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Gold Rush Expeditions, Inc. - The Antiperiodic Mine, Animas District, Colorado

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The Antiperiodic Mine sits near the 12,000 point in the Animas Mining District. The mine started around 1870 on an outcropping of gold on quartz with some silver and copper associated. The mine was developed into 1880 when extreme costs of logistics (shipping ore) and the dangers of snow, ice and storms just cost too much. By 1891 the mine was reported as abandoned, however, in 1896 there were reports of rich gold ore (over 4 oz/T) being stockpiled at the mine waiting for the spring melt to ship. Today the mine sits near a good road and logistics would be a snap. It needs a little love after not being opened for over 120 years, but gold is still gold. See it in the Colorado Mines section of our website: www.goldrushexpeditions.com
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gary miller (5 months ago)
gary miller (4 months ago)
ok thanks let me know when the results come back..
This will likely come in around $12k, its still getting some background research and we are waiting for the assay results to come back!
Drew Conrad (5 months ago)
Not listed yet.
Good eye, we are still waiting on the assay results to be returned before it lists!
Randy Patterson (5 months ago)
Placer claims show more Placer claims I want a Placer claim
There are a few coming up. Keep an eye on our Facebook as well for hints at what is upcoming even before it hits the website!
SILVERSTACKER650 (5 months ago)
Hey hey, how's it going.
You are going to get a lot more free gold out of this mine. Silver is there but much more difficult to process. This mine will come in at about $12k. Keep an eye on our FB and website for updates or for more information just shoot us an email. [email protected]
SILVERSTACKER650 (5 months ago)
What's the price for the silver mine..
JohnDeereUtah (5 months ago)
What a view.

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