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Astrofx help answer one of the most popular questions within the forex and trading market "How much can i make" . We breakdown the perspective of the average trader and compare it with a real investing psychology and mind frame. This methodology has so far only been for Astrofx Students... but now its out there for you for FREE.
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Jamar Long (10 months ago)
Nice thank you
Daniel Power (11 months ago)
There is no limit to the amount you can make it forex. Keep Grinding people ;)
Unicorn Lala (11 months ago)
Thanks handsome
Kofi Lugudor (1 year ago)
Wow good idea
Michel Stuart (1 year ago)
That’s was one of the most wonderful forex videos I have seen. Nowadays people are considering forex market as lottery machine entering 500 and expecting 2000 which is not really possible according to me if you maintain the basic rules as you said. We should control our greed and try to focus on our long run in this field. I am in this market for almost 7 years and currently trading with AAFX.
thanks bro very informative.
Dexter Speights II (1 year ago)
Good FX Teacher!
Dee Rel (1 year ago)
this video is great and should be used in any type of business
Chris Wesonga (1 year ago)
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Non-Stop Trends (1 year ago)
I need that music on intro.
GreatLifeJohn LGI (1 year ago)
lol people is just going against what this guy is saying.. He just basically giving you the risk factor and what he saying is right..
The is one of the best forex education videos on youtube.
Dharav P (1 year ago)
bro do you have scoliosis ?
Sacchidanand Butala (1 year ago)
Gian Volante (1 year ago)
wish i had 10,000!
Joël Repond (1 year ago)
Hey sure, +10% of a lot of money is still a lot of money ...
russel ahmed (1 year ago)
thanks sir , im a greedy trader after watch this video promised myself i ll invest for 10% return per month .
peter andrewson (1 year ago)
Nice hope to view new once soon?
hany nawaseb (1 year ago)
damn true damn true
Kat Holiday (1 year ago)
You have amazing eyes!!!! ...and thank you for the informative video. ;-)
Sonia Alaska (1 year ago)
Brilliant video man! Thank you!
Dardan Dema (1 year ago)
u must have been a millionare urself mate...
Joshua Humes (1 year ago)
perfect thanks man thanks alot
The Money Trend (1 year ago)
food for thought!
Omar namouchi (1 year ago)
great video, thank you !!
jason gimeno (1 year ago)
I just hit subscribe :)
Ricardo Henriquez (2 years ago)
Really appreciate you bringing reality back to the mindset of Forex investing! Thanks!
Anggi Puspa Pradhini (2 years ago)
A very good video put people in the right perspective about forex :) I think you need to make more video about technical analysis :)
Jose Castillo (2 years ago)
Very informative video. I wanted to start an account with $200. This video convinced me to start with $100 and get used to trading and controlling myself because I am very impulsive and a bit of a risk taker.
Mathana Rasa (2 years ago)
Thank you guys for this information
bermudaviper (2 years ago)
Shouldn't the video be called "How much can I lose trading forex"?
AngryDonutGuy (2 years ago)
But the logic behind your talk kept me alert throughout the video.
Stuart Smith (2 years ago)
Very helpful tips.
Red Bird (2 years ago)
wow that was a great video..shows the reality of trading ..the idea of instant gratification and receiving tons of money ( like shown on tv).will fuck you up in this game 100%
server333 (2 years ago)
there is no difference between those 2 ways....increasing you account every month or taking out your profits again and again and again is essentially the same thing. The guy who doesn't withdraw will be a lot richer after a year though since trading is a game played in % wich means if you make 10 % every month your income will increase steadily since your profits increase your account size wich in turn "increases" those 10%. Your risk stays completely the same all that time unless you decide to up the stakes at some point.The attitude you advocate here is used in gambling. If you hit it big in the casino leave and take your money while its there however trading is not gambling.
808BeatClub (2 years ago)
Great video and information!
Daquan Roman (2 years ago)
i did this never aging i told myself i only play with house money after my first profit that 1k
Camron Smith (2 years ago)
Great video
ahmed liban (2 years ago)
very good explanation and true all what you said since i experience this myself and never profit. i will do what you said for 6 months .thank you very much sir.
