatest and powerful video i have ever seen , thanks Bill Appelbe
Ned ZTown (1 year ago)
this guy just came from the tanning salon.
RKSachiin Verma (1 year ago)
valuable information...thanx
Arijit Bagchi (1 year ago)
cant find a better intro than this
Unstoppable Prudhu (1 year ago)
to die = today
Jasmit Singh (1 year ago)
good one..
Alp IŞIK (1 year ago)
siul vlad Tepes (1 year ago)
News about Big Data here http://itnews.drifterup.com/News/searchBigDataNews
Sri Sri (1 year ago)
Great information. I dont have software background If I choose to learn BigData will I be Abel to understand. What basis do I need to have to learn Bigdata.
Ramana Rao K (1 year ago)
good, but he calls data as dyta everytime and hard to catch it.
The Gerd of Yore (4 months ago)
more like dyta-r
jason dads (11 months ago)
Ramana Rao K and he call processor, "processaur"
Hareesh Jale (1 year ago)
Bill Applebe is like PPAP.. no offence but nailed it in short time 👍
Miss Miss (2 years ago)
OK! This was an awesome video!
Suresh Triapthi (2 years ago)
nice video. Thanks for providing this video. you may also refer-http://www.s4techno.com/blog/2016/07/11/aix-simultaneous-multi-threading-smt/
Cornelius Sherlock (2 years ago)
Thanks for keeping it simple and high level.
Jack Frost (2 years ago)
If you play with the 1 button, you can make your own puppet. Try it, it's fun
Deepa Kumari (2 years ago)
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Flo Fontanella (2 years ago)
Hi: I am very confused. I want to have a job in Big Data. What do I need to go to school for in order to get it?. Thanx!
Danyl Bekhoucha (2 years ago)
He plays the father in Malcolm.
Amira Isbel (2 years ago)
One of the best... vielen Dank
Mark Ganus (2 years ago)
the host seems over enthusiastic.
Mark Juviler (2 years ago)
Fantastic introduction.
amol palkar (2 years ago)
Shankar P (2 years ago)
Good super 👌
Agnes Bourne (2 years ago)
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Techies Coding Arena (2 years ago)
One of the best video i have ever come across Thank you very much...!!
Kundan Goitstore (2 years ago)
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Prav ee (10 months ago)
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Muon X (2 years ago)
Nice overview! Thanks!
Eswara Prasad (2 years ago)
Unbiased and realistic demonstration.. Superb
hjliu0206 (2 years ago)
dreamingcode (2 years ago)
Do i have to be a programmer to learn hadoop? I'm coming from a networking background. I don't know programming languages. I've learned SQL but that's it. Should I go down an administration path instead of development?
Jagdish Belapure (2 years ago)
Thank you for such a nice video
Pranav Kamtikar (2 years ago)
Good one!
Navneet Singh (2 years ago)
good one !!
Azadeh Esmaeili (2 years ago)
I appreciate that.
Balakrishnan Rangan (3 years ago)
Thank you. Very nice and Up to the point.
Agileiss Services (3 years ago)
Great Works Folks , #Hadoop http://www.agileiss.com/data-lake/
Eli Ausi (3 years ago)
Keshav Polavarapu (3 years ago)
Good nd thanks
Niket Bhagwath (3 years ago)
This guy looks like old Clint Eastwood :):D
Binary Void (10 months ago)
Or what? Look at his glistening cowboy eyes. He's seen a lot of sh*t in his days. There is probably nothing we could say that could upset him.
Anthony Boyle (1 year ago)
Really no need to make personal comments about the presenter. Keep it professional.
Binary Void (1 year ago)
Using "old" to describe him is redundant. When I think of Clint Eastwood, I already thing of "old."
