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The act of "incorporation" is the system copyrighted to the terms and conditions of the Vatican. You may own your Christian name and your heritage name but the incorporation of any two things is governed by the copyright owner of such an incorporating system... Incorporating things as one is the corruption of the original thing or name. It has nothing to do with the names, its when they are attached to each other in order to create another "new" name altogether that causes the deception of ownership where you assumed the incorporated name was your name, as you are doing right now and that is what they want!!!! ... that is the deception working as how it should, perfectly!. The incorporated name made from your two names is their property that they want you to assume is your property and than you will never understand how they have so much control over you, and they hope you never work it out... You claimed their copyrighted name, you became the "Holder", trustee of their copyrighted property... When you say fees apply to use your name, that is what is happening to you because the incorporated name: "John Henry Doe" is their name and you have no proof that it is your name, its not on the birth certificate as your name! and you will pay the fees to use it... Welcome to the deception... Make sure you pay all the license fees attached to "your" name: "John Henry Doe" because its really "their" name, if you read the fine print... Show less Reply
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CHOSEN FEW BSGG (3 days ago)
Thank you for all the work you do to reveal the truth hidden since the event at the tree of knowledge of good and evil. For far too long 'they' have enslaved the world under the mother of lies but the KING is coming back soon as promised! If you haven't noticed, their evil has gotten more intense as we propel into prophetic history. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 King James Version (KJV) 1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. The evil one's days are numbered. The reign of YAH (God is not a Name) is nearer than ever before! Keep awake and watch! The King is coming very soon..... p.s. I can't wait
stephen girling (5 days ago)
So we have all been press ganged!!
Forever Eternity (6 days ago)
How to find the Creditor birth certificate with your real name?
john smith (7 days ago)
nj USA land of the slave home of the taxed to death
john smith (7 days ago)
so.we can't approach in duress and use 5US (1cranch) 137,or ask for remedy in duress??
:Tony-Lorenzo: (7 days ago)
Thanks Rom ! 💝
Patricia Woods (7 days ago)
·         DID YOU KNOW YOU'RE A CRIMINAL? ....... *please note: these are FACTS, not theories. Attention "Freemen on the Land/Sovereignty guru's, Sovereign "citizens, patriots, humanity in general etc....... ·         1. If you use or claim to use/own the NAME you think is yours but isn't because it was GIVEN to the CROWN CORPORATION/church/state by your parents at birth? ·         2. If you claim OWNERSHIP of anything REGISTERED because ALL things/people REGISTERED are PROPERTY OF THE CROWN ·         3. You are automatically deemed a thief if you claim ANYTHING/EVERYTHING that has the NAME you claim fraudulently as yours on a REGISTRATION/OWNERSHIP and why COURTS and POLICE can and will "steal" what you think are your belongings but aren't and actually are only reclaiming what was willfully GIVEN to the CROWN, their master. A BIRTH CERTIFICATE CANNOT be used for IDENTIFICATION and ANYONE can ORDER a COPY of YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE with minimal information. ·         4. You are a morally and sexually depraved criminal if you carry a LICENSE of any kind. License comes from the word "Licentious" and it has proof of your FALSE IMPERSONATION NAME you claim in fraud on it. ·         5. The courts have YOU automatically in DISHONOUR if you claim the NAME you think is you and you become SURETY for the BOND created in that NAME called a BIRTH CERTIFICATE and you do so WILFULLY in ignorance. JOINDER/LIABILITY on YOU can only be created when YOU claim THEIR legal NAME that THEY, the CROWN owns and NO COURT can touch you if you don't. The Name is the pin on the hand grenade that THEY are terrified of, so pull it. ·         6. Only BAR members (Lawyers/judges) have RIGHT of COPYRIGHT use to maintain their "honour" in the courtroom and why those claiming to be a NAME REPRESENTING "themselves" CANNOT be heard because YOU are deemed DEAD; Dead men tell no tales. ·         7. All bank accounts, mortgages, loans, businesses, children, MARRIAGES/DIVORCES etc. REGISTERED/CREATED in the NAME you think is you are actually PROPERTY of the CROWN and any attempt to claim them is a willful and ignorant ACT of FRAUD and all things contained within these CONTRACTS are CHURCH/STATE/CROWN PROPERTY. ·         8. All IDENTIFICATION created from the BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME you think is yours is FALSE IMPERSONATION and FALSE IDENTITY using the PROPERTY of the CROWN without permission and is a CAPITAL OFFENSE. Anyone claiming to be a NON-BAR member TITLE such as a Police Officer is actually FALSE IMPERSONATION two-fold because they don't have RIGHT OF COPYRIGHT USE like everyone else. ·         9. This FRAUD from the CROWN CORPORATION is EASILY dispelled and REVERSED by exposing the CROWN CORPORATION's (owners thereof) INTENT to DECEIVE/AID AND ABET humanity into FRAUD via ignorance of these CONTRACT facts. For further information please visit: http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/ and see "kate's writings" of "The Long and Short of it" and "I, who shall Not Be Named" for starters. There are many other works there to expose the "How" humanity got enslaved AND the way to get out of it. This Pill will be the hardest one in your life to swallow but not nearly as choking as to the system that literally owns you, lock, stock and barrel.
