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The act of "incorporation" is the system copyrighted to the terms and conditions of the Vatican. You may own your Christian name and your heritage name but the incorporation of any two things is governed by the copyright owner of such an incorporating system... Incorporating things as one is the corruption of the original thing or name. It has nothing to do with the names, its when they are attached to each other in order to create another "new" name altogether that causes the deception of ownership where you assumed the incorporated name was your name, as you are doing right now and that is what they want!!!! ... that is the deception working as how it should, perfectly!. The incorporated name made from your two names is their property that they want you to assume is your property and than you will never understand how they have so much control over you, and they hope you never work it out... You claimed their copyrighted name, you became the "Holder", trustee of their copyrighted property... When you say fees apply to use your name, that is what is happening to you because the incorporated name: "John Henry Doe" is their name and you have no proof that it is your name, its not on the birth certificate as your name! and you will pay the fees to use it... Welcome to the deception... Make sure you pay all the license fees attached to "your" name: "John Henry Doe" because its really "their" name, if you read the fine print... Show less Reply
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bartman (1 day ago)
Has anyone been keeping an eye on what's happening in America with the shadow government and trump ?
Trunk Monkies 2 (4 days ago)
Romley, just wanted to let you know that I've been blasting your name AND your YT channel all over the interwebs..
adam Hamilton (7 days ago)
I have no idea what this is about ..I've seen several videos of this guy and none of it makes sense to me .. Its like I've come in on a film half way through and haven't a clue what's going on .
Justinian Deception (7 days ago)
Yes, its like a state of confusion... When you have been deceived, you don't know you have been deceived, that's what being deceived is all about. The guts to this research sits on one fact, "THIS TYPE OF ALL UPPERCASE TEXT", is not English and can not be found in any English styles manual confirming that it is any part of the English grammatical standing. (Please prove me wrong on this statement) In the rules of language, there is no correspondence or jurisdiction between two languages foreign to each other, in other words, French and English, appearing on one document, remain as two separate languages and there is no joinder between the two languages in a legal standing. What we have discovered is that western courts, police, governments and banking systems use ALL UPPERCASE TEXT LIKE THIS in sections of their documents, such as you name on contracts or your driver license appearing in THIS TYPE OF TEXT! .... If you are unaware that "THIS TEXT" and "this text" are foreign to each other, and you "assume' that the both written text are a part of the one document, you may have been deceived into accepting a document that is grammatically saying nothing and your acceptance of it will render no liability on behalf of the party that has offered you such a contract leading you to believe that something that is really nothing is something. If you are unaware of this and accept all contracts on "face" value, without checking its grammatical standing, you will be bound to the terms and conditions of such an "assumed" contract and you will have no ability to defend yourself if something goes wrong... The Justinian Deception videos are a wakeup call to the people to be vigilant and very careful in relation to banking and government contracts because the agenda's of the new corporate banking style governments may no longer be in the best interest of the people and if you know the dirty tricks of the banking system that may have taken over the governments of the people, you may be in a better political standing to repel the deceptions and corruptions of such governing systems in relation to their corrupt agenda's and may be in a better standing in order to protect you life and property .... A FRAUD is an act that gives an advantage to one party against the other party through a deception... Fraud is criminal... Thanks for watching, Cheers; J.D...
Shayno Howarth (11 days ago)
There is no all caps on a death certificate all names involved are in lower case ?????
Doctor Otis (15 days ago)
The state must hate a truth speaker.
sigma six (16 days ago)
what about the trust aspect, it's a certificate which also proves they hold the legal title, and they are well aware of the implications of what being legal title holder means, especially regarding all liabilities against that entity.. a legal title, to the registered name, the Registrar is depository of legal titles... there's a trust interpretation which imputes a fiduciary responsibility to look after all liabilities in the public charged against that title...
Marney Cohen (17 days ago)
Love your videos, amazing, eye opening and I might just go to the bank with my real birth record and hand over the other fake certificates see what the manager will say to that...bring my balance to zero. Thank you very much...