Susan Gibson (2 years ago)
woow great video
Serena Kissee (2 years ago)
Faizan Muhammad (2 years ago)
Great video! but i'd say that if you use correct fundamental analysis, you can easily compound your account into millions.
lightspeed72 (2 years ago)
Great video and congrats on your success. I really liked the idea of simply staying at a certain amount level, taking the profits and then scaling up when there is solid consistency. I do have a question, I'm okay with a 10K or even 25K account when the time comes, however, when it comes to wealth building, meaning getting into the 6 and 7 figure range, do you have any advice on how to get there, aside from letting my account compound? Do you have an effective template you can suggest or make a video on? Would love to hear more about it. Cheers and congrats again! Ps: I am a full time forex trader, 2.5 years in and currently at break even. So its all good. :)
Pele Kama (2 years ago)
sidebar: you are so sexy. i can listen and look at you all day. you have changed my preferences from this video alone. thanks for this wonderful mini lesson.
João Monteiro (2 years ago)
It's perfectly possible to make steady returns of 10/15% per month consistently. I've clients who do it easily... However people need to know that the returns go in same way as risk.
Newbie came expecting hype and delighted to hear this grounded advice, cheers.
logan daniels (2 years ago)
sweet video
Ludmil Parvanov (2 years ago)
Great 10x
Syed (2 years ago)
go man, u r explaination is deep
Daniele Kouassi (2 years ago)
hello Astro FX how can I get your contact information?
Nick V (2 years ago)
How much then realistically would you suggest starting with?
Civic Gaming (2 years ago)
what about 50% compounding? then withdraw the other half of your monthly priofit?
Devon Amo (2 years ago)
Wish i new you guys 60k ago
AR SH (2 years ago)
i guess u hwe nt enough knowledge on forex..contact me..i will send u my statements
Admin Finesse (2 years ago)
Very good video. I managed to turn 20$ in 400$, needless to say I lost it all.
Lifted Company (2 years ago)
forex is a great way to make your money work for you.
Lifted Company (2 years ago)
I scalp with 20 grand. I shoot for 3 pips profit a day. life is good.
Phenyo Ratsie (2 years ago)
Hello guys can you offer advise for books I can read on FX trading.
Nothing but the honest and the bitter truth, God Bless your Hustle bro....
XPEHBAMBHOC (2 years ago)
Not sure if I agree with the "teaching", but I'll listen and take a notes of my own:-/
GFX Trading Week plan (2 years ago)
great information !! cool.
Amber Vaughan (2 years ago)
Professional Welders (2 years ago)
Hi Nat, Subscribed very level headed approach:-) Ive taken out 10% for my 7th straight month and now looking at topping up my account, in that time ive seen younger guys double there accounts compounding and then lose most or be stuck in open trades
Hey I'm thinking about making my first small investment Of £5000. I want to invest it wisely , ideally for an income aswell as a Wealth preservative. Could anybody recommend anything? Ie: P2P lending, Stocks, online trading etc! Thanks
ZeusPanzer (2 years ago)
Withdrawing won't save you from losing streaks.
Tan Kai Song (2 years ago)
Hi, I am a newbie for forex trading. This is a nice explanation which clear my thoughts about the earning from forex investment. Can I know how can we start our investing on forex?
Forex Seriously (2 years ago)
Thanks for the vid Astro
Vikas Jain (2 years ago)
Good Way of teaching discipline for the Initial Journey of the Beginner Trader..But still Road no 1, of course is the eventual way anyone wanting serious result will need to take...
Freddy Kruger (2 years ago)
Great video.
Karan Soam (2 years ago)
An eye opener !!
Khalid Rashid (2 years ago)
hi..do you provide training in the UK?
Justin Tyme (2 years ago)
Aman Singh (2 years ago)
Honestly grateful to u for sharing such a major part about forex.. Thank u soo soo soo much!
Dean Johnson (2 years ago)
TheFreakyShrimp (2 years ago)
Withdrawing a percentage of your profits from your account does make sense, but only if you are a profitable trader.Withdrawing money from your account doesn't magically make you profitable long term,that's a separate issue.Also you would be stupid to withdraw all of your profits if you are a profitable trader because then your investment would never grow.If you aren't profitable then withdraw all of your money and don't trade at all.
Ba Dow (2 years ago)
If you cannot potentially make at least 20% per month in forex, then do not do it for a living..... I know people ( relatives among this mind you ) who make 20% look weak. My advice, study hard for at least one year independently and do not trade a demo chart, study the charts in the past and real time. And do not think about money, it will delude you and you will fail to see your faults.