Ron Alan (9 days ago)
Rommal how does one overcome the following, albeit opinions that do people in.... [I] State v. Gunnell, 2013 Ohio 3928 (Ohio App., 2013), slip op. at 3: "...{¶ 6} We note that similar "sovereign citizen" arguments have been raised in various federal court actions by pro se litigants, albeit unsuccessfully. See, e.g., United States v. Benabe, 654 F.3d 753, 767 (7th Cir.2011) ("Regardless of an individual's claimed status of descent, be it as a 'sovereign citizen,' a 'secured-party creditor,' or a 'flesh-and-blood human being,' that person is not beyond the jurisdiction of the courts"); Black v. Florida, N.D.Fla. No. 4:09cv30-SPM/WCS (June 4, 2009) (Petitioner's act of "writing his name in all capital letters does not change him from a human, natural person to a legal entity thus depriving the state court of jurisdiction to prosecute him for criminal offenses"); United States v. Curry, D.Md. No. WDQ-12-0163 (Mar. 19, 2013) (rejecting defendant's claim that "the use of capital letters means that the defendant 'is an artificial or fictitious person.' [Defendant's] capital-letter argument is * * * unavailing and frivolous"); United States v. Delatorre, N.D.Ill. No. 03 CR 90 (Jan. 30, 2008) ("This court's jurisdiction over Mr. Delatorre remains valid whether his name is written in all capital letters or a mix of capital and lower case letters, or whether he identifies himself as: a 'real flesh and blood man, in his private capacity,' [or] a 'sovereign secured party creditor' "). [II] Williams v. Warren (CIVIL ACTION FILE NO. 1:16-CV-4657-TWT-JKL , N.D. Ga., 2017), slip op, at 3: “…According to the Complaint,1 Defendants have violated Plaintiff's First and Eleventh Amendment rights by using the name VICTOR WILLIAMS in all capital letters. He also claims they have violated his UCC filing, which is attached to the complaint as an exhibit. He seeks $150,000.00 in damages. Plaintiff fails to state a plausible claim for the violation of a constitutional right. Plaintiff's allegations are consistent with "sovereign citizen" ideology, which is not recognized by the federal courts. See e.g., Monroe v. Beard, 536 F.3d 198, 203 n.4 (3d Cir. 2008) (indicating that adherents of the "sovereign citizen theory" advocate that inmates copyright their names to justify filing liens against Page 4 officials using their names in court papers)..." [III] U.S. v. Mitchell, 405 F.Supp.2d 602 (D. Md., 2005), at 604 (footnotes omitted): “… The defendants also persistently claim that they are not properly identified in the caption of the indictments because their names are printed in all capital letters, thereby failing to properly represent them as "flesh and blood" men. These arguments are patently without merit...." [IV] Payne v. Klida (15-cv-14127, E.D. Mich., 2016) slip op., at 8: "...Plaintiff's claim that he is not subject to the laws of the state of Michigan because of some distinction between corporate personhood and actual personhood is totally spurious, unfounded, and frivolous. As discussed below, it would be sufficient to conclude that Plaintiff's allegations are utterly frivolous and end the inquiry here. However, the Court makes a few fairly obvious observations for the sake of clarity and finality. First, there is no legal distinction between a capitalized and uncapitalized name in criminal matters. See, e.g., United States v. McAtee, No. 5:13-CR-17, 2013 WL 3364452, at *4 (N.D. W. Va. July 3, 2013) ("This filing alleges that Defendant is not the person named in the criminal charges because the name on the charging documents is in all capital letters . . . . This argument lacks any basis in the law, and in the Court's eyes is utter nonsense."); U.S. Hoodenpyle, No. 09-CR-00013- MSK, 2009 WL 1883919, at *1 (D. Colo. June 30, 2009) ("The Defendant is subject to the jurisdiction of this Court regardless of how his name is capitalized in any document.")