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A live Forex Grid Trend Multiplier EA trade placed on the Expert4x Forex trade setup Forum

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This video is the 8th in the 2019 GTM EA trading training series and shows how a GTM trade is planned, a Forex trading strategy designed and the trade then entered into. https://gridtrendmultiplier.com https://www.forextradingsetups.com/ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLda98agBeOd48aQoJU4PpRWTfBxeBGBe3 #expert4x#expert4xforextrading #expert4xdouble
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Text Comments (30)
John Galt (6 days ago)
Have you or anyone else tried the Grid Trend Multiplier on the Dow or Nasdaq?
Gerrit Pretorius (1 month ago)
Hi, I am trying to sign up to the forex trading setups webpage as mentioned in the video but as soon as I started to type my chosen username in I get taken to here https://www.expert4x.com/70off/. How can I join the forextradingsetups.com page? Thanks
Expert4x (1 month ago)
Gerrit Pretorius, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. Please retry - there was a bug in the software. Regards Alex
how about, I'm thinking, a grid system that instead of cashing in on each grid level instead places a trailing stop loss exactly at that level. what is the downside here? the trade is already in profit, but maybe we place a stop at 50 % of grid level?
Expert4x (3 months ago)
Charlie Roscoe Starseed Awakening, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. The basic system work just fine. Regards Alex
or even just add a tight stop at 90 % and give the chance for free riding into greater profit?
Fredrik Wallinder (3 months ago)
I'm thinking about using some currency strength indicator and trade in the direction set by the strongest and weakest currencies. Has anyone tried that?
Ellan Kim (3 months ago)
how does grid lines produce? is it just randomly produce lines or some kind of algorithm?
Ellan Kim (3 months ago)
if i buy Grid EA, i can buy other EA for extra discount like the adverstising in your website?
Expert4x (3 months ago)
+Ellan KimYes you have full control over the grid sizing.
Ellan Kim (3 months ago)
so i can make my own grid size such as 40 pips apart each grid? thanks
Expert4x (3 months ago)
Ellan Kim, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. The lines are produced based on the instructions you give the EA about what type of grid you want to trade the Regards Alex
peter pan (3 months ago)
Thanks Alex. Great information as always. You said we can follow this trade. Can you please provide the link, i seem to have missed this somehow.?
W. Michael DeJonge (3 months ago)
Hey Alex, when you put the position stop of $500, does that stop calculate from the highest balance during the trade (sort of a trailing stop loss on the entire position to date) or from the original balance that you started the series with? It would be nice that, if you had made $300 profit from the multiplier effect during the trade, you would end up with only a $200 net balance loss at stop out. Thanks.
W. Michael DeJonge (3 months ago)
Expert4x or $500 down. Thanks!
Expert4x (3 months ago)
W. Michael DeJonge, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated.Equity is used - so when all trades are closed and trading stops the account will be $500 up. Regards Alex
James Ambrose (3 months ago)
Alex, it seems like choosing the maximum number of grids might also impact the chances of success. Could you address this specific point?
Expert4x (3 months ago)
Hi James Ambrose , Thanks very much for your for your question. Yes as stated in the video the smaller grid size increases the number of grids and gives you higher earning ability but it also increases risk. You as a trader have to balance those 2 factors. Hope this helps you James Ambrose, All the best Alex
Musterknabe (3 months ago)
Hi, at my current broker (JFD), the commission for GBPJPY is 0.06% plus 1.2 pip, making a total of 18 points per trade. Is it worth it, or do you need a better, or cheaper, broker?
Expert4x (3 months ago)
Musterknabe, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. Should be fine. Regards Alex
Nicola Beiruti (3 months ago)
its good you put SELL option also...cause my opinion this PAIR going short percentage more likely than long...i will watch and see what results will bring the EA..if its satisfying ..i will purchase it later..if not i will wait another video..thx
Expert4x (3 months ago)
Nicola Beiruti, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. Regards Alex
Jules prodhomme (3 months ago)
thank you alex :D
Expert4x (3 months ago)
Jules prodhomme, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. Regards Alex
Danny Kelly (3 months ago)
Very good video series you are doing, don't yet own this EA but I am thinking about purchasing it in the near future. Keep up the good work.
Expert4x (3 months ago)
Danny Kelly, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. Regards Alex
René Patrique (3 months ago)
Thanx a lot for the informations about how you gather the settings - I never thought about how to utilize "Buy+Sell Settings Swapping" but this is totally reasonable and logical! - Much appreciated! - Thanx, Alex! - Well done! - :)
Expert4x (3 months ago)
René Patrique, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. Regards Alex
Fredrik Wallinder (3 months ago)
That explains why I've been unable to get very few positive backtests, the input parameters are very sensitive and cover only a short time span. Not ideal.
Expert4x (3 months ago)
Fredrik Wallinder, Thank you for that feedback and comment - Much appreciated. Yes, it is a Forex Tool, not a trading robot. That trade could last for 2 months. Regards Alex

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