James Stewart (2 years ago)
Great Presentation. Thank You. Knowledge is Power!!!
carot2003 (2 years ago)
Thanks, helpful..
vuckovic zvonko (2 years ago)
There are many components to teaching yourself to make money foreign exchange markets quickly . One resource I discovered that successfully combines these is the Magic Monitor Blueprint (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the no.1 resource that I have ever heard of. Check out the extraordinary information .
Paul Carter (2 years ago)
kevin scholes (2 years ago)
Very few traders in the world make an average of 10% a month. If you can consistently make even 5% a month with a testable & repeatable strategy then you are among the best traders in the world. 10% is not a realistic target.
John McDonald (2 years ago)
Defenitely very helpful
SCHRODINGER’S CAT (2 years ago)
the only strategies that will survive the forex market are the ones that can survive a random walk / levy process. there is only one scientific method to achieve this. this is another reason why the only success that has risen in finance base themselves on fundamentals or quantitative methods. the bottom line is that the only way to make money trading FX is to truly have a legitimate empirical statistical edge.
Polgal (2 years ago)
for me to withdrawal it costs $50.... thats really annoying to me :/ is it the same for you?
Samuel Morrison (2 years ago)
Hello I am really getting profit on my binary account thanks to a company helping dont know how its been done but if you are interested contact me [email protected]
Sean Segal (2 years ago)
A friend of mine he is also an expert trader. He suggested me *1STMILLIONROAD*.
K.J HedgeFund (2 years ago)
There is no right or wrong way. It a problem for YOU not for others.
Em Rizqa (2 years ago)
Great video...!
El nato (2 years ago)
Good info but i've always followed the Kelly formula for money management, and basically setting constantly increasing tiers of money "barriers", you never risk more that 5-7.5% of your total balance and increase and decrease the pips or leverage as your balance increases or decreases, this is a good method of taking advantage of compounding by reinvesting your profits, but at the same time being frugal and slowly increasing the balance
GuerillaMusic7 (2 years ago)
The more money you have in your trading account, the more money you'll make. If you can make 3-5% per month, you'll be able to walk in to any hedge fund in the world and they will employ you on the spot. Ignore all this dumb shit on social media about flipping $500 accounts to $5000 in a few weeks. Trading forex is a marathon, not a sprint.
Joshua Lorza (2 years ago)
Great video guys but doesn't the continue withdraw strategy prevent a trader from ever increasing the lot size of the trade? Given that a trader uses the 1% investment capital rule for any single trade, a trader would never be able to increase the lot size/profits on pips gained. If a trader is able to consistently make 150+ pips on average per week, wouldn't it make sense to set a goal to have enough investment capital to be able to trade standard lots or multi-mini lots instead of just say one mini-lot?
Kane Bright (2 years ago)
Well put. I've just subscribed. I look forward to learning a lot more from your videos :)
Donovan Godet (2 years ago)
Makes complete sense. Take your profits from the market and repeat. compounding is a remedy for disaster in FX.
Jason M (2 years ago)
perhaps not a bad idea as you are a beginner but as you begin to get consistent whether that be 1% or 3% or 6% a month, you have to allow your account to compound at some point. Maybe when you build up your account to a 2-300k account, would it make sense to take out 10% at a time to live off of for a few months (depending on your lifestyle) but i would have to disagree. If you are having your account go up and down vigorously, you have to find the root of your problem as to why. Maybe your risking too much, maybe your strategy isn't working with the current market conditions, maybe your trading emotionally, but to tell someone who has proper risk management, has their emotions under control, and a true strategy not to allow their account to compound isn't really helping much imo.
Mindful Trader (2 years ago)
Thanks for the tip. I was typically withdrawing every Friday but I think monthly would allow for less urgency and stress. Keep up the good work!
Mr Kamran (2 years ago)
This video endorses what I have experienced and believed in 3 years of trading FX . But I believe 6 to 7% /month consistently is more feasible and achievable. Good work brother.
Ryan Saunders (2 years ago)
How much money would you open your account with to realistically make a modest living?
FaTaL Dsyr (2 years ago)
did he fart at 1:49 ?
Rick Mercier (2 years ago)
If you can make 10% consistently then you can reinvest your profits and grow your account. But good video overall
Federico Lopa (2 years ago)
10% a month on average? That is A LOT...are your students making 10% a month on average? There are months where market is super choppy and very difficult to get 2-3% a month ...this if you are a conservative trader who trades only A+ setups. Please let me know if this is what you guys teach...10% a month sounds awesome
ROBERT KACPRZYK (2 years ago)
This should be: How much you Can loose on forex ? And this is very healthy cuestion.

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