Doug Billman (17 days ago)
Again, thank you KINDLY.........
The way I see it is if you have to step foot into a courtroom for any reason at all you lost and it's not a fair system. To try to convince a judge of anything means you lost. If the law of land and law of sea are two truly different systems why are we trying to petition or prove anything to a judge. The second a priest of baal (cop) puts his siren on and pulls you over you are in the maritime system. So we should be asking ourselves what do we need to do to eliminate interaction with cops entirely. Why are priests of baal (cops) walking around on dry land harassing us with their lights and sirens. Why don't they stay in their dry docked ships? Are they not acting as pirates? And who is allowing the Vatican the rites to have this system of laws anyways? Wasn't it Anu who gave jurisdiction of sea to Enki and jurisdiction of land to Enlil?
All the prophets and ascended masters were speaking about baal and maritime law. Notice how Jesus walked on the water. It was kind of a miracle but not the way ppl think. By walking on water he was saying he was never IN THE SEA. He walked on top of it, never touching it. Moses divided the SEA so that his ppl could walk on the LAND. By dividing the sea he never touched it. Israelites walked on the seafloor which is land.
thehugo23 (19 days ago)
So the concept is there... but can you use this outside of a court room to free yourself from their "slavery"? Can you make a video about this or comment with a link.
idonthaveacoolname1 (20 days ago)
Per (s) ON or the House of Osiris. Temple of the dead.
Brodie Pownall (23 days ago)
Is there any were in your videos or else were that goes into the” remedy “ mote spesificly.
The Dude (29 days ago)
I have never been paid in my entire life. Wow, 49 years of payment is due to me? So...how do I collect?
9empress9 (29 days ago)
Instead of freedom could adopt Latitude https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/latitude
Ryan Korn (1 month ago)
Very well done. Nice job. Top marks.
AMC (1 month ago)
Yes, but the elite own nothing, have not income. It's all in trust. So no one can touch anything they "Use" under the Trust. They never own so they can't be taxed like we think ownership is so great but it's always taxed. They have no corporations, LLC etc. only trust so they cannot be taxed.
Milan Mikic (1 month ago)
Hi Romley excellent videos/information, can you write a book with instructions for man and women on how to fight back and teach us in layman terms as we were not taught this in our school education.
Kevin Pelletier (1 month ago)
They know that I know that they know that I know, that's what makes it great, from the lowest of my people will I make King's Rulers Governors.
*Thanks* For The Grammar Nails !
Evelyn M. Young (1 month ago)
Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, AND THE SEA WAS NO MORE. Revelation 21:1
Allen James (1 month ago)
What and how is VALUE to christian name how can one exist in the world??? Or just go live in the forest???
Scot Gray (29 days ago)
Sure you can live without the name....renegotiate the contract wit the GOV....plenty of people have done this in America
Willie Will (1 month ago)
Hathor Arwen (1 month ago)
God of the Vatican is "Dogon"-the god-fish
1 wordhere 1wordthere (1 month ago)
Thank you for your studies. Most of it I believe was well said. But you said and I quote . I've trace it all the way back to Babylon, and it probably goes back further. But you don't name the perpetrator The Mastermind The Deceiver who was the original author Puppet Master. I find that kind of odd. Surely you know that it hasn't died. And it's just a simple math problem. And what is to come. No human could possibly be this demonic and smart!!! The lies aren't just in English and Latin!! Hebrew for sure. Add the name Cain to Abel and it becomes cannibal. Where do cows go to eat the cafe are the cafeteria. Where is the word vaccination come from. Nation is easy to see. Who was Nimrod a slave to? Where did the money changers go ? what color were they? I have red blood. Know any Blue Bloods. Look at how many words we pronounce incorrectly but Spell correctly. Architect ?should be Arch! PO- lice? Who was the original arch enemy? Lex Luger? Wrong
Jacquie Botha (1 month ago)
It's interesting that COKE is printing first names on promotional coke cans. Does this imply a marketing (to advertise - and make known) and branding (to indicate association and ownership) of people's names. It could easily be compared to acquiring shares (that enables give COKE to give direct input into how assets are used). How does COKE use first names without the permission of the person who owns the first name? Perhaps they've found a way around that by having " Zikiswali " appear in the advertising campaign agreeing that it is in fact the name they are using. Just a thought !