...." [V] Anderson v. O'Sullivan, 224 Md.App. 501, 121 A.3d 181 (Md. App., 2015), at 512: "...These contentions [strawman, redemption, "all capital letters"] have not, will not, and cannot be accepted as valid. Beyond the over whelming legal precedent rejecting them, government agencies have also condemned these theories. The IRS has opined that “[t]here is no authority under the Internal Revenue Code or any other applicable law that supports the claim that taxpayers may avoid their federal tax obligations based on ‘straw man’ arguments ... or similar arguments. The formatting of a taxpayer's name in all upper-case letters on government documents or elsewhere has no significance whatsoever for federal tax purposes.” Internal Revenue Bulletin April 4, 2005, Rev. Rul. 2005–21, Internal Revenue Service (last viewed July 10, 2015), http://www.irs.gov/irb/2005–14_IRB/ar13.html#d0e756..."
Sev Culham (10 days ago)
Can you give up all the documents of births cert and licenses and passports etc..
Sev Culham (10 days ago)
What if you dont want nothing to do with their ship
Sev Culham (10 days ago)
Romly the birth cert in the creditors estate is still a fictitious title is it not?
Seve Culham (10 days ago)
Does the birth certificate that puts you on the creditors estate bind you to their laws still. Because its still a fictious title.
Ron Alan (10 days ago)
article 11.147 does not appear in the style manual online. Does anyone have an updated article section that can be accessed on the online version through Chicago Press?
Kevin Gange (13 days ago)
Excellent presentation! Thank you for all of your hard work to share Truth with the slave population! May god forgive us and protect us!
Tim Robertson (15 days ago)
Well said man, I'm with you on this journey as well. I'm a "Targeted Individual" (T.I.) living here in Queensland, the Police State, Australia. All my communication is monitored 24/7 as well. They've put me through the fire and it hasn't ever stopped. They're using Direct Energy Weapons (D.E.W.S.) satellite attacks on me using Scalar Microwave/ Laser and Sonic (RF) Technologies on me 24/7 to torture me & using it as some sort of behaviour modification experiment for the past 2years, trying to turn me into something/ someone I'm not... and don't ever wish to be. Usually I ignore it (the pain) as much as I can, though sometimes painkillers are dearly called for, but I'm living my life trying to become true to myself and not be manipulstrd by government and mainstream media corporations. Would dearly live to know how to become a creditor and in regaining total control of my own life once again, instead of being a "long suffering debtor." Would love to talk with you further on many of the subjects you've mentioned, I can be contacted on trobertson602 @ gmail.com if you would like to get in touch with me please. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks
Thomas No-doubt (15 days ago)
You are a brave man and like Christ bear the scars of conflict with the hordes of Babylon. I have just very recently come across this and thank you and your family for your love and attemp to free others. Can you give any specific advice to anyone living in the U.K.
Lee Wylde (15 days ago)
How and where do we get a creditors certificate? It's ok to be smug that you have yours and not mention to us how to get ours when I find out how at least I will have the balls to tell others how
Uther MacEanruig (16 days ago)
It’s time to crush the Vatican and scatter it to the wind 💨.
Sandro (16 days ago)
Magistrate = Magi-stratum= layers of magic.
d.j. Robinson (17 days ago)
Where do I go to get my real birth certificate ?
Lee Wylde (15 days ago)
He forgot to mention that lol
Tammy Hicks (17 days ago)
All that is seen is temporary. The Bible says the wisdom of this world is foolishness with Jehovah. This world and its system of operation belongs to Satan. Jehovah is making all things new and righteous through faith in Christ and repentance of our sins.
John Henry Dough (17 days ago)
So how do we give NOTICE to the state, the corporate actors, that we are the creditor? Do we have to submit paperwork of some kind so that they comprehend that we know the deception and we are no longer lost at sea? What do we have to do to get our remedy to work? If we bring this up will they just put us in jail, like your friend, or will they back off and give us our freedom back?
