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www.tradeempowered.co.uk http://tradeempowered.com/london-live-room/ Welcome Back! After a high demand for longer videos, i decided to put together a video giving you guys an insight into an ENTIRE WEEK inside the live room this week. You can really see how consistent the analysis is and how we stick to the plan. As any professional trader will tell you, this is the only way to generate consistent profits from this market so get a coffee, sit back and take notes and enjoy the video! After this one, feel free to check out all the other videos on this channel and do me a favour, like, subscribe and comment on the videos as well as sharing on your social media. We want to reach out to as many struggling traders as possible! Thanks for watching, Jason For the Live Room Access and memberships click here: http://www.tradeempowered.co.uk/london-live-room For the FX Basics course click here: http://promos.tradeempowered.com/fx-basics-course/ If you are interested in the 12 Week Transformation professional trading course, and want to be added to my personal Skype, email list and have access to added mentorship from myself during the course, Click here: https://t2t.isrefer.com/go/transformation_info/JG/ For the Advanced pattern trader course, Click here: https://t2t.isrefer.com/go/APT_Info/JG/ For the constellation Indicator software for Ninja Trader and MT4, Click here: https://t2t.isrefer.com/go/constellation_info/JG/
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IIIIRokzIIII (2 years ago)
Awesome videos man, I'm itching for new ones all the time :P I see you needed to draw in a pattern (Gartley) yourself. Does Constellation sometimes miss tradeable patterns?
Angelo I (2 years ago)
Well done Jason! Really great stuff! Best, AngeloPs. Still backtesting!!!
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Excellent Angelo. Thanks! Backtesting is a long dark road but i have no doubt it will separate you from that 90% that don't.
Aleksandar Dyakov (2 years ago)
Great video Jason, on 42 min 16 sec - you drawed NSH followed by OR and NSH then OR(NSL) that was lower than previous OR so it was a NSL and a bearish rotation. My question is in order to have a bullish trend we need NSH and OR followed by a NSH - correct? Do you trade rotation - like in this example the with the bearish rotation - after the rotation would you enter short if there was an entry reason? Thank you in advance
Heather Anderson (2 years ago)
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
No worries! Thanks for watching
Andre Angell-Schau (2 years ago)
This was an awesome demonstration of having a trading plan and trusting your analysis and staying in the trade after taking it. Well done Batman / Jason Grate job !!!!!!!
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks Andre! You see it every day! Glad to have you in the room!
lucky jurcik (2 years ago)
Nice jason! I have a question about CTS(counter trend) What conditions you need at least to take a trade.
Steve williams (2 years ago)
Greatness doesn't come from how much you make a day as a trader I think it comes from how many people you are able to bless as a trader , Mr Authur has turned my life around via forex trading and also the lives of many other traders with his marvellous 20k a week strategy , The best I can do is to drop his email here for those traders losing money out there! reach out to him for help [email protected] , He is an example of a great man
lucky jurcik (2 years ago)
Thanks for responding.And what about CTS continuation? same?
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Previous structure, RSI over bought/sold, retest of structure and RSI divergence.
Jason, great vid. I’m a member of "The Syndicate" and has finished Advanced Pattern Course from Jason Stap. Is there a UK based WarRoom? Looking forward to see more vids in the future, I’m a huge fan of TradeEmpowered. Great job everyone. Edit #1 I did`t see the link inn your video. I will subscribe for sure. See you in Live Room. :) Christian Norway
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks Bernt! I like the idea of a London war room!
Andrii Gergun (2 years ago)
Thank you for video! Can you please tell me how you copy lines in that way for example on 12:02? Thank you again!
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks! Of you use ninja, it's Ctrl + 2
A H (2 years ago)
Hi Jason, cheers for the vid. When you go through backtesting advanced patterns do you use a pattern recognition software?
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching and leaving a comment! Nope. I do it all manually.
vivek verma (2 years ago)
impressive#expressive#so much hard work on free video # tanx #love#
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks. Glad you got value.
Chris Nichols (2 years ago)
Thanks Jason, awesome video!
Chris Nichols (2 years ago)
This was so helpful I had to watch it for a second time :) Thanks Again!
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks Chris!
Mumtaz Haider (2 years ago)
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Isaiah Struble (2 years ago)
Amazing video as always Jason! Love the rants always help keep my psychology in check! See you Tuesday.
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching Isaiah! See you in the room!
Zander Star (2 years ago)
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Nice! I look forward to seeing you in the room!
Solomon Spydro (2 years ago)
You the man Jason, watching this in my break from revision
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks Solomon. Glad you can get value from it. Thanks for watching as always!
joerahman1 (2 years ago)
Good vid m8 :)
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks Joe! Glad you liked it.
TrueBag PipeRock (2 years ago)
18:20 thanks for Rant Warning! That flashing image scared me. I thought we were at Defcon 5 on a national level!
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
+TrueBag PipeRock Haha
My Name Is Jeff (2 years ago)
great love these long videos. keep them up Bro :)
Jason Graystone (2 years ago)
Thanks! Great feedback!

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