King Katura (1 month ago)
you don't know everything either :p you do know about what i know but its far more than just the admiralty and maritime law they use 3 systems in order to attempt you into submission. it is extremely difficult to beat without a group and even then you'll probably be disappeared or murdered unless you get lucky but lately they have been furious in with the increase of knowledge.. so be safe and good luck.
David Harris (1 month ago)
This video is Informative & has great imagry.(Baphomet). However, I thought it being a recent video it may have newer info or a different perspective. Now, the grammar and joinder & incorporation of names as you put it, is imo for people who are still bit "green" and new to it. All that aside, I enjoyed it. One point made is a bit puzzling to my understanding & I have to disagree with that not giving your consent at court is too late. Because in the video you are speaking about things from "Admiralty" perspectives & that does require specifically having "consent" & to also give the judge personum/subject matter jurisdiction of both parties or the court cannot move forward. So, please correct me if I'm wrong or misinterpreted the statement. thank you
Freddie Leaf (1 month ago)
References please. Do you have a website?
SuperDiver57 (1 month ago)
How about this?:  The details of my Birth Certificate was written in a foreign language of a foreign country under a Communist system that no longer exists.  It was hand-written on a printed form and the writer mis-spelt my surname.  That invalidates any so-called "contract" with any entity stated or implied.  In any case, "Law" has nothing to do with justice and is a form of organised crime conjured up and concocted by corrupt individuals called "lawyers" to empower them with their cohorts and make them rich.  Masonic CRAP.
Scot Gray (29 days ago)
did your parents sign it that is the question
SuperDiver57 (1 month ago)
My parents gave me my "Christian" names and NOT any church or corporation.  I am NOT party to any contract with any church or corporation ( including government) and therefore they have NO legal basis whatsoever to "own" me or my name.  What planet are you from?
Justice Ashbringer (1 month ago)
God and Christ are fictions. Just like the legal system. Everything is contract law.
Pooey (1 month ago)
Can you renounce a naturalization of citizenship certificate?
Pooey (1 month ago)
Does the creditor birth certificate belong to the state or can I request it (or a "certified copy" of it) for my possession?
WalkOn Bye (1 month ago)
Ok. So if a person was unawate of this growing up and you already attached yourself through ignorrance how do you detach yourself.
Father Almighty Living did not warn adam and woman. He gave them commands not to have intercourse with fordign creatures like satan son the serpent who was half holy angel and half holy creature bloodline blood in a female, not woman vessel. Serpents mother was a beast of the.field black ape that could not speak. Serpent could speak because he was half angel blood graven image that is noy to exist.this is why he was more subtil; he.could speak. Same with the one that got on the ark ham had canaan with All only livings souls are men and women. Everythng else is male or female counterfeit graven images. Rebut it. You can not.
Seriously Sarcastic (1 month ago)
Sooo... I haven't heard of anyone asking the piece of shit judge are we on land or water? Is this a viable option?
Justinian Deception (24 days ago)
yes, I believe so, we should be compensated for being forced to act as the debtors of their accounts, Fraud, coercion, counterfeiting, terrorism, conversion, Fraud, its all there, they have disarmed us and terrorised us into acting as the account holder of their private foreign administration system. We did not enter on our own volition, we were registered into their system by our illiterate ignorant parents while we were too young to ever know what was happening, it was never our fault but those that work the scam out should never be forced to remain as their account holder trustee's by deception, fraud and terror if such a man wants to leave... Once we see the fraud, they have no ability to get out of it apart from letting us go and compensating us for the damages caused or exposing themselves as who they really are and kill us.