J Z (17 days ago)
This is incredible stuff!
J Z (17 days ago)
2:05 - So Gough Whitlam is the biggest and worst traitor in all of Australia's history!
taxslave (18 days ago)
Words will never hurt me? They hurt more than sticks and stones!
Mr. Nobody (19 days ago)
@Justinian Deceptioni You're Brilliant !!‼‼👍👍🤣 Very few people do I say/write that to.
Mr. Nobody (19 days ago)
@Justinian Deception And Jesus Christ gives us a new name see Revelation #KJV
Moon Child (20 days ago)
Melinda Gallegan (20 days ago)
So the united states of America is the country’s real name whilst the United States of America is the cooperation correct? My first name is Melinda, my family name is Gallegan. Have they made my name into a dead cooperation by using MELINDA GALLEGAN because of the capital letters or would Melinda Gallegan also be pig Latin? On my passport the first line has my family name GALLEGAN whilst on the second line it has my first name MELINDA. For my name to belong to Jesus Christ would I have to insist in my first and family name being written as Melinda Gallegan? What about when I am addressed in letter as MISS MELINDA GALLEGAN, is that referring to the cooperation they have bound me to?
Mark Lambert (20 days ago)
You have a new friend Brother...and subscriber..🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️😎
Mark Lambert (20 days ago)
You my friend are one in a million.....straight to the root of it all.!!!!! Absolutely talk about nailing it!!!!!JESUS surely Loves you as a vessel my Brother....❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏😎
Mark Lambert (19 days ago)
Justinian Deception Yes HE certainly is...and thank you once again mate... I just finished watching your succinct and expansive explanation about debtors and creditors...thanks Brother...you have me to another level.....❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏😎
Justinian Deception (20 days ago)
thanks Mark .... when you think about it, Christ really is da man! .. he knew his shit! .... he warned the world!!!! ....
Heidi Aguilar (20 days ago)
Kate of Gaia says it is illegal to use the name they gave you. Makes sense to me now.
chrissy a living soul (21 days ago)
I LOVE YOU ROMLEY! many thanks for all you do. I feel Im almost there in my understanding of all this deception. 6 years study. You are one of my best teachers. RESPECT XXX
Turborewind (23 days ago)
I'm freaking out! Someone, please stop this.
LaSueede (24 days ago)
Is there any people from Sweden or Scandinavia here??? that had figured out how we exit this matrix? Our language and legal system is different from the English crown but we are slaves to the banks and the Vatican (maritim law) with our birth certificates in exactly the same way. Please email me at [email protected] and we find out what paperwork that needs to be done. Time to wake us ALL up for real in this graduated animal farm we live in
George (25 days ago)
I studied and read books for two decades.. I never address anything except the money. Or a contract.. I always tell them in the first sentence I'm Not Who they're looking for and why. You really have to be upfront about things.. in all my years that I had to deal with them I have never talked about anything they came to talk about... You nip it in the bud immediately.
George (25 days ago)
I'm an expert on this and I can tell you one thing for sure when you exercise your awareness.. bravely and openly in diverse ways depending on the situation. The skipper does make sure the crew stays in line... it's beyond your imagination. It almost makes you start having respect for them.
George (25 days ago)
Sojourner (25 days ago)
All the white hats out there need to scrub the systems that identify us in such a way. Then there will be no records of anyone.
If they "got it" or even had a clue, they'd know that citizens are voluntary debt slaves without the protection of or authority in Messiah because they ignore the teachings Jesus came to share. It's like Stockholm syndrome's got a stranglehold on folks. Christians have but one name, mine is Bradley Keith. The House of Brusenhan and BRUSENHAN are clearly not the same. One is dead and the other is not the name of a man but rather his clan. These sins are not for nothing. Do not take your Father's name in vein. The entire system of our government and world control is based on the exact same DEAD ways of the "Roman" legal system we operate under today, which is in no way related to any form of actual law. Things were literally No different when Jesus walked through this world than they are today, right here, right now. He took no oath. Yes and no answers were given alone. It is true he was still murdered, but the only thing to die were the souls of those who Judged Him for their own private financial gain and position of false authority. This can be witnessed in reality today at the 366th District Court aboard the Collin County, Inc. Courthouse(ship). Just replace the name Judge RAY G. WHELESS with CAPTAIN KANGAROO and everything else will find level, just like water 💦.
