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PNC BANK / xRapid/ Mercury FX

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PNC BANK / xRapid/ Mercury FX Check out 'Money Tap by SBI Boosting XRP' on Zerocrypted website, The @fundstrat survey on the current state of Crypto, Survey: 72% of Institutional Investors Believe Crypto Prices Would Rise in a Recession, Central Banks Could Be Issuing Their Own Blockchain-Based Fiat Currencies by 2023
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AS (7 months ago)
Let ´s go into Alice´ses rabbit hole a little bit ... https://www.scribd.com/document/390345762/Indonesia-II
AS (7 months ago)
World Trade Organization says ripple could transform global commerce - https://www.wto.org/english/res_e/publications_e/world_trade_report18_e_under_embargo.pdf
AS (7 months ago)
it is in context to this document by whistle-blower Karen Hudes: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter10.7.18.pdf / https://youtu.be/cYlMDrig1Hc
AS (7 months ago)
yes. page 74
OE,is there anything on Ripple in this document???
Hey OV, It states this in the report? where?
AS (7 months ago)
If the global reserve currency, the main trading cur. for resources (oil, gas, etc.), the prime cur. for exchanges and trade, is the cur. of ONE single nation only (US$), all others are depending and are vulnerable on that one "nipple", instead of being stronger and flexible - united in Ripple. Hehe.
VerticalFreedom (7 months ago)
More exciting news...thank You Brother 🙏🏾 👑💎XRP💎👑
dan brister (7 months ago)
thanks great reporting ,
aaron james (7 months ago)
..YOU ALL are about to loose alot of money! DO YOU REALLY THINK central banks will use ripple and give some control away? Not only that did you know that people hold 60 percent of xrp? (bet you didnt know that little interesting fact!) Yeah give me a break no central bank is going to mint the richest people in the world by using xrp coin.....YOU ALL GOT RECKT...I dare someone to challenge this.....all these xrp moonboys get made fun of by long time investors....realize that no central bank will ever use it period. Good luck!
Thank you for watching and for leaving this in-depth comment!
Suya (7 months ago)
That's why its important to diversify one's crypto portfolio.
Zolo Kis (7 months ago)
Its OK. Because The Most Important Rule of Investing is: INVEST what you can afford to LOSE! Have a nice day.
pjbikerful (7 months ago)
Great Report Fred. Thank You 👍👏
Yes Sir, again thank you for watching
Seanie Farrelly (7 months ago)
It is hard to compare Ripples involvement with share prices in these companies at this moment in time...Those that know about it are a tiny minority...it could in the future but not at the moment...The amount of people I have told about it who have not looked into it....is about 95% of them.....Gonna be a massive...Told You So!! Soon !!
Thank you for watching and leaving a comment
Cross Ocean (7 months ago)
https://home.treasury.gov/sites/default/files/2018-07/A-Financial-System-that-Creates-Economic-Opportunities---Nonbank-Financi....pdf thanks to Michael Branch, page 194 👌🏼👍🏼
I read this the day Sect. Treasure Steven Mnuchin released it!
Jay Stenger (7 months ago)
Keep up the Good reports, thanks for sticking to facts and not all the hipe! Aloha J
Thank you Bra! thanks for watching Enjoy!
Michael Branch (7 months ago)
I have a file on president Trump's Executive Order 13772! The whole file is 222 pages long. Ripple is on that order. Want to send it to you but not savvy on how. Hate to ask but if you have an email address I can send it to you! What's your Twitter feed? I'll send you a screenshot of what I'm talking about!
Thanks for watching and leaving this comment I was one of the first to do a video on the order months ago! Once again thanks!
Michael Branch (7 months ago)
Wasn't implying Ripple was the only game in town! Was simply showing they were on the list.
Time Trader (7 months ago)
Ripple is one of many companies mentioned. There are many companies and consortiums offering blockchain technology to banks, not just Ripple. Many seem to have partnered with R3. I invested in XRP so would love to see it rise but people shouldn't imply that if a bank adopts blockchain technology it is always Ripple 🤔
Diane Fitzripple (7 months ago)
Whoa!! Very cool! I was looking for an article.. when i was in the appendices I thought i went too far.. Thank you!!
Michael Branch (7 months ago)
+Diane Fitzripple just doubled checked and it is on pg 194! Go to link I posted and chk out pg 194. Middle of the page on left side. Ripple!
Malcolm XRP (7 months ago)
You cant really gauge PNC stock price To ripples involvement because the Equity Market is tanking bad
Michael Branch (7 months ago)
Left in the dust? My Man!
Yup...yup...left in the dust...LOLThanks for watching!
Vincent Wilson (7 months ago)
20K XRP will be life changing in a few years!
Vincent Wilson (7 months ago)
Visit my Channel and see the truth!
XRP Warrior (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video!
Your Welcome and thank you for watching!

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