Seriously Sarcastic (24 days ago)
+Justinian Deception sorry for the delay of response on my part, and thank you for yours. So again, just spitballing, but shouldn't we be filing counterclaims for tort conversion, fraud, conspiracy, extortion, as well as other many violations of factual law, to correct our status instead of jumping through hoops for these organized crime syndicates?
Justinian Deception (1 month ago)
The judge is confirming that you are on the water by way of who you claim to be. If he calls the name that included your family name, that is the name that is on the water and the moment you claim his name, "John Henry Doe" he has confirmed that you have agreed to be on the water and he then has the Jurisdiction of the maritime military courts to deal with you. If you check, your birth certificate only identifies your full name as "John Henry" and not as "John Henry Doe" ... The judge owns John Henry Doe, by way of creating it first by joining your name and your family name together to create a new copyrightable name that he owns. He does not own: "John Henry", or "Doe" but when he, the State, incorporated the two names into a "third" entity, "John Henry Doe" the State makes claim to it and then gets "John Henry" to walk into his military water court, and claim it as "trustee" or "Holder" of the State name: "John Henry Doe" ,,, Did you think it was your name? ... well you were meant to in order to maintain the scam of CONVERSION, converting you from the creditor "John Henry" into acting as the debtor name: "John Henry Doe" that really was the State copyright property. All the debts of the State belong to the Government, so when the government offer you its name to hold as trustee, did you respond with a compensation offer to hold the State name? ... did John Henry, accept a compensation settlement for acting as Trustee of John Henry Doe????, no! not if you did not know what was going on! ... you see, that is the remedy! if you hold their name for free, you will lose everything you got! so what is it worth to act as trustee to the State??? ... that may be the remedy??? ...
Seriously Sarcastic (1 month ago)
Seems like a straight to the point way instead of beating around the bush with criminals.
David Draguta (1 month ago)
It is very wrong to think that IT IS OUR FAULT… a lie is a lie!!
drw isis (1 month ago)
I'm not only curious. fuck this shit. I want out.
Jason Sytsma (1 month ago)
Revelations. Beast of the sea
Jason Sytsma (1 month ago)
Awesome work man. I too, try waking man but man is sleeping as person
wizard bear (1 month ago)
Michael Agape (1 month ago)
When I went to peace within after years of studying Backwards World, I stopped using the legal name, licenses, permits, bank accounts, etc. In legalese, the surname is presumed to be a Gentile name which is defined as one against God. The surname is also presumed to be a war name and has a war crest. Col. 3:17 instructs us to do all things in word and deed in the name of our Surety/King/Savior/Co-heir/etc. while giving thanks through him to God the Father. The last time I had an interaction with Caesar's realm, I signed For: JESUS CHRIST By: Ambassador. Since then I rarely give energy to Color of Law or Fiction of Law. I have traveled unmolested for thousands of miles. It is like I am invisible to men acting as policy enforcers. I exist in a different frequency since I went to peace within. I live by faith, hope and charity. I am provided for in amazing ways. Those with eyes to see will get what I am sharing... Forgiveness is the key. Freely we have been given, freely we give. The true remedy comes from within. Repent (amend your ways) and see what transpires. Peace be with you... ps The so-called username Michael Agape is just a sound I use. I have not registered it. Agape means unconditional love, brotherly love, God's love and charity.
Michael Agape (1 month ago)
Also, I act as Ambassador. I have surrendered my own sovereignty and am a Bond Servant. I do the will of my King, not my own. In the so-called States, there is even a Public Law that defines the Bible as the Word of God. I've used the Bible and Public Law 97-280 (when I was still giving energy to Fiction of Law).
Trum pet (1 month ago)
Satanic psychopaths if you consent to any of it will not end well for you. Pure fuckery.
Ariel Leeu (1 month ago)
so entertaining ...