Chad Elmer (26 days ago)
*"Old print of Anubis Dog Judge in Alabama song, sung by Jim Morrison The DOORS ( Gulf of Tonkin Admirals boy) and Germans - Bertholt Brecht ... Lotte Lenya (starred James Bond ... From Russia With Love)"* : - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e7emkdc4Pjg
Rod James (27 days ago)
How is your friend now has he remedy now?
sigi valenzuela (20 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmEScIUcvz0 this is a nice video explaining that there was a need to creat a pacifist jesus by this Flavian family so there is no been againt no jesus or in favor, there is no jesus and the remedy is elsewhere if there was no jesus or at least they invented the system and the jesus concept… the jesus you want to beilive in, and the jesus you don't want to be against was call Titus Flavian, a roman emeror so we must stop having imaginary friends in order to fix our status…
chele889 (1 month ago)
Matt 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place ,** (whoso *readeth*, let him understand:)**
sigi valenzuela (20 days ago)
now you need only to research that the jesus christ you talk so calm about NEVER WALK THE EARTH… is a creation of the same banking familys that control the vatican… those that created the black nobility, there is a better way out without jesus christ, and without the vatican… i have been trying to point out this to your facebook group but you guys dont seem to understand that you are only giving your domaing to a gost that never existed as the man we all are, so there for the real answer is to go back to the rightfull place in the planet like the moment we born, without an imaginary friend call jesus for a practical reason… is not liberty or freedom what we want… the term is very diferent… great video though and of cours you have mi like… even though that is a very week ''solution'', i got a better one though in wich you can KNOW if the magistrate realy recognize you… but courts are small patatoes, is way better if we go with their higher authority using their statutes and their own traps… this way i got out of the vatican reach and that creapy death ''resurrected'' imaginary friend people call jesus christ, as a Native American with my family ancestry backing me up there is no external power controling my property, or the bonds they created by means of froud, o have got many officials in jail in tree diferent countrys, i don't se any reason why in Australia my menthood wouldn't work
oncdunn (1 month ago)
So...I wonder if the founding fathers of the US ..masquerading as Christians...but were all actually Jesuit illuminati Mason's ....founded the nation as basically a giant trap..to implement this system ...what they call..The great work...my tinfoil hat is on too tight I believe !.
oncdunn (1 month ago)
Yes He said learn to read the signs..but that is not just language ...it's signs of seasons,signs of the heavens etc...
oncdunn (1 month ago)
This might be a loaded question but.....how do you remove yourself from this system??
HN Raroa (1 month ago)
By claiming back who you truly are for example: John Henry and not John Henry Doe; There is a process so you'll need to do your due diligence and do your research so you'll know.
Chad Stacey Hopson (1 month ago)
think of the copywrite symbol.... it's the office with the creditor inside of it
Alexa Chase (1 month ago)
STEPS-TO-A-CREDITOR How to become a Creditor. Here are the steps: 1- You Must be Born Again. John 3-1-21 2- Accept Jesus sacrifice on the cross. Romans 10:9-10 3- Pray the Sinners prayer. Ask Jesus to come into your heart, Repent and confess all your sins... 4- Know the Bible by reading it with understanding through the Holy Spirit. Hosea 4:6 5- Your Freedom documents are in the Bible. John 8:36 6- The Bible contents all you need to prove that you have been set free. Know, learn, study and keep all your document always 7- Jesus came, died, and have risen to pay for your freedom. Keep his commandments
Debbie Langley (1 month ago)
You are an excellent teacher. You make the complicated understandable. Thank you.
thetheraine (1 month ago)
maybe from our 'berth'...we are in the 'beast system' and we have to struggle all our lives to get out of the system, we can't buy or sell unless we are in the system...and the only way out is through faith and belief in Jesus Christ...our Lord and Saviour...  : )
Sandy Jenkins (1 month ago)
Since elementary school I could see a duality. I thought everyone did. I did not know what it meant, but struggled with patterns, etymology and social assignments that seemed inverted. Who I believed I was did not mesh with school, parents and, much later, work/social cultures. As I am being rebirthed, shedding the lies of my former self/life, I find a peace, joy and forgiveness in assuming responsibility for myself. There is only direction to travel and not every step is sure but I am confident that they will nevertheless be taken until the crystal that is clear is completely seen.
