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Video Tutorial for a One on One Student Work Area

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Video Tutorial for a One on One Student Work Area by theautismhelper.com. Learn how to structure your classroom for students with high behavioral needs.
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M Leanne M (3 years ago)
Sasha,     I teach AWANAS (church program) on Wednesday nights.  I have the 5th and 6th grade boys and this year I have an autistic student.  The schedule is basically 15 min music, Two 15 min sessions of class (verse memorization and story time), 20 min snack, and 20 min playtime.  I have notified the director that I will need a full time aid at minimum and possibly much more assistance by way of supply and training to be able to help. A few questions:      Should I attempt teaching him with the other children?  I am concerned with the multitude of obstacles and issues that may arise.  How do I handle this challenge?  His mother seemed to think that there would be an inherent harmony with time and consistency, but I found it very difficult to manage him as well as the five other boys.  Granted there was no help at the time as he was just kind of thrown in there with the others.     Do I need to just research autism and wait for my teacher's aid or is there something more?  I have no exposure to this so please excuse me if my questions are insensitive to the condition or wrong.  Please help me.  I love to teach.

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