Water Noonan (1 month ago)
Bless you. God’s hand is on your shoulder. ♥️
Andrei F (1 month ago)
Great video Romley, thank you.
Tony Stark (1 month ago)
The sleeper is stirring to wakefulness..
ELLE Airh (1 month ago)
Thankyou so much
Jay Miller (1 month ago)
I'll give it a thumbs up!
Jay Miller (1 month ago)
there are 7 elements to an enforceable contract, few are ever met!
Jay Miller (1 month ago)
receive no benefit, owe no duty!
Bro Chase Joseph (1 month ago)
Lisa black (1 month ago)
You’re amazing, I’ve never heard it stated in such a comprehensible way. Incredibly appreciated. ❤️from Ca.
4skully (1 month ago)
I will be keeping Ron in prayer dear Brother I am so grateful to the Holy Spirit that He led me to you. Lifting you up to Yahuah peace and pureness to your beloved.
Marc Okubuo (1 month ago)
Rushn Rowlett (1 month ago)
I’ve been studying this topic for years and never knew about the 2nd BC! Eye opening information. I have a question; Do I need to change my name to John Herny before I go ask for my John Herny BC? My ID if they ask for it will be JOHN HERNY DOE.. Just curious cuz I’m ready to get my BC on Monday!
M. (1 month ago)
I'm from the USA..here in our State we have a document called: "Certificate Of Assumed Name" This document allows you to register any name as your business where you become the owner. So i listed my name as the owner [Doe, John Henry]....and then listed my business name [JOHN HENRY DOE]. Believe it or not....this very document separates yourself from your person (on paper). I am no longer a "(legal) person...I now have a legal person. I first did this in 2013....and renewed it in 2015 due to an address change. I can honestly say that it has worked wonders for me. I used it for the Taxing offices both federal and state...and have yet to receive any more payment demands. I ran over at least a half a dozen red light cameras in our city and never got a ticket.
Australian Patriot (1 month ago)
gday and bonza info ...oh what a tangled web has been generational social psychological woven, perverting true good 'Peoples' from creating future ecological harmony within a unified human races conscious evolution.... please contact me to share light...
Susan Brazzell (1 month ago)
How did you get to this place and begin this journey what happen to awaken you?
Susan Brazzell (1 month ago)
May I ask are you a lawyer?
Susan Brazzell (1 month ago)
This was fabulous please stay safe
Susan Brazzell (1 month ago)
OMG this is Sorcery they are using against us we accepted this without a fight
Susan Brazzell (1 month ago)
They are trying to steal my property
Susan Brazzell (1 month ago)
Wow this is so amazing now I know what has had me under its spell
Susan Brazzell (1 month ago)
I will not accept I stand with Christ
Susan Brazzell (1 month ago)
We were uneducated without the RIGHT knowledge
Susan Brazzell (1 month ago)
Guest or crew member WOW
Frejack Jackson (1 month ago)
this is all bullshit because these people have no honor, they don't abide by there own laws. there is no honor among thieves .
Pooey (1 month ago)
Did you study David Wynn Miller or Mark Christopher?
Pooey (1 month ago)
Your ideas are very interesting - thank you from the U.S. I subscribed.
Vern Vernon (1 month ago)
damn I got shanghaied !!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Oquin (1 month ago)
Thank You ! I know You,are reading this.
leddie leady (1 month ago)
on the bottom of my birth certificate (english) it says "not to be used for identity, crown copyright.
Angel Meyers (1 month ago)
7:45 Holy Spirit Truth! Praise God! Haliluja! It's like the answer to everything is answered for me just now, in the time spent watching from 00:01-7:45😀😂😀🙌🙆🙋💃👍👏👊👆🙏. I accepted Christ 39 years ago when I was 12 and have been delivered from my own stupid choices in times of despair. I credit God and my faith in him that I'm alive today with countless blessing in my life. But now I truly understand exactly what's going on, how we got here, and where we are going, and what and absolute privilege to be living in these times! I'll spread this far and wide with all who will listen! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now to watch the rest of this beautifull and exquisite yet incredibly simple to understand production...