Maze M (1 month ago)
Wow. I feel sick. Enraged...and utterly intrigued as to how exactly to become alive again.
Richard Silk (1 month ago)
Does anyone have a TRANSCRIPT of this video? I need to trace the law arguments from the Vatican forward. Meanwhile, The USA is free from "world" or "vatican" law. Person A's "god" may or may not be person B's "god," so we have "man's law" and "nature's law" but we also have "God's Law," and THAT law is "Love God and thy neighbor (including enemies) as thyself." When Love is the only truth, all else is false hatred, so the Vatican can take their "laws" and sink with them straight into the abyss.
Richard Silk (1 month ago)
Who paid the fees for using the "Wrath of Khan" font at the start of your video?
Richard Silk (1 month ago)
God's "Free Will" freely allows me to be as much "God" as God needs me to be. The omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of God indicates that God is present, even where He is "not" -- such as "in the Law." Love thine enemies.
Juan Mendez (1 month ago)
I have yet to find a legal definition for "you" its like if the banks made the word up for "you" the costumer
Jason Richter (1 month ago)
Pirates run the weirld, all day and all night. Every second of every minute and so forth. We are cattle for sure. Lies are the truth and the truth is lies. We are a people that live in an upside down weirld. Almost everything is the opposite of what we are told. What to do about this? So far, no one really knows. Solutions would awesome, but mostly it is all talk on these topics. The system cannot save you, only you can save you! Love as much as you can, as hard as you can, for as very long as you can.
goddess (2 months ago)
county registrar , know zero of another colb !
popeye steve (2 months ago)
Pontiff-icate root meaning to talk about a somthing in a pompous and dogmatic manner all words have hidden meanings in the legal fictional world ....
Steven Meek (2 months ago)
Simply brilliant research by you and all involved, stay safe.
goddess (2 months ago)
clever, how you figure this out?
Anthony Mckinney (2 months ago)
Why is my first name on my bc written in and my last name typed in? Does anybody know?
Michael Menehem (2 months ago)
How do you command a demon? Get it to tell you it's name - King Solomon
maineiax (2 months ago)
The Birth Certificate is new. It was not that long ago that births were recorded in family Bibles and no birth certificates were issued. I have friends who have never had a birth certificate. There can be no safe document between the governments of men and mankind. All have oaths designed to put the signee in slavery to Caesar-- to seek helps from Caesar, to put their faith in Caesar rather than the Creator God, Yahuwah, God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
silkhead44 (2 months ago)
how when where and why did a peace of paper have jurisdiction over me because of geographical location, water or land...just the facts and no appeals to authority or circular logic please
Amerokee (2 months ago)
How do I get off this ship???? Do I need 2 change my birth certificate?
john skelley (2 months ago)
This is probably the most important information I've ever heard.
Remy Gingras (2 months ago)
Seems to me the usurpers of power are playing a game of donjons and dragons, they speak Klingon and force the rules of the game on us non-players. All this is taking place on a ball earth.
Monette Wynne (15 days ago)
except the earth isn't a sphere~ its fixed firm with a firmament above
Mark Concha (2 months ago)
Sooo, no flying, or other traveling? As much as I agree with you, it doesn't sound like freedom.
Ton Lagerway (2 months ago)
Yet another exceptionally good video with vital info! Whilst this applies to those who were born on Australian soil, I just wonder how this whole system works - and can be defused - for people like myself who was born in the Netherlands migrated to Aussie in 1970 and whilst being naturalised a few years later initiated a "Name Change" at the same time. I have since list the documentation for this name change via "Deed Poll' and, after launching a search, the documentation for this cannot be located in Queensland (I certainly do not have a record of this myself). I have the original naturalisation documents though! The resolution for cases similar to this might be of interest to many other Australians
bartman (2 months ago)
Has anyone been keeping an eye on what's happening in America with the shadow government and trump ?
Trunk Monkies 2 (3 months ago)
Romley, just wanted to let you know that I've been blasting your name AND your YT channel all over the interwebs..
adam Hamilton (3 months ago)
I have no idea what this is about ..I've seen several videos of this guy and none of it makes sense to me .. Its like I've come in on a film half way through and haven't a clue what's going on .
Justinian Deception (3 months ago)
Yes, its like a state of confusion... When you have been deceived, you don't know you have been deceived, that's what being deceived is all about. The guts to this research sits on one fact, "THIS TYPE OF ALL UPPERCASE TEXT", is not English and can not be found in any English styles manual confirming that it is any part of the English grammatical standing. (Please prove me wrong on this statement) In the rules of language, there is no correspondence or jurisdiction between two languages foreign to each other, in other words, French and English, appearing on one document, remain as two separate languages and there is no joinder between the two languages in a legal standing. What we have discovered is that western courts, police, governments and banking systems use ALL UPPERCASE TEXT LIKE THIS in sections of their documents, such as you name on contracts or your driver license appearing in THIS TYPE OF TEXT! .... If you are unaware that "THIS TEXT" and "this text" are foreign to each other, and you "assume' that the both written text are a part of the one document, you may have been deceived into accepting a document that is grammatically saying nothing and your acceptance of it will render no liability on behalf of the party that has offered you such a contract leading you to believe that something that is really nothing is something. If you are unaware of this and accept all contracts on "face" value, without checking its grammatical standing, you will be bound to the terms and conditions of such an "assumed" contract and you will have no ability to defend yourself if something goes wrong... The Justinian Deception videos are a wakeup call to the people to be vigilant and very careful in relation to banking and government contracts because the agenda's of the new corporate banking style governments may no longer be in the best interest of the people and if you know the dirty tricks of the banking system that may have taken over the governments of the people, you may be in a better political standing to repel the deceptions and corruptions of such governing systems in relation to their corrupt agenda's and may be in a better standing in order to protect you life and property .... A FRAUD is an act that gives an advantage to one party against the other party through a deception... Fraud is criminal... Thanks for watching, Cheers; J.D...
Shayno Howarth (3 months ago)
There is no all caps on a death certificate all names involved are in lower case ?????
Doctor Otis (3 months ago)
The state must hate a truth speaker.
sigma six (3 months ago)
what about the trust aspect, it's a certificate which also proves they hold the legal title, and they are well aware of the implications of what being legal title holder means, especially regarding all liabilities against that entity.. a legal title, to the registered name, the Registrar is depository of legal titles... there's a trust interpretation which imputes a fiduciary responsibility to look after all liabilities in the public charged against that title...
Marney Cohen (3 months ago)
Love your videos, amazing, eye opening and I might just go to the bank with my real birth record and hand over the other fake certificates see what the manager will say to that...bring my balance to zero. Thank you very much...
Doug Billman (3 months ago)
Again, thank you KINDLY.........
Jacknight Lodge Winters (3 months ago)
The way I see it is if you have to step foot into a courtroom for any reason at all you lost and it's not a fair system. To try to convince a judge of anything means you lost. If the law of land and law of sea are two truly different systems why are we trying to petition or prove anything to a judge. The second a priest of baal (cop) puts his siren on and pulls you over you are in the maritime system. So we should be asking ourselves what do we need to do to eliminate interaction with cops entirely. Why are priests of baal (cops) walking around on dry land harassing us with their lights and sirens. Why don't they stay in their dry docked ships? Are they not acting as pirates? And who is allowing the Vatican the rites to have this system of laws anyways? Wasn't it Anu who gave jurisdiction of sea to Enki and jurisdiction of land to Enlil?
Jacknight Lodge Winters (3 months ago)
All the prophets and ascended masters were speaking about baal and maritime law. Notice how Jesus walked on the water. It was kind of a miracle but not the way ppl think. By walking on water he was saying he was never IN THE SEA. He walked on top of it, never touching it. Moses divided the SEA so that his ppl could walk on the LAND. By dividing the sea he never touched it. Israelites walked on the seafloor which is land.
thehugo23 (3 months ago)
So the concept is there... but can you use this outside of a court room to free yourself from their "slavery"? Can you make a video about this or comment with a link.
idonthaveacoolname1 (3 months ago)
Per (s) ON or the House of Osiris. Temple of the dead.
Brodie Pownall (3 months ago)
Is there any were in your videos or else were that goes into the” remedy “ mote spesificly.
Robbie Roblox (3 months ago)
I have never been paid in my entire life. Wow, 49 years of payment is due to me? So...how do I collect?
9empress9 (3 months ago)
Instead of freedom could adopt Latitude https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/latitude
Ryan Korn (3 months ago)
Very well done. Nice job. Top marks.