_AnanD_ ML_ (1 year ago)
Everytime he says "Okay"..he sounds like Forrest Gump(Tom Hanks)
Keegan N (2 years ago)
+Niket Bhagwath He would sound like Clint Eastwood too if his catchphrase was "OKAY!"
arun dass (3 years ago)
Hi i'm currently working in India as Service level co-ordinator with 9 + years of experience in a reputed company. I want to switch to a technology field and found Hadoop Administrator very interesting. Can anyone please tell me if this is the right decision at this point of my carrier. Yours are appreciated, Thank you..
+arun dass Hi Arun, one service we do provide for people seeking guidance on Learning Tree training is to speak with an instructor or prior attendee. You can learn more here- http://www.learningtree.co.uk/benefits/call-attendee-or-instructor.htm
Ward Taye (3 years ago)
I really like the way the video goes and that's why I checked the packages at your website for full courses in Big Data, BI, etc.. But the prices are way higher than other online resources available!
+Ward Taye Hi Ward, we are now offering 1-day courses with a lower tuition. An account rep can also go over any available discount options. Feel free to contact us here with any more questions- https://www2.learningtree.com/contactus/askaquestion.aspx
cpisolution johny (3 years ago)
Very nicley done!!
Yogi Shridhare (3 years ago)
It would be nice if we don't have to look at the presenter all the time. I think once is more than enough.
Mossy Douglas (1 year ago)
Yogi Shridhare I can sense you're not a fan of Clint Eastwood..
Fantastic video to introduce the Hadoop Technology....
James Hurliman (3 years ago)
This man loves to bare his teeth
Rania EL HOUIDI (3 years ago)
how can i contact mr Bill ??
Hi Rania, if you have Big Data/Hadoop questions for Bill, please feel free to post them here.
Rania EL HOUIDI (3 years ago)
Mehdi Tazi (3 years ago)
Hello and congratulation for the video, there is just one point that i'm not agree with, when you say that "the equivalent of SQL in RDBMS is NosSQL" SQL is a query Language , NoSQL are Databases and each one of them have it own query language(exp : CQL in Cassandra, Or JS Like Language in Mongo....)
GarriAndOkroSoup (2 years ago)
+Mehdi Tazi I've re-watched the video and i still didn't hear him this statement "the equivalent of SQL in RDBMS is NosSQL" .
hanhan198312 (3 years ago)
Very clear and concise overview!
Dan A (3 years ago)
Excellent overview! Are you planning to cover Pig/Hive?    
Hi Dan, nothing scheduled as of yet for Pig/Hive however we do have a Big Data blog which gets updated regularly. Check it out for upcoming content on Pig/Hive - http://blog.learningtree.com/category/big-data/
Treyton Williams (3 years ago)
Great overview!
To further your Big Data education, we've introduced 2 new 1-day, online courses - Big Data Insights, Technologies & Trends & Programming to NoSQL Data Stores. Go to http://www.LearningTree.com/BootCamp to learn more.
Bluereek (3 years ago)
Great basic introduction to Hadoop and Big Data
Kris Maly (3 years ago)
Very good video presentation and video made professionaly
Bill Appelbe (4 years ago)
Glad you liked the video.  It is rapidly evolving and accelerating technology that is hard to keep pace with now and there is co-evolution with Cloud technologies and new open-source technologies for website development such as Angular and IonicFramework.
Andrew Wheeler (4 years ago)
For a non-technical person who is interested in Big Data this was great! I actually understand why Hadoop is a big deal now.
What is Big Data and Hadoop? In this video you will learn what is #BigData    #Hadoop . You'll see actual examples of how Hadoop works and how it compares to traditional databases such as Oracle & SQL Server. And finally, what is included in the Hadoop ecosystem.
Naseem Ullah (1 year ago)
Could not have asked for a better introductory video to what Hadoop is. Cheers, mate!
Panduranga Vittal K (2 years ago)
Learning Tree International Excellent presentation and crispy!
B-Smart Prepping (3 years ago)
Bill has so many years of experience, he's forgotten more than most IT programmers will every learn.  Serious knowledge here.
pedy23 (4 years ago)
Simple and effective explanation. Awesome.

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