Rider Glider (1 month ago)
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Jesus only spoke truth. Time we listen. Thank you LORD Jesus for Your WORD. I also thank the creator of this video.
peter bedford (1 month ago)
awesome presentation will be recommending this on , also studying it closely , thank you for putting it out there!!!
ShadowOfLabel (1 month ago)
Wait if The Vatican runs the US, then why did the US prosecute thousands of priests?
Justinian Deception (1 month ago)
I wonder this too but I do notice that all churches today are registered to the government debtor states, they too may be debtors of the Vatican? (Not the real Vatican?) ... Are the churches Quasi Christians or quasi churches?, and not the real Christian churches?. Blacks law dictionary mentions two types of Christian, quasi Christian and Court Christian... there is no real explanation relating to the difference but I wonder if it relates to the people that hold the surname incorporated with the Christian name but goes to the Christian church, is that the Quasi Christian? leaving the State to hold the Court as the Court Christian??? ,, ... and I also wonder if the beast has gotten out of control? or are the churches just quasi churches setup in the house of the debtors in order to give the Pagans the false impression that they are Christians when legally they are not?...... I am still waiting to see all the prosecutions though ?? there is a lot of noise and charges but not seeing prosecutions??? There is a lot of talk but not too many people going to prison??? ... In relation to the Vatican running the US, I think it is more of a case of the US using the copyrighted system of the Vatican under license, leaving the US to do what it likes with the copyrighted system (Babylonian Trust Law system) on the condition it operates it within the terms and condition of the Vatican trust... Another question to ask yourself is, is the US the "United States of America"? or is the UNITED STATES really the Vatican calling itself the UNITED STATES rendered in "debased Latin" (DOG-LATIN) that really, in grammatical terms, does not read "United States" ... One question can lead to many! ... lol .. Thanks for your input... J.D.
Martin Howells (1 month ago)
Fantastic video, may our creator, father in heaven bless you, and guide you in your work ♥️
Jay Fox (1 month ago)
Fuk the filthy perfidious Jews ( ourladyisgod dot com )
Jay Fox (1 month ago)
The language of the Church WAS LATIN !
Jay Fox (1 month ago)
The truth is OUT...CHRIST IS GOD ! The Jesus of Nazereth is the anti-christ
Jay Fox (1 month ago)
Stop FUKEN with All that sht ! WE STOPPED THE APOCALYPSE IN 2009 ( OURLADYISGOD DOT COM ) GOD IS A WOMAN .." God Our Lady " is the Mother of God Jesus Christ The son
David Parsons (1 month ago)
Mike Wilson (1 month ago)
if you accept the benefits then you are responsible for the liability.
Mike Wilson (1 month ago)
what is the remedy for a car title how to resend that contract what do you do?
DaRealAsclepius (1 month ago)
You know, it's a felony to open mail that isn't yours...
Robin Molison (1 month ago)
What IS the remedy? Getting rid of the surname? What is the deal with the hyphen???
Mathew Bateman (1 month ago)
Jesus told us pay Ceasar's things to Ceasar - what did he mean or heat is it we pay to Ceasar and what is it we pay to God?