AMC (3 months ago)
Yes, but the elite own nothing, have not income. It's all in trust. So no one can touch anything they "Use" under the Trust. They never own so they can't be taxed like we think ownership is so great but it's always taxed. They have no corporations, LLC etc. only trust so they cannot be taxed.
Kyung Dae Seung (13 days ago)
There's a "Bulletproof trust" being sold online as package plan by someone named Jack Mccaig. To be more specific he calls it the “Common Law Irrevocable Ecclesiastical Trust”. Have you heard of this? He says it can be used to help people with financial problems.
Milan Mikic (3 months ago)
Hi Romley excellent videos/information, can you write a book with instructions for man and women on how to fight back and teach us in layman terms as we were not taught this in our school education.
Kevin Pelletier (4 months ago)
They know that I know that they know that I know, that's what makes it great, from the lowest of my people will I make King's Rulers Governors.
*Thanks* For The Grammar Nails !
Evelyn M. Young (4 months ago)
Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, AND THE SEA WAS NO MORE. Revelation 21:1
Allen James (4 months ago)
What and how is VALUE to christian name how can one exist in the world??? Or just go live in the forest???
Scot Gray (3 months ago)
Sure you can live without the name....renegotiate the contract wit the GOV....plenty of people have done this in America
Willie Will (4 months ago)
Hathor Freeman (4 months ago)
God of the Vatican is "Dogon"-the god-fish
1 wordhere 1wordthere (4 months ago)
Thank you for your studies. Most of it I believe was well said. But you said and I quote . I've trace it all the way back to Babylon, and it probably goes back further. But you don't name the perpetrator The Mastermind The Deceiver who was the original author Puppet Master. I find that kind of odd. Surely you know that it hasn't died. And it's just a simple math problem. And what is to come. No human could possibly be this demonic and smart!!! The lies aren't just in English and Latin!! Hebrew for sure. Add the name Cain to Abel and it becomes cannibal. Where do cows go to eat the cafe are the cafeteria. Where is the word vaccination come from. Nation is easy to see. Who was Nimrod a slave to? Where did the money changers go ? what color were they? I have red blood. Know any Blue Bloods. Look at how many words we pronounce incorrectly but Spell correctly. Architect ?should be Arch! PO- lice? Who was the original arch enemy? Lex Luger? Wrong
Jacquie Botha (4 months ago)
It's interesting that COKE is printing first names on promotional coke cans. Does this imply a marketing (to advertise - and make known) and branding (to indicate association and ownership) of people's names. It could easily be compared to acquiring shares (that enables give COKE to give direct input into how assets are used). How does COKE use first names without the permission of the person who owns the first name? Perhaps they've found a way around that by having " Zikiswali " appear in the advertising campaign agreeing that it is in fact the name they are using. Just a thought !
King Katura (4 months ago)
you don't know everything either :p you do know about what i know but its far more than just the admiralty and maritime law they use 3 systems in order to attempt you into submission. it is extremely difficult to beat without a group and even then you'll probably be disappeared or murdered unless you get lucky but lately they have been furious in with the increase of knowledge.. so be safe and good luck.
David Harris (4 months ago)
This video is Informative & has great imagry.(Baphomet). However, I thought it being a recent video it may have newer info or a different perspective. Now, the grammar and joinder & incorporation of names as you put it, is imo for people who are still bit "green" and new to it. All that aside, I enjoyed it. One point made is a bit puzzling to my understanding & I have to disagree with that not giving your consent at court is too late. Because in the video you are speaking about things from "Admiralty" perspectives & that does require specifically having "consent" & to also give the judge personum/subject matter jurisdiction of both parties or the court cannot move forward. So, please correct me if I'm wrong or misinterpreted the statement. thank you
Freddie Leaf (4 months ago)
References please. Do you have a website?
SuperDiver57 (4 months ago)
How about this?:  The details of my Birth Certificate was written in a foreign language of a foreign country under a Communist system that no longer exists.  It was hand-written on a printed form and the writer mis-spelt my surname.  That invalidates any so-called "contract" with any entity stated or implied.  In any case, "Law" has nothing to do with justice and is a form of organised crime conjured up and concocted by corrupt individuals called "lawyers" to empower them with their cohorts and make them rich.  Masonic CRAP.
Scot Gray (3 months ago)
did your parents sign it that is the question

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