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Ichimoku Summary

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This is the sixth of the Ichimoku series of videos. In this video, we summarize how to use all the indicators to look for a trade setup. Follow us on twitter @ ichimokutrading. Risk Disclaimer: https://www.ichimokutrade.com/c/disclaimer/
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Oliver Li (1 year ago)
watching it 6 years later, i still like it ;) esp how you pronounce the Japanese words
Imran Bhaiyat (3 years ago)
what was the green line? kijun?
liverma88 (5 years ago)
thank you for sharing, very informative !
Brandon M. (5 years ago)
if it were only this easy.
pber57 (5 years ago)
Manesh, is there a difference in charting platforms with the Ichimoku? I am comparing Worden to TOS and TradeView and Worden is completely different! I dont think Wordens is correct. Thanks
icecool123in (6 years ago)
hi saw video on eii capital. but not able to understand entry point and exit point.
gry clls (7 years ago)
Thanks...Manesh...for the videos..its simplyfied and very well expalined..

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