King of Tyre (1 month ago)
​+Mathew Bateman It is okay Commoner, i do not resent you for your comment although i did not appreciate the assumption i had not read the Bible, i am the King of Tyre meaning you Mathew have not read the Bible for not knowing who i am. Ezekiel 26:2 “Son of man, because Tyre said concerning Jerusalem, ‘Aha, the gate of the peoples is broken; it has swung open to me. I shall be replenished, now that she is laid waste,’ So Plebeian can you explain why instead of using that Gods name in the Bible they chose to just call him God instead of Jehovah or Yaweh? You do realise there was other Gods worshipped before the Hebrew God of One, there was other Religions before Christianity and Scientology? I do not dispute God has a name or multiple names as you mention, but when you pray to just God which one are you actually praying too? Jehovah, Yaweh, St. Peter, Moses, Abraham, Solomon, David, Jesus, Osiris, Isis, Bastet, Sobek, Bennu, Ceasar, El, they are all or have been considered Gods, Kings, Lords, Masters of the Living but God is just God who too has multiple names born of varying locations. Which God do you pray too? You do not send your Postal Mail to 'The Occupier' or 'God' without a name and address do you? Would an unknown named letter with no address get to its intended persona? God is a combination of previous Gods created behind the Veils, the Curtains and in the Shadows. A combination of Gods hence as you so rightly pointed out Mathew God has many names, Lords have many names, Masters have many names but why? Because they too are just living people who die like everybody else following the Laws of previous Gods, Kings, Lords, Masters that are long Dead and Buried, much like we are today. If the Hebrew word is read from right to left how would the Hebrews pronounce the word 'GOD' ? I would assume subject you have not read the Bible backwards, how foolish the foolish have become to still worship the God of the Wilderness of Sin. Follow Laws born of the Clay Tablets. Man was created from Clay, not Clay dust but Clay Tablets brought from the Mountain of Sin. For i too have read the Bible both forwards and backwards, never assume anything, its why you believe in a God with many names which should be your warning not your saving.
Mathew Bateman (1 month ago)
+King of Tyre The God mentioned in the bible does have a name - clearly you haven't read the bible as you would know his is Jehovah or in ancient Hebrew Yaweh!
King of Tyre (1 month ago)
Caesar, Sea-Water, Sar- King, Caesar-Water King. God has no name, why he is called God. Most all other Gods have names, the God of the Bible is based on earlier Gods who had names. The current system is based on an unknown God, all Laws come from this unknown God. If God is nameless we too can be "I AM WHO I AM"
Bod Mod (1 month ago)
so all said and done what and how to claim our dominion back etc??? please
That Way (1 month ago)
There is no legal remedy all things legal are fraud
David Parsons (1 month ago)
Have the Vatican sapenerd in court for the record and the govinor of the state.
Samuel Hancock (1 month ago)
CONCAVE Earth <3 Plz CHECK,,, Look into it! "Cellular" Concave Earth.
Escape the Prison (1 month ago)
You are very hypnotic and calming, have heard most of what you say before but have never fully understood until now, many thanks for sharing your research and light.
Keith Taubin (1 month ago)
Check out this courthouse in Florida, United States of America (North America) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Wilkie+D.+Ferguson+Jr.+U.S.+Courthouse/@25.777954,-80.1951834,222m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sCourthouse!3m4!1s0x0:0x1bfaaeb883abf5b5!8m2!3d25.7780765!4d-80.194672
jon dough (1 month ago)
SAMURAI K9S (2 months ago)
Great video thanks.
to be in possession of a licence or birth cert is necessary to not be hurt or harmed by mammon and its minions, Compliance to avoid violence is not consent, all action against consent is rape. we are the living witness to their crimes, what you do to your fellow man or our planet you do to your living soul. to deceive or fraud another you deceive or fraud yourself of your soul, we are sure glad we will not be the elites or their minions when they die. do not wait until you meet the portal of death to realize that it is only in life that you have the opportunity to deliberately involve with the evolve of your soul. every life form in the universe has a soul, you can't not have one although you can be ignorant of your soul. ignorance is the condition of choosing to ignore. it matters not if they kill you if you have a soul centred ego, the meek shall inherit the earth beyond the portal of death, those spiritually immature intelligent idiots who are the elite or their minions are operating from a separated ego and are separated from their soul. they have sold their soul so to access wealth and power while in this material sojourn, they have sold their soul for the gratifications of ego masturbation, the sense that they are more than their fellow man, that have have self importance. they trade graduation beyond the portal of death for a ego wank.
Gavin Senior (2 months ago)
Douglas Herr (2 months ago)
How to get out of their system, how to learn